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May 23, 2023

Tim Scott (R-SC): his Saturn Return 2024

Announcing his 2024 prez bid yesterday, details concerning freshly minted 2024 candidate Tim Scott (R-SC) reveal his birth date to be September 19, 1965. His Moon is in Cancer for the 24-hour period, and is out-of-bounds suggesting a measure of estrangement from Mother, or an emotional loss of some kind.

Here's a current interview with Tim Scott who says God is involved with his political decision to run in 2024, see What God Told Tim Scott Before He Announced Presidential Run. Is he genuine? Well, Senator Scott says he's confident that God isn't finished with our country yet, and this Protestant can't disagree.

So in case the 2024 presidential campaign of Tim Scott becomes a thing instead of fading out to nothing (his current poll numbers are very low), here's a natal horoscope for Tim Scott, unmarked and suitable for saving and/or printing. A few notes are added, below.

Horoscope: Tim Scott September 19, 1965 "12:00 pm" EST North Charleston, SC

Focusing on Saturn @12Pis50 Rx with Senator Scott's next Saturn Return (3x) perfecting all through 2024. Will Saturn bring him new responsibilities or more lessons? Of course, without a timed natal chart we can't consider houses in his return chart/s but using the 12:00 pm timing, the three dates that transit Saturn returns to 12Pis50 are:

1. March 26, 2024 (Trump's criminal trial date now set for March 25, 2024, NYC);

2. November 2, 2024 Rx: 3 days prior to Election 2024, and with a helpful Sun-Saturn trine;

3. November 28, 2024.

Now as you know, karmic Saturn is an important planet for everyone but also for those who hold responsible positions in society, plus, Scott's Saturn is prominent as the handle of a Bucket pattern. Notably, he was born in 1965 as the 3 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus-Pluto were getting underway. Also significant is that Scott's natal Saturn (conjunct Chiron in Pisces: a mentor, likely a religious figure) opposes his Virgo trio of Uranus-Pluto-Mercury, with his Sun @26Vir31. A restless and resourceful individual is indicated, even a revolutionary (Uranus-Pluto). Meanwhile, Saturn in Pisces denotes one who "struggles with oppponents" (R. Ebertin).

Then there are historical associations with the Uranus-Pluto cycle including the slave trade, black rights, and oppression. Well, perhaps you remember in his 2021 SOTU rebuttal, Tim Scott's controversial declaration that "America is not a racist country"!

As for Saturn Returns, they relate to professional security and provide individuals with a 28-to-30-year horoscope to keep an eye on. Of course, when any planet returns to its natal Zodiacal position, it repeats natal aspects, if any. In Tim Scott's case, those are: Saturn trine Moon-Venus-Neptune, and opposing Uranus and Pluto while squaring his Nodal Axis. Any personal idiosyncracies may turn up in 2024, and a zealous side may be noticed. Plus, the closest applying aspect to his natal Sun (ego; goal) is a square from expansive Jupiter (29Gem51) so we may expect that his financial capabilities should be considered or perhaps scrutinized.

Tim Scott's Personality Blend: Sun Virgo-Moon Cancer

His Earth (Virgo)/Water (Cancer) blend suggests pragmatism and viewpoints which may be somewhat limited. There are leanings toward anxiety and worry, and an oversensitivity that can lead to huffiness and misunderstandings. There is concern for social welfare, along with adaptability, and loyalty to family and friends. Prone to complaining, the Senator may like to rationalize away his idiosyncracies, can remain stuck in old habits, and may exhibit a suspicious attitude at times. Yet he's a very optimistic and conservative guy, which is a Jupiter-Saturn combination suggesting balanced energies.

Now there's one "Image for Integration" (conscious plus unconscious energies) which may apply to Tim Scott considering today's political climate of foreign interference in US elections, dark money financiers, and politicians with foreign bank accounts: "Two old Chinese women gossip about family problems as they work rhythmically in the rice paddies" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, The Harveys) #ad).

This personality blend is shared by author Upton Sinclair so here's that famous quote of his:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?

Yes, it's a Utopian dream that leads to the fallacy that no laws are needed. Chaos would result and this is what the current crop of Republicans want. However, 2024 candidate Tim Scott seems rather a mild Republican so far, but it's early days yet. And another factor should be noted: his Mars-Neptune conjunction indicates one who may be confused over his real goals, be indecisive and/or inconsistent with his efforts, and sports an interesting label provided by Alan Oken: "Here, there, everywhere, and nowhere". Perhaps the vacillating energies of this aspect will be noticed as his campaign goes on, or, it may play a part in his dropping out at some point. Then with the conjunction in secretive Scorpio, perhaps some sort of surreptious activities have or will occur. Of course, senators have secretive dealings and work with hidden facts all the time so maybe that's how his Scorpionic energies express. Nothing sinister, I hope!

Then on another level, Scott's Mars-Neptune midpoint has his Uranus at apex so that "reaching for pie-in-the-sky" is indicated, according to Noel Tyl. Curiously, planet Uranus is known as, 'the sky god', and Tim Scott says that his rise in life is an example of the American dream. Therefore, for Tim it sounds like it's apple pie in the sky, and perhaps a leaning toward the Great Beyond in the spiritual sense.

So let's close with the Solar Eclipse Saros Series into which Tim Scott was born: the 3 North which manifested on May 30, 1965 @9Gemini, which in the Mercurial sign indicates a focus on logic and fluency. 3 North themes include obsessive energies, "news that transforms a situation" and "large plans are wanted but don't get carried away" (B. Brady). Is mounting a 2024 campaign for the presidency getting carried away?

Then in 2001, 3 North is the Saros Series in which the WTC attacks of 9/11 occurred. But the last occurrence of a 3 North Eclipse happened under Tr*mp on July 2, 2019 @10Can37 among America's 1776 Venus-Jupiter-Sun trio, and possibly landed at or near Tim Scott's natal Moon which ranged from 5-to-20 Cancer on September 19, 1965; the Eclipse in 2019 may have increased his (lunar) intuitive ability with his Moon strong in her own sign of Cancer.

Sep 16, 2022

Warnock-Walker Debate set for October 14, 2022

Jnn13, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Unless Plans Fall Through, a Warnock-Walker Debate! (*BYOP)

A while back we discussed on SO'W the natal planets of Senator Raphael Warnock as he and Jon Ossof ran for office in Georgia. Now it's 2022, the campaigns for the 2022 Midterms have heated up and there's been an announcement concerning Senator Warnnock's campaign: that scheduled for October 14, 2022 is a debate between the Democratic Senator and Republican candidate Herschel Walker who was quite the football star years ago when I lived in my hometown of Athens, Georgia home of the University of Georgia. On October 14th, the Moon will be in Mercurial Gemini with Luna's sign describing the public mood so Gemini can be a live-wire, chatty Moon with good news or can be duplicitous, vacillating, or, of-two-minds.

With Their Wide Intellectual Gap Will a Floor Be Mopped?

Sadly for the US election process, Walker's know-nothing condition (with his gaffes, uninformed opinions, etc) seems to have improved little if any through the years, and in fact, may have grown worse, political classes and telepromptors notwithstanding. But it should be considered that Mr. Walker has been said to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder and has been known to tell a lie or two, plus expressing other untoward behavior. Afraid of the dark, he says, he prevaricates to deal with fear, an escapist tactic, and with natal planets in Pisces, including his Sun-Chiron conjunction, a mentor is a must for Walker. He has stated that Donald Trump is his mentor (Trump was owner of the New Jersey team that Walker had played for, among others) so we know where we stand on that score.

As for cosmic factors, there are Two Karmic Eclipses Affecting 2022 Midterms, one a Taurus Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus on the day of the 2022 Midterms. The October 25th Solar Eclipse therein falls within the 7 North Saros Series which happens to be the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series in which Raphael Warnock was born. Now as you know, all eclipses are Uranian and can disrupt events on Earth and uncover hidden secrets. Leakage is also a potential.

Yet eclipses can also shine a cosmic spotlight upon those they favor, so my hope is that Senator Warnock will benefit from the repetition of his very own Solar Eclipse prior to the Midterm Elections, because if so, democracy in America will also benefit.

Vote Blue Everybody!

*'BYOP'? Bring Your Own Popcorn

Dec 17, 2020

DC Horoscope: Barack Obama's Jupiter Return to DC

December 2020 Brings a Very Interesting Jupiter Return and Judicial Possibilities for Barack Obama

by Jude Cowell

Little did yours truly expect she would ever again be publishing the natal horoscope of former President Barack Obama but here you see an image of it (lower left) in dual chart formation along with his December 23, 2020 Jupiter Return (upper right):

Jupiter in Aquarius: a sense of social justice, humanitarianism, good fellowship, knowledge of human nature, democratic ethical values, distrust of Chauvinistic nationalism, respect for karmic law, indecisiveness (Ebertin; Sakoian-Acker.)

Now I don't have to tell you, dear reader, how a Joe Biden presidency 'brings along' Barack Obama in many ways and on multiple levels. With former VP Biden as former President Obama's mentor (his natal Chiron in Pisces requires mentoring for best results), it now seems to be Mr. Obama's turn to mentor President Joseph Biden! And actually, there are multiple indications in his 2020 Jupiter Return chart which I shall list, below, of the potential for an official position in the Biden administration for Barack Obama so I may as well divulge such a possibility: Attorney General. Well, I wouldn't complain, would you?

Of course, there are other possibilities ahead including unofficial advisor/mentor so naturally only time can tell. And note that a 'shadow presidency' could also be suggested especially since Mr. Obama's natal Jupiter @00AQ51 will be exactly highlighted by degree and minute at noon on Inauguration Day 2021 by the 2021 Inaugural Sun (POTUS/Oath of Office) - @00AQ51! The cosmic synchronicity can hardly be more plain. Transit Sun to natal Jupiter suggests courage and confidence, plus, the involvement of the judicial system, one of the aforementioned Attorney General potentials (or even a SCOTUS Justice nomination?) Of course, this beneficial transit was also in effect for both of Obama's own Inaugurations, and the majority of the American people (and the world!) in spite of problems, were much happier then.

Other planetary contacts are involved of course, but here are three more 'official position' factors, judicial or otherwise, that I've so far spied in Barack Obama's 2020 Jupiter Return Horoscope ('good' until his next Return in 2032) though of course you may notice others, and I hope you will!

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Saturn: work and lifestyle are completely altered; attitude adjustment required in order to accept responsibilities; abuse of authority must be confronted and corrected.

Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune: favorable prospects after loss of position; new ideas to make the world a better place. (Yes, please!)

Pluto-ASC = Sun: determination to end forms of injustice and replace harmful practices; authority which is aware (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey).

Now perhaps it's true that these planetary factors won't be enough to spur judicial or official involvement in the Biden administration for Mr. Obama but as previously noted, only time can tell!

Dec 29, 2016

Astro-Notes for Kellyanne Conway

GOP Strategist and Pollster Kellyanne Conway born January 20, 1967

by Jude Cowell

If curious, you'll find basic bio details concerning Mr. Trump's Svengali Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway (nee, Fitzpatrick) on Wikipedia such as the fact that she was born on January 20, 1967 in Camden, New Jersey. Yes, Inauguration Day 2017 marks her 50th birthday! IMDb also has a brief bio about her which gives her birth place as Atco, NJ, 16 miles southeast of Camden.

Now without an accurate birth time I hesitate to embed Mrs. Conway's natal horoscope here but perhaps we might consider her Sun @29Capricorn or 00Aquarius and Moon in Taurus (for the 24-hour period). And we don't need a birth time to check out her Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series (PE) for a smidgen of insight into this highly accomplished lady who will soon accompany Mr. Trump into the White House with her Sun conjunct America's Inaugural Sun (00AQ+), and perhaps her natal Mercury conjoining it as well (00AQ50--2AQ31). Plus, if born around noon with her Moon in mid-Taurus, then Luna conjoins US Inauguration Ascendant which is the Oath of Office itself.

So during the 24 hours of January 20, 1967, the odds are that Mrs. Conway's Sun is in very early Aquarius rather than at the very end of ambitious Capricorn but let's consider the Image for Integration and a few traits of both Sun-Moon combinations in case one seems more descriptive of the lady.

Pragmatic, matter-of-fact Earth-Earth Sun Cap-Moon Taurus: "A wealthy grandfather opens a savings account for his granddaughter on her day of birth; she later becomes a famous artist, inherits a fortune and makes her own." This combo shows an inflexible system of values, an attachment to familiar routine, an overly materialistic mindset, and a stubbornness which comes out most strongly when dealing with people who don't follow the rules. Ruh-roh! If this is her personality blend, dealing with chronic rule-breaker Donald Trump must take a lot of energy and involve a superhuman amount of patience.

Rational, efficient, supportive Air-Earth Sun AQ-Moon Taurus: "The resident caretaker of a 'New Age' community sips his Beaujolais as he systematically does the year's accounts." This blend can be reluctant to listen to other people's views, be smug and arrogant, and can ride roughshod over others in order to achieve ambitions. We've discussed this blend here before so I won't add any thoughts on 'New Age'/'New Order' operatives (which may not apply anyway) but the double fixed quality of Aquarius and Taurus may provide a clue to her personality which can be seen in the way she usually holds her own during media interviews (plus, natal Mercury, planet of communications, is in fixed Aquarius no matter her birth time and she tends to stick to her point in spite of any interruption).

Now Kellyanne Conway was born into the 4 South Solar Eclipse Series, not the most favorable series for anyone with its themes of 'strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or finances; anger or lust; a sense of fate within relationship events that are beyond control; a sudden urge to end a relationship; blocked emotions and a great deal of frustration; avoid rash actions while the eclipse is in effect' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

For Conway, 4 South manifested at a difficult degree: 19 Scorpio, conjunct a malefic fixed star Alpha Serpentis (aka, Unukalhai) which can bring tragedy, misfortune, success followed by a fall, and weighty legal entanglements. Now I don't know if this star has expressed in her life in the past but having an eclipse conjoining this degree strengthens potentials--and to make matters more disturbing, another star conjoins the 19th degree of Scorpio, North Scale. This star tends to add wealth, distinction, honors, and intelligence to the mix yet may also indicate a tendency toward hasty words that cause problems, violence, and/or war. However, good organizing ability is also supplied and she has certainly demonstrated such talent in her political career.

To put Mrs. Conway's 4 South PE in historical and cyclical context, it has manifested in the years 1912, 1930, 1948, 1966 (hers), 1984, and 2002, and will repeat next in the highly significant year of 2020.

For more info and Images see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Additional Note: As I type, Trump's political operative Kellyanne Conway is in the midst of her three-fer Chiron Return/s to natal degree (22Pisces), a 50-year cycle with a Pisces Chiron all about mentors and gurus: 1. April 8, 2016; 2. September 19, 2016; 3. February 8, 2017.

Jan 1, 2015

Horoscope: March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse in Pisces--sneaks, leaks, and veils

Spring Equinox 2015 Brings a Pisces Solar Eclipse Conjunct Starry Scheat

by Jude Cowell

It's a rare Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) that includes a Solar Eclipse as we have on March 20, 2015 with the Sun reaching Aries Point at 6:45:29 pm EDT. Yet the horoscope image here is actually the Pisces Solar Eclipse set for the White House, Washington DC and perfecting at 5:36:09 am EDT:

As you see, the solar-lunar perfection occurs during a Mars Hour with planet Mars in its own sign @21Ari35 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, Earnings, and Values. Mars rules the 2nd house via Aries and also the 9th house (viaScorpio) of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Learning, Foreign Lands and Long Distance Travel. Here transit Mars is seen leaving Uranus after their conjunction of March 11, 2015 @15Ari00 conjunct Fixed Star Alpheratz (Alpha Andromeda) which Reinhold Ebertin calls 'Sirrah' and Arabian astrologers, Al Surrat al Faras. This star links to a love of freedom and movement, an independent spirit, and the 'sheer joy of wind in your hair' (Brady). Rigor links Alpheratz to 'princess imagery' and adds potentials for 'wealth, honor, cheer, and a love of life'.

A square by manipulator and Hidden Hand Pluto to both Mars and Uranus in conjunction heavily imprints the beginning of their combined energies' new cycle with potentials continuing for societal unrest and riots, violence, explosions, attacks, and military actions. In Politics and Business, the Mars-Uranus pair's influences may include reforms within a nation's military, modernization of energy or steel industries, exploitation of energy resources, radical movements involving military or police forces, rebellions against modernization efforts, and sudden outbreaks of hostility (Munkasey). Unpopularity, toppled leadership, and/or revolution may also occur when Alpheratz is contacted by a malefic planet--and mythological Mars is the 'god of war' while Uranus is America's planet of revolution and war.

Now I won't bore you further by adding links to current headlines since you already know of the tinderbox politicians and their enablers have plunked our world into in this, the much-lauded 'New Millennium.'

And what of Fixed Star Scheat (Beta Pegasus) which the March 20th Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 stimulates into expression? Scheat is known as a difficult or turbulent star with potentials for 'misfortune, drowning, suicide, and possibly murder' (DeVore). Yet it also links to the concept of a 'love of intellect' and being 'a thinker' (Brady) which sounds much better, doesn't it?

However, Scheat was prominent in many ancient cultures during humanity's matriarchal goddess-worhipping era and the star was seen by the Greeks as being born from Medusa's neck as she was slain by Perseus. Constellation Pegasus is near another ancient constellation, Equuleus ('The Little Horse') and both point toward the gradual change from matriarchal beliefs into the patriarchal system we're in today though I won't say that idolatry of the feminine form (goddess) isn't a major component in today's societies (exs: Hollywood films, church statues, our Venusian Lady Liberty) with some of the weirder practices of old still hidden but now venturing to peep out from behind her alabaster hem.

Perhaps some of the 'hidden messages' to be uncovered by the Solar Eclipse in Pisces (sign of mysteries, secrets, crimes, and military generals) will relate to unusual worship practices and anti-social oaths taken by those of the ruling class who have not been suspected before (time for white power 'hoods off'?) Or, with an eclipse's usual 'wild card' tendency for suddenly revealing or leaking what some wish would stay hidden, the revelations will simply involve the typical foibles of the human race from the sexual to political to financial and back again. As a former resident of the District of Columbia (a Venusian goddess!), I have often mentioned here that DC runs on blackmail and bribery but that's gray-whiskered news for most of us.

Now with Venus unaspected, we may expect skewed perspectives to be prominent for aspects to other planets (actors) would provide Venusian folk with input from the outer environment. Here, the evaluating function of Venus is impaired and since she's posited in one of her own signs of Taurus, economists, and bulls of Wall Street are potentially represented. Fedhead Janet Yellen is an obvious choice to play this Venusian role though mega-financiers and well-funded politicians of the female persuasion may be noted as well for having a 'lack of perspective'. (Note that Venus is at '4 Taurus' = "The Rainbow's Pot of Gold" degree where Chiron was first discovered in 1977; this gives a materialism vs spirituality hue to the picture especially since a Pisces eclipse spotlights a need for karmic progress where materialism is second to the needs of humanity. Someone please explain this to the Republican Party).

As for the dove symbol that meshes with goddess symbols such as Columbia, Venus-Aphrodite, Isis, and the rest of the gang, you may have noticed the degree of the eclipse's Ascendant and its Sabian Symbol...'20AQ' = "A Big White Dove, a Message Bearer." This image may refer to persons such as an orators, writers, or reporters, or to the Solar Eclipse itself. And I'm certain you can think of other possibilities--like the fact that the eclipse Ascendant is within one degree of the natal Ascendant of President Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii). Well, he is the one in charge of the 'bully pulpit' for two more years.

A Bully Pulpit with Hidden Messages Intercepted?

Perhaps you'll agree that the chart is weighted on the secretive (and possibly the spiritual) side with all but two planets in the hidden half of the chart below the horizon. And of course, a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon indicating that the light has yet to brighten and it's been the 'dark of the Moon' for about three days prior.

And so my chart title 'hidden messages' refers to several chart factors such as the eight planets in the private portion of chart, the abundance of secretive Pisces (rising), and the fact that this is a South Node eclipse when energies tend to rush out of the environment; plus, SN denotes past actions 'catching up' with us in the present--they are refusing to remain hidden or neglected. The critical-crisis 29th degree of the eclipse hints that though many people want to rush into Cardinal Aries along with the Spring season, they cannot do so successfully until the past is dealt with in the here-and-now.

A 1st house Chiron (18Pis01), the be-here-now centaur and priestly mentor, concurs for much karmic progress may be achieved once baggage is handled responsibly and reparations are made for past mistakes so that forward movement may reliably occur. Adding to the chart's Neptunian complexity, the Solar Eclipse set for DC is in an intercepted sign which provides even more of a karmic must-be-dealt-with nature to events inspired by the eclipse energies. Falling in the 2nd house, we naturally think of the Fed and the 2015 Congress and any attempts to deal with past errors in judgment in the realms of finance, budget and tax cuts, and other resources such as the energy resources mentioned above regarding the Mars-Uranus meeting on March 11th.

Solar Eclipse at '30 Pisces' = "The Great Stone Face": Archetypalization

Illustration:'Temple of The Great Stone Face' by Jude Cowell

A Pisces eclipse also emphasizes that esoteric and mystical secrets, codes, or carvings may be discovered and/or clarified perhaps at archaeological digs such as New Grange. Adding more inspirational influence, magical Neptune in its own sign is first planet to rise in the chart which may also denote confusing, deceptive, watery, stormy, tearful, or dissolving conditions in effect around the time of the Spring Equinox--or for two weeks prior and months afterwards. Plus, the Veiled One's nearness to message-deliverer Mercury @11Pis--planet of writers, speakers, journalists, bloggers, internet users, traders, travelers, students, teachers, and young people--may show high inspiration but also woolly thinking with a large potential for fantasy, falsehoods, and scandals to emerge.

Meanwhile, surveillance agencies continue their shady dealings against the innocent, spies infiltrate, and hackers sabotage. It seems reasonable that Edward Snowden will speak out again or that more NSA files will come to light.

Can natural or man made disasters affecting large numbers of people be ruled out in the eclipse chart? Sadly no, and there's that karmic planet Saturn on full display at the top of the chart--is an elderly Justice or congress member stepping down or retiring this year? On an another level, hardened Saturn rules austerity measures (sequestration) but also earth, soil, tectonic plates, calcification, walls, boundaries, and loss that's been a long time coming. Is Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius a shout-out to immigration issues? How about America's social safety net about to go further under the GOP ideological knife? Maybe so. Maybe all of the above. Funding wars and lining pockets remain no problem, however.

We do know that Jupiter @13Leo10 Rx in the 6th house relates to the planet's many roles such as The General, the Politician, the Corporatist, the Priest, the Lawyer, the Broadcaster, the Professor, the Banker--and 6th house is the house of work, health, and military and police service. Jupiter Rx is within orb of Mr. Obama's natal Sun once again and rules the 10th house of Public Status so any of the president's expansive projects and programs will continue to affect his public standing and political career as 2015 unfolds and Republicans balk. Hopefully, we can all patiently hold on until generous Jupiter turns Direct on April 8th and moves forward beyond Rx shadow degree in July 2015.

Mercury: '11Pisces' = "Men Seeking Illumination"

Communicator Mercury is apex planet in a YOD pattern ('Finger of God') if we don't mind including the North Node in sextile with Jupiter Rx. Typical YODs have a health connotation along with a crossroads-crisis-turning-point-special-task reputation that hints at a timing issue (time to speak up or blow whistles?) so we'll know as Spring 2015 proceeds if this particular YOD pattern should be counted as one at all.

Even if not, there are clues within a midpoint picture created by the Jupiter-NN-Mercury trio which identifies Mercury as researchers in fields such as Politics, Jurisprudence, or Religion; Jupiter-NN adds conventional religion to the possibilities along with obvious hypocrisy, antisocial conduct, and potential revelations about secret alliances, advantageous relationships, and/or trade pacts. (The shady TPP deal comes to mind for it is on Washington's agenda, secret giveaway though it is. Protecting a sovereign America? Puh! Not with these globalist jokers).

Apex Mercury is also seeking higher education so student loans and various university and college issues may be indicated. Perhaps Yale's secret society 'Skull and Bones' will be in the news even more now that Jeb Bush is running in 2016 and his grandfather Prescott had a role in the alleged theft of Geronimo's skull (and who knows what other schemes. How perplexing that many of our leaders since the 1800s became 'bonesmen' such as Dubya and John Kerry...ew! To me, S and B is a death cult.)

Now in Politics and Business, the Jupiter-NN duo suggests such things as closed legal societies, a justice system hampered or bound by erroneous decisions about the status of groups or parties (Corporations Are People, Citizens United, etc), and/or consequences that issue from treaties with allies (TPP?); religious leaders may interfere in legal matters or decisions and imports can disrupt business or trade (Munkasey). Perhaps researcher Mercury will reveal secrets concerning a few of these matters to the people's advantage.

Now let's consider a few more chart factors before closing (you must be tired!)

A primary factor, of course, is any applying aspects made by the chart-ruler/s--here with Aquarius rising, Saturn and Uranus are up. Establishment Saturn @4Sag54 Rx is Angular but past its conjunction with the eclipse MC (The Goal) indicating a condition or event that has already occurred (by March 20th).

On one level, Saturn-MC may tally somewhat with transit Saturn recently in late Scorpio crossing the natal MC of Barack Obama, a time of increased status as past efforts and hard work pay off. However, this betterment brings more responsibilities--as long as others are not blamed for one's failures and lapses. Saturn's 28-year transit to natal MC is partially the basis for the president's recent improvement in popularity along with improvements in the US economy, job creation, troops 'leaving' Afghanistan, releasing more prisoners from Gitmo, and lower gas prices in the US. Its influence will occur for the president again during Saturn's back up into Scorpio.

(I won't list the DOW closing over 18,000 points for the first time this year since presidents have very little if anything to do with it and it's merely a Wall Street bubble of speculation anyway. Besides, I never forget the primary planetary imprint upon the presidency of Barack Obama: the Great Conjunction/s of the speculator-wastrel pair, Jupiter and Neptune, which occurred three times during 2009--all conjunct US natal Moon (We the People) and spotlighting the 2008 Bush-Cheney Heist and Wall Street's mortgage and derivatives frauds which the 'Voo Doo' GOP now bring back to life to vulture upon the American people. In addition, eclipse Saturn and Neptune, the combo of ill, poor, and weak people, square one another denoting blockages and restrictions to our social programs and possibly to Obamacare as well--see Jupiter Rx in 6th house, above.)

Then What Do Eclipse Saturn and Uranus Say?

So how might things proceed from the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse as Spring begins to flower? In this chart, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square is waning (exact for the last time on March 16, 2015--still inspiring unrest but thankfully not at critical degrees) and there is no applying aspect by disruptive Uranus to Neptune to consider in the chart. That leaves us with Saturn, ruler of Aquarius: though in dissociate signs (Sagittarius to Pisces--square--rather than a Sag-Aries trine), the Lesson Bringer trines the Sun and Moon (5A26) which lends support to the reparation imperative of the Pisces eclipse by providing mature reliability and an acceptance of responsibility which ties in with the karmic implications of reaping what's been sown.

The Pisces eclipse's Saros Series is the 17 South with themes of 'good news; success in group projects and creative endeavors; happiness in love matters' (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Brady). A varied list of people and events were born or begun under the vibrations of the 17S Series and the March 20th eclipse alerts us to a potential for secrets to be revealed concerning any of them or their interests.

My 17S list includes: Princess Diana, Ayn Rand, Adolf Hitler, Newt Gingrich, Heath Ledger, Rachel Carson, Christopher Walken (Natalie Wood's drowning death?), Barbara Bush (or son Jeb?), Tim Roth, the initial visit of "R. C. Christian" to an Elberton Georgia bank and granite quarry in order to set up the construction of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. And there are two more in my files: Iran (1979), and President Barack Obama.

As for Sagittarius and Pisces, their natural 90-degree square relationship reminds me of Scheat in winged Pegasus for the constellation forms a great square in the heavens--and a square's quality of 4 relates to the paternalism already mentioned, above. Plus, Sagittarius is the sign of the horse--or, more specifically, the half-horse/half-man of the centaur.

A related post for a little context as we 'lean forward': Solar Eclipses of 2015--2017.

Sep 7, 2014

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2014: Jupiter becomes prominent

Set for Washington DC, here is the horoscope for this year's Libra Ingress, or as I usually call it, Autumn Equinox, 2014. If you click the image you may see my scribbles--it's an Hour of Saturn and with all the sober issues bedeviling the world at the moment it's no surprise that Autumn 2014 continues our serious concerns of a Saturnian nature.

In addition, we are at the square phase (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles; 5A15) of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle (the two societal planets.) The current cycle began with their conjunction on May 28, 2000 and denotes, among other things, financial difficulties and delays plus, governmental (Saturn) blockages (square) along with lingering after-effects from events and conditions of 2000 and 2001 as the New Millennium got underway. You'll remember the Y2K scam, tech bubbles bursting, and other societal concerns at that time--and this wasn't long after the famous 'Nostradamus Solar Eclipse', aka the 'Mother of All Eclipses'. or, the 'King of Terror (or, Alarm) Eclipse.

Plus, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred in money-oriented Taurus, sign of the Bull of Wall Street, and paved the way into Millennial monetary robberies, fraudulent trading, 9/11 attacks and the missing gold from the World Trade Center vault/s... at 23 Taurus = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with Valuable Gems" (Rudhyar)--all leading up to the Crash of 2007/2008. Plus, the current Pre-Natal Eclipse degree falls in the 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals (ex: trade pacts the American people oppose), and Karma--also in gold-loving Taurus @8:51 (on April 29, 2014.) This Solar eclipse is in the 16 South Saros Series and denotes 'wasted energy and misdirected motivations especially when dealing with groups--take no real action at this time' (Brady.) Sounds like President Obama is well-advised to be cautious and hold off on committing major numbers of troops to Iraq--for now, but it's coming. After, the Iraq War natal horoscope of 2003 did have its Jupiter (The General) Return recently.

Okay, without further fussing, here's the Autumn EQ 2014 horoscope:

Chart-ruler Mercury (26Lib13 in 5th house of Gambling and Creativity) is unaspected so its sign and house position, the houses it rules (1st and 5th), and its dispositor (Venus in 5th house @21Vir34--they're in Mutual Reception so there will be cooperation between Mercury and Venus) is all-important for gleaning details on the character of Autumn 2014. Mercury is, of course, the communicator, messenger, orator, trader, teacher, and young person or student among many other roles for we often consider planets as actors on a stage.

Yet I would be remiss not to mention that Venus conjoins difficult Fixed Star Denebola indicating 'going against society' or, 'against the mainstream' and this to me denotes entities and groups which are doing and will do just that--in Politics at home and abroad, plus, violent actors and usurpers on the march and demanding that more power and control be added to their dubious accomplishments. And yes, this points toward the current crop of psychopaths!

Then there's trickster Pan, retrograde in Gemini (the Mercury-ruled sign of tricksters, traders, and magicians) and rising on the Ascendant (13Gem00) along with America's natal Descendant (Others, Partners, Open enemies) in the 'Sibly natal chart' so we may expect elements of surprise within alliances which the US government forms or has formed and which may now be up for review or revision. Not all is as it seems (propaganda, bait-and-switch) though I can't say that's anything new for a country saddled with a government that lies its people into war based on fraudulent schemes of global domination and control and thievery of natural resources, can you? POTUS apparently wants partners-in-crime for our further misadventures abroad but our cred may be sorely lacking--others may not want to cooperate as Washington thinks they should--or they may promise cooperation then not deliver as they've done before.

Kind of a 'say what they want to hear then do what you want secretly' ploy so typical in Politics and in human nature. Of course America has been guilty of such duplicity as well with US natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini, sign of multiplicity, one of the factors in the Pentagon's insistence that 'of course we can fight more than one war (Mars) at once'. But is it the sane and responsible thing to do?, says our natal Saturn exalted in balanced Libra.

Deceptive Neptune in its own sign of Pisces placed in 10th house shows media propaganda on view as well as contagion issues such as ebola infections continuing across the globe. Astrological Neptune also signifies the masses, scandals, mysticism, spirituality (including Islam), and paranoia, as you know, and Pisces is the sign of The Oceans--will the spreading Fukushima radiation finally be in full view? Will the mismanaged #CDC get its act together? Wounded Healer Chiron, also in 10th h, indicates a definite need for this yet on another level shows infected healthcare workers such as those evacuated to the US from Africa and healed of ebola. Will there be more infected workers to come?

Well, the very moment that the 2014 Sun reaches 00Libra00:00 happens to be during a Balsamic Sun-Moon phase which is the Dark of the Moon prior to a New Moon and indicates shady goings-on, things going bump in the night, a potential for prophetic visions, and/or an endings-partings vibe. Someone may take over where another had to leave off (ex: November 2014 Midterm Elections) and the Stationary Pluto @10Cap59 in the 8th house of Corporatism and Big Business is actually conjunct its transit position in the January 1, 2014 New Moon horoscope--a New Moon conjunct Pluto, a powerful portent for the entire year of 2014 and pointing ahead in the US toward our Midterm Elections, the propaganda campaigns involved, and our changing perspectives. Therefore, transformation in 8th house matters is on top of wealthy Pluto's menu for Autumn 2014.

As you see, US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People) falls in the 10th house of the Autumn EQ 2014 horoscope thus hinting at the importance placed upon public moods, trends, polls, and perceptions. US natal Sun (POTUS, leadership) @14Cancer (conjunct Dog Star Sirius, one of our nation's many links to Egyptian mysticism, Freemasonry, and goddess Isis worship--yes, 'ISIS', symbolized astrologically and mythologically by planet Venus) falls in the 2nd house of the National Treasury and Values. US natal Jupiter @5Can56 conjoins the 2nd cusp and always carries its "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" vibe from July 4, 1776, and of course, wherever the Moon or sign Cancer turns up in a chart we may expect fluctuations and change with a potential for instability.

Here we also find Moon-ruled Cancer on the 3rd cusp of Communications, Early Education, the Lower Mind, and Short Trips with US natal Mercury Rx @24Cancer actually in 2nd house having just left the 3rd. And with transit Pluto stationing mightily in 8th house as previously noted, and America's surveillance-obsessed and secretive Mercury-Pluto opposition affecting both the 2/8 and 3/9 axes, we may expect more secrets revealed concerning financial, trading, corporate and spying, hacking, communication matters. (Wealthy string-puller Pluto begins creeping forward the night of September 22 at 8:36 pm EDT.)

Plus, with the critical-degreed Moon (17 Virgo, sign of The Critic) in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Real Estate one wonders how such changeableness may affect the US economy though a fluctuation can be more positive than negative given our lackadaisical 'recovery' that so few of us feel. Problems while traveling may also be indicated yet the Moon in its own 4th house is dignified and may also denote people feeling most comfortable when at home and passing around the apple pie!

However, an unsettling placement is warrior Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of Religion, Philosophy, and Foreign Lands, in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (Military, Police, and Civil) denoting military incursions and more actions at home on the weaponized police/Police State front. Mars rules 6th house via the Scorpio cusp and its degree of 00Sco44 points directly toward the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse @00Sco23. Mars-ruled Aries here is intercepted in the 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes and Wishes and Uranus there in Mars-ruled Aries (Utopians, anarchists, fanatic reformers--Ebertin) may indicate a karmic task has arrived--that the time has come for such infiltrators to be dealt with. Will American voters on November 4, 2014 do just that?

Synchronistically, the transiting South Node (SN)--the 'Tail of the Dragon'--will conjoin disruptive Uranus in January 2015 spotlighting the month that newly elected congress members will take office on Capitol Hill--and possibly be voting for war. Yet along with Uranus-SN's 'war and uprising' connotations, might this conjunction indicate that the Saturnian SN, a point of separation and neurosis (when past ideas no longer suffice to solve present problems and conditions) bring about a release of non-governing, anti-government tea-baggers from the US Congress and from other political positions?

Well, in spite of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square energies of revolt and upheaval 'running in the background' (next exact Square on December 15, 2014, the last on March 17, 2015), this populist common-good blogger certainly hopes so!

Looking Ahead

As Jupiter, generous planet of investment and growth--and possibly representing an expansion of investment in America by the Democratic Party--brightens into prominence and visibility in shiny Leo in mid-November 2014 into 2015 there are several other factors of merit that your eagle eye will notice in the chart above so be on the lookout for transits to the Autumn Equinox 2014 horoscope as you get a chance and hopefully you and I will meet again soon.


Blog Note: though not as constant, my tech troubles continue in an off-and-on-again fashion so my plan if all goes well is to post on the powerful October 8, 2014 Lunar Eclipse asap followed soon after by a look at the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse which conjoins the 6th cusp of the above horoscope so please stay tuned if you may! jc

Feb 15, 2014

Natal Planets show temperament of Gov Chris Christie and a scandal revealed

Thus Spake Chris Christie

A Personality Assessment by Jude Cowell

If you're wondering whether NJ Governor Chris Christie's blustering temperament is described in his horoscope via natal planets and their aspects, wonder no more for, “You can be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions to others--"...well, yes, Chris Christie's natal Mercury-Mars square shows itself to be hair-trigger quick and ready for intimidating expression as we've seen quite often in the several verbal confrontations recorded by the media in recent years. And personally I'm glad his finger has never been pointed in my face or this steel magnolia would probably bite it off due to my very close Mercury-Mars conjunction in Capricorn!

Read more concerning Gov. Christie's natal chart by expert astrologer Anthony Louis: "I Am Not a Bully" -- Chris Christie which includes images of his natal horoscope (sunrise--no birth time known) and his current Solar Return chart for it covers the time frame of the 'Bridge-Gate' fiasco which began on the morning of September 9, 2013--three days after the governor's 51st birthday on September 6, 2013.

Curiously, the transiting Saturn-North Node hook-up of 2013 is prominent in his Solar Return chart but that isn't the curious part. Reinhold Ebertin gives the combination of Saturn-North Node as "the mystery of the three days." I'm not certain that this is significant to the mystery of who, what, and why the apparent vengeful actions were taken against the people of New Jersey as proxies for the Christie administration's real targets but it seems peculiar all the same. But many things seem peculiar about the entire situation along with the odd perversity of such a man who has risen near the top of the political heap with such a determined sense of mission and zeal.

Now you may wish to check out Politico's current report on the Valentine Day trip of the governor relaxing at a resort in Puerto Rico. Or, why not search the assortment of Republican-drenched reports and some video from FOX News?

Let Astrology Paint a Portrait of the Governor

Having a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Mercury-ruled Virgo reveals a man with a powerful ego which is asserted at every opportunity. Governor Christie is an extremist who has great difficulty acting in moderation and this tendency affects his appetite for food as well. In fact, Sun-Pluto identifies him as one who uses pressure tactics against anyone who stands in his way (Pelletier) and this ruthless behavior most people would agree has become evident since his past treatment of others has been made public in the light of the 'Bridge-Gate' scandal.

Another personality facet to consider is Christie's natal Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Pisces (one end of the victim-savior axis--don't tread on his feelings or you'll get barked at, especially with wounded Chiron in the mix) is the zealous Seeker on a Quest to transform self or society (Nolle) which supports the above-mentioned personality indicators. Another feature which is mentioned in Anthony Louis' article (linked above) is a very touchy Mars in sensitive, self-protective Cancer which lends a bit of a Moon (emotions)--Mars (argumentative) flavor to his temperament with Mars being the planet of temper-ament. Quick retorts, often dripping with suppressed rage, are a specialty of the governor's chip-on-shoulder, how-dare-you behavior.

Plus, having the planet of lightening-quickness, Uranus, with its natal sign providing clues about an individual's behavioral patterns, here in Virgo, sign of The Critic, adds heated sarcasm to his peppery manner of reacting when challenged.

Now on September 9, 2013 and for a few days into the month as the George Washington Bridge traffic jam ground on and on, transiting Mars was in opposition to Christie's natal Saturn in Aquarius so he was on some level feeling restricted, frustrated, and/or inhibited by someone--a male someone (Mars.) However, as we've seen from the resulting legal and political investigations into the matter, this transit is a very bad time to take revenge for it tends to boomerang back at us if we indulge.

And it may be that another September 2013 transit in play provided too much enthusiasm for a man who has a boatload of it naturally--a sextile from transiting Jupiter, planet of expansion, hope, and zeal, to his natal Sun in Virgo (13+) which had so recently enjoyed a freshening of new plans and ideas via a New Moon @13Vir04, a New Moon trined by powerful Pluto in controlling, managing Capricorn. The New Moon, along with guru Chiron, was part of a Mystic Rectangle configuration formed in tandem with a Jupiter-Pluto opposition denoting 'large-scale projects' and 'wheeler-dealers' with grand plans.

Another major if background influence, and one which hints at the revelations of secrets that now result from the governor's political machinations in September 2013 and after ('the cover-up') is that his natal planet of secrets, obfuscations, deceptions, fraud, and falsehoods--Neptune @11Sco14, was uncovered, triggered, and/or stimulated into action on November 3, 2013 by a Solar Eclipse @11Sco15--a direct hit, we may say. Plus, Scorpio is well known as the sign of secrets and betrayals, as Christie has cited many times concerning his staffers who 'betrayed' and 'lied' to him.

And while all eclipses, both solar and lunar (the "wildcards of the universe" with unexpected, system-busting Uranian vibes) often have an effect of uncovering hidden things, motivations, and activities while revealing one's inconvenient secrets, the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 has been doing an especially good job of this for many people due to the unconscious/subconscious Uranus-Neptune content embedded within its Saros Series (click for more info.)

Now last but not least for Governor Christie and his hair-trigger temperament and fervent missionary zeal is the pattern or shape of his chart--a locomotive with the lead planet--you guessed it--Mars in Cancer speeding along at the front of the train. This pattern is great for the pursuit of success with Mars being the planet of motivation, action, energy, and courage but it is also a horoscope significator for The Bully who challenges every comer even while denying it to himself!

And that is how I see Governor Chris Christie through the lens of Astrology. You may agree or disagree but there it is and, as always, your on-topic comments or analyses are more than welcome at Stars Over Washington.


Chris Christie born September 6, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey; Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius; hour unknown. Chiron @8Pis13 Rx returned to natal position three times, his Chiron Return: April 14, 2012, August 11, 2012 (Rx), and February 10, 2013. More chart factors apply than I can get to in one post so please check out Anthony Louis' article linked above for more details.

Jan 8, 2014

LBJ's War On Poverty: 1964 v 2014 planets

January 8, 2014: the 50th Anniversary of LBJ's War On Poverty

Since Republicans and their wealthy backers have their 'hearts' set on more cuts to our nation's safety net programs, many of which were created by President Johnson (Medicare, Food Stamps, Head Start, increased Social Security benefits for the elderly, etc), it may be good to reflect astrologically on January 8, 1964 v January 8, 2014. See Pressured on poverty programs, GOP divided on defense (as if assuring that more children go to bed hungry can be defended.)

Plus, NPR is featuring For LBJ, The War On Poverty Was Personal (click for text or audio) that is quite informative concerning Lyndon Johnson's childhood which was blighted by poverty--a failed father, the constant threat of the bank taking away the family's house, often no food in the cupboard--just how millions of Americans live today.

On January 8, 1964, Johnson addressed Congress and the nation and announced his War On Poverty initiative. Poverty was "explored under Kennedy" (see article linked, above) but set in motion by President Johnson with the help of Walter Heller, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. JFK had been assassinated just 7 days prior to LBJ's announcement.

Here are the noon EST positions for Jan 8, 1964, Capitol Building with any January 8, 2014 transits included:

Sun (leadership) @17Cap26 (18Cap = the POLITICAL POWER degree of 1993's Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s...the NWO); the noon chart's Solar Return 2014 was actually yesterday;

Moon (We the People) @9Sco53--Scorpio, sign of regeneration;

Mercury @8Cap05 (Rx and conjunct South Node indicating the utilizing of previous ideas, or implementing the ideas/plans of others--here, JFK's; Mercury, planet of oration, also conjoins fixed star Facies--ruthlessness or, the victim--LBJ is well known for his ruthlessness, and was a victim of poverty in childhood);

Venus @19AQ40;

Mars, planet of war, @26Cap26 and nearing US natal Pluto Rx, a transit of intensity and purpose when new uses for old things may be found, projects that require patience may begin, and something karmic that is meant to be done is on the to-do list;

Jupiter @11Ari30 has been and will be conjoined by radical Uranus, a time when religious, educational, political, and/or social spheres of life are broadened or altered completely, and events may be unexpected and/or out of anyone's control;

Saturn @21AQ13 approaches US natal Moon in 1964, a depressive, restraining contact that on one level denotes elderly and/or poverty-stricken people;

Uranus 9Vir49 Rx conjoins fixed star Zosma, another of the 'victim stars';

Neptune @17Sco22, planet of the masses and associated with loss, grief, and misery (and the media who in 1964, considered this Johnson's uranium speech--they ignored its poverty message as they prefer to do now);

Pluto @14Vir05 Rx, near its mid-1960s Great Conjunction with electrifying Uranus in mid-Virgo, a pair whose energies include tyranny, obsessions with the manipulation of people and processes, and a 'secret need to change the lifestyles of others (Munkasey).

North Node (public contact; future direction) @11Can11 was in the midst of America's natal planets in Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun), and the Sun in Capricorn, near SN, indicates a man morphed into The Leader of a nation via the loss and separation (SN) of the previous president.

It seems to me that LBJ's War On Poverty and its announcement 50 years ago today put a lot of stress on his relationships, alliances, and group affiliations because it occurred during a 1 North Saros Series whose themes include such stress and the advice to 'make no hasty decisions because information is distorted and possibly false' (Brady). 1N is the series that ushered in the 21st century with a Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999--the one Nostradamus warned us about--the 'Mother of All Eclipses.'

And yes, as all you Chiron fans noticed right away, the War On Poverty has had its Chiron Return recently thanks to Chiron's approximately 50-year orbit--Chiron, of Wounded Healer fame--then and now traversing Pisces, the sign of compassion!

Here are the dates of the War On Poverty's Chiron Return/s to 11Pis18: March 30, 2013, September 6, 2013, and January 28, 2014--the date of President Obama's next SOTU address! Mr. Obama was born with a 1st house Chiron in Pisces, and with the synchronicity of 1964's Chiron Return, and, considering current social conditions in America affecting millions of citizens, we may be certain to hear him speak of poverty in America.

After all, poverty has hardly been spoken of in public for 50 years so it's way past time to stop whispering as if our down-on-their-luck-ers don't exist!

Now here's a link to Lyndon B. Johnson's natal data and chart if you're interested. You'll note that his natal Sun @3Vir46 and natal Moon @9Vir32 were trampled upon by 1964 Uranus (@9Vir49 Rx, as noted above) so sudden residential and lifestyle changes had most definitely occurred for LBJ due to the assassination of President Kennedy.

So if you're wondering if this reluctant astrologer believes the ruthless Mr. Johnson had anything to do with the assassination of his predecessor, yes. I do.

Nov 29, 2012

11.29.12 Romney's lunch w Pres Obama: Neptune rising

How yummy! Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is invited to the White House today to lunch with President Obama and many reporters are wishing they could be flies on the wall during this super-private chow down and meeting!

Well, I'm no fly either but I do sashay into the use of Political Astrology now and then to uncover a few things not always seen with the naked eye, fly or otherwise.

Today at *12:30 pm est at the White House, the ascending sign and degree = 4Pis33 which, of course, brings up Fixed Star Fomalhaut (potentials: success through noble ideals; karma; magic; fame or infamy) along with Mr. Romney's natal Mars in Pisces followed by his n Mercury and Sun in murky Pisces.

Yet even closer to the luncheon Ascendant at 12:30 pm is President Obama's natal Chiron 5Pis19 Rx (in his n 1st house of Self; he's in the midst of his five-fer **Chiron Return, as you know--dates listed below) And with transiting Neptune @00Pis27 ('1Pis' = "A Public Market"), some acting and pretending may take place, along with Neptunian idealism and creativity--will fraud also be discussed? Is the Neptunian dish Oysters Rockefeller on the menu?

Well, my blogging time is brief this morning, so let's merely consider a few factors about today's Sun-Moon blend including what Charles and Suzi Harvey give as the blend's Image for Integration which seems to me to apply rather closely to the situation at hand. See what you think about this persuasive, idea-filled Fire-Air "live wire" combo of "bluster and bombast" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

As with yesterday's Lunar Eclipse, today is imprinted by a Sun Sagittarius-Moon Gemini blend denoting wit, intellectualism, irony, and sociability; a negative is spreading oneself too thin and not completing projects. Its Image for Integration reminds me of Republican charges against our Democratic president concerning his "redistribution of wealth" tendency, as they call it. And of course, this applies to the current 'fiscal cliff'/Bush-tax-cuts-expiring impasse now occurring in Washington DC as the clock inches nearer and nearer to January 1, 2013 12:00 est.

Sun Sag-Moon Gem: "Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master."

Ha! Wonder what soup today's secretive lunch will begin with?

Oh, and by the way: the Moon's Sabian Symbol at 12:30 pm is quite descriptive of the White House table of plenty:

'20Gem' = "A Cafeteria"; keyword = SUPPLY.

Positive expression: a fullness of contribution and an effectiveness of requisition in all personal relationships;

Negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): a chronic inability to make decisions or a hopelessly dilettante spirit. (Jones, The Sabian Symbol in Astrology.)

*My use of 12:30 pm est for setting up today's horoscope is based on hearing Richard Wolffe give it last evening on MSNBC as the time of today's White House lunch.

*President Obama's Chiron Return dates: May 21, 2011; June 27, 2011 Rx; Feb 26, 2012; Oct 19, 2012 Rx; Dec 10, 2012; natally, Chiron in mystical Pisces gives him a "knight in shining armour" glow which may "perform heroic deeds at great personal risk" (R. Nolle's Chiron.) May this include having a White House lunch with Mitt Romney?!

Update 1:50 pm: serving Mr. Romney Oysters Rockefeller might be too deliciously ironic if my theory that the Nov 6, 2012 election was about President Obama being a 'Rockefeller Democrat' vs Romney as a monarchic 'Rothschild Republican' is correct! jc

Sep 13, 2012

9.13.12 The Fed announces under Thor's Hammer

A horosocope set for September 13, 2012 at 2:15 pm edt (the Fed's usual announcement hour after meetings) in Washington DC shows a planetary pattern called 'Thor's Hammer' or 'Fist of God' involving the difficult, ongoing Uranus-Pluto square aimed at the Moon 21Leo23 in 8th house of Shared Resources and Transformation. Since the Moon signifies The People in Mundane Astrology and this Moon position basically opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People), I assume Thor's Hammer is aimed at the American people. Which may not be a bad thing considering.

If the Fed announces quantitative easing #3 in order to "shore up" EU conditions --the euro is getting a boost today, I hear--and if they prop up mortgage-backed securities in the US in order to aid our still-languishing housing market, the US economy may actually show more improvement than it lately has. Then I could gladly file today's Fed announcement of plans for future growth in SO'W's Whoopee! Department.

And with Jupiter now @15Gem40 and soon in process of a retrograde period, the Great Benefic has and will conjoin the Fed's natal Saturn 13Gem21 Rx indicating some lifting of restrictions and burdens. Of course, you know that transit Pluto in early Capricorn the last two years has conjoined the Fed's natal Sun 1Cap17 while simultaneously opposing the Fed's natal Pluto 00Can05 Rx creating a titanic and global struggle for power and control. We see hints of this in the ongoing problems in the European Community (EU) which adversely affects the economy across the pond (US) and its tentacled connection to our financial system from the City of London and other financial capitals of international banking houses which rule governments more fully than most people care to admit.

The Fed's natal Mars-Neptune conjunction in Cancer (both planets Rx) actually opposes US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx which forms a midpoint picture--Mars-Neptune = Pluto: tendency to cause damage brutally to others or to suffer likewise (Ebertin) which relates to the Fed's origins in secret in November 1910 (Jekyll Island, GA) and its aftermath as the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank became law on December 23, 1913--shoved through Congress though most legislators had already left Washington for the hoildays. A secretive bunch of banking cabalists are they.

And by the way: today's Sun (@21Vir21 at 2:15 pm) conjoins Fixed Star Denebola: 'to go against society' which also relates to a doltish US Congress set to pass a stop-gap measure this afternoon to keep the government funded for another 6 months. Joy. But that's if they can put aside playing Politics along enough with America now under threat of another credit downgrade, thanks mostly to a jackassian GOP.

As for the Fed, QE3 may or may not make much difference to their shaping of a "stronger" US economy. (" " from Bernanke's statement after their recent Jackson Hole WY cabal--his statement was not recorded but partially quoted on NPR. For more info see today's Fed Stimulus Expected, But Remedy May Not Be Right from NPR--note that 'remedy' = Chiron now in compassionate if confused, deceptive Pisces!

Now if you're interested, here's the data I used to set up Fed's natal horoscope:

December 23, 1913 12:07:10 pm est (Sun @MC, Pluto @IC) Capitol Building Washington DC; as you see, in 2013 the Fed will be 100 years old. That's a century of throttling of the US government by a private group of international banking houses for they are the varmints who set up the entity and so happily forced America under the thumb of a global Central Bank--at last, a coup for Alexander Hamilton! And that with the collusion of most of the US Congress of 1913, and with the help of Presidents Taft (1910) and Wilson (1913.)

Also in 2013, the Fed's second round of Chiron Returns begin and it's a three-fer (natal Chiron 10Pis56) which are exact on:

1. May 24, 2013; 2. Sep 14, 2013 3. Jan 21, 2014. Perhaps by then we'll know and understand their truest and deepest Quest.


Blog Note: Though I haven't time to post horoscopes concerning the ongoing crises in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, my deepest condolences go to those who are personally suffering the devastating losses incurred by what seem to be coordinated terrorist acts mounted undercover of the understandable outcry of Muslims 'thanks' to the release of an Arabic translation of an inflammatory, amateurish film debasing their prophet Mohammed. Very bad form, mysterious 'film maker' in hiding. You, in a word, suck. jc

Astro-Note: the Sabian Symbol for today's Sun degree '22Virgo' = "A Flag at Half-Mast in Front of a Public Building" as ordered by President Obama ('Sun') in honor of America's loss of embassy personnel in Libya.

Sep 4, 2012

DNC Sep 4, 2012: Michelle Obama Rises with Tonight's Taurean Moon

by Jude Cowell

If only I had time now to post on the speech/introduction by Michelle Obama tonight at DNC 2012 in the TIME-Warner Cable arena in Charlotte, NC with a comforting Taurean Moon precisely on the horizon at 10:00 pm edt (as I have been told by Current TV this morning.) Perhaps the hour will be changed or be delayed, plus, in yesterday's post about the gaveling in of DNC 2012 I used '2:00 pm edt' to 'match' the time that RNC 2012 opened Aug 28 in Tampa, FL, as I was told.

Busy day here today! and I'm certain that you your very self can set up a horoscope for Mrs. Obama's speech tonight and view Moon 5Tau11 = ASC 5Tau46 which emphasizes the unconsicous (karmic) degree of '5Tau' and of '6Tau.'

Our First Lady will focus on Home, Family, Children, Security, Domestic Conditions, all 4th house stuff (supported by a 4th H Venus in Cancer but opposing US natal Pluto, the plutocrats and Underworld elements), and the nurturance of the Taurean Moon (the public; publicity; a woman; womens's issues; the public feeling comfy with Michelle Obama as she talks about societal conditions including nutrition and soldiers' families, gardening, our mood: earthy, building), and re-introduces her community worker husband to the American people.

'6Tau' = "A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge" emotional appeal for popularity and recognition; Pres. Obama may be said to be signified by Chiron, the Priest and Healer, for he is in the midst of his 5-fer Chiron Return and has natal Chiron 5Pis19 Rx in 1st house of Self, a signature of a healer or guru or one who follows a guru. Tell me it isn't Ayn Rand. Probably Joe Biden.

What we must judge is: is his the path across the 'bridge' to the future that we wish to trod? We for the most part followed Bill Clinton.

Or should we accept Romney-Ryabn's Austerity Path ('plan' they won't fully divulge until the trap srings shut on Jan 21, 2013 noon est Cap Bldg) to what they misname "Properity" which intends prosperity and more perks for the upper class and penury and loss for anyone who gets in their warmongering way.

Update 4:55 pm edt: a keen reader informed me earlier that DNC 2012 gavels in today at 5:00 pm edt...thanks for the info! In Charlotte, NC that means that critical-crisis degrees ('20Cap-20Can') are rising/setting which denotes a last-minute glitch perhaps and definitely the vise in which politicians and international bankers have placed the people, both here and abroad.

Nov 8, 2011

Chiron in Pisces: the Allegiance of Barack Obama

Of course I voted for him--there was no other choice possible!

by Jude Cowell

But is it true that President Barack Obama's Allegiance Is Not to America and God But to the New World Order and Satan?

Besides noting the warring events and assassinations which a majority of the American people have not sanctioned or asked for, we may wish to establish a 'goat-hand-signal watch' as the above linked article does with several links to beastly photos (Obama, Mrs. Obama, the Pope, Dubya, and others) which may then cause a revision of our opinions of US 'leaders' to include the possibility that psychopaths run things in the US and across the globe, and they are serving, not the interests of The People (as we know they are not), but Satan's interests in establishing a totalitarian 'new world order' to promote and extend Lucifer's dominion of the world.

(Aka, 'one-world-government' or 'NWO'. The terms 'Satan' and 'Lucifer' are here used interchangeably though their adherents may see differences between them. Since both intend major harm to mankind, I'm using the same brush for each.)

Capricorn the Labyrinth and Chiron in Pisces

Without going into too much astrological detail, we know that *50-year old President Obama was born with a 1st house Chiron in mystical Pisces, the placement of astral interference, mentorship, and a crisis over connecting with the God force(Clow.)

Thing is, mankind has free will and can choose to serve the god of death instead of the Living God. So I ask you: do drones raining death on innocent children around the world sound like a commander-in-chief worshiping a God of Life--or a god of death?

Chiron rules intense mystical experiences and spiritual ecstasy and never more so than when posited in Jupiter/Neptune-ruled Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes--one swimming upward to the heights, one swimming downward into the gutter. Chiron in Pisces hears the Flute of Pan, a different tune than most people march or dance to.

The Pan-esque lyrics in his head are supported in Mr. Obama's natal chart by his Saturn Rx in Capricorn, strong in its own sign of The Goat (goat-hand-symbols included.) As you know, the entire sign of Capricorn is a labyrinth whose ancient symbol is the Mer-Goat.

(Rx Saturn indicates the absent or weak father.)

Plus, Mr. Obama's natal Chiron is opposed by powerful Pluto in Virgo, a placement that makes living a trivial life impossible and increases interest in and talent for mystical, if Underworldly, realms. And of course, the Pluto/Chiron pair signifies Plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, environmentalism, racism, socialism-communism-capitalism, etc.

Constellation Capricornus

Aratus called this constellation the Horned Goat (the hand symbol our leaders are fond of sending out to Satan's minions.) In Syria, Persia, and Arabia, it was known as the goat-footed Pan, and as early as 1,000 B.C.E., the goat had taken on a fish tail.

(As you know, asteroid Pan has been traveling in tandem with asteroid MIDAS, the gold-hoarder, for some time now and both conjoin US natal Uranus 8Gem55; Pan = panic, panorama, pandemic, Pan-American, etc.)

The sea-goat or goat-fish was known in ancient Babylonia as the god Ea, protector of his people (oh the irony)--He of Vast Intellect and Lord of the Sacred Eye. In fact, he was an Osiris-like god who cared, educated, and civilized his people.

(Personally, I don't find the threat of death-dealing drones to be very civilizing, do you?)

Ea became ruler of the earth after castrating his father Apsu, and he ruled from the waters from which the great rivers flow. Later his brother Bel sent a great deluge (the precession of a sign through the equinoxes) to wipe out the population and "start a new world order" (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) The myth goes that it was Ea who saved our bacon by urging mankind to build an ark and you know the rest of the story with God's rainbow at the end.

The ancient Ea myth goes on to relate him to fish (for obvious reasons) but also to a snake which turned up in the Garden of Eden to tempt mankind into eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

(And evil has been fighting over this corrupted world ever since.)

So the myth goes, wherever Ea roamed upon the earth, he took the form of a goat, and was called by some (the gullible!) the "Father of Light" which is precisely what satanists and luciferians of our day say of their goatish idol, The Beast. All the way back to 15,000 B.C.E., Ea's celebrations were carried on by participants wearing goatskins, a habit that would elicit howls of laughter in today's Washington. But tossing out a goat hand symbol? Not so funny.

Now we all know that early Jews considered the goat to be sacred and placed their sins upon a scapegoat each year and sent it out into the desert to die for them--an archetypal ritual of The Messiah dying for our sins. By Christian times, the goat, the snake, and the Horned One represented the essence of evil so having our national leaders signifying their allegiance with a goat hand symbol may not surprise those of us who think the government of the United States has gone the way of The Goat--down into the darkest of gutters.

The stars of Capricorn are quite faint but there is one that is used in Astrology charts, Deneb Algedi (or, Giedi, the horn of the goat, Delta Capricornus), and its themes are lawgiver, life and death, sorrow and happiness, beneficence and destructiveness. (Brady.)

Unfortunately for the entire world, Barack Obama seems to be playing on the side of the death and destruction team as the current leader in establishing a new world order. Remember the attacks of 9/11/01 when Osama bin Laden called America "The Great Satan"?

Well, Satan always accuses himself of doing evil just to confuse us over who's representing him on earth!


Further reading: the Nov 14-16, 2011 meeting in Baltimore, MD of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops will focus on their financial, liturgical, and organizational bellybuttons but not on current and increasing societal ills.

Above image: Niobe's Plea (Please Don't Bomb My Baby), copyright by Jude Cowell. Niobe's archetype is the grieving mother which makes me wonder how Michelle Obama would feel if a predator drone were beaming in on her daughters instead of someone else's? Actually, as a mother myself, I believe I know just how she would feel.

Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; Sun Leo/Moon Gemini indicates a 'cool-headed charmer' with a tendency to rationalize (most anything, one assumes--like drones over babies and XL Pipelines over a major water aquifer.)

Sun Leo/Moon Gem's Images for Integration of conscious mind (Sun) with the unconscious (Moon): "On a bright summer's day a butterfly turns into a radiant being...Children singing 'Happy Birthday to You' at a celebrity birthday party." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

*Age 50 is the time frame for Chiron's Return to natal position--for Mr. Obama, it's 5Pis19--Rx, which deepens Chiron's catabolic action within the psyche.

As listed previously, here are the five-fer conjunctions for President Obama of his Chiron Return which began in May 2011 and ends in December 2012:

1. May 20, 2011
2. June 27, 2011 Rx
3. February 26, 2012
4. October 19, 2012 Rx
5. December 10, 2012

As you see, #4 and #5 snugly sandwich around the 2012 Elections. And as the president goes, so goes the nation.


Today's post at Jude's Threshold? Teddy Roosevelt on America's Invisible Government.

Sep 25, 2011

A Daft US Government Teeters on Backs of the Poor Sept 2011

How Purposeful Washington's Political Games Now Seem

by Jude Cowell

All logic tossed out the window, there are factions in the US determined to topple our republic and one of their tactics is to pile responsibility for current, dire financial straights onto the "backs of the poor" with President Obama at the helm and, one must assume, complicit in a radical and daft recipe for systemic collapse.

("We will bury you", pronounced Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev to America during my childhood. Thanks for that memory, Nikki. But you're just another in a long line of jackassian politicians in my book.)

Well, Ray McGovern's article Obama on the Backs of the Poor from August 3, 2011 is worth a second look if you've had a first--or is a not-to-be-missed if you did. Apparently daftness and perfidy masquerading as recklessness rules Washington Politics more than ever though I will not give passes for those who mismanage by design. To paraphrase Max Igan, US government officials and workers are in breach of contract as our employees if they don't effectively do the jobs that come with their positions.

As one-world-government types like to parrot loudly: rule of law! --which should effectively include lawmakers, their minions, staffs, operatives, and all bureaucrats.

A difference though is that the VP and President are not actually elected by the people but by the squirrelly electoral college of muckedy mucks. Perhaps one of the big 'secrets' of America's 'invisible' government from founding times is that the aristocrats won the lotto and most of the spoils which often accrued and accrue from the labor of working men and women.

My, how we haven't spiritually progressed as factions work tirelessly to make providing for the 'general welfare' a thing of the past--it's been made to seem "too expensive" to waste money on the poor and disadvantaged. Has compassion become old-fashioned in America? Then we-the-people must lift it up!

A Quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Growing up within an hour or so from the reverend's home church in Atlanta, Ga, I remember hearing his voice and words on radio, TV, and in the news. As noted in the article above, *Rev. Martin Luther King Jr in a 1950s era speech said this:

"A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan."

For me this follows Biblical examples of consumption of rich foods (and in our cases, foods contaminated with toxins and re-engineered with frankensteinian intent--some would cry, "eugenics" or "guinea-pig-ism") causing physical and mental weakness rather than imparting strength as nutritious food should do, and causing a constant undermining of health on many levels and during all decades of our lives.


*On using a quote from Dr. King on SO'W, it's happened before yet I admit to reading some information recently on his alleged connections to communist groups or individuals--but i am not convinced. For given the blatant hounding of the popular leader who could sway the masses, awaken our Higher Natures, and beneficially affect our social order in the process, his opponents' assertions about him are difficult to trust. And as Dr. King's Chiron-in-Pisces pastorship began meshing issues of Civil Rights, Workers' Rights, and the Peace Movement under his revival tent, he was then seen as a dangerous man by certain 'special' interests having a larger agenda to force one-world-government--the one we now see being implemented more openly than before as their trap is almost set.

And it was as President that George H. W. Bush first publicly intoned the term "new world order" in speeches along with a chilling promise (aka, threat) that the shadowy 'they' will be successful imposing a totalitarian, Saturnian-Neptunian system over the entire globe and over what they are determined will be a surveillance-police state-America risen from the ashes, the Illuminati's spying all-seeing-eye over the 13-step pyramid's missing capstone on the never-officially used and masonic- symbol-ridden reverse side of America's Great Seal.

A Saturn-Neptune Spot Check 2011

Saturn (government; systems; restrictions) with Neptune (secret; veils; the masses; the media; paranoia) denotes 'secret' or 'invisible' 'government' which shows in America's natal chart/s of July 4, 1776 with Saturn @ 14Lib48, and Neptune @ 22Vir25 (conjoined with the natal Mars of Barack Obama.) In our oft-utilized natal chart set for 5:10 pm LMT, we see the midpoint of the Secret Government pair @ 3Lib37--close enough in orb to the New Moon of September 27, 2011 @ 4Lib00 to indicate a 'new cycle of activity' beginning in relation to America's secret or invisible government plans and policies.

Of late. transit Uranus in early Aries ('Utopians' according to Ebertin) has been triggering or catalyzing the midpoint of US natal Saturn/Neptune...n Sat/Nep = tr Uranus: sudden weaknesses emerge; excitability; irritability; peculiar inclinations; upsets cause illness; inner unrest (of a people or a nation.) (R. Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

Of course, to reach the Sept 27 New Moon we must first enter and navigate the 3-day period of the Dark Moon when hidden things go bump in the night and society's infestations of satanic forces opportunistically act with even more impunity. Sudden emergence of financial weaknesses cannot be ruled out, as we've already seen of late. Plus, the Saturn-Neptune pair of energies also carries a 'materialism v idealism' connotation.

And though a Dark Moon phase is an excellent time to lay low or chillax, my thought is that for best results in coming days, beware too many entertaining distractions because these people play for keeps, y'all, 2012 is upon our doorsteps, and from Sept 27's New Moon into 2012/13 will mark a watershed phase for all of humanity. Messing this up is not an option, really.

(You may wish to see my previous post on the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 2Sag37--perhaps it's in the Top Ten Posts feed in the sidebar below--since it's the last celestial 'wild card of the Universe' of 2011 in solar fashion and ushers in Year 2012. The receptive Lunar Eclipse of December 10, 2011 is near the top of my to-blog list and is coming to this blog in the next week or two--it will be the cosmic companion of the Solar Eclipse of Nov 25, 2011 and both will do the 2012 ushering.)

Another thought to mention concerning President Obama is that he and MLK share the natal placement of Chiron in mystical Pisces (a Seeker on a Quest, perhaps for the 'Holy Grail'), and BHO is now in the midst of his Chiron Return, a numinous passage in life which occurs around age 50 that, in his case, is a five-fer (5 conjunctions of transit Chiron to his natal Chiron's zodiacal position.) This perfectly timed synchronicity lengthens the timeframe of the course of lessons the Wounded Healer will be teaching Pres. Obama, age 50--including the eternal one about "Be Here Now". jc

Sep 19, 2011

Fall of the Republic (the movie); Obama's Chiron/Pluto

There's a lot to take in in the following video presentation so I'll keep my comments under wraps until I watch Fall of the Republic again. Included is my old argument on this blog that Rs and Ds are on the same team (and that's what spawns "class warfare" here in America--plutocrats v we-the-people--not the expectation that upper-crusters will pay their fair share of US taxes while all the GOP wishes to do is pretend that the weaker among us are strong enough to shoulder the full weight of the financial burden.

You know, everyone who moseys around the US of A uses our nation's roads, airstrips, and other public transport and infrastructure resources and services. And it takes funding from taxes to keep up the equipment!

To me its seems that if the American people were a herd, Republicans would allow--no, assist--millions of us to be picked off by any predator who comes our hapless way. The more population control, the better for the GOP--crash the joint!

Well, as far as President Obama being in with the 'in crowd' of transnational banksters and other corporatists, we discussed way back when that the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint (the 'plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence' pair) is at Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations) in the Inauguration 2009 Horoscope of Jan 20, 2009 Noon est Capitol Building.

Plutocrats are lounging around our White House, y'all (stinkin' up the place, imho.) And their total take-over has been a long time coming.

January 20, 2009--September 19, 2011

So now? Now it's 2 years 8 months into Mr. Obama's first term and the Pluto/Chiron midpoint these days hangs about the 3AQ+ area of the Tropical Zodiac--conjunct Inauguration 2009 Jupiter, planet of Bankers, Generals, Mentors, Explorers, Gamblers, Professors, Hierophants, and Gurus everywhere. Seems the Oval Office is a very busy place.

Plus, as you know, Mr. Obama is all about mentors with his natal Chiron in Pisces, and mystical Quests and a Grail, too. In fact, the 'knight in shining armour' archetype isn't far from the glowing aura of Barack Obama, and you know that the Piscean Chiron person may act from a sense of self-sacrifice either consciously or unconsciously, right?

Well, there is more to our complex president, Barack Obama, of course, but really--can't his obvious lean (toward greasing the palms of Wall Street crooks and foreign banks over easing Main Street problems and addressing the lack of US jobs--until now when he has no choice) be described just as well by those two astrological factors as much as by anything else?

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, HI: 1st house Chiron 5Pis19 Rx opposes 7th house Pluto 6Vir59 = "a Seeker whose Quest is to embody, express, and struggle on behalf of archetypal energies seeking to force their way into mass awareness." (R. Nolle.)

Mass awareness. Yes. That'd be us.

But if his Quest includes a one world government, aka, a New World Order, we're in big trouble for Mr. Obama's natal Chiron/Pluto opposition makes him one of them, a plutocrat by nature...unless he chooses to fight them instead.

So being currently in the midst of his 'five-fer' Chiron Return (5 'hits' or conjunctions from Chiron to natal Chiron, a spiritualized or spiritized time around age 50 when our weaknesses appeal to us for close attention and healing), President Obama is walking a very numinous path this year and next so I think he may as well have his 'feet held to the fire', as folk say, simultaneously--by the American people who have as their only advocate an imperfect human being acting archetypally as 'our president', a Seeker along The Path...just as we all are, we spirits having physical experiences on planet Earth.

Yes, we-the-people have always been told that The Power is centered in the White House Oval Office (though it isn't) and since the US Congress seems determined that America should no longer have a functioning Congress, our Chirotic, Pisecean President Obama is all we have at the moment to advocate on our behalves while we're busy being devoured by plutocrats lying in wait like the ravenous wolves they truly are.

So is President Obama a knight? Or the fox?


Hey, some very interesting links up in here!

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Democracy Now!

Sep 8, 2011

Obama Address to Congress = Chiron in Pisces! 9.8.11

"That's Not the Story of America," says Barack Obama!

If Washington Politics is broken, I think we know who broke it. It took lots of them decades to lead to this impasse, but do they or do they not want America repaired?

Well, if you didn't listen or watch President Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress live tonight you missed a fantastic lightening show over the Capitol Dome as he began. Uranus is mighty feisty in Mars-ruled Aries!

And so was President Obama tonight.

Guess it's true what they say: if you have bolts of real-time Uranian lightening backing you up, you don't need a word like stimulus to galvanize the populace if not your Republican colleagues.

The president's speech hit all the right notes for those who want America to continue existing. Mr. Obama began speaking at 7:09 pm edt and finished with a traditional "God Bless You and God Bless America!" after covering pretty much every issue we-the-people care about and bandaging them with tax breaks and other incentives:

Wounded Healer Chiron in compassionate Pisces rising!

Rising over Capitol Hill at 7:09 pm edt was 6Pis25 with Chiron 2Pis23 Rx and Neptune 29AQ04, Rx and co-ruler of the Address's Piscean Ascendant chart. The president's natal Chiron in Pisces arose with his natal Pluto in Virgo setting. It was a Chiron/Pluto opposition performance and seemed somewhat like our old orator. Perhaps transit Venus conjoining US natal Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work, Employment, and Service gave some ease to the entertainment.

Independent, radical Uranus itself @ 3Ari15 Rx arose in 1st house indicating surprising or shocking events hard to control--perhaps a reference to an 'incident' that Homeland Security was tracking down today, something about a threat from out of a tribal region of Pakistan. HoSec backed off a bit and did not use the alert system. Obama was briefed and said Find out what you can...then went on to deliver a crowd pleaser of a speech--unless you're of the Dismantle America Now persuasion. Betcha didn't like it then.

Alert: at 8:34 pm edt, a "disturbance" rings out from the hall outside the first meeting of the Joint Deficit Reduction Committee ('Super Congress')--people chanting very loudly!!! Now there's the 'unexpected event' from Uranus in Aries in first house! (Yes, I typed the beginning of this post several minutes ago, no edits. Back to original post on the Address...)

"You Should Pass This Bill," said the president several times. Well, provisions in his American Jobs Act do sound like improvements over the crap they've been serving us of late and I hope it passes. Things will be even more tragic than ever if the GOP keeps its Grand Old Patootie in the way of such beneficial progress meant for all the American people, not just the more-entitled-because-we're-rich-so-God-loves-us-more-than-poor-people people. (An anti-Biblical view, as you know.)

Since it's already after 8 pm, I'll publish now and return later to add a link to some brief notes on President Obama's Chiron in Pisces (with its preacher-like vibe as he expressed in tonight's Address), especially important since he's now in the midst of his Chiron Return. It's a numinous time for the president and an iffy period in more ways than one as he heads out on the road tomorrow to talk about the bill's provisions and cheer us on to supporting it bigtime.

The square tonight between the Moon (the public) and Jupiter Rx in money sign Taurus indicate that the American people may have been on the apathetic side concerning yet another speech. Perhaps they'll catch up with it later online or on phone. I'll plan to add the video here as soon as possible, too, because I want it here (and for You to watch, of course!)

Mr. Obama wants all of us to call, text, email, write, or terra-mail our Reps in Washington (we still have a few I guess) and let them know what we think about his proposed legislation. After all, the president knows whose poll numbers are @ rock bottom and they aren't his.

Oh, and when the Address ended, the powerful Pluto/North Node midpoint was precisely at Midheaven (The Goal; Career; Public Status)...

Pluto/NN = MC: the future depends on contacts with others.Well, call or write Capitol Hill. Because in these perilous times--it really really does.

Note: for Chiron in Pisces stuff you may also wish to scroll a little way down the sidebar and type Chiron in Pisces into SO'W's Search Bar, provided by Google. Thanks! Jude

As I type it's now 7:56 pm edt and Eric Cantor has just been featured on TV braying basically what you'd expect. So let's see how the Jackassians spin things in order to undermine Obama's American Jobs Act plan and continue their reckless dismantling of America.


Image above: Pisces from the Secret Moon Art collection of drawings.