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Nov 16, 2019

Making America Radical Again! - Thom Hartmann (via Uranus)

From his series the Thom Hartmann Book Club, here is Thom reading from Harvey J. Kaye's Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again. Now I don't yet own a copy of the book but I see from its Table of Contents that my favorite chapter (16) will probably be one dear to my heart, "Let Them Call Us Rebels - We Are All the Heirs of Thomas Paine." Here here!

Now naturally, all astrologers familiar with America's July 4, 1776 Horoscope, no matter the hour used to set it up, know of the radical planet of our Revolutionary era, Uranus, @8Gemini55 in most US founding charts. Check out Thom's reading, then you'll find the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for America's radical Uranus (9Gemini), plus a few Paine-inspired notes are added below the video:


US Uranus at "9 Gemini": "A Quiver Full of Arrows" = "PREPARATION...positive expression: unlimited personal capacity for rising to the issue of the moment on any level of experience; negative: querulous overconfidence and quixotic notions." (Jones). The positive we aspire to, the negative sounds just like Uranian Trump!

Confusing, obfuscating, and shading America's reputation in the world and our national self-image a la Trump, during his campaign and ultimate selection to play the POTUS role, a three-fer series began in 2016 which culminated on February 16, 2017 (just after Trump's oddball "inauguration") when 2017 Neptune hit the American Revolution's Prenatal Eclipse in Pisces. Perversely, for Uranus is the planet of perversity, Trump's guiding planet is his 10th house Uranus @17Gem53 ('18Gemini' = "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese in a Western Crowd") bringing forward his chaotic, erratic, contrary and disruptive style of so-called leadership, so perfect for foreign leaders to exploit in their ongoing campaign to sabotage America and our global alliances. And this makes my Child of the Revolution blood boil as my Revolutionary ancestors spin in their sacrificial graves. (To my knowledge, Trump has no Revolutionary ancestors. Can't you tell?)

Meanwhile, astrological Uranus is also known as The Awakener--and as we're currently hearing in the public discourse an echo from Thomas Paine, the times have found us, my fellow Americans.

So it seems clear that if Trump's authoritarian push to replace our constitutional Republic with a lousy, sub-standard Pluto-in-Capricorn dictatorship (effectively a monarchy such as our Founders so valiantly fought against!!) - if this misguided change of direction won't awaken the American people to the fight before it's too late, then tragically nothing ever will. Of course, it isn't merely Trump attempting such a coup, it's his wealthy backers, foreign and domestic. And my suspicion is that they too know about radical Uranus and about the usefulness of Astrology as a timing device.

So in closing my fuss, here's an excerpt from a previous SO'W post, sans edits, concerning misused or abused power, revolutionary Uranus plus Neptune, and our radical Founding Father Thomas Paine--born in 1737 with an arousing Uranus-Neptune opposition:

The Current Cycle of Uranus-Neptune Tells of Power Misused

In our era, Uranus and Neptune (reason + faith) met in Great Conjunction/s three times in 1993 at or about 18 Capricorn which implemented the degree's enlightening Sabian Symbol, "The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Warship...Keynote: the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER" (Rudhyar). "Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of 'law and order'." Ah yes, pretexts are totally relied upon in Politics and I doubt politicians could manage without them for then truths would have to be told and their masks would slip.

Additionally, the symbol for '18Cap' highlights a warning "against using power for selfish advantage" and points toward the ruses and scams perpetrated by Britain (the City of London) and its never-really-severed alliance with the American government. For example, Uranus and Neptune in opposition identifies the era of freedom-lover Thomas Paine as a time of secret alliances, important information withheld from the people, apathy of the masses which allows leaders to undermine the people's natural freedoms, nationalism, unrest, strong economic and military developments, and countries hurled into a major world conflict a few years later (Pelletier).

This generational opposition also gave Thomas Paine and his contemporaries an intrinsic understanding of national and international politics for which he personally felt a responsibility to arouse the people whenever public opinion can reverse a threatening danger which may involve religious, social, and racial issues along with the political.

Such was the life and the mission of seeker Thomas Paine who died a pauper on June 8, 1809 and whose dedicated service to the Cause of Freedom I hereby honor with this post. jc.

Blog Note: the above Amazon link to Mr. Kaye's book may qualify as an #ad .

Jul 30, 2018

Summer Solstice Solar Eclipses 2001 and 2020

July 30, 2018: here you see a dual image of two horoscopes of the Summer Solstice 2001 Solar Eclipse and the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse of 2020. In 2001, the eclipse perfected on June 21 @00Can10 and was the Prenatal Eclipse of the WTC attacks on 9/11/01. In 2020 an eclipse will manifest on June 21 @00Can21. Both charts are set for Washington DC as representative of America. The two eclipses are 'time links' by degree, not by Saros Series.

Note that in Political Astrology I tend to work with eclipses symbolically by degree, sign, stars, sensitive and critical degrees, etc. For as you know, eclipses affect history by expressing through individuals via an eclipse's links to a person's natal chart and planets. Those who are in an eclipse's path of visibility may 'feel' the effects more strongly, yes, but even if one is located 'out of the path', eclipses occur and have influence even so. For one thing, an eclipse manifests approximately every 18.6 years in the same Saros Series as the series a person is born into (their Prenatal Eclipse or 'PE') so whether a person is located at the time in path of visibility or not, it's 'their' personal eclipse. An example is the recent solar eclipse on July 12, 2018 @21Cancer in Mr. Trump's 2 Old North Saros Series which occurred while he was abroad and perfected two days prior to his 'Helsinki Summit' with Mr. Putin. That 2 Old North themes of 'unfortunate news' and 'separation' affected Trump personally seems apparent to me if not you.

That said, here are the horoscopes of the 2001 Summer Solstice Eclipse and the upcoming Summer Solstice Eclipse of June 21, 2020 with my usual messy notes scribbled upon:

Now as you know, 00Cancer, a critical degree, is one of the four Cardinal Points of Manifestation denoting events occurring on the world stage and this alone makes an eclipse upon this degree significant. Will a similar attack be heralded by the 2020 eclipse? They say history doesn't repeat but it rhymes yet I'm not prognosticating such a game-changing terrorist assault. Even so, most folks feel that major shifts are occurring now across the globe--politically and in the physical world via natural (and man made) disasters--and leaders tend to wage wars when they feel their domestic support waning. So with the chaos-loving Uranian Trump's quixotic finger on The Button, who would care to guess how he'll 'jump' in 2020--or even this afternoon?

As you see, the 2001 eclipse (upper, right) occurred in the 3 North Saros Series with themes of: 'news involving young people and/or news that transforms a situation; information that causes worry and obsession; large plans are undertaken which may be over-excessive'. Past 3 North eclipses are PEs for the likes of the CIA, William Howard Taft, James Monroe's second inauguration, John Quincy Adams, Hillary Clinton, and J.K. Rowling. Its initial manifestation occurred on October 10, 991 @22Gem06 (conjunct US natal warrior planet Mars--and Donald Trump's natal Sun, btw, engaged in a trio with his natal North Node and guiding planet, Uranus). Soon a 3 North eclipse will 'come again' on July 2, 2019 @11Cancer--among America's natal Cancerian trio of Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. Of course, Venus and Jupiter relate to finances, currencies, and money supply, the Sun to leadership.

The Summer Solstice Eclipse of 2020 perfects in the 4 North Saros Series. Its difficult themes are: 'illusions, restriction, inhibition, separation; events seem to block individuals who tend to misjudge strengths or situations; take no real action until the influence of the eclipse passes'. The initial 4 North eclipse occurred on May 25, 1389 @12Gem08, a position some see as America's natal Descendant. Interestingly, 4 North is the PE of: George Washington, George Soros, Prince Harry, the State of Israel, and Katy Perry.

(Eclipse themes: Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Solar Eclipses in Gemini and Cancer

So the 2001 and 2020 solar eclipses in Moon-ruled Cancer (plus, Trump's in July 2018) should be viewed through a Mercurial Gemini lens due to their initial manifestations. An eclipse in Gemini spotlights logic, fluency, and the coherent expression of ideas. Negative traits include superficiality, loquaciousness, and caprice along with a tendency to communicate without forethought. Those born under a Gemini eclipse may tend toward garbled sentence structure, splintered positions, and duplicity. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump's PE occurred in 1946 @9Gemini (conjunct US natal Uranus, our 'war and revolution' planet of shocks and chaos.) The gathering of information is also a Gemini eclipse influence along with gossip, news, and a dependence on poll-taking, all of which relate to Trump.

Solar eclipses in sensitive, receptive Cancer are associated with imagination, emotional extremes, emotional withdrawal (Cancer, the Crab hiding in its shell), karmic family ties, psychic ability, shrewd business moves, and an interest in Genealogy.

Well, that's all I shall type for now on 3 North and 4 North except to remind myself that all eclipses are 'wild card of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' which affect human history and individuals with their game-changing energies that are very similar to planet Uranus in its capacity to disrupt, separate, and reveal hidden factors which may be extremely inconvenient for all those involved.


For more posts concerning a variety of eclipses past, present, and future, type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search Box and you will be rewarded! jc

Apr 12, 2014

Sept 2016 Solar Eclipse affects Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017

Electing a President Under the 19 North Solar Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

Since America's November Election of 2016 arrives just after the Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 (@9 Virgo) we call this the Pre-Natal Eclipse of the Election. And it's the same with the next Inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2017: the September 2016 Solar Eclipse in the 19 North Saros Series will have a background influence upon the swearing-in of our next president as well as the November Election.

The 19 North Solar Eclipse @9Virgo on September 1, 2016 describes themes of 'realism, coming down to earth and seeing an old situation for what it really is--a constructive time for tackling the truth' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Yet given the degree of propaganda used in America through campaign ads, pundits, reporters, corporate shills, politicians, and others, it will be interesting to see if the themes of 19N have a positive influence on Campaign 2016 and on the term of a new president. If felt in Politics, Law, or Business, 19N will be operative at least until the next Solar Eclipse which manifests on February 26, 2017 @8Pisces, the degree of America's natal Pluto-Chiron (plutocracy) midpoint which conjoined our national Ceres (security, food supply, corn = prosperity, etc) on July 4, 1776. As you know, feminine goddesses were a preoccupation of our Founding Fathers who created America based on the Enlightenment principles of Science and reason.

America's natal Uranus, Planet of Revolution, Freedom, and Independence in the Mix

19N's degree (9Virgo) squares US natal Uranus 8Gem55 and opposes US natal Ceres and our Pluto-Chiron midpoint (8Pisces.) Will the themes of the eclipse block or merely be triggered? Uranus is always unpredictable yet we may expect that here it denotes an uncaring attitude toward humanity! 'Indifferent to the needs of society' seems a perfect description of recent anti-government upstarts and anarchists in Congress most if not all of whom are Republicans. Curiously, the 19N is also the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Republican Party (July 6, 1854) which may increase their chances of election, this common-good populist blogger is sad to say.

Unfortunately, if rascally Utopian anarchists and social engineers hold sway in our 2016 Election results, their lack of community spirit will prevent karmic progress for our nation and we will continue to regress on many levels of the evolutionary scale. As you know, their brother's keeper they are Not and we shall all be forced to reap what they sow while Ayn Rand dances a jig in her grave.

Another factor about the 19N eclipse--it manifests in Virgo, sign of Health, Work, and The Critic, and ruled by Mercury hints that President Obama's ACA program will be on the GOP menu as they've constantly threatened particularly if a Republican takes the White House. Now astrologically speaking I believe a Democrat will win but intrigue of a desperate kind could possibly interfere. Plus, other health care issues may come to the fore as well especially with nurturing Ceres involved with the eclipse--and likely security issues will be prominent. And there is one thing we know about Virgo when blended with politics and political campaigns: criticism will abound.

As for the next president, whoever is selected will continue the implementation of the Great Plan's 'new world economic order' whether male or female, Democrat or Republican. They will have no option to do otherwise as has been the case all along though I'm not entirely convinced that 18th century Illuminati proponents such as Thomas Jefferson expected that eventually such a major dismantling of our nation would occur as it's doing now under our noses--morphing into a totalitarian state. Maybe Jefferson knew, maybe he didn't. Did Benjamin Franklin understand the ultimate goal of global domination in the way it's being forcefully implemented now? If any of them did, my suspicion is that Dr. Franklin knew.

What form of government did the founders create?, Ben was asked by the man in the street. "A republic, if you can keep it," Franklin is said to have pithily replied.

Often we can get an idea of the sort of energy contained within a Saros Series by reviewing the events of the years in which it manifested. 19N = 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980, 1998, (2016), and next: 2034. With presidential politics, a remembrance of which presidents were in office during those years and the issues and laws with which they dealt may yield information related to modern day circumstances because history repeats in similar ways and sometimes with the same topics up for revision.

For the genesis of 19N themes, you may wish to take a look back at its date of inception, July 5, 1331, @20Can32 and consider the events occurring around that time. Naturally, 19N originally contained a Cancerian vibe, ruled by a nurturing yet tribal Moon. As for me, that must be a post for another day.

Jan 9, 2014

"The Power of an Idea"-- Max Igan video

"Rulers Are Just People": Maxwell Igan on The Power of an Idea:

As Astrology describes it, an idea (Uranus) needs a physical container (Saturn) in order to manifest upon the earthly plane. People born when the two planets are not in major (or at least, minor) aspect to one another have a difficult time bringing their ideas and plans into reality, the realm of Saturn. This is what I always think of when such a topic is discussed, as it is here, by Max Igan who provides us with good advice as always.

And in Political (Mundane) Astrology? The Saturn-Uranus midpoint relates to legislative and executive bodies, control of dissidents, sudden indifference to traditional *mores or laws, counterrevolutionary rule, and/or the balancing of conservatives (Saturn) and progressives (Uranus), among other things.

Obviously, that last relates to the ongoing stalemate in Washington DC between The Establishment that prefers the status quo and Uranian Utopians and other political radicals who don't necessarily have any respect for tradition, or for senior actors who may hold more mature attitudes.

In such a sense, we can probably consider America's Founding Fathers as previously denoted in horoscopes by rebellious Uranus (freedom and independence), but these days are represented in most realms by older, wiser Saturn!

Another way to say it is that their then-future has in the present become our past. How would you say it?


*I know I don't need to add this note for you, dear reader, but I've noticed a lamentable lack of correct pronunciation by our younger political pundits, newscasters, and interviewees on TV: in the context of morals and ethics, the word 'more' is pronounced mor ray', not 'more'! :) And while I'm at it, the word is spelled 'definitely', not 'definately'. Okay, I'll hush for now, jc

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey; also available in Kindle format.

Dec 27, 2012

US Jobless to Suffer If Fiscal Deal Not Reached; Tracking Jupiter

On Fiscal Jupiter in Gemini to Cancer and the GOP's Mad Tea Party

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've read today's CBS News article that makes the point that jobless Americans may suffer most if Washington's fiscal impasse continues into 2013. While Fiscal Cliff: What to Expect If There's No Deal is dreadfully accurate yet it may not impress the intractable members of Congress who prefer to play craps with the US economy (again) while undermining the presidency of Barack Obama (again.)

From the past behavior of the GOP ('Grand' = Jupiter) it seems to me that keeping things unsettled while President Obama is sworn in for his second term on January 21, 2013 (after the private Oath taken on January 20th) will be just their cuppa tea, don't you think? And no one in Washington seems willing or able to stop the GOP's mad Tea Party unless having new members entering Congress somehow improves the balance and does the trick.

So What If America Fails?, say GOP Tea Partisans, Let's Stunt Our Future

Besides the austerity the manufactured crisis will force upon the American people, this financial 'power game with important consequences' will simultaneously undermine America's reputation in the world (what Summer 2011 and the 8-year Bush-Cheney fiasco didn't shred already) and has the distinct potential to crash the global economy--after which a 'new world economic order' will be set up, if conspiracy theorists are correct.

At this late date, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has piled on by asserting that the US debt limit will be reached on December 31, 2012, a month or so earlier than first expected, thus adding fuel to the flames of the self-inflicted 'fiscal cliff' embroilment. On Wednesday last, Secretary Geithner sent Congress a letter expressing as much though of course pushing mules only makes them more stubborn.

Then there's the culminating Full Moon in Cancer (conjoining US natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer) of December 28, 2012. Click to view the Full Moon horoscope (set for DC, natch) which ends year 2012, plus, view a horoscope set for January 1, 2013 @12:00 am EST, what I call the 'Fiscal Cliff' chart.

And on a loftier level, be sure to check out the Full Moon's Sabian Symbol with master astrologer Julie Demboski.

Jupiter Enters Sign of Exaltation @00Can00 in Late June 2013

As previously mentioned, investment planet Jupiter will Station Direct on January 30, 2013 @6Gem19 and again hit US natal Uranus 8Gem55, a time when financial and political matters should be going well and new solutions may be found. Of course, the Jupiter-Uranus influence doesn't count the fly-in-ointment quality provided so cussedly by non-governing congressmembers if they are allowed to put Utopian ideology, crass power needs, and jealousy over a black president's re-election above the needs of the American people.

The Jan 30th Station Direct of expansive Jupiter with its links to ethics and ideology, marks the planet's separation from a square aspect with idealistic, sometimes deceptive Neptune so perhaps some small amount of realism may be introduced on Capitol Hill. Jupiter SQ Neptune, as you know, indicates impracticality, a lack of helpfulness, overblown promises, self-indulgence, and a tendency to 'build castles in the air' while important matters languish.

The Beneficial One will reach its Rx shadow degree (6Gem19) and move beyond it on April 25, 2013 (16Gem23) and we may hope that at least by then, a measure of governing will be seen to be done in Washington DC as important matters are resolved. Yet if global markets are allowed to languish from January to April 24, 2013, it will create yet another ditch from which we must climb.

Once Jupiter enters Cancer during the last week of June 2013, business and political matters should receive a lift though in Cancer Jupiter is particularly risk-averse. But maybe that's an improvement over the gambling tactics of the odder-every-day Republican Party members who've apparently lost their ready-for-prime-time edge!

So Thanks, self-serving, self-indulgent GOP, my family is enjoying imagined warmth from that huge lump of coal you gifted the American people for Christmas 2012. You borry sastards. May the new January 2013 members of Congress--including Elizabeth Warren (yayy!)--treat the American people with due respect and enter national public service with the serious intent of actually doing the people's business.

Happy New Year to All!


A not-to-be-missed article: Gary P. Caton's The Mercury Elemental Year 2013.

Jun 27, 2012

Panic in the New World Order--Gary North

Edit September 28, 2022: The link to the article by Gary North that I cited, below, is no longer live so it has been removed. However, my description of his content remains. Thanks to the current sabotage of one or two Russian pipelines supplying Europe, the European Union is in the news once again. This post provides a snaphot of events going on in 2012, As Above, So Below, such as Midas and Pan traveling together. A most likely culprit? Russia.

Original post begins here:

Gary North writes that there's Panic in the New World Order in relation to economic crisis within the European Union, and he includes other power-grasping topics.

Mr. North says that currently there are only about 6,000 people at the top of the global pyramid of power and it's curious to me that two asteroids representing archetypes for gold and greedy gold-hoarding--Midas--and Pan--panic, pandemic, pan-american, panorama (which is linked to the ancient sign of Capricorn) have been traveling in tandem for quite some time, retrograding off and on in the early degrees of Gemini (now around 9--10 Gemini) and conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55, planet of sudden, disruptive events of a separative and rebellious nature.

And of course you know that transformative Pluto now plods through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, destructuring systems and toppling political and financial dominoes as he stealths along on his way to rejoin the degree of America's natal Pluto @27Cap33 Rx of July 4, 1776. Sad to say that for the US financial system and the American people, the dominoes being toppled by Mr. Underworld, he of massive and hidden wealth, are our natal planets in business-savvy Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, Sun, then Mercury Rx later) showing titanic power struggles for control of our government and the pilfering of our remaining resources.

Jun 26, 2012

SCOTUS decisions Thursday--Liveblogged by SCOTUS Blog (w Venus Direct)

Since this Thursday is the last day of the Supreme Court session this term, it's believed that on June 28, 2012 the Court will issue three important decisions including the one concerning President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.

The brilliant SCOTUS Blog will be Liveblogging beginning at 8:45 am edt so we can all keep ourselves updated. The blog has upgraded its servers in expectation of many thousands of visitors!

Plus, as you know, Venus, ruler of Libra (sign of the scales of Justice) performs her long-awaited Direct Station on Wednesday June 25, 2012, @7Gem29--conjunct tr Midheaven (Public Standing) in Washington DC (at 11:07 am edt) and will be moving forward by Thursday, the day that SCOTUS makes its announcements, perhaps around 10:00 or 11:00 am edt.

Of significance: Venus stations near US natal Uranus 8Gem55, and is traveling with transiting asteroids Midas and Pan these days. Have many pieces of gold been paid to assure the outcome of the 'Obamacare' decision? It seems as if the Supreme Court justices don't have the moral standing they once enjoyed so you decide.

As for tr Venus to our national Uranus in multiplicitous if not duplicitous Gemini (ruled by Mercury, plant of decisions), this is a time when unorthodox or non-traditional alliances are being formed and unique methods are employed in order to achieve common goals--positively or negatively.

And of course any links between Venus and Uranus may denote relationsip break-ups, or extravance or eccentricity with money.

Still, the Venus Direct Station horoscope shows tr Jupiter 3Gem32 not just near tr Venus, but conjunct President Obama's natal Moon in early Gemini, a prosperous time for attracting popularity, cooperation, and commitments from others so perhaps SCOTUS will leave at least most of the president's Obamacare intact! Plus, Obama Campaign contributions should pick up now if they haven't already.

Well, here's a previous post which includes a little Astrology and was published as President Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Act on March 23, 2010 in case you wish a re-visit as Venus re-directs.


If you're feelin' Venus direct, please consider leaning forward and subscribing to my new Stars Over Washington Monthly newsletter if you're more than a little serious about keeping an eye on Politics and on the politicians of Washington DC using Political Astrology within a common-good slant. SOWM is a 3-month electronically-delivered affair: price $18US. Issue 1 (July-Aug-Sep 2012) is due pre-Independence Day 2012 so if you wish, click here to subscribe.

Thanks! jc

May 17, 2012

Default Theater returns and the Eclipses of 2012

Reuters reports on the "fiscal cliff" that Washington 'lawmakers' are in process of setting up for January 1, 2013, a re-run of Summer 2011's dramatic debt limit-default theater that caused the US credit rating to be downgraded thanks primarily to Tea Party members of Congress and those who bankroll them.

Yes, these are basically the same tax and budget matters left over from 2011, a summer with two Solar Eclipses one month apart (June 1 and July 1. The issues must be re-negotiated in November and December 2011--just in time for Election Day November 6, 2012 and the Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 (more on that later including its horoscope set for Capitol Hill; see 2012 Eclipse list below.)

For shopping and the US economy (assuming America has an economy by then once these play-acting jokers get done scoring what they hope are points on November 6), we may find Christmas 2012 to be a casualty of Washington along with the paychecks of the working class, plus there's Winter Solstice 2012 and the Galactic Center Alignment to be concerned about, if you pay attention to such things.

Well, I do declare! How easy to type scathingly when you're in a major snit of miffdom over a most sorry US Congress and the super-corrupt system of government that certain operatives and agents have engineered to fail on purpose!

A Total of Four Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2012

1. 14 South Solar Eclipse May 20 @00Gem21 conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone (potentials: mystical but judgmental; exiled; unlucky; something to cry about); (has a Mercury influence)

2. Lunar Eclipse June 4 (intros the rare Venus Transit June 5/6 in mid-Gemini) @14Sag conjunct US natal Ascendant (Sibly); Moon = We the People; (has a Jupiter influence)

3. 15 North Solar Eclipse November 13 @ 22Sco (sign of Big Business; Corporations; the Underworld; Endings; Regeneration and Healing (has a Mars-Pluto influence); conjoins two Fixed Stars: Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis; potentials: achievement, then a fall; legal problems; accidents; success in Politics, war, writing; shipwrecks; forgeries; and Agena (potentials: honors; success with the masses; high status; scandal and gossip)--A. Louis;

4. Lunar Eclipse November 28 @7Gem conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55, and transiting Midas and Pan; Sun/Moon = Uranus: unusual twists of fate; sudden developments or conflicts; acting independently; the urge for freedom--Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin; (a Mercury influence aqain which may affect communications, planning, trade, commerce, and vote counts and re-counts);

Well, 2012 is turning into an eventful year both below and above, isn't it?Hope you and yours are faring well.

Feb 27, 2012

Feb 27 2012: Pisces-Taurus = Mystics and Artists!

February 27, 2012 Sun Pisces-Moon Taurus

by Jude Cowell

Today's solar and lunar energies when combined give the day a Water-Earth (glorious mud!) flavor which aids all creative ventures yet can give us very subjective viewpoints. Emotions, security needs, and a tendency to cling to the past are also potentials for today's Sun Pisces-Moon Taurus blend which suggests two Images for Integration:

"A nature mystic bakes bread in an earthen oven...An artist decorates her home lavishly."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

So as I pack for the moving van (coming in a few days--too soon! I'm busy un-decorating), I wish you all happy creations and melted butter for your home baked bread and will catch you later after the dust has settled!

Eclipses of 2012:

First up is the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 (horoscope shown, set for DC) with the following eclipses to go as this pivotal years rolls on:

June 4: Lunar Eclipse @ '14Sag' conjunct US natal Ascendant (Sibly); November 13 Solar Eclipse @ '22Sco'; November 28: Lunar Eclipse @ '7Gem' conjunct US natal Uranus 8:55.

We could talk about nuclear degrees (early Gem/Sag) but let's not. Yet the prospect for war-waging is fairly high in spite of the current equivocation coming out of Washington concerning Iran for US natal Uranus, planet of disruption, shocks, and technology in an unstable Mutable sign along with hot-headed Mars, tends to be under stimulation when America goes to war--and eclipses are the 'wild cards' of the Universe and may act in a sudden Uranian fashion.

We must look for a surprising amount of energy and action to be suddenly expended once Mars turns Direct on April 18, then leaves his Rx shadow on June 19, 2012. This may be the proverbial long hot summer...

So if you're of a mind--pray for peace.


Progressive shout-outs go to:

Thom Hartmann
Democracy Now!
David Pakman

Jul 13, 2011

FDR tests our progress, White House debt meeting 7.13.11

As the debt ceiling-budget stand-off continues in Washington DC with Republicans drooling over their big chance to roll back FDR's New Deal programs and slash the tires on LBJ's Great Society jalopy, some words from Franklin Roosevelt's Inaugural speech of Jan 20, 1937 seem appropriate for the short-sighted on Capitol Hill.

Actually, I believe theses Utopians are very long-sighted since the plan to change the course of America (from what we-the-people have always been led to believe it is) is coming to austere fruition before our eyes (austere for us, dandy fine for them, they think.)

So being more on the side of FDR-style politics in times of financial troubles, and wishing the best for the American people if not for the radical, success-at-any-cost politicians now infesting Capitol Hill, I'm republishing a brief excerpt from FDR which for me sums up much of the question of 'what sort of country do we wish America to be?'

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

Since progressive Uranus is America's totem planet of independence and freedom, the current transit of asteroid Midas in the range of 8 to 9 Gemini places the Midases of the world directly upon US natal Uranus 8Gem55.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich just said on the House floor, "Stop playing political games with Social Security." For whatever good it does, thanks, Mr. Kucinich. In spite of what Republicans say over and over, Social Security is hardly an "unfunded entitlement program" since by law workers pay into it (some of us pay 100% of the tax because we are self-employed) - the fund has been stolen blind by Congress, and we're left with an I.O.U. which now the GOP doesn't want to pay back. They don't want to pay on the credit card account Bush-Cheney ran up for 8 years either and they knew what they were doing when they passed the indebted baton on to President Obama, a Democrat.

Part of a long-range plan!

Now here are two more FDR quotes which vibrate all through the current financial impasse in Washington DC along side the quote mentioned above:

“Don’t forget what I discovered that over ninety percent of all national deficits from 1921 to 1939 were caused by payments for past, present, and future wars.”

“Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depend on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men.”

Save money, oil, and gas: stop our foreign wars! Or have war profiteers begin picking up the tab which is really theirs anyway.

Meanwhile, though jobs are elusive in our nation and this greatly reduces receipts for the US Treasury Department with which to pay our bills, Capitol Hillers are embroiled over the incandescent light bulb ban issuing from the bill signed by George Bush to wipe out the cheaper bulbs in favor of the more expensive variety which, here in the room where I type, casts a gentle glow from a lamp in similar fashion to mood lighting and which is hardly sufficient for seeing what you need to see.

Wednesday July 13, 2011 White House 4:00 pm edt: Rs and Ds Meet Again

As for this afternoon's debt meeting at the White House @ 4:00 pm edt, 21Sco26 rises with the austere Moon/Saturn midpoint in tow. US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is our first natal planet to rise, it's a Moon Hour (changes, fluctuations), and the Moon 3Cap15 approaches wealthy Pluto 5Cap49 Rx in 2nd house of Earning Ability, Self-Worth, and Money. NN is there are well signifying the direction (NN) the meeting will take concerning 2nd house matters.

Moon '4Cap' = "A Party Entering a Large Canoe" and naturally one must wonder which political party this may refer to: the Democrats joining in with the extreme austrity measures of the GOP? Or the Republicans backing out of the no-tax-hike corner they put themsleves into by listening to the likes of Grover Norquist and Karl Rove? We'll see if any changes occur today within this ideological stand-off which threatens to make social-financial conditions much much worse for the American people who now struggle to get by.

Can a total collapse of America by these chaos-creating Utopians be avoided?

May 28, 2011

Arrests at Jefferson Memorial May 27, 2011 (video)

Looks like Memorial Day Weekend 2011 got off to a rousing start at the Jefferson Memorial, doesn't it? Dance Party at the Tidal Basin?

Meanwhile, the old 'Jefferson rolling over in his grave' adage comes easily to mind especially with his statue towering over the action. And what was that American Uranian word we like to tout at the drop of a baton?

Oh yeah...freedom! Well, Uranus may also inspire radical political movements, protests, and demonstrations, and most anything of a sudden, surprising, or disruptive nature.

Yet to me it seems that someone in charge overreacted. Or was it purposefully overdone to show that the police state ain't playin'?

This one will be filed under For Further Consideration...

Aug 30, 2010

Gandhi's good question and JP Morgan's Astrology

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?" Gandhi

A while back I posted another of Gandhi's quotes along with a smidgeon of details on his natal chart. Included is an excerpt from the 1922 book by Senator Richard Pettigrew Triumphant Plutocracy which you may find enlightening.

Pluto's realm of plutocracy, the form of government we have here in America and have always had, is co-ruled and more fully described by the pairing of Chiron with Pluto. The current Chiron/Pluto midpoint is necessarily conjoined to the transiting Neptune/Pluto midpoint because Neptune and Chiron have been conjunct of late. Both midpoints have been conjoining the position of our national Sun (leader) off and on since before Barack Obama took office.

Might this describe pressure on the president or his collusion with them? With Goldman-Sachs and Clinton agents surrounding him in the White House, it could be either way - probably alternating! My suspicion is that White House tenures for Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner were part of the prerequisite for Mr. Obama's term in the Oval Office.

In other words, without them, he wouldn't be there at all (in more way$ than one.)

Robber Barons Ride Again - well, their biological and ideological spawn do, anyway

Now you remember Neptune/Pluto as the Robber Baron duo whose Great Conjunction/s of 1891 and 1892 time the rise of the great industrialists, oil titans, and corporations. President Teddy Roosevelt put a damper on their style for a while by using US law to bust them up in the early 1900s yet they've continued to thrive and multiply all the same with the US Congress turning on ordinary Americans in favor of corporations.

And recently SCOTUS put its finger on the Scales of Justice by joining the uplift-corporations parade - as if the political playing field weren't skewed against we-the-people already.

Insidious Neptune/Pluto

Separately both Neptune and Pluto relate to oil, gas, things hidden in the ground, and to the tunnels and caves it takes to reach them - in the earth and under the sea.

Here are the dates and degrees of Neptune/Pluto's great hook-ups:

1. August 2, 1891 @ 8Gem38
2. November 7, 1891 @ 8Gem19
3. April 30, 1892 @ 7Gem42

Nuclear degrees, yes, and Pluto's 1930 discovery heralded the atomic age.

But also this area of the zodiac is where asteroid Midas currently traverses (though 'he' just recently reached past 9Gem) and we see how things are playing out for the legendary, archetypal gold-hoarder Midas who has cornered the market on every natural resource possible, along with major gold manipulations.

Is it a coincidence that Midas now inhabits the area of the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune/Pluto's oil barons?

Not if you think 'there are no accidents' or that 'things happen for a reason', as is commonly said. And you don't have to delve very far into Astrology to discover the special branch known as Financial Astrology where markets are timed by the As Above, So Below principles of the ancient art. Astrologers who possess financial expertise make big bucks consulting with investors and the financial wizards of Wall Street.

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do," are the famous words of old J. P. Morgan, a client and student of astrologer Evangeline Adams, the Adams family descendant who popularized Astrology in NYC at the turn of the 20th century. Seems her talent in this area was inherited.

Well, here's a link to a post I wrote on the Neptune/Pluto-era magnate's natal chart (w/ chart image, rated accurate) and get ready because you'll find that J. P. was born with Pluto, the Dragon guarding the world's riches, conjunct (of all things) Midas!

And how does America and our financial system fit into this picture? Snugly, with our nation's natal Uranus, planet of revolution, rebellion, independence, and genius positioned in 1776 @ 8Gem55.

Apparently it's the universe that's in collusion!

Dec 29, 2009

Dec 31 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse sparks articles!

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has written an elucidating analysis of the Blue Moon Eclipse of Dec 31, 2009 with which we end the year and begin the next decade of the New Millennium.

Plus, Julie's article contains a link to a different astrological perspective on 2009's Blue Moon Eclipse with its lovely sounding name!

If you missed it, my own Blue Moon Eclipse post with chart image may be found here.

The Lunar Eclipse of Dec 31 perfects in Washington DC @ 2:12:34 pm est and the first US natal planet to rise in the eclipse chart is Uranus in Gemini which will bring along the unexpected. No predictions from me about this rising for as they say about freedom and independence loving Uranus, whatever you isn't that.

And if you click to enlarge the eclipse chart you'll see that Dec 31 2009's Uranus/Neptune midpoint @ 8Pis50 (Uran/Nep is a signature of the New World Order from their Great Conj/s of 1993) has 'caught up' with America's natal Ceres (security issues) and our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, a duo of plutocracy, oppression, corporatism, fascism, racism, primal violence, class warfare, etc.

(Dick Cheney's Secondary Progressed Pluto and Chiron - they are conjunct in Leo in his natal chart - were precisely upon his Progr'd Midheaven, The Goal Point...on 9/11/01.)

This 'new world order' agenda is culminating before our eyes, m'peops...see sidebar to your right of Quotes - the first one from Henry Kissinger concerning President Obama's current opportunity to further the power elite's (sucky) New World Order.

And you may wish to take all "Age of Aquarius" stuff with a grain of salt because they're using it against us! If the power elite triumphs over us, their view of our global future has nothing at all to do with the beautiful, peaceful Aquarian principles that New Age types and World Servers have been dreaming of...