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Mar 15, 2011

Japan's Ripped Apart Water Molecules, Mysterious Bird Deaths, & Neptune to Pisces

A Nuclear Proposal and a Water Molecule Explodes in Japan

by Jude Cowell

Seems to me that nuclear radiation leaks in the global nuclear arsenal and aging power plant systems could have been leaking long 'ere this and could be part of the poisoning of wildlife in various regions: mysteriously dead birds falling from the sky en masse; fish kills washing up on global shores. Reactors are now 40 - 50 years old with what is now known as sub-standard containment provisions.

What say you to this idea, Anonymous commenter?

As you know, the world is in meltdown: the Japan Meltdown is ongoing with leaked radiation now wafting across the Pacific Ocean toward the West Coast of the US. Astrologically, transiting Neptune (planet of poisons, gases, oils, water, oceans, the masses, media, propaganda, lies, fraud, deception, disillusion, illusion, entertainment, art-music-acting, disappointment, and loss - let's see...does that uncover most everything about Neptunian veils and masks except the positive side: spirituality and The Divine Source?)

Cuing Mr. Hades, god of the Underworld and Primal Power

Pluto's plutonium is one of the distressing factors in the deteriorating situation; the 60 people left behind are sacrificing their lives in order to fight the meltdowns at at least three power plants where there is nuclear waste on top of the reactors, says *Thom Hartmann. I can hardly type of it anymore right now (feeling a little ill here at the thought of Science's hubris - they can meddle with natural laws but they can't equally repair what they irreparably ruin.

In this case, General Electric designed the plants with the nuclear waste just sitting on top in pools. If the refuse burns (and it has; there's no remedy for nuclear waste disposal given its long 'shelf life' and anyone who says they want more of it brought into the world is a psychopathic control freak to the nth dimension. They mean no good toward society, may be practicing massive population control, and should be deterred on behalf of the world's common good.)

Another sad factor here is highly combustible uranium, namesake of planet Uranus (Ouronos.) And as astrologers understand the myth, Ouronos the Sky God, represents creative genius and in the realm of nuclear and atomic energy, it's genius gone wild.

With our Frankensteinian, Uranian 'mad scientists' at work for decades (which implicates energies of the zodiacal sign Aquarius where Neptune now lingers at AQ's last degree, the crisis-critical degree of 29AQ), we see dire effects manifested of a Neptune gone wild and wafting its harmful way across the sea, aided by lab tech Uranus.

If nuclear meltdown and radiation poisoning, results of ripping water molecules apart, are the key event/s of the long-dreaded year 2011 (leading into the even more dreaded-for-mysterious-occurrences-2012), it's a hard lesson which the Mutual Reception between Uranus and Neptune has been teaching. My prayers go out for all mankind as we reap what the nuclear industry has sown (with our willing compliance through diversionary tactics), and it seems in Japan to point - for much if not all of the catastrophe's culpability - directly toward General Electric (along with Japan's national power company) in whichever of the corporation's guises apply. For like the Atomic Split which also broke a natural law, there's a no-turning-back-now tone to the whole sorry affair.

Then, with Weather as Weapon issues of 'natural' disaster proportions lurking around the edges of a concerned public consciousness (awareness = our "Great Awakening"?), we must respond kindly to the dire needs of the Japanese people who seem to be unfortunately ensnared within Science's seemingly limitless nuclear laboratory. (Please see sidebar, right, for a How to Help Japan link. And yes, I've seen TV ads for a new film, Limitless, a Pluto-inspired movie on all levels.)

For good info on the disturbing topic of weather manipulation and more, a must-see is the writing of independent scientist working on radiation issues, Leuren Moret who connects the dots across the globe in a scientific yet humane manner. The people of the world have a need to know so please pass along any Leuren Moren links you have without delay.

So is there perhaps a good reason why radiation carnage is happening once again in Japan where the doom-filled first atomic bombs were unleashed upon an innocent Japanese population by US President Harry Truman? It wasn't simply a way to 'end' WWII, as touted, oh no. It was a declaration of the over-arching power of America over the entire globe, even then. Imperial America has only grown in stature through the decades since, yet now the nation's mojo has been hijacked by global usurpers of the crime syndicate strain of lowlife amoeba, (aka, financial usury-rate-gougers/plutocrats. Yes, Pluto expressing himself through Saturnian Capricorn has become excessively busy, has he not? And now Mr. Hades lurks so near a ruthless Fixed Star, Facies @ 8Cap18, a star connected with earthquakes, as is cave-tunneling Pluto.)

Well, on March 11, 2011, a Fist of God planetary pattern formed between the Moon - adrift among the raging energies of nasty Fixed Stars Capulus and Algol - @ 28Tau43 (noon JST 3.11.11) - square crisis-degreed Neptune 29AQ12; the Moon/Neptune SQ points toward manager-scientist-governmental-official Saturn 15Lib39 Rx, which implicates American involvement (General Electric? It's surely a multi-national corporation by now but one supposes it considers itself American still. In the normal scheme of things, corporations are meant to have built-in expiry dates - society needs to re-establish that helpful rule.)

A midpoint picture is formed by the Fist of God trio as well:

Moon/Neptune = Saturn: caution about neglecting important societal concerns (nuclear waste, an aging collection of reactors ill-designed and maintained); being strongly influenced by the prevailing yet temporary circumstances (temporary? hurrah! if only); a sense of suffering under the yoke; pessimism or despair; feeling frustrated or paralyzed; the suffering of the soul; hard work to restructure ambition. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

(It's safe to say we may all feel the horror which takes 'the starch' out of anyone yet the good people of Japan feel it most keenly and are most directly in harm's way. My intuition, such as it is, says that these conditions may culminate around May 20, 2012 with the arrival of a Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem conjoining Fixed Star Alcyone, keywords: something to cry about. More eclipse stuff later...)

Plus, resonating with tr Saturn, apex planet of the Moon/Neptune square, is the ongoing three-fer process of another US Saturn Return (@ 14Lib48, and a 28-year-cycle) which in 2011 adds to our governmental, legal, and commercial culpability for the nuclear events at hand. (The helm of America was coup'd decades ago by world class meddlers.)

And Saturn's current and apt Sabian Symbol? '16Lib' = "A Boat Landing Washed Away."

Feelin' d'Guinea Pig Blues Deep Down, Y'all

There's a Fixed Star in the belly of constellation Cetus, The Whale (Menkar, victim of the Unconscious) which echoes the story of Jonah who was swallowed by a great Whale (aka, the Great Collective Unconscious of Humanity, or Humanity's Ark; Leviathan) for three days until he got with God's common good program and warned the people as he was meant to do. And I can't seem to shake an impression that the recent conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by harsh Saturn) with tr North Node (NN, of the Moon) timed a 'mass destiny of a large number of people' vibe of shared fate which we now experience through the channel of the horrid Japan Meltdown, a catastrophe affecting the entire planet and our global environment. Pluto/NN also describes, powerful connections or encounters.

In response to all these plutonian considerations, here's a Wiki on the Anti-Nuclear cause if you wish to investigate alternate actions to sitting like a lump typing at a pc keyboard - oh, wait! That's me.

Remember Chernobyl 1986 for its fallout still haunts us and adversely affects the DNA of each individual and the very matrix, the mitochondrial DNA, of Mother Earth herself.

Image: Celestial Path and Beyond, imported from Secret Moon Art.


Recommended: Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron and its chapter on Chiron and the Bomb. If this research, pioneered by Bruce Cathe, is correct, there is a specific reason Why Japan Again? in 2011 and it concerns the fact that, to quote,

"--atomic war is a virtual impossibility on this planet because of the unbreakable laws of mathematics and geometry."

Now specifically that's bomb talk and in Japan now it's a slightly different tale of unfortunate disruption yet the catalytic actions are similar in their super-nature as natural laws go unheeded for the alleged sake of progress and new technologies. Besides, knowledge is power. And power is Pluto.

Check out the potential parameters of nuclear reactions occurring 'successfully', if you have the book (yes, there's a Kindle version for $9.99) which may indicate that Japan in March 2011 remains one of the particular spots on Earth where nuclear reaction can indeed take place. This need for timing in a precise location may show that human - shall we call it - "agency" - is more consciously at fault in Japan's catastrophe (earthquake at nuclear plants' locations causing tsunami conditions and death) than is clearly being seen with invisible Pluto, planet of fear and coping, pulling his usual strings of manipulation and control and sending ruinous particulates into our global atmosphere and water for soil, fowl, and fish to snarf up and pass on to us.

*Click the Thom Hartmann Show's link (aired March 15, 2011, above) to read or view his report on the Bush-appointed John Roberts Court and its increase of SCOTUS decisions which have sided with Big Corporations (asteroid Cupido in a mundane chart = Corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate) against US citizens' best interests; the numbers are wa-a-y up since Roberts took over The Big Gavel.

Today Thom also plugged Senator Al Franklin's introduction of a bill for protecting Net Neutrality. We-the-people and the peoples of the world need this bill to pass, m'peops! Now I signed the petition. Will you?


In addition, my apology for not mentioning in this column Japan Meltdown's effect on global financial markets which was not my focus today even though world markets are currently wobbling or plummeting over such 'fears'. Supply-Demand routes will be interrupted as well yet we may assume from experience that wealthy Pluto will find himself in the best win-win situation from it all than any of the rest of us pawns and dupes.

And on another topic (or is it?), a re-airing of the excellent Orwell Rolls in His Grave will be shown on LINK TV beginning March 24, 2011, just so ya know. If the page still says there are 'no air dates' scheduled, ignore. Because they announced March 24 a little while ago. jc

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jude, Great post.

Rex Bills says that Neptune rules Hydrogen. That's what the power plants were leaking, at first.