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Mar 26, 2011

A Morgue's Secrets Leak & Pluto/Chiron's Plutocracy

Glenn Greenwald says that classified secrets have been leaked describing the tiresomely devious 'take bodies from the morgue and spread 'em around to finger the Americans' ploy.

Not certain I buy it but I'll keep my mind slightly creaked open for now. Of course, the well-timed leak could be reverse propaganda, kind of like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being advised to hire a thug to accost or otherwise assault him (even better - with firearms) in order to make the workers' side come off more negatively in Wisconsin. Walker may not have seriously considered using a thug to harm him as if his political opponents (supposedly his constituents but he only wants to 'govern' the rich, it seems) had done so, but we see an alleged glimpse into how their minds work.

It takes the GOP and their backers in the global crime syndicate to think up an outrageous plan such as that.

Of course, some Republican backers also back various Democrats. That qualifies as a clue to the fact that what we now experience is long-running class warfare of the haves v the have-nots. That many Americans in the last decades have fallen willingly into a fluffy (Jupiter-Neptune) dream that prosperity was to be theirs for the duration (if they worked hard or had a brilliant idea or creation suitable for marketing) and that their children would do better in the world than they'd done, is not surprising really.

Because many forces and certain disciplines and intellects have been focused like lasers on just such a dreamy influence succeeding in manipulating the American public (and others) ever since Psychology was invented.

Okay, enough babbling. Let me know what you think about such topics if you have a mo and feel impelled, and I shall attempt to reply or add a remark if I have a mo, too.


Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy; disenfranchisement; primal violence; racism; agism, socialism/communism/bolshvikism, refugeeism and other -isms -- well, you get the exploitative picture. (That's wounded/wounding Chiron with Pluto of the morgue-ish realm. Sounds even worse when it's put like that.)

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