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Feb 17, 2024

223rd Anniversary! Thomas Jefferson Elected February 17, 1801

After the contentious Presidential Election of 1800 (held from October 31 to December 3, 1800) was decided in Congress, VP Thomas Jefferson was elected on February 17, 1801 to serve as America's third president. As for the published propaganda about Jefferson and enslaved Sally Hemings (aka, mother of his "shadow family"), look below to the list of aspects to the Solar Eclipse for notes re: the inconjunct from lusty Mars in romantic Leo.

Significantly, the 1800 Election and the Inauguration that followed represent our archetypal model of America's traditional peaceful transfer of power - successfully followed for over 200 hundred years until 'Mango Mussolini' instigated a coup attempt (ongoing as I type) meant to keep him in power despite losing the 2020 Election.

So below you see the Horoscope of the Prenatal Solar Eclipse under which Election 1800 and Inauguration 1801 took place. It's a Libra Eclipse (25:45) in the 19 South Saros Series with potentials for lucky breaks and wins, and joyful, life-changing events (Brady).

So if you don't mind enlarging the image, you'll find that and other astro-notes penned rather messily on the chart for your consideration:

Aspects to the 19 South Eclipse of October 1800:

Pluto trine Ecl: "The enlightened ones"; higher minds able to deal successfully with karmic issues and thereby erase karmic debts from the past.

Mercury conjunct Ecl: logic and reason as tools for resolving karmic problems.

Mars inconjunct Ecl: a karmic barrier to success signifying a confrontation with self due to misguided Martian energy in the sexual realm; the Mars inconjunct is a warning against further misguided actions in relation to the Eclipse in Libra, sign of relationships and diplomacy.

Saturn sextile Ecl: opportunities for karmic progress are available but sincere work is required; older and/or established associates offer support and counsel (Eclipse Saturn in 11th house).

When a Solar Eclipse Falls in Venus-ruled Libra

Positive use of Libran eclipse energies: fairplay, cooperation, impartiality, and groups involving World Justice (Enlightenment principles of logic, reason, equality, liberty).

Negative use of Libran eclipse energies: insincerity, spinelessness, self-indulgence.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Presidents' Day 2024 on Monday, jc

Previously appearing on SO'W: Thomas Jefferson's 1801 Inauguration Horoscope.

Please Note: for additional SO'W posts concerning Thomas Jefferson (including his natal YOD of special tasks and opportunities), scroll down to the Sidebar Search field and type in his name! Or any other term you wish. jc

For more eclipse information of this sort see Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse #ad.

Nov 8, 2023

Insurrection Act w Inauguration 2025,_called_The_Blacke_Dogg_of_New-gate_(1612).jpg

Trump Monster To Use Insurrection Act If "Re-Elected"

by Jude Cowell

Those who have criticized Donald Trump or who stood in his way have good reason to be worried about Election 2024 and Inauguration 2025. Trump's comrades are said to be preparing the fascist Project 2025 so that Trump can "hit the ground running" Day One and implement the Insurrection Act so that he can use the military (and militiamen one assumes) to take revenge against the American people, against anyone who dares protest against him or his "presidency" - to arrest participants in civil disobediance. Americans making good trouble, as John Lewis would say.

Although the Heritage Foundation is denying culpability, the Koch-infused group, along with the "America First Policy Institute" of anti-democracy seditionists, are said to lurk behind the "guideline" being called Project 2025, an agenda by which they intend, using figurehead Trump backed by foreign comrades of the global criminal network, to "re-shape" the federal government into a Hungarian-style government which under despot Viktor Orban is no longer a democracy.

Meanwhile, if a US voter in 2024 wants to see how America will end up under another Trump regime, check out results in occupied France by August 1944 when American forces arrived and liberated the destroyed country from the Nazi regime, by watching the four episodes of All the Light We Cannot See on Netflix. This could be the USA under Trumpists like Jeffrey Clark, who may be another election denier about to flip on Trump in Georgia, Newsweek reports.

And as for wide-girthed Trump hitting the ground running, see "Trump's vision on executive authority is more organized and ambitious" (includes a Nicolle Wallace segment). His 'hitting the ground' sounds great, but 'running' is laughable.

Why Did President Jefferson Sign the Insurrection Act?

When President Thomas Jefferson signed the Insurrection Act of 1807, it was intended to "foil a plot by Aaron Burr" to set up a republic of his own - former VP Burr's own private Empire in Mexico. Sedition then, sedition now. But for insurrectionist Trump to use the Insurrection Act in 2025 - and the presidency to protect himself from criminal accountability - would be a topsy turvy use of the Act! Why, George Orwell would be proud/not proud.

So! See what you can make of the horoscopes, below, and the transits from 2025 to 1807. We should note that the 1807 Act became operative under the influence of a 7 North Eclipse ('blood') lust; hidden passion which repeated on April 20, 2023 @29Ari50 (conjunct the J6 Mars of 2021 and the American Revolution Sun of 1775); Election 2024 and Inauguration 2025 will occur under the auspices of a difficult 8 South Eclipse @10Lib03 with themes of loss and separation (B. Brady).

Insurrection Act 1807 (inner) and Inauguration 2025 (outer):

Now although the 1807 Act was amended in 1871, 2006, and 2007, the initial date of the enactment of the Insurrection Act creates a most interesting Historical Horoscope worth keeping in mind if grudge-holder Herr Trump grabs the opportunity to use its provisions for taking revenge against his fellow Americans - not against enemies of our nation, but against the American people who find him intolerable and unfit for purpose.

And for those who use a late Aquarius Moon to symbolize We the People, his dreamed-of revenge feels like Trump's rising Mars in Leo opposing US 1776 Moon writ large, if we allow it. The exact hour of the 1807 Act's enactment is unknown to me, so 12:00 am LMT is used to set up the Insurrection Act 1807 Horoscope, above, set for Washington DC, and March 3, 1807, the date the 1807 Act came into effect. As you see, there are contacts between the 1807 planets and the planets of the Inauguration 2025 Horoscope which surrounds the 1897 chart in bi-wheel form, plus, a list of midpoint pictures for both events is added, here, with both events sporting distinctive Sun-Pluto signatures of power and the use of it:

Mar 13, 2023

Jefferson's Inauguration 1801 Horoscope

A Patriotic Stroll Back to America 1801

by Jude Cowell

Since in March 2023 America continues to be throttled and assaulted by Republicans of the brutal Nazi persuasion in every way they can scheme to finagle their longed-for take-over of our democratic Republic, I'm reverting Stars Over Washington via Monday's post back to the fabled era when Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was first inaugurated as President of the United States in 1801 after a very acrimonious election.

So as you can see in the horoscope, below, early Cancer rises which brings up America's 1776 trio of Venus-Jupiter-Sun, suggesting that intense emotions were in evidence via a Moon-Pluto trine. No, they must not have been aware of power planet Pluto in 1801, but we are - to our advantage. Notably, the trine is the only applying aspect that chart-ruler Moon makes in the horoscope. Apparently, Jefferson's fight for survival (Scorpio Moon) was beneficially aided by a sense of Universalism (Pisces Pluto), and naturally, fate was in attendance with karmic Pluto involved.

Meanwhile, an important consideration is Mr. Jefferson's first natal planet to rise at 12 o'clock but it's complex: his Chiron-Neptune Conjunction @10Cancer (high idealism, a quest for enlightenment - Pottenger; see Midheaven/The Goal: "Men Seeking Illumination"). Soon Jefferson's natal Cancer Moon (19-24 Cancer) arose which to me denotes his Moon-Neptune duo suggesting his refined feelings, love of solitude, and peculiar disposition. These are traits he is known to have expressed during his lifetime, and I know of no biographer who would disagree.

Additionally, Moon-ruled Cancer is the sign of patriotism, tribalism, domesticity, protection, psychism, emotions, impressionability and receptivity, and resonates with the intense emotions of the day for Thomas Jefferson personally, and for various participants who were either for or against his approaching presidency.

As for the event itself, the Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson on March 4, 1801 saw mild weather, and a simply dressed president first to walk to the inaugural ceremony held at the US Capitol Building. Lodging nearby, Mr. Jefferson started his brief stroll at around noon on that day with companions in tow, and delivered his speech, a copy of which had been provided to the National Intelligencer for immediate publication, inside the US Senate Chamber.

Here is the permalink of Jefferson's 1801 speech if you'd care to read the text, and as the newspaper noted, his address was delivered "at 12 o'clock." Therefore, the following Inauguration 1801 Horoscope is set for that hour although his Oath of Office, administered by Chief Justice John Marshall, was taken after his speech so adjust the horoscope's timing as and if you wish:

You may also wish to check out The Solar Eclipse of Thomas Jefferson in the 15 South Saros Series. Also related: a comparison of the Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson.

Jan 5, 2022

The Solar Eclipse of Thomas Jefferson,_1800.jpg

By "Solar Eclipse of Thomas Jefferson" I refer to the Solar Eclipse Saros Series during which his birth took place on April 2, 1743, and to his Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') itself in the 15 South Saros Series, shown, below.

Here is an image of Mr. Jefferson's PE Horoscope with my study notes, plus, 15 South themes, penned on (via B. Brady; top center). The chart is set for his location of birth, Shadwell, Virginia and a link to his natal horoscope is added, below:

Now often a birth time of 1:53 am LMT is used for Jefferson's natal chart (with 18Cap17 rising and a 10th house Pluto Rx @16Sco04), however, other birth hours have been proposed here and there, some through rectification of life events. I tend to use the 1:53 am chart because I've read that it's close to early morning time from the notes his father wrote upon the occasion. (Any reader with more info, please leave a comment!)

So here's a link to the astrodatabank version (RR: X = date without time) which displays no house cusps, only planetary positions in Thomas Jefferson's Natal Horoscope.

And this is one reason I always check out the PE of a person or event especially ones without a known hour - because with eclipses, the Cosmos always gets the timing exactly right!

A Very Descriptive Sabian Symbol

Jefferson's PE @5Sag: "A Wise Old Owl Up In A Tree" which emphasizes his erudite studies, the then-rural Monticello countryside, and Jefferson's preference for solitude which is also a feature of Neptune-North-Node ('NN') = Midheaven. In addition, Neptune Rx in Moon-ruled Cancer (high sensitivity!) leads a Locomotive shape of his eclipse planets suggesting a ruthless determination toward success - a desire perhaps well-hidden since nebulous Neptune is the engine. As you know, this was the way desires to hold political offices (and generalships of an army!) were done back in the day. Now I know what you're thinking, dear reader: is there a Locomotive led by Neptune in Jefferson's natal chart? Nope. So without a consideration of his Prenatal Eclipse Horoscope, I'd not be mentioning the implications of a ruthless Locomotive for Mr. Jefferson who, after all, made it to the top as President of the USA.

Note: No, the "YODs" in this chart are not actually considered YODs because the third 'leg' is only an angle, the Midheaven, instead of a planet. Therefore, I've listed them as midpoint pictures (center) and inconjuncts (lower left).

Related is a rather curious post about dragons, rosy glows, and Utopianism in which the name of Thomas Jefferson prominently appears.

Mar 24, 2021

America's initial Mars-Uranus Cycle began in June 1776

Mars-Uranus: Rebellion, Attack, Great Energy, Danger, Urge For Freedom, Struggle for Survival, Strife, Radical Military Movements, Test of Nerves

by Jude Cowell

As you know, Inauguration Day 2021 featured a combustible Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus (@6Tau44). And perhaps you remember that the entire violence-promoting Tr*mp "regime" was cosmically imprinted during its first Solar Eclipse by a Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries (@21Aries+). Therefore, a consideration of America's initial Mars-Uranus Cycle, which began with their conjunction on June 15, 1776, may be informative.

Plus, a list of the Historical Events of June 1776 mentions June 15, 1776 as the day that the Delaware General Assembly voted to suspend government under the British Crown, aka, Delaware Separation Day. Other events of June 1776 include: Richard Henry Lee's introduction to the Continental Congress of the Lee Resolution seconded by John Adams, and leading to the Declaration of Independence (June 7th); Continental Congress appoints the Committee of Five (June 11th) including Thomas Jefferson to draft the Declaration; and Continental soldier and one of George Washington's trusted bodyguards, Thomas Hickey, is hanged for mutiny and sedition (June 28th).

Now perhaps we can agree that the "wild" January 6, 2021 assault on the US Congress, an attempted coup of the US government by Tr*mp's "MAGA Mob", is a cosmic echo of the sedition of 1776 against General Washington with its 'suspend government' vibes, and both time frames contain disruptive influences, forceful energies, violent acts, and the tremendous tension of a Mars-Uranus kind. The tension? To hold together or to separate: traditional government of The Establishment vs radical government by upstarts. Well these days, the radical upstarts of 1776 look a lot like the traditionalists of 2021. Meanwhile, radical upstarts in 2021 are trying to use again these forceful energies to take control.

America's Mars-Uranus Cycle Begins

June 15, 1776: Mars Conjunct Uranus @7Gem51:35 at 3:43 am LMT (Philadelphia, PA); rising is 11 Gem27: "12 Gemini" = "A Black Slave Girl Demands Her Rights From Her Mistress" - seems appropriate for America then and now, yes? Below is the Mars-Uranus Conjunction Horoscope of 1776, a planetary pair of energies excellent for fighting a Revolution but not an appropriate use of such explosive energies for those, such as yours truly, who are determined to keep an established Republic intact:

The disruptive conjunction's Sabian Symbol is interesting: "8 Gemini" "Around a Closed-Down Factory, Strikers Mill Defiantly" - PROTEST (Jones). We're pretty good at that, yes? (See upper right, highlighted in red.) You'll find more details penned on the chart such as (lower right) a Note on the chart's Sun-Moon midpoint @19Gem51 which will be stimulated on June 10, 2021 by a Solar Eclipse (19Gem47) in the 5 North Saros Series of 'prophetic dreams, visions, insights from the unconscious' (paraphrasing Brday's Predictive Astrology). #ad

Why, even this chart's Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior) @12Sag07 has a 5 South Solar Eclipse approaching on December 4, 2021 @12Sag22!

Eclipses across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis ('Mercury-Jupiter') suggests a karmic need to deal with issues involving communications, honesty and truth, logical approaches to problems, and moral and ethical concepts. Karmic progress is possible if false optimism, fake choices, scattering of energies, misplaced idealism, and misguided beliefs are avoided.

Tragically for America, on January 6th a certain misguided belief promoted by the former guy, aka, 'the big lie', was not avoided but was used to allegedly justify seditionist acts under the influence of Mars-Uranus.

Sep 19, 2017

Past and Future: What's 1831 Got to Do with It?

The Discovery of Nat Turner by William Henry Shelton (1840–1932)[1][4] [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Although no sources are cited, you might find Wikipedia's list of events, births, and deaths in the year 1831 of interest. Obviously, the Nat Turner Slave Revolt in Southampton County, Virginia stands out along with Cherokee Nation v Georgia (my native state, and yes, I have Native American heritage) which was an injunction claiming that Georgia's state legislature had created laws which "go directly to annihilate the Cherokees as a political society." Predictably, the injunction was denied by the ruling plutocrats of the day, truth-revealing though it was.

A still-famous historical event of 1831 is the tour of America taken by French diplomat and historian Alexis de Tocqueville. In 2009, I posted a famous quote attributed to de Tocqueville which remains very much in effect to this day:

"All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it." We don't have to believe this particular insight concerning America--we can simply look around because we're living in the midst of it.

So for background astrological influences, let's look at the two Solar Eclipses that occurred in 1831 and their themes which affected various societal conditions and events:

1. 13 South Annular Solar Eclipse February 12, 1831 @23AQ18; duration: 1:57 (1 min 57 secs = almost 2 years of influence). Themes: potentials for weather disasters, constitutional crises, and striving for group endeavors, either positively or negatively; underneath lurks expansive and sinister energies (Brady).

Curiously, this 1831 eclipse's Mercury @28Cap25 conjoined US natal Pluto Rx (27Cap33) denoting a time when ideas, information, and events relate to gaining personal power and/or financial dealings and investment. No, that isn't very curious but I must cite the fact that 1831 eclipse Mercury quincunxes (inconjuncts = 150 degrees) 1831 eclipse Saturn Rx @28Leo45--the position of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (which 'hit' Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant, his nibs himself). A Mercury-Saturn inconjunct suggests such things as: self-sacrifice via becoming a 'patsy' for other people's failings who then lose respect for such 'patsies'; a need to look forward, not back and to learn from past mistakes rather than look for someone to blame them on (look in the mirror!)

Interestingly, Founder Thomas Jefferson was born with a Mercury-Saturn inconjunction and a Saturn-Uranus inconjunction, two sides of a YOD pattern (special task) pointing toward his natal Saturn, planet of work, responsibility, and putting Uranian inspiration and ideals into Saturnian form such as the Declaration of Independence. Actually, his natal Saturn Rx @29Leo04 in natal 7th house was also 'hit' by The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 which spotlights the conjunction of Jefferson's natal Saturn to Trump's natal Ascendant. As you've noticed, Thomas Jefferson's name does seem to cross Trump's loose lips quite often.

So when did a 13 South Solar Eclipse last manifest? This brings 13 South themes forward into current or recent history. Its last manifestation was on June 1, 2011 @11Gemini. Now 2011 contained four solar eclipses, one of which was in the second 1831 Saros Series, the 14 North:

2. 14 North August 7, 1831 @14Leo34; duration: 3:20 (3 yrs 4 mos). Themes: a most peculiar turn of events; an acute time of confusion in personal relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, and a draining of energy; no important decisions should be made because there is too much confusion and delusion to make clear judgments. (Predictive Astrology, B. Brady).

And when did the last 14 North Solar Eclipse occur? November 25, 2011 @2Sag37, what I termed in my fusses at the time as The Sequestration Eclipse, a period of sinister and peculiar events in US financial matters for you remember that a dubious 'super Congress' was set up to deal with budgetary crises so that the 'real' Congress would be off the hook for certain across-the-board budget cuts (and perhaps America's true financial condition could continue to be hidden). Was a shadow Congress anti-constitutional? I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me it should have been considered so.

However, the entire affair in 2011 was definitely a slick, transparently sinister move, don't you think?

Looking ahead, solar eclipses of both the 13 South and 14 North series will repeat in 2029, a year containing four solar eclipses and ends on December 5, 2029 @14Sag with the sinister and peculiar 14 North.

Related: the history of Southampton County, Virginia a majority of which was renamed Isle of Wight County in 1637. This county has turned up in my genealogical research concerning my Strickland and Braswell/Bracewell ancestors.

Nov 30, 2016

Power Elite Strategies: the Reality of Voting Revealed

When Donald Trump complained about our 'rigged system' he wasn't referring to the bigger (crooked) picture:

Morally Deformed Power Elite Strategies Against the People (sans Democracy)

"By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished." - American Bankers Association, 1924

Is this a reference to the secretly planned and sneakily implemented central banking Federal Reserve System?

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. It's not the votes that count, it's WHO counts the votes. It doesn't matter who the people vote for; they always vote for us." - Joseph Stalin

Well, thanks, Joe, for that clarification. And though the phrase may be bandied about by US politicians and their backers of a certain autocratic persuasion, I cannot and will not believe that America's Founding Fathers considered democracy to be "mob rule."

Nov 22, 2016

A Question about American Utopianism

Of Rosy Glows, Dragons Fought, and Thomas Jefferson

by Jude Cowell

St george

St. George and the red cross are emblems used by many countries, regions, organizations, and entities through the centuries, including medieval times. Today the modern 'Red Cross' organization is a well known example of its use as a symbol or logo and the 'rosy cross' of 'Rosicrucianism' represents a secret organization that favors a mythical beast that is seldom if ever glimpsed by non-members. More details here.

Yes, the Banner of St. George was notable (and one supposes inspiring) at the Battle of Agincourt and yet my current fuss is this: precisely why is a flag or banner with a red cross on a white field prominently displayed in the following painting of a tableaux of Thomas Jefferson's presentation to Congress of the completed Declaration of Independence? You see the red cross floating over Jefferson's head so is this a wordless message revealed via symbol? For one thing, Jefferson's effects after his death (on July 4, 1826) included a Rosicrucian decoder intended to read and write secret messages. And yet it was Great Britain where Rosicrucianism became uppermost, with Templar Freemasonry sprouting and growing wildly in the New World of America (though some say the two brotherhoods united at some point).

Here are details on John Trumbull's famous painting, above, of the moment Thomas Jefferson presented the first draft of the Declaration of Independence to John Hancock, president of the Second Continental Congress, on June 28, 1776. Last I heard, the 12' x 18' masterpiece hangs in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. Standing with Mr. Jefferson are John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin.

Now as you know, Mr. Jefferson was a quiet man who whispered and stuttered when he spoke, and keeping secrets was a natural inclination for such a man particularly when involvement in certain activities could forfeit you your fortune and your life. Perhaps wisely, Jefferson never admitted actual membership in any secret society that I know of but we can surmise his knowledge of principles, plus, Monticello sported paintings of the three men whose intellect he admired most: Bacon, Newton, and Locke.

So I confess that there are times when the idea of an alleged "Book of Secrets" that's said to be for very few eyes suggests to me that whatever American secrets there be are totally different from what we've been propagandized through the centuries to believe about our Platonian, Utopian nation, the only country ever founded upon an ideal. From capstones, hollowed out crevices in cornerstones, and whatever is secreted under DC's Ellipse, to that infamous "Book", We the People surely must have stunning revelations ahead of us if Bacon's Vision is ever fully revealed. We may not like it but there it is.

Now with the recently denied potential of electing the first woman president, I had speculated that if such a thing happened, it could be symbolized by flipping over America's Great Seal in order to bring the more esoteric, unconscious symbols on the reverse more fully into our conscious minds. You know--the 13-step 'pyramid of power' which relates symbolically to the Midheaven degree and sign (on or about 26 Capricorn these days) in America's inaugural horoscopes (January 20th noon Capitol Building) -- the area of the Zodiac where Pluto in Capricorn now creeps. Plus, a late Capricorn MC places US natal Pluto Rx there as well along with America's progressed Pluto at 29 Capricorn, a critical or crisis 29th degree (as is 26 Cap). On Inauguration Day/s, our opposing Mercury Rx at IC echoes, along with sneaky Pluto at MC, the whisper of a nation of secrets, spies, hidden rulers, and a veiled mission.

And since Pluto was discovered in 1930, let's go ahead and say that when Freemason President Franklin Roosevelt had Inauguration Day changed from early March to January 20th (March 1933 to January 1937), he knew exactly what he was doing and what would eventually happen: transit Pluto in Capricorn ('the dictator') would hit the highest, most visible spot in US inaugural horoscopes, the Midheaven, the point of Goals and Aspirations...the pinnacle of worldly power, we might call it...and this would symbolically signify a display (MC) of might and Empire (Pluto in Cap) meant to be seen worldwide across the globe and denote Saturnian control (Capricorn) of the Earth itself.

How quirky that someone has selected a braggart nationalist like Mr. Trump to implement the final stages of Global Government when that's just the kind of thing he campaigned against! Perhaps he's only intended to corral Americans into place while continuing the destruction of the US Constitution that stands in the way of open borders and worldwide corporatism...they've already dispensed with the Constitution in the realms of habeas corpus, preemptive war, and brutal suppression of peaceful protest.

So here is another question: wonder if the Utopian society the Founding Fathers envisioned bares any resemblance at all to the crap government that anarchists have been busy downgrading America to? Because with Trump losing the popular vote on November 8th, consent of the governed is totally missing as is 'a mandate' for president-elect Trump and his austere sidekick, the boo-worthy Mr. Pence of Indiana.

Wikimedia page of the top image {Public domain} of St. George on his steed surrounded by 'rosy crosses'.

Aug 5, 2016

Is Capitalism Terrorism Against All Humanity? - video interview

August 5, 2016: Thom Hartmann interviews Marianne Williamson, author of Tears to Triumph on such topics as Capitalism, terrorism, separation of church and state, religion in politics traditionally, and religion in the current 2016 Campaign.

References to Thomas Jefferson, President John F. Kennedy, and Pope Francis I are included. For astrologers, the oppressive, exploitative pair of Plutocracy and power, Pluto/Chiron with its habitual use of primal violence and racism, lurks behind the political and social curtain:


"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." - Rabindranath Tagore

Apr 21, 2016

Where US Politics Came From: Crash Course US History #9 - video

Do you wonder why Campaign 2016 is such a hot mess? Are you dreading or perhaps hankering for July to arrive when both political parties will convene at their national conventions in order to nominate their 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential candidates? Need inspiration?

Well, to get in the mood there's a whole bunch of American History stuffed into the following Crash Course video with actors and topics such as Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, political parties, the electoral college, tariffs, women's equality, and more!

And why not check out Crash Course on Facebook.

Nov 12, 2015

Swing Voters Don’t Exist - Why Are Dems Moving To The Center? - video (w Astrology)

Now here is a good question for Democratic candidates who drift toward 'the middle' where they imagine conservative voters graze along with answers from Mike Papantonio:


Related is a previous post displaying the natal Horoscope of the Democratic Party circa February 17, 1801 1:00 pm LMT Washington DC with a few chart details penned on the image. Source: the letters of Thomas Jefferson via Bill Sellers.

You'll note 2Can29 rising with US natal Venus (3Cancer), then our natal Jupiter and Sun (5-14Can); MC 10Pisces (compassion?); Sun @28Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon = mummy, daddy, and 'the nanny state'), and Moon @27Aries (Aries = I AM; Moon = the people). Perhaps we see here the traditional link from labor unions and other US workers to the Democratic Party along with what are supposed to be the 'democratic ideals' of Thomas Jefferson. So the Democratic Party is more of a maternal common good organization while the Republican Party is paternalistic and more severe.

You may also note on the chart that 1:00 pm LMT is during a Jupiter Hour with Jupiter Rx @25Cancer conjunct US natal Mercury Rx = large plans, plans for expansion, over-promising, idealism, broad vistas which we now see in motion across the globe with America's 'exceptional' imperial growth of 'boots on the ground' of sacred sand where westerners Do Not Belong. Dem Party Jupiter is in the party's 2nd house of the National Treasury showing how costly and resource-depleting America's misadventures abroad were and are even with Democrats in charge.

Oct 12, 2015

Thomas Jefferson Tried to End Slavery - video

Perhaps your opinion on Thomas Jefferson and slavery in his era is set in stone but hopefully you'll listen to the following four minutes of a discussion of the topic in case you find it persuasive or at least worth considering:

Related: Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson.

Oct 10, 2015

Columbus Day 2015 and a Discovery of America Horoscope

October 12, 2015: Columbus Day Sails 'Round Again

by Jude Cowell

In Manly P. Hall's book A Secret Destiny for America we find chapter 8: A New Identity for Christopher Columbus in which astrologer-occultist Hall provides what is said by early historians and State documents to be Christopher Columbus' true name, Prince Nikolaos Ypsilantis, from the Greek island of Chios. Follow the link to read chapter 8 for yourself.

And here's my silly verse dedicated to Prince Nikolaos though I was unaware of that identity when I posted Ode to Christopher Columbus. Or that this Plato admirer kept two sets of ship's logs on the voyage which made landfall on October 12, 1492 in the West Indies. Hall says his voyage was a disguised journey actually intended to discover the Lost Continent of Atlantis! Well, myth it may be yet finding 'Atlantis' as his mission tallies with the Founding Fathers as secret society members (most if not all of them) and their determination to implement the creation on this continent of a New World to replace old worn-out Europe--a new land based on Enlightenment principles of Equality, Freedom, and Reason--not religion. (Sorry Christian Fundamentalists--America was where settlers came to escape from the persecution of religious fanatics, remember?)

Then There's George H. W. Bush's "thousand points of light"? (see video, below)

And of course you know the Enlightenment planets are electrical genius Uranus and visionary mystic Neptune which conjoined once again (a 171-year cycle) three times in 1993 around 18 Capricorn--the POLITICAL POWER degree in Sabian Symbols--just as I'm certain you know that Thomas Jefferson hung portraits of his favorite old masters (mentors!) at Monticello, an homage to Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and John Locke whom he called his, "trinity of the three greatest men the world has ever produced."

If you're curious, this post displays the Horoscope of the American Revolution ('the shot heard round the world') and notes concerning Who's Who within its Hidden Dynamic. Familiar names will be found!

Lights, Enlightenment, and Infiltration! Here's an excerpt from Bush's 1989 Inaugural Address which should have seemed more ominous than it did at the time--well, to some of us, it did:

Related, a post from 2012: Another Pope Calling for World Government and a 'New World Order' because you see, the realms of religion, government, and finances are all in on the chess game, the so-called Great Plan of Lucifer (Venus) that Francis Bacon and others have insidiously championed since ancient times. But these days, the 'hidden hand' and its infiltrating network of agents, saboteurs, operatives, media shills, and political hacks have become much more open about it.

Astrology of the Discovery of America

The following horoscope of the discovery event is based on information found here and though the actual place of his stepping ashore remains in question I shall set the chart for the "early morning of October 12, 1492" for a spot as close as my software gets me. Actually, Watling Island is said to be the present-day location of San Salvadore ('Holy Savior') which is what Columbus named the island that its inhabitants called Guanahani. The place is controversial so in lieu of a definite location I'm setting the chart for somewhere 'in the neighborhood', Great Guana Cay, Bahamas:

Please enlarge the chart to read my scribbles for I shall not type out all my notes for you here.

Hour of Venus (Rx @17Sco19 and rising in 1st house as chart-ruler unless you prefer a Scorpio Ascendant which would make Mars the chart and landfall ruler but Mars does not apply to a planet and Venus applies to a square with Saturn in Aquarius.) You note that Pluto and North Node are conjoined @4Sco22/30 and rising which denotes powerful encounters which had to be the case for any adventurers when landing on native shores. Plus, Pluto-NN is the 'tiger by the tail' duo and there seems to have been a mysterious man on board who may be represented by a caped and invisible Pluto in secretive Scorpio and acting as a representative of the 'hidden hand' directing the New World mission.

As you see, '6:08 am LMT' is just after local sunrise with the Sun @28Lib29 conjunct Sigma, a letter in the Greek alphabet which in Astrology denotes karma (reaping what's been sown.) Seems it was the karma of navigator Columbus (or whatever his true name was!) to sail in what is now our general direction and step upon these shores and here we find exploring Jupiter of broadened vistas and boundary crossing fame in proud Leo and nearing a Sun-ruled Midheaven. Curiously, the combo of Jupiter and Uranus work well together for fortune hunting and for discovering novel territories. Here they are locked in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect (165 degr) denoting risk-takers who seek new ways of benefiting mankind and promoting equality for all! (Reeves.) To me, 'New World America' fits snugly within this description along with the obsessive idea of Bacon, Gosnold, Weishaupt, the Founding Fathers, and others who knew of this continent and a Great Plan to colonize it long before we've been traditionally taught that they knew.

Now brief mention must be made of a certain midpoint picture--the Sun (leader) at the apex of Mars-Neptune (navigators; sailors; mariners) indicating 'new plans' being 'illuminated' (for me an Enlightenment reference) as given by Noel Tyl who also mentions 'situational changes' for the Mars-Neptune = Sun trio. There was much grumbling from the ship's crew if I understand correctly and landfall must have warranted quite a few "Thank Goodnesses" from all concerned. That Venus is prominent hints at treasure hunting for valuable things (Rx = another attempt?) and the 29th degree Ascendant (my choice) adds to the imperative to arrive Now before the crew mutinied! The chart reveals a success-driven Locomotive pattern with the fluctuating Moon in her own sea-going sign of Cancer leading the planetary throng of mariners. Did ocean waves determine their exact landing spot? You tell me!

Several planetary connections to Fixed Stars are notated as you see, and obviously there are many more chart factors of interest to consider but I've only just begun to experiment with this horoscope for America. So far progressions issuing from it and its Solar Return on Monday (Oct 12, 2015) are intriguing along with its Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 17 South @15Tau25 which recently manifested during Spring Equinox 2015 @29Pis27 (conjunct the Aries Point of Prominence and Fame--very famous is Christopher C.)

However, for Columbus and his crew a second solar eclipse influenced their endeavors for only 9 days later an eclipse manifested @7Sco30 in the midst of the Pluto-NN-Venus-Mercury group you see here at landfall within the 2-week time frame of the event. It was in the 18 North series--the very series we're in now! for it occurred on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10. And no, I had no idea of this cosmic resonance prior to setting up this chart earlier today. I simply felt impelled to study and post it in honor of Columbus Day 2015, the 523rd anniversary of the Discovery of America.

Blog Note: Links to previous posts, horoscopes, and themes of the 17 South and 18 North Solar Eclipses may be located by typing 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search field if you wish. If so, just scroll in a downward direction while pondering how similar the name 'Ypsilantis' is to 'Atlantis'.

Jul 7, 2015

Benjamin Franklin and the Ancient Science of Astrology

Views on Astrology by the Enlightened Benjamin Franklin

As you know, the First American, Benjamin Franklin, grew rich from the sales of his Poor Richard's Almanack, and is known to have been a prominent Freemason, scientist, and astrologer. These days, some folk say he was no astrologer, only an almanac writer and publisher. That's nonsense! Yet I am certain that Dr. Franklin can speak for himself on the topic of Astrology with his punctuation and spelling retained:

“Courteous Reader: Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high Esteem of old, by the Wise and Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight a Battle, in short, no important Affair was taken without first consulting an Astrologer, who examined the Aspects and Configurations of the heavenly bodies, and mark’d the lucky hour. Now the noble Art (more Shame to the Age we live in!) is dwindled into contempt; the Great neglect us, Empires make Leagues, and Parliaments Laws, without advising with us; and scarce any other Use is made of our learned Labors, than to find the best time cutting Corns, or gelding Pigs, – this Mischief we owe in a great Measure to ourselves: The ignorant Herd of Mankind: had they not been encourag’d to it by some of us, would never have dared to deprecate our sacred Dictates; but Urania has been betray’d by her own Sons: those whom she had favored with the greatest skill in her divine art, the most eminent astronomers among the Moderns, the Newtons, Helleys, and Whistons have wantonly condem’d and abus’d her, contrary to the Light of their own Conscience.”

Whew! Ben calling out Sir Isaac Newton, one of Thomas Jefferson's three philosophical idols along with Bacon and Locke for as you know, Mr. Jefferson hung portraits of The Three in his temple-observatory, Monticello. And thanks to the astrological astuteness of Franklin and Jefferson, the American people were saved from owning the Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon of July 2, 1776 (famously the favored date of John Adams) which opposed the Cancer Sun and have instead enjoyed the airier, humanitarian Aquarius Moon of July 4, 1776.

Speaking of Ben Franklin and Astrology, here's a brief presentation which might interest you:

Actually you may wish to consider the hidden, more unconscious or karmic information residing in the Full Moon horoscope of July 1, 1776 for debate concerning American independence certainly occurred under its influence. Significantly, this is America's Syzygy Moon, the lunation prior to the founding of our country across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of Security as Franklin and the rest debated and planned a 'New Order of the Ages' under peril of their own lives. Note that all the planets are in the usual signs of for the USA with the obvious exception of the Moon and the not-so-obvious exception of goddess planet Venus not yet in her July 4th sign of Moon-ruled Cancer and at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Mercury-ruled Gemini. Mercury was retrograde as on July 4th which to me describes the final (re-) signing of the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776 when Mercury, planet of signings, writing, and agreements, had turned Direct (which is preferred!)

Now here is a very much related post: Horoscope and the Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution set for the 'first shot fired'.

Genius, occultist, philosopher, and probable Rosicrucian, Benjamin Franklin, was born January 17, 1706 (NS) at 10:30 am LMT (+4:44:14) in Boston, Massachusetts under the influence of a Capricorn Sun (27:12 conjunct US natal Pluto) and a Pisces Moon (5:20), a humanitarian combo of a scientist-poet-dreamer, a lover of mysteries with a talent for bringing order out of chaos. (Harvey.)

View Ben Franklin's natal horoscope at astrodatabank where you'll note that Isaac Starkman has rectified Ben's chart to 9:37:20 am LMT which, among other things, changes his fiery Ascendant from Mars-ruled Aries to an intuitive, mystical 13Pis40, making philosophical Jupiter and higher octave Neptune his chart-ruler and sub-ruler and gives him an earlier 4Pis49 Moon. A Pisces Ascendant is intriguing considering the very secretive Dr. Franklin yet given his amazing physical energy, a 9th house Mars as chart-ruler makes sense, too. Of course, other factors apply as well with an earlier birth time. What do you think?

May 25, 2015

Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson

In Astrology, natal Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious) combinations provide details concerning a native's personality blend so it may be interesting to consider the Sun-Moon blends of four Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson in honor of Memorial Day 2015. After all, there might have been no American Revolution--our nation's First Cause for War--without their personal involvement in the founding of America.

Here they are in chronological order of birth; all natal data but Paine's have Rodden Ratings of AA. Paine's hour of birth has been rectified and both times are given; however, since the Moon remained in Gemini the entire day of Paine's birth, we may confidently use his natal Sun-Moon blend with the rest.

The combined elements of the founding foursome show Franklin and Washington with practical Earth and Water blends (mud!), Jefferson with a high-flying, inspired Double Fire mix, and Paine possessing a Double Air (cerebral) blend. We may surmise that among these personalities, Franklin and Washington were on some practical level 'on the same page' while Paine and Jefferson had their uplifting writing talents in common. And naturally, an Air-Air type such as author Paine would have had a difficult if not impossible task turning his revolutionary ideas into reality without the pragmatism of men such as Franklin and Washington and the supportive creative force of Thomas Jefferson.

(Most of the following information is gleaned from Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; their 'Images for Integration' may be useful for comparison along with a quote from each fellow and, in parentheses, a few examples of others who were born under the same Sun-Moon blends. All natal data from historical, baptismal, or Bible records.)

Benjamin Franklin January 17, 1706 10:30 am LMT Boston, Massachusetts: Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces (Earth-Water): scientist and poet; pragmatist and dreamer; humanitarian and organizer; tough and tender; dependable but private; dutiful but a softy; insightful and ambitious; promoter of moral precepts (if not a follower); fear of the unknown; willing to bend the truth to fit a thesis; can bring order out of chaos (perfect for the era and the founding of their Utopian new order).

Images for Integration: "A wine collector uncorks a rare vintage to celebrate a success...A child builds a sandcastle of reinforced concrete...Bilbo in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings...Paul Cezanne's Bathers in a Landscape (Ben preferred nudity!)

(Paul Cezanne, J.R.R. Tolkien, J. Edgar Hoover, Elvis Presley.)

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." - Benjamin Franklin.

George Washington February 22, 1732 10:00 am LMT Colonial Beach, Virginia: Sun Pisces-Moon Capricorn (Water-Earth): practical visionary; paternal; serious and self-reflective; deep sense of duty and of justice; humane and charitable; valued a sense of community and family; moralistic and judgmental; great organizer; did not suffer fools gladly; a reserved romantic (and quite busy in the romantic realm, I've heard--probably sterile from childhood illnesses); secretive and defensive.

Images for Integration: An old freighter chugs toward the port, bringing in the goods...A famous actress leaves her estate to the Actors' Pension Fund.

(Samuel Pepys, Percival Lowell, Anais Nin, Philip Roth.)

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company." - George Washington

Thomas Paine February 9, 1737 11:30 am LMT, or rectified to 10:42:30 am (Starkman) Thetford, England: Sun Aquarius-Moon Gemini (Air-Air): a politically progressive 'New Age' thinker, idealist, and promoter determined to 'change the world'; possessed of a strong social conscience; a gift for lateral thinking; a wit and philosopher; a 'way with words'; a 'bright butterfly' flitting to the next new project or idea; friendly, charming, and sociable; a peacemaker, negotiator, natural communicator, and 'networker' who could strike up a conversation with anyone; unsentimental; tendency to squander talents and scatter energies; flexible yet stubborn; Achilles heel? close intimacy with others and the emotional realm.

Images for Integration: A white blackbird charms the garden with its song...A child in a balloon drifts over the city reporting back by portable phone on all below.

(Saul Alinsky, Proclus, Jack Benny, Joseph Wambaugh, Elihu Root.)

"The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately." - Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743 1:53 am LMT Shadwell, Virginia: Sun Aries-Moon Sagittarius (Fire-Fire): a 'BIG personality'; a visionary (a trait shared with the mystical Washington); a futurist; highly intuitive; a grandiose philosopher; focused on large ideas; wrapped up in ideologies; impatient and highly strung; prone to exaggeration; a daredevil explorer and adventurer; emphatic; talkative (yet a whisperer who stuttered--not much on public speaking); friendly and fun-loving; vital and independent; promoter of pet causes; intensely honorable; able to inspire others to action; in love with love and life; exuberant; emotionally ardent; practical duties tended to weigh down the spirit; contagious optimism; inventive but with a need for more practicality; impatient with the limitations of the material world (always in debt); childlike emotions.

One Image for Integration: A child shoots an arrow towards the enchanted castle in the distance as he follows the road less traveled.

(Samuel Beckett, Robert Fludd, Erich Fromm, Gus Grissom, Thomas Hobbes, Garry Kasparov, Ravi Shankar, Vincent Van Gogh.)

Let's close with a few words from Thomas Jefferson, words that a majority of New Millennium-Global Government politicians seem incapable of taking to heart--or, they consider other priorities to be much more important than those of the American people as they make a mockery of the government that was set up by the founders:

"When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property."


Here's some timely info concerning George Washington posted yesterday to mark his Secondary Progressed Full Moon on June 1, 2015.

Oct 30, 2014

Nov 6, 2014 Full Moon @14Tau26: Oxen, Eagles, Presidents

Nov 6, 2014: 1st Full Moon Following the Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse @00Sco24

by Jude Cowell

The Full Moon of November 6, 2014 @14Tau26 falls directly upon the Ascendant-Descendant partnership axis of America's January 20th Inauguration Ascendant-Descendant axis marking a culmination or fulfillment of some sort for the office of the US presidency. Does this denote a public favoring of the party of the president at the ballot box just two days prior?

Well, as previously noted here, Democrats are favored in the November Midterms 2014 astrology charts this blogger has studied especially with Venus (planet of the attraction principle) in the same sign on November 4th as the Sun (leader; the president.)

Now this is usually a method used for our 4-year presidential election cycle (and is true in 2016 as well--a female president?) but can it also be an indicator of victory in the midterm election cycle? Barring dirty tricks, lying ad campaigns, rigged voting machines, voter suppression, and other political shenanigans and discrepancies by the win-win crowd of manipulators, we shall see if the Democrats keep the Senate though perhaps full results won't be in until January 2015 due to run-offs.

Now the November 6th Full Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus, 'money-possession-growth' sign of The Bull (of Wall Street) perfects at 5:23 pm EST since the 'fall back' time change from EDT to EST will have occurred November 2, 2014 at 2:00 am) and this mid-Taurus degree if rounded up to '15Taurus' is known as the Oxen Point and a fortunate degree (DeVore.) The Sun opposite is at the Eagle Point of '15Sco', also known as the Center of Regeneration (DeVore) and keys in historically to the natal Pluto of Thomas Jefferson. Naturally power and control of and by the US presidency are on the Full Moon menu and as noted, a sort of culmination or fulfillment may be reached particularly regarding relationships, partnerships, and alliances (Full Moon phase = relationships, culminations, and full awareness, plus the ASC-DESC axis is triggered.) Yet 7th house realms include Open Enemies and those America has plenty of often searching for and creating them when none voluntarily have appeared.

Perhaps you agree that the monster hunter has become the monster?

The Full Moon's Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus Water-Earth blend of practicality contains a quiet strength and much determination. And as always with sign Scorpio, self-control is of the utmost importance (though seldom shown these days in our violent, self-indulgent world) though Scorpio's ruler Mars and sub-ruler Pluto, a forceful, powerful, and willful combination, is certainly difficult to manage and tends to bring karmic 'blow back' from previous actions for all must reap what is sown. As you know, the Mars-Pluto pair relates to weaponry and to war and to those who monger, promote, and fight it so we know that current issues involving the military and police will continue to be on everyone's to-do list, and in the news--including the NRA.

All this relates to and issues from the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 which provides everyone with opportunities for karmic progress (ex: forgiving the unforgivable) and yes, it's that darned self-control requirement that eludes so many who are then doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over with a neurotic--even psychotic--head-against-brick-wall mindset. You know--like Washington DC and its global bosses insisting on completion of the Great Plan for WWIII and total control when it's actually themselves they should place under control.

And yes, Taurus-Scorpio = Pluto kidnaps and ravishes Persephone, so more of same in the news with the media part of the problem.

And on that jolly note, I shall close with a plan to return soon concerning the topic of the next November 2014 lunation, the New Moon of November 22nd at what I consider in Political Astrology to be a problematic degree for those who prefer Peace over War: 00Sag03 ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" in Sabian Symbols.)

Oct 14, 2014

Natal Horoscope: Democratic Party February 17, 1801

Image: Democratic Party February 17, 1801 1:00 pm LMT (NS) +5:08:09 Washington DC; Hour of Jupiter (25Can57 Rx in 2nd house of Values and Earning Ability):

This horoscope is a different version for the Democratic Party than is usually found online and is posted here for future reference; please enlarge the image to read my scribbled notes if you may. Transits to and progressions of the chart will be discussed in a later post. jc

Aug 9, 2014

Astro-Notes on the Declaration of Independence

Astro-Notes on the Declaration of Independence

by Jude Cowell

If you study the natal horoscope of the United States of America you know that there are several versions of it set for various hours and dates. July 4, 1776 is the date shown on the Declaration of Independence and the Founders seem to have promoted that date as America's 'birthday'. Plus, as everyone knows, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both passed away exactly 50 years later on July 4, 1826--such synchronicity! So *Chiron with its 50-year orbit!

In fact, we can read Mr. Jefferson's newspaper obituary online if we wish. It gives the time of Jefferson's death as 12:50 pm LMT and asserts that this is during the same hour that the Declaration of Independence was agreed upon. Or ratified. Whatever. On July 4, 1776.

Beginning in mid-August 1776, the Declaration of Independence was published in British newspapers (letting the cat out of the bag) and was understandably met with rebuttals and criticism. British officials in North America had sent along copies of our 'break-up letter' and the message was not taken in good part, shall we say.

Actually it's the timing of the publishing in Britain that interests me tonight for it tallies well with a certain Solar Eclipse which manifested on August 14, 1776 in the 13 North Saros Series (13N.) The themes are descriptive of a relationship break-up as you may agree: 'large ambitious group projects that require a separation or the breaking of an existing bond which then leads to joint achievement" (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Leo-Leo: a Double-Fire "Larger Than Life" Combination

And that's what manifested under the rays of the 13 North Solar Eclipse--suitably this was the initial eclipse in the series (as America was 'new' and 'first') and fell upon 21Leo52 with 'scribe' Mercury (documents; signings) @9Leo52, Venus @22Leo46, Mars @18Can13 (touchy emotions!), Jupiter @14Can40, authoritative Saturn @17Lib12, Uranus @10Gem33, Neptune @23Vir28, Pluto Rx @26Cap38, and North Node @5Leo28.

As you see, some planets remain in the signs they were in on July 4, 1776 with these exceptions: Sun, Moon, Mercury (not Rx as on July 4, 1776--the Declaration was mainly signed on August 2, 1776 with Mercury direct), Venus, and Mars. Yet because the fuller signing took place on August 2, 1776--within two weeks of the 13N eclipse--I allege that 13N influenced the signing of the Declaration as well as its publishing in Britain.

Basically, the bromance was over. For a while...

Recent years in which 13N has occurred are: 1902, 1920, 1938, 1956, 1974, 1992, 2011, and will next manifest in 2029. The Series will end on September 12, 3020.

*US natal Chiron @21Aries = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" and with Chiron returning to natal degree near the day of the two Founders' deaths, we see that two of our top 'pugilists' of our Revolution years had left the ring of life.

May 17, 2014

Old and New Atlantis: a Mysterious Legend that won't fade away

On September 24, 2012, I embedded a YouTube video, Atlantis: The Lost Continent, on this blog for your consideration. Perhaps it is not too soon to ask if you've had a chance to view it yet though it is admittedly a fairly long one clocking in at 1 hour 35 minutes 57 seconds. If not, here is a link to the post where you'll find the video snuggled and waiting.

The reason it occurred to me to mention the video to you on this bright Sabbath morning, May 17, 2014, is that I'm rereading some information on the records brought to America in 1653 by a relative of Sir Francis Bacon, author of The New Atlantis, one Nathaniel Bacon which is the name Henry Blount of England adopted when he migrated to America along with said records concerning the founding of our nation as a land of liberty and a "philosophic empire," as Sir Francis styled it. And of course Science (Uranus) was to be uplifted alongside Faith and Ideals (Neptune).

To you I shall leave it to decide how Bacon's ideology has turned out (or been perverted into something sinister by our modern day psychopaths) with such overarching intentions of a Grand Plan said to be centuries-long in the making--for the existence of the North American continent was known of in Europe long before 'Christopher Columbus' sailed to these idealized shores.

As for Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia--the old Colonial Settlement purchased by John D. Rockefeller who then donated $55,000,000 for its restoration--it is known that three churches were on the site where the current one stands and the original building followed the ancient practice of placing a vault under the church altar. In Bruton Vault, located in 1938, is believed to have been placed by Nathaniel Bacon documents relating to The Secret Destiny of America (see Manly P. Hall's book by that title; Hall's wife, Marie Bauer Hall, was part of the 1991 excavation endeavor.)

Even Thomas Jefferson figures into the mysterious tale for in youth he studied near the Church and is said in 1803 to have dug up the Vault or been part of such an enterprise. Were any or all of the records (which allegedly included birth records of Francis Bacon, illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and thus a Tudor!) spirited away by Mr. Jefferson so that when Mr. Rockefeller and his money took over the scene there were none left for him to purloin?

Ah, that is a good question for pondering purposes, is it not?

For much more information about these topics you may wish to visit the Sun Nation website concerning the attempted, unauthorized excavation of the Bruton Vault in 1991 as Uranus and Neptune, the Enlightenment planets (and 'new world order' planets a la Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Bush Sr), prepared to meet three times in Great Conjunction/s all through 1993--at or near "18 Capricorn", a degree with a Sabian Symbol now so obviously being played out on the world stage and forced upon global populations with sinister intentions in their control-obsessed minds:

'18Cap': "The Union Jack Flag Flies From a British Warship"...'Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.' (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Its dangers? That's what power elitists are determined to force upon the world now!

Related: Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 (100 years before 1776) between Nathaniel Bacon and Virginia's royal governor Berkeley, which may possibly have been a cover operation under which relocation of the secret Bruton Vault records was accomplished or was in some way related to it.

Sir Francis Bacon's natal details and horoscope, Rodden Rating: C (original source unknown.)

Now here's a classic Bill Cooper presentation on weird topics such as the Order of the Quest:

Oct 29, 2013

A Monetary Echo from Adams' 1787 Letter to Jefferson?

Of Money Lenders, French Debt, and All the Domestic Debt

by Jude Cowell

Sometimes when I find an interesting date in history upon which an event occurred, I like to calculate a horoscope for it to spot check what was being reflected between the Earth and the Cosmos for, As Above, So Below. In lieu of an event's exact hour, noon is usually used, or perhaps midnight or sunrise.

One such event is a letter from John Adams to Thomas Jefferson dated August 25, 1787, sent from Grovenor Square, London. The following is probably the most famous excerpt from this particular missive which is part of a discussion between them concerning such financial topics as "Money Lenders", "the French Debt", and "the Domestic Debt of the Unites States" which "might be transferred to Holland," writes Mr. Adams to Mr. Jefferson. Wonder if Adams' insights may be worth considering in light of our current predicament?

"All the Perplexities, Confusions and Distresses in America arise not from defects in their Constitutions or Confederation, not from a want of Honour or Virtue, So much as from downright Ignorance of the Nature of Coin, Credit and Circulation."

And yes, the sentiment has been expressed by others and in various ways. But this is correspondence between two of our Founding Rosicrucian-Freemason-Illuminatists so what planetary transits or links may have been influencing their discussion via America's natal planets (July 4, 1776) as Adams mentions these monetary topics?

August 25, 1787 London, England noon: Sun 2Vir07 at Midheaven (1Vir38), Moon 24Cap16 in 3rd house of Communications; transiting South Node of the Moon, a separative point, conjoins US natal Venus (money, evaluations) in early Cancer along with our national Jupiter @5Can56; both tr Mars and tr Jupiter are in Gemini and in 8th house of Debt and Credit (at noon) with Jupiter expanding the plans of our national Mars (energy, action, motivation, males) so we know that growth and development are on the menu and that male relationships are favored within fortunate working conditions.

At noon, it's a Mercury Hour, a good time to sit right down and pen someone a letter and with Mercury @25Leo18 and Rx in 9th house of Foreign Lands, we see that this letter is but one of a series on themes that have been discussed before (Rx.) Pluto Rx and Saturn Rx are in Aquarius which marks 1787 as an era of scientific advancement; Mars @19Gem26 shows the date to be within the waning days of an American Mars Return as a new 2-year cycle of activity is in preparation and will begin soon.

As you know, a YOD is a crisis pattern of special tasks and turning points and one is formed here between Mercury, Jupiter, and the Moon which denotes lively women in the environment--perhaps older ladies (Cap)--and many lively exchanges of thought--here, between Adams and Jefferson for the rift in their relationship had yet to occur.

The letter's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series is the initial Total Solar Eclipse (June 15, 1787) in the 5 New South Saros Series and indicates that 'good news, long term benefits, and peak experiences' were enjoyed (Brady.)

A Uranian Surprise?

And with America's 'totem planet', Uranus @28Can04, we see a transit in play whereby America's natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 is opposed by rebellious genius Uranus which implies that a clash between younger (Uranus) and older (Pluto) generations is in effect and concerns how resources should be handled; also, established sources of political power are disrupted or eliminated entirely thanks to the catalyzing tendencies of The Awakener, Uranus.

With Uranus in Aries now squaring Pluto in Capricorn (off and on until 2015), perhaps that last paragraph resounds a bit through the centuries and reflects Washington's current Capitol Hill antics which they continue to play act for us rather than seriously engaging in the governing we expected.

Curiously, the day's Sun Vir-Moon Cap (Mercury-Saturn) blend is shared natally by financier J.P. Morgan, Sr., and last manifested on November 23, 2003 @1Sag14.