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May 28, 2011

Arrests at Jefferson Memorial May 27, 2011 (video)

Looks like Memorial Day Weekend 2011 got off to a rousing start at the Jefferson Memorial, doesn't it? Dance Party at the Tidal Basin?

Meanwhile, the old 'Jefferson rolling over in his grave' adage comes easily to mind especially with his statue towering over the action. And what was that American Uranian word we like to tout at the drop of a baton?

Oh yeah...freedom! Well, Uranus may also inspire radical political movements, protests, and demonstrations, and most anything of a sudden, surprising, or disruptive nature.

Yet to me it seems that someone in charge overreacted. Or was it purposefully overdone to show that the police state ain't playin'?

This one will be filed under For Further Consideration...


Anonymous said...

Adam Kokesh, a military vet turned peace activist, was one of the detained, body-slammed and tackled by the overeager blueshirts.

word verification: locommo, short for the locomotive that is pulling our country over a cliff into the abyss.

Jude Cowell said...

Yeah, it's choo-chooing us around the bend all right. Good on Adam Kokesh! Hope he's okay.

Actually I suspect the cameras are fine w them bec arrests and strong-arming dissuade the wary from even thinking about it ('someone else will protest, I'd better keep the sofa warm' etc) and the militaristic exhibitions show the arc of acceptance they expect from us, part of the 'marching toward a nwo' that Rockefeller was so proud of in a speech a few yrs ago. His quote is on SO'W somewhere. They treat it all as part of a process...a re-conditioning. Of us. jc