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Apr 17, 2011

Full Moon in Libra Horoscope Apr 17, 2011

Washington DC by the Light of a Libra Full Moon April 17, 2011

by Jude Cowell

The Air (mental) sign of Libra is all about relationships, balance, justice, and beauty. The opposite degree of the Full Moon's degree is the Illumination Point where unconscious info lurks if we care to take a peek, and it is naturally the degree of the Sun (27Ari44 in 5th house; see their Sabian Symbols below.)

On the chart you'll see mention of the Thales Point ('a saving grace') here occupied by Neptune in 3rd house and lending support to the Full Moon's oppositional energies for it trines the Moon and sextiles the Sun; Neptune 00Pis22 stimulates America's Pre-Natal Eclipse by degree (00Pis33 in 1776), the 12 South, which repeated on July 11, 2010 and aided the BP-Gulf Oil Blowout with its main theme: 'successful outcomes to long term worries or illness; draining concerns will at first seem worse then clear with successful outcomes' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

By emphasizing the positive side of spiritual, inspirational Neptune, god of the oceans - and planet of The Divine Source - we may be aided and lifted in our endeavors if the Thales Point holds true. Yet motives count!

You'll note that some of America's natal placements and those of President Obama are penned around the horoscope so you may wish to click to enlarge for easier viewing:

Horoscope shown: Full Moon in Libra 27:44, April 17, 2011 10:43:55 pm edt Washington DC falls across the 5/11 axis of Self-Will v Group Associations; Hour of Venus 26Pis18 in the emphasized 4th house of Real Esate, Domestic Scene, and Security; ASC 3Sag51 = Moon/Pluto midpoint = determined Sisyphus Rx; Hebe (co-dependency; goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus; a servant removed from duty due to indecent exposure; a cup-bearer; or, those of the Hebrew race) is setting on the Descendant as is President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini.

Moon/Pluto = ASC: ideals contrasted against the world's reality; upsets caused within the environment through one's behavior; many upsets; a violent reaction to environmental influences.

Add to this the energies of the Uranus/Pluto square -5A25- now bringing replays of social upheaval and protests as in the 1960s when the two met in Great Conjunction near the MC of the Libra Full Moon chart shown here; the Saturn/Pluto square -5A19- echoes their Great Conjunction of Nov 8, 1982 at...wait for it...27Lib36, so this Full Moon signifies a double transit to Saturn/Pluto's past degree and triggers their current cycle by blockage and frustration (the square.) Not good. Reagan's policies of the 1980s still affect our nation, fraudulent Neptune's trickle down theory included, and they continue to turn up in the news.

Therefore, we may say that:

Uranus/Pluto = MC: aspirations for reforms; mobility; an instant grasp and exploitation of every situation; restlessness; prudence; grand vision; an opportunity to rise to leadership.

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: sparing no pains in one's work; privation (and/or privatizing social safety net programs which would only add to the privation Republicans seem to want for us?); renunciation; physical separation; toil and over-exertion.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: inconsistencies in records, work, or achievements; melancholy; tragedy; cold feelings.

Of course, any mention of Saturn/Pluto reminds us of the attacks of 9/11/01 when the two karmic planets were in oppposition across the ASC/DESC axis of the US natal chart (Sibly version = 5:10 pm LMT.)

(Yes, I know - this is my usual jolly post but you know what's going on in the world, right? So if you prefer jolliness there are plenty of Astrology blogs and sites upon which to frolic!)

Full Moons Culminate and Flower the Seeds of the Prior New Moon

First let's follow the trail of dispositorship to see where things lead and it begins with chart-ruler Jupiter 19Ari14 (the Exaltation of the Sun degree giving an ego-expansion theme) in 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits with Jupiter ruled by Mars 12Ari20 (at critical or crisis degree as is Saturn 12Lib48 Rx in 10th H of Public Status) in 4th H of Domestic Scene. To me this indicates more protests, activism, and perhaps riots with the number of arrests increasing in the US, Land of the Free.

Also in 4th H are evaluating Venus as noted (foreclosures ongoing), rebellious upheavaler Uranus 2Ari05, and Mercury Rx 14Ari04. Mercury opposes Saturn as does Mars but not as closely so one T-Square is formed with a second not as intense but becoming so as Mercury retrogrades into position.

Here are both midpoint pictures from the T-SQs for your consideration; the usual suspect, subversive Pluto in 2nd H of Earnings and Worth, is apex planet in both pictures - the first one you've heard before because it's been in effect for a while now:

Mars/Saturn = Pluto: brutality; rage and fury; intervening of a Higher Power (US and NATO air strikes in Libya?); bodily harm, injury; murder; the death of many people.

Mercury/Saturn = Pluto: toiling or grappling with unusual and special problems; brooding over one's destiny; plans determine one's fate.

Pluto as apex planet in a Cardinal T-Square pattern indicates intensely driven individuals who don't integrate easily with others - and don't wish to; control and power are jealously guarded; hidden strengths help them confront and overwhelm opposition in a ruthless manner; power reserves are applied toward crisis situations; may have a chip-on-shoulder; signifies high-powered executive positions that demand penetrating insights into crucial phases of all operations; explosive endings make for fresh starts as a new phase is entered; others readily pick up on this dynamic vibration yet it's difficult to ferret out Pluto's true identity.

Yet we know the plutonians and plutocrats by what they produce in the world, don't we? This includes the grossly wealthy, and nuclear waste and disaster such we see in Japan as radiation spreads across the entire globe.

Now the former T-SQ with Saturn/Uranus = Pluto has separated as you see yet their midpoint picture still influences events by way of: violence and rebellion; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort (not, it seems, a positive these days yet it depends on people's true motives); intervention of a Higher Power; harm through force majeure; war.

Here are the Full Moon's other midpoint pictures; house positions of the apex planets tell where the energies have outlet for manifestation:

Sun/Mars = Jupiter: optimism; striving for power; the Civil Servant; success; taking possession. (My bold.)

Sun/Uranus = Mercury: a young reformer (DC contains many of those but Mr. Obama and Mr. Ryan come instantly to mind); making arrangements; quick and prudent actions.

Sun/Venus = Mars: creative power. (The Sun/Venus combo seems innocuous enough on the surface with its connection to The Arts yet Michael Munkasey under his Business and Politics category gives its potentials as: a society which is estranged from its leadership; using national or business wealth to sustain authority; how a society shapes the direction of its growth (budget, deficit, and credit limit battles?); the nature of reserves, resources, and the role they play in development. Also indicated by Sun/Venus: thyroid, kidneys, and infections that affect smell, taste (such as the metallic taste from radiation poisoning?), and other senses.

Circled on the chart is an inconjunct (or, quincunx, an aspect showing adjustments are direly needed) between Jupiter and Midheaven. With Jupiter in pioneering Aries and in 4th H of Real Estate and Security, we may expect Jupiter with his money connotation and Republican Party signification to need more adjusting or bargaining on issues such as war costs (Jupiter the General), home foreclosures and other Real Estate concerns (4th H), Career and Public Staus (10th H), and issues relating back to 9/11/01 (9/11's Sun at MC, as marked on chart.)

A Sun/Jupiter quincunx shows that someone's talents are not being fairly rewarded so there is discontent at not being appreciated or fairly treated, self-confidence may be lacking (which affects stock markets), physical exhaustion can set in due to workers' production levels being too high already (one reason our unemployment rate is way too high), plus, over-reactions to criticism may be prevalent within all of Jupiter's usual 9th H realms.

The prior lunation (Syzygy Moon) of this Full Moon is the New Moon 13Ari30 of April 3, 2011; tonight's Mercury Rx triggers and recalls the April 3rd New Moon and its degree:

'14Ari' = "A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman" which may be sinister and has a health connotation (radiation, or perhaps Mr. Obama's health insurance legislation? And since this degree's Keyword is REVELATION, tonight's Full Moon in Libra may be helpful in revealing a secret or two.

Now if we use this Moon to represent we-the-people and Sun to indicate leadership, a brief look at their Sabian Symbols may be as good a way as any to end this post, remembering that a Full Moon is an opposition relating to relationships, balance, and, to awareness:

Moon '28Lib' = "A Man in Deep Gloom. Unnoticed, Angels Come to His Aid" (my best advice: always notice your guardian angels, m'peops, and give thanks for their kind protection! ;p)

Sun '28Ari' = "A Large and Disappointed Audience" (perfect for politicians who do not work on behalf of we-the-people but for the special interests who line their pockets: as you see in the horoscope, America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 sits upon the 8th cusp of the chart when set for Washington DC...US natal Jupiter '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" - yet you'd think they'd be overly feathered by now.)

The PE of this Full Moon (last Solar Eclipse) is the 13N from *January 4, 2011 - it began our year with its vibes of 'large, ambitious group projects that require a separation, then joint achievement' (Brady); it falls in 2nd H along with Pluto and an interesting midpoint picture that forms with transiting Neptune/NN now landing upon US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx: exercising a bad influence upon associations; the breakdown of relationships through living together (uh oh! Under a Full Moon, too: trouble in the Obama household due to the stress of living in the White House fishbowl? His natal Moon - mother, family, a woman, reigning need - is setting, as mentioned above. Well, living under such critical scrutiny would bother me, too. Yet this may indicate a break within a political partnership.)

Well, this chart and Full Moon contain strong Cardinal-Fire (Aries) energies of initiative so things will certainly get done and actions wilol be taken though with Mercury Rx, plans and schedules may not work out as one could wish.

All politics aside (don't we wish!), may you enjoy a beautiful evening tonight bathed attractively by the light of a gorgeous Full Moon in lovely Libra!


Speaking of the Sun, here's a thumbnail of a drawing I once did hoping to fancifully illustrate '28Aries' and originally published in one of my art gallery blogs, Secret Moon Art:

Books used but left unharmed in the creation of this post: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Tierney; for midpoint pictures any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.

Chart data used: Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; America July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; yet other versions of the US natal horoscope may be equally useful including one timed by the Solar Eclipse of August 14, 1776 @ 21Leo52, the initial eclipse in the 13 North Series which repeated on *Jan 4, 2011 @ '14Cap'. jc

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