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Mar 27, 2011

Obama speaks on Libya 3.28.11 w Mercury at loose ends

Horoscopes set for Monday night, March 28, 2011, on the occasion of President Obama addressing the nation about the US-NATO-Arab-Allies mission in Libya, don't look so much unpromising for the globalists' usual war propaganda purposes as they look...well, ignored by the general public. We have, after all, heard this sorry tune too many times before.

Under conditions which must certainly be obvious even to our bubble-wrapped White House and Capitol Hill denizens, the American people are wumped out and few there be who are interested in hearing about another overly expensive (aka, bottomless pit in the money department) war and possible occupation. Mission Accomplished so soon? We'll see if NATO operations fill the expansionists' bill for domination in the region and if one objective is to get the American people more acclimated to acting in accord with with NATO and eventually, the UN. (Less national sovereignty for us that way.)

Moon and South Node of the Moon

As you know, the Moon in a mundane chart represents the people or populace, the general public, and Democracy. Women, children, and family are particularly associated with the Moon whether in a radix (natal) horoscope or a mundane one (events, inaugurations, coronations, speeches, politicians, elections, etc - whatever has a beginning has an inception chart, even pitifully crooked politicians.)

The thing about this Monday evening at such an hour as the President might read his remarks on the topic (8 pm or 9 pm?), the Moon is in the 6 - 7 degree range of Aquarius which conjoins US natal South Node of the Moon, not the most auspicious marker for anything expecting publicity, or for a speech you want to be well-received by a fickle public.

Speak to Me Only with Thy Mercury

In warring Aries, Mercury (planet of young persons, orators, negotiators, planners, scribes, reporters, bloggers, traders, and jugglers, among a myriad of other things) makes no applying aspect to any planet in the chart/s at 8 pm or 9 pm edt in Washington DC, an indication that the speech may make little difference 'on the board'.

So though he's at loose ends planetarily, Mr. Speedy does apply to a lovely trine with the NN (and thus sextiles SN) so reporters will be listening (it's their jobs, plus, zealous ideologues must pay attention because they can't exist without Politics to promote their causes - perhaps if no one claps their hands, they'll all go pouf! and leave us be.) Hopefully, mercurial young people will be listening, too, or watching it later on YouTube for they tend most often to supply the Pentagon's war fodder, and their futures are intimately connected to the rhythm the White House plays when beating its drums of war.

So it seems in his speech that President Obama may be falling back on past (SN) emotional appeals (Moon) to our better natures (AQ) and of course we'll hear political talking points parroted on both sides in the news before Tuesday and for the rest of the week unless another topic knocks it off the ticker.

Well, the way things are going these days, that's pretty much a given, isn't it?

And since a disciplined GOP desperately craves the White House in 2012, we know that just after Mr. Obama completes his remarks the yapping will begin and spread into the week, revealing the gist or essence of the Libyan conflict's required government propaganda modulated to suit the public mood, and embroidered with all the subtle nuances big money can pay journalists and talking heads to spout as the week plows on and Japan's leaked radiation heads this way. Now there's a leak meant to be taken seriously yet it's more politically correct to downplay it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama prepares an oration for our edification and Politico's headline is President Obama faces a hard Libya sell so perhaps we may consider his speech's Moon/SN contact as: "exit strategy" (what we-the-people want to have and hear about, thanks), bad timing (coffers now empty - US tax payers can't afford to act as the world's police force anymore, we're all tapped out, cheers), more 'terrorism' propaganda (6/7 AQ = Moon = US n SN = Neptune's position at Islam's Founding), or simply that the public (Moon) has negative escapist behavior it wishes to resort to (SN) and would rather not be bothered on a Monday night to listen to...ugh, crafty Politics.

With SN (aka, Tail of the Dragon) having a Saturnian flavor of separation or loss, the Moon nearby can give a Moon/Saturn vibe which includes: separation from females, depression or melancholy, emotional inhibitions, or more positively, ambition, direction, strategy. (Tyl.)

Now you'll easily think of other connotations for Moon/SN and other chart factors in the President's speech horoscope for the evening of March 28, 2011, I know, so your opinions and remarks are being awaited momentarily.

How about: Moon/SN = talk to the hand...?

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