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Feb 27, 2022

A Lost Atlantis: Archetype of America

The Lost City of Atlantis; public domain image

Is America Lost? Or Only Preparing to Rise?

by Jude Cowell

Everyone knows the story of the Myth of the Island of Atlantis, its abuse, misuse, and overuse of power, sinking disastrously into the ocean, and at some glorious future point rising like a mythological phoenix from the ashes. So what do you think? Was the phoenix archetype played out on and after the attacks of 9/11? Did 'The Tower' Eclipse of 2018 add to the cosmic picture of a smoldering America, struggling to rise, with her rebuilding now hindered by adversarial authoritarians following a peculiar agenda?

Well, I must say that if 500 years is the measure of a mythological phoenix crashing, burning, and rising, then America at 256 years old in 2022 is only a little over halfway there!

Now astronomically, Atlantis #1198 was first discovered at the Heidelberg Observatory by astronomer Karl Reinmuth on September 7, 1931 with minor planet Atlantis Rx @27Pis52 and parallel science-oriented Uranus, planet of futurism and technology, then in Aries, and aka, the 'Sky God' in olden days. A parallel compares to a strong conjunction, as you know.

Plus, we've discussed Atlantis before on SO'W way back in 2017, the first year that Tr*mp was refusing to understand or honor the limits of his presidential power, breaking rules, traditions, and laws at every turn. Unrepentent, he got worse, as you know, and now refuses to keep his gob shut although a deposition or two may come along for him soon. If so, he'll probably clam up and hide behind the 5th Amendment. Someone should show him the mash-up videos of his multitude of criticisms of folks who plead the 5th Amendment - they're "mobsters," he said. Well, yes. So he will reveal himself to be, if he "pleads the 5th".

So! If Atlantis, Archetype of America is a topic that interests you, a previous post might do so as well for it contains links to the natal chart of Sir Francis Bacon, author of the book, The New Atlantis, and one of the prime puppeteers behind the funding and setting up of the 'New World' here in America, the controversial mystery of Queen Elizabeth I possibly being Sir Bacon's Mummy (crazy!), and other related goodies:

A New Atlantis, Williamsburg, and Our Secret Destiny.

Now let's close with the rounded-up degree and Sabian Symbol of Atlantis's discovery degree, plus, the Symbol for its Zodiacal position as I type, both from Marc Edmund Jones:

Atlantis Discovery September 7, 1939: "28Pisces": "A Fertile Garden Under a Full Moon": Keyword - ULTIMACY; positive expression: high reward in worldly goods and exceptional integrity in using them; negative expression: irritating pride of possession."

Atlantis Today February 27, 2022: "18Sagittarius": "Tiny Children in Sunbonnets" - Keyword: INNOCENCE; positive expression: a continual and complete protection of self through its exploration of its own potentials and exploitation of its oppotunities; negative expression: witless retreat to a wholly infantile self-assertiveness."

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones #ad

Oct 14, 2021

October 20, 2021 Full Moon Ruffles a 1931 Solar Eclipse

The October 2021 Full Moon Times a Serious Cosmic Heads-Up

by Jude Cowell

October 14, 2021: A 5 North Solar Eclipse, one of which is now in effect since June 10, 2021 @19Gem47, also manifested on April 17, 1931 @27Ari02. Below is the April 1931 Eclipse Horoscope (inner) which by degree will be "ruffled" or somehow triggered by the Full Moon of October 20, 2021 @26Ari26 (outer); my study notes are penned on for the curious, and a few prominent chart factors are listed under the horoscope - you will find more factors, of course:

5 North Eclipse Themes are fairly positive ('hunches, visions, prophetic dreams' - plus, a potential for 'psychism' - B. Brady) yet any eclipse is a 'cosmic blink' from Above and represents a Uranian-style disruption which can force a change or shift of direction here on Earth. But that's not my fuss here. It's the correlation between Events of 1931 and what's going on now in the US and across the globe as authoritarianism heats up along with the weather, and a global (neo) nazi movement attempts to rise once again. This has been well established and anyone who hasn't noticed must pay attention now.

Jupiter in Aquarius: A Sense of Justice but Can Be Indecisive

Is it possible that protective Jupiter (@22AQ20) at IC, the Foundation Point of the 1931 chart, will be enough to mitigate our difficulties - or increase them? Hopefully mitigation will be achieved as the American people seek rescue (see 2021 rescue-seeking Circe conjunct 1931 MC). However, 2021 Jupiter opposes two of 1931's midpoints at 1931 Midheaven: Venus-Saturn (with Jupiter = 'unanticipated support'; and Mars-Neptune with expansive Jupiter: 'amplified dreams, visions, and the power to bring them into reality' - Munkasey). Of course, 'dreams and visions' are found within the themes of the 5 North Eclipse and can be positive or negative depending on the motivations of those involved. Plus, a mixture of both (probably alternating in effectiveness) may be possible as well - this is kind of like a row of cherries lining up on a gambling machine. Risk is in the air. Can you feel it?

Double the Harsh Saturn-Pluto Influences

So in relation to the draconian global movement on the upswing (as neo-fascists hope) and its cosmic reflections Above, you'll note the dynamic T-Square of tension penned on the chart between the Saturn-Pluto opposition (not exact in this eclipse chart but in 1931 their opposition did perfect - however, in the chart you see the death-dealing Mars-Saturn opposition - 1931 was a brutal year of fanaticism and included financial collapse in Central Europe - see Midas involvement, below) squaring the erratic Utopian zealot planet of disruption and chaos, Uranus @16Ari00 (conjunct the North Node of destiny and indicating radical reformers). Saturn-Pluto = Uranus: "brutal efforts to start a new order" (Tyl); 'sudden vio**nce' (R. Ebertin).

Well! There's a cosmic picture of the global neo-nazi movement, isn't it? And in the US, the predatory orange menace is riding the wave along with his Republican comrades - some of them blackmailed and/or under threat of criminal thuggery, or compelled by fear of being 'primaried' out of office. Yet some are actually fans of the hate-filled ideology. For as you know, underhandedness, threat, cheating, and primal vio**nce are the primary methods that authoritarians have always used to forcefully take control - and they're never openly honest about their true intentions to increase suffering and misery wherever they go, either in the 1930s, 1940s - or now. They are, in fact, the "be afraid" thugs and barbarians who've infiltrated the US government and who must be kicked out - by Blue Waves of voters in 2022 and 2024. Difficult as this may be, it simply must be accomplished.

Now naturally, there are other disturbing and more positive planetary factors in the 1931 and 2021 charts. One such is transit Saturn @6AQ57 in 3rd house opposing 1931 Mars (5Leo30 - which conjuncts 1931 Pluto-MC and indicates potentials for gridlock, bottlenecks (including ports and ships), anger, vio**nce, and/or resistance to authority). Now Pluto-MC is a power-craving midpoint (see details lower right corner: 'urge to dominate'!). Plus, we also find 2021 Pluto @24Cap21 conjunct 1931 Saturn (see bottom left corner for details such as 'abuse of authority confronted and corrected'; 'altered traditions') and generationally, there's the massive 2021 Pluto opposing 1931 Pluto (penned in the center of the bi-wheel = 'titanic power struggle' - which I say is a stark struggle between Democracy and the Rule of Law vs Fascism and neo-nazi Utopian zealots of anarchy forcing complete lawlessness upon civilized society.

Neptune-to-Venus/Nemesis, Mercury-with-Chiron x 2, and Uranus-to-Mercury

As you see, 2021 Neptune, planet of illusion, deception, gaslighting, and fraud, veils the 1931 Venus-Nemesis conjunction (@20Pisces) with potentials listed, upper right such as: 'unrealistic expectations; confusion; paranoia'. And just above that, you see listed 2021 Mercury @10Lib29 in 1931's 11th house, leading a Locomotive shape of the 2021 Full Moon planets suggesting a Mercurial person or persons such as a 'high-powered executive ruthlessly determined toward success'. And possibly a young-ish one, or, someone in the publishing, commerce, or trading and investment businesses. Even a high-powered person dealing in space travel may be indicated. The imagination fairly soars. Yet note that 2021 Uranus conjunct 1931 Mercury can suggest potentials for frazzled nerves, seeking freedom, disrupted thinking or travel, plus, restlessness and/or original ideas in relation to the 1931/2021 5 North Eclipse themes and certain underhanded plans that are being promoted once again in our day.

So now that you're all bummed out from reading this far (kudos!), let's close this fussy post with more details worth mentioning which relate to Thinking, Planning, and Communications - the 1931 Mercury-Chiron Conjunction in money sign Taurus conjunct 1931 Midas, the gold-hoarder - now activated or electrified by 2021 Uranus @13Tau24 Rx setting on 1931's Descendant/Partnership angle - and the fact that in the October 20, 2021 Full Moon Horoscope, Mercury and Chiron are in opposition which we could take as a timing device in a broader Mercury-Chiron cycle. This suggests: initiates, occultists, and promoters, popularizers, and guardians (R. Nolle; Clow) who share revelations they consider unique and transformative in society (repeated over and over: propaganda). So the 1931 conjunction denotes one or more persons who acted as channels, mediums, and mouthpieces, with their 2021 opposition possibly a timing device, as noted, for the spreading of transformative theories and ideas that were prevalent in 1931. At least, that's what I'm suggesting with this 'heads-up' post although, of course, as always you are welcome to disagree.

Related: 2021 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Repeat from 1931.

May 13, 2020

December 2020 Solar Eclipse a wild card for Trump

By Jude Cowell

May 13, 2020: As you know, any solar or lunar eclipse may act as a 'wild card' or 'cosmic blink' that disrupts events, lives, and/or circumstances much as quirky planet Uranus can do, and karmic changes of direction are typical results. Uncovering secrets, inconvenient facts, and/or scandals may also occur around the time of an eclipse - or earlier, later, or never - also much as Uranus can do. Of course, eclipse effects depend on where in one's horoscope an eclipse falls with outcomes usually manifesting within the house (department of life) along with any aspects made by an eclipse to our natal placements.

So checking cosmic happenings for December 2020, we find that Trump's natal (Total) Lunar Eclipse @23Sag04 will be 'eclipsed' (conjoined) by the 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 which suggests, among other things, the potential for some sort of culmination or completion--probably in his relationships (Sun-Moon). Synchronistically, we should also note that the 4 South Eclipse in December will 'eclipse' his Inauguration 2017's Saturn, planet of responsibility, accountability, reliability, integrity, and realism - and his natal Moon and South Node.

That's a boat load of karma coming for Donald Trump but let's not gloat just yet. Things could turn out peachy for him given all the foreign and domestic aid he receives, plus, where Trump goes so goes America. Because We The People are players in this cosmic card game, too. And although karmic progress is always a possibility around eclipse time, positive traits of the eclipse sign must be the objectives to express. In the case of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, the primary themes are truth seeking and upholding moral and ethical principles. Well, we know this doesn't pertain to con man Trump (who may still be around in December 2020!) so let's add here the negative possibilities for a solar eclipse in Sagittarius which will relate to society in general along with Trump, his Republican enablers, donors, comrades, and supporters:

Negative Connotations of a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: moral principles may be incorrect which results in misplaced idealism or misguided beliefs so that karmic endeavors are ineffective and can magnify problems rather than solve them. Indulging in exaggeration misses the mark or falls short of objectives while false optimism causes karmic conditions to be underestimated and thus ineffectively or wrongly dealt with, neglected, or ignored. Therefore, true progress will be lacking, illusory, or temporary at best.

And as we know, for Donald Trump appearances are everything.

For more eclipse details see Rose Lineman's excellent booklet on Eclipses published in 1992 by the AFA.

So if you enlarge the image and read my scribbled notes, here's the 4 South Solar Eclipse Horoscope of December 14, 2020 set for Washington DC and snugged around the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope which shows the eclipse of 2017 Saturn in the financial 8th house and 2020 Mars conjunct 2017 Uranus (nontraditional or radical methods and/or danger of explosion in the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions, Behind-the-Scenes, and Karma--yet another Trump hissy fit?):

Adding 2017 Saturn to December's 4 South eclipse energies, on a negative level we find people such as free loaders, deadbeats, and those who prefer to shirk responsibility while casting blame on others. Meanwhile, their hard-to-break personal habits interfere with what could be karmic progress along with a failure to take problems and obligations seriously. Related is the fact that Trump was born with a Moon-Saturn inconjunct showing an undercurrent of guilt and nit-pickiness in his emotional reactions to others (exs: reporters! Democrats like Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi!) as he continually projects blame upon anyone but himself for deeply emotional and neurotic reasons. And as we've learned in excruciating detail, his is a personality completely unsuitable for the Office of President of the United States of America.

So tell me: what cosmic card do you think Trump will draw in December 2020?

May 5, 2020

A List of Planets' Meanings in Political Astrology

Here's an updated list with the meanings of planets in Political Astrology, a branch of Mundane Astrology. Now these are the meanings that I tend to use; no doubt others could add more or subtract a few:

Sun: supreme authority such as US President ('POTUS'), Prime Minister, Chancellor, CEO, leadership. (Solar eclipses hitting a Mundane Sun may denote the death or displacement of a head of state, national character and identity, major events, disruption or a turning point for government in the eclipse year and suggesting a new direction.)

Moon: the populace, We The People (USA), the popular mood, national security needs, basic necessities, women's issues, health, agriculture, nurturing, our daily rounds, the general emotional weather and/or societal trends.

Mercury: news media and the press, blogs and bloggers, oration-speeches/speakers-writers, messages, communications, and announcements, spreading of propaganda, negotiations, contracts, treaties and pacts, changes, votes-voters-ballots, literature, information, intell, spies, all schooling up to higher educational levels (Jupiter), the post office, thinking and planning, opinion polls, transportation (air+), sales, commerce, trade. As usual, young people in general, students and teachers are included where applicable, plus, medical research and doctors may also be represented by Mercury.

Venus: females, evaluations, smaller amounts of money, currency, relationships, partnerships, unions, diplomacy or diplomatic gestures, perspective; if afflicted: disease, arrogance, vengeance, defeat in war, anger, envy, possessiveness, and/or jealousy.

Mars: males between ages 25--35 or so, military and police forces, violence, criminals, war, industrial concerns, arsonists, sports figures, fighters, aggressors and combatants no matter the gender; combined with Uranus, Mars may cause explosions, terrorism, attacks, gun violence, operations; with Neptune, treachery, misguided motivations and/or actions, divisive elements in society, activists, protests or strikes (participants thereof), the fog of war, infections and epidemics.

Jupiter: clergy, churches, and religion, gurus, lawyers and judges, law and legal systems, higher education, prosperity, hope, breaking of boundaries, publishing, banking-bankers and the Fed, insurance; credit, corporations and CEOs, the upper classes; ministers of state, public relations and promoters, philanthropic institutions, especially if associated with Neptune, plus, Jupiter and Neptune = speculators, wastrels, spendthrifts, inflation, bubbles, grandiose schemers and planners, people who make promises they can't keep (ex: politicians).

Saturn: government, the system, The Establish, status quo, stability, institutions and bureaucracy, civil servants, conservatism, infrastructure, austerity, restriction or retraction, law and lawmakers (ex: US Congress), management, control, repression/suppression, accountability, loss, karma; with Jupiter, Saturn is associated with financial and business cycles (contraction vs expansion) and other cycles in society including in Politics; with Uranus, Saturn signifies the Middle East, especially Palestine and Israel; and/or old order vs new order; with Neptune Saturn = poor, sick, or depressed people, illness or disease, movements such as Socialism, social safety net programs, charities, those who suffer, undermining circumstances, difficulties or illness with causes difficult to diagnose.

Uranus: revolution, revolt, riots, protests, or strikes,reactive politics and politicians, progressive or radical movements, disruptive reforms, riots, counter-cultures; physical power such as electrical and nuclear, new technology, innovation; genius or sudden insight; the future; novelties; erratic persons; Uranus is also The Witness, The Awakener, the sky god; with Neptune: The 'Enlightened Ones' determined to establish a New Order to replace the Old, aka, a 'new world order' or the long-planned 'one world government'.

Neptune: the urge to merge, the Divine Source, the arts, glamour, the media, the masses, hope, idealism, covert actions, saboteurs, secrets, spying or other networks, secrets and leaks, socialism; hospitals, charitable institutions; the Navy or Marines. If afflicted: fraud, crime, scandal, deception, illusions, falsehoods, internet scams; undermining circumstances and those who cause them, brewing and alcohol, drugs; chemicals, oil, gas, water, footwear, oceans; with Pluto, Neptune = the Robber Baron class of the 1800s, resource plunderers, Organized Crime, mobsterism, the mafia.

Pluto: financial and/or political power, factions, oligarchies, Plutocracy, big business, nuclear energy, mines and tunnels, the Dragon Guarding the Riches; if afflicted: the criminal underworld, death, catastrophe, dictators, thieves and spies; Global Crime Syndicate/s; criminal detectives, spies, surveillance, hidden power/s behind 'the throne', The Pope, assassins, saboteurs, secretive men in invisible cloaks of power, death, transformation, regeneration, the occult and other hidden things and people.

Note that besides Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can be karmic, too!

Got more political potentials to add to this list? Then leave your on-topic comment with this post! jc

May 2, 2020

Current Conditions and The Tower Solar Eclipse

Societies on the Edge as 'Cosmic Blink'/'Wild Card' Eclipses Run in the Background

by Jude Cowell

As you know, not all solar eclipses bring negative themes to events but all can disrupt society and our lives in a manner similar to the erratic planet of rebellion, Uranus--even those containing positive themes. Naturally, other planetary factors are always involved as well and are part of every eclipse picture and influence. Typically we may look at historical events during the year that a particular eclipse occurs for clues about its potential influences and the change of direction that often ensues in some area of our lives.

Current Karmic Conditions of Contagion, Collapse, and Traumatic Transformation

In a previous SO'W post we discussed The Tower Solar Eclipse which perfected @18Leo41 on August 11, 2018 in the 2 New North Saros Series. By degree The Tower Eclipse of 2018 activated the August 11, 1999 'King of Alarm' Eclipse of Nostradamus fame, one of the signposts that announced the coming of the New Millennium, when the 'winds of war and strife' were set loose upon the Earth. If you wish, follow the link for a view of the August 2018 2 New North Solar Eclipse Horoscope which is set for Washington DC. For as you may already be aware, 2 New North themes mimic Tarot card #16 pictured, above, and involve 'complete collapse of lifestyles and plans', 'loss', and 'rebuilding starts after the dust has cleared' (Brady). Does this describe America's and the world's current condition?

For comparison, an example of a 2 New North Solar Eclipse is the one that manifested in 1964 (@17 Cancer) as the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') of the ill-considered, deceitful, racketeering Vietnam War. Loss of lives and lifestyles in Vietnam and for the US and its alliances, plus, loss of funds from America's National Treasury are merely some of its 'collapsing' effects. But of course, war profiteers made out like the bandits they always are, no matter the costs to others.

Then for 'traumatic transformation' we have the current influences of the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse @4Cap06 in the 3 South Saros Series which is the one we're mired in at the moment with its effects lasting at least until (two weeks before) the next solar eclipse at Summer Solstice 2020.

So this is my fuss for this evening: that a re-consideration of The Tower Solar Eclipse of 2018 in light of current collapsing conditions seems appropriate to me, if not to you, so I'm adding the above link to my previous post in case a reader wishes to check out the August 11, 2018 Horoscope.

As for financial implications of collapse, it seems to be a given. For the initial manifestation of a 2 New North Solar Eclipse perfected on June 17, 1928 @26Gem21 with money planet Jupiter @2Tau42--a degree and planet that wild card Uranus has bumped into off and on of late which suggests a period of potentials such as: careening down an unexpected path, independent education or studying in isolation, and lifestyles and/or political affiliations being emphasized and which may be under re-consideration. Perhaps at the voting booth?

Image above: The Tower #16 card from The Enchanted Tarot a personal favorite. jc

Nov 30, 2019

DC Horoscope JFK Inauguration 1961: a Look Back

If you're curious, check out this Historic Footage: JFK Inauguration 1961 (7m23s). And below is the 1961 Inauguration Horoscope with John F. Kennedy's natal chart outside it (contacts between the planets are circled--1917 vs 1961). As usual, my messy notes are scribbled upon the charts and there are five primary contacts of note from the Inauguration 1961 chart to his natal planets--two are notable since they involve powerful Pluto but JFK's natal Saturn and Uranus are also activated by transit, plus, other transits and progressions occur as well, both positive and negative but these five are the ones that 'pop out' at me in this inaugural horoscope although you'll spy others, I'm certain, especially if you look at *future transits to the 1961 Inauguration Horoscope:

1. 1961 Pluto square natal Sun denotes potentials for a need to overcome those with more power and influence; loss-of-power issues; threats received; integrity challenged; benefits are gained but with much frustration and possible setbacks; determination is tested; achievement of ambitions may be delayed or transformed; willpower may be paralyzed temporarily.

2. 1961 Mars Rx conjunct natal Pluto indicates a period when karma comes into play as energies are intense, purposeful, and require patience and direct channeling for best results; male relationships are prominent and one male in particular (brother Bobbie, one assumes--see Mercury @10AQ03 in 10th house with the presidential Sun) may be a guiding or a driving force; negative conditions can involve provocation, blow-ups, jealousy, and/or revenge, plus, investing assets and deep research are on the menu.

3. 1961 Uranus Rx in Leo opposes natal Uranus at station in Aquarius three times from September 1960 through July 1961--this is the "mid-life crisis" transit of disruption when one may behave uncharacteristically and generational clashes occur with 'no meeting of the minds'; however, well-handled changes are beneficial and are not too disruptive, with moving forward the objective;

4. 1961 Saturn @21Cap54 opposes natal Saturn three times from March 1961 through December 1961 indicating a harvesting time when rewards may be reaped if hard work has been done in the past and responsibilities have been met; past mistakes, if any, need correcting, and legalities may temporarily get in the way of progress.

5. 1961 Venus square natal Venus suggests potentials for imperfect timing; wrong or unpleasant settings or environments; something amiss but not entirely useless; values are blocked in some way or are not quite appropriate; or, things don't work out as they should but they'll 'have to do'.

Note that both the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') for 1961 and for JFK's birth and their themes are listed on the chart, lower left (1961) and lower right (1917). And if you're looking for any hints of the tragedy to come, may I suggest the usual suspects--Mars (to natal Pluto), Saturn (conjunct 1961 IC of Endings), Uranus (oppo natal Uranus, a time of instability and perhaps unusual characters in the environment--plus, 1961 Uranus is apex in a YOD crisis pattern suggesting Jack Kennedy's 'special task' of moving our nation toward a new direction which quite a few folks took great exception to); then there's hidden hand Pluto blocking his natal Sun (goals) while Venus, possibly scorned, adds her hints of jealousy and revenge.

In addition, we must include masking, deceptive, shady Neptune--both 1961 Neptune in intense Scorpio (angular and conjunct natal Eros, the piercing) and JFK's 1917 Neptune in Leo opposing his PE in the 9 New North Series.

*Two transits I'll mention here between the 1961 Inauguration Horoscope and the JFK Assassination Horoscope of November 22, 1963: in progress was a Nodal Half-Return across the Cancer-Capricorn security axis (see my scribble in the center of the bi-wheel concerning Sun-Saturn = MC) suggesting broken relationships, and transit Uranus which had met and crossed the 1961 Pluto-North-Node conjunction (the "tiger by the tail" duo) and thereby formed a midpoint picture of: "big upsets within the community; and, emotional suffering through separation" (Ebertin). Yes. That.

A Closely Related Post: Horoscope: LBJ Sworn In November 22, 1963.

Aug 24, 2019

Saturn-Pluto 2020 conjunct The Fed's Uranus 22Cap47

1913 US newspaper clipping [Public domain]

Those were the days! Or at least that's what I've heard--days when arch manipulators could squeak the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 through Congress as its members were antsy to scoot out the door for Christmas break and avoid being blamed--after New York bankers and other co-conspirators (such as J. P. Morgan) had taken a midnight train to Georgia in November 1910 incognito for a secret meeting meant to solve the effects of the Banking Panic of 1907 by forming a so-called "Federal Reserve" Bank of America which to this day is neither federal nor a reserve.

In order to keep their activities under wraps and thus unchallenged, NY reporters and the public were 'given the slip' at the train station, then fake names were used by the attendees once they reached Jekyll Island under the guise of 'duck hunters'. One imagines that if the name of one participant, German investment banker Paul Warburg, had gotten out it would have been extremely inconvenient.

Then there's the tiny fact that the 1907 'panic' was a manipulation by at least some of the very culprits who crept to Georgia that dark night determined to 'solve' the financial crisis they had helped create (so very Hegelian!) Even when the wealthy class loses, it wins, right?

Here are some details on the affair including The Aldrich Plan named after Senator Aldrich, a plan they and others heavily propagandized once back in New York in order to sway the American people toward favoring a new version of a central banking system. Eustace Mullins famously wrote all about it in his book, Secrets of the Federal Reserve (now on Kindle!). And yes, I've fussed about all this before on SO'W so why again?

Because the dreaded January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 will perfect directly upon the Federal Reserve's Jupiter (Dec 23, 1913) which widely opposes its Neptune Rx @27Can31 (opposing US natal Pluto Rx: erosion of power) and, as you see in the bi-wheel below, Saturn-Pluto will conjunct disruptive Uranus in The Fed's New Moon chart of December 1, 1910 which occurred @8Sag49 during the secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia--the Dark of the Moon when things go bump in the night and apparently entire value systems can be transformed:

So as if the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction 2020 isn't enough by itself to fret over, if we factor in the Federal Reserve and our banking system (and Wall Street, as I suppose we must) via 1910 Uranus and 1913 Jupiter and Neptune, we find cosmic evidence of various potentials such as:

Loss and fear of loss, difficult decisions, social and religious fanaticism, sudden violence, erratic use of retaliatory measures (Trump's tariffs that miss the mark and tank the global economy? a purposeful sabotage?), sudden upsets in important plans, an attack in spite of potential losses, disguised uses of power, defects in planning, and brutal efforts to start a new order. The last would, of course, relate to the New Order of 1776 and the Bretton Woods Agreement being blown up as some feel they're in danger of being through Trump's erratic Uranian machinations and his inability to play nice with others. Plus, as noted in previous posts, the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction hits the natal Vertex of Donald Trump (22Cap51), a point of fated encounters and changing work conditions so we know that whatever happens in the coming months, the wide caboose of his nibs is smack dab in the middle of it. Come to think of it, his meddling caboose could use a hearty smack.

Yet is there a silver lining to this tale of loss and woe?

For in Astrology as in Life, there is always a positive side to every pessimistic view, troubling transit, or difficult event and here we can mention other more beneficial potentials within the 2020 Saturn-Pluto = 1910 Uranus = 1913 Jupiter/Neptune equation:

"Favorable outcomes in the use of large expenditures, resources, or energies", and/or, "people who have leadership and power to dispense" (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey; other potentials from Ebertin and Tyl).

Could such leading people turn out to be political candidates who will be victorious on November 3, 2020, assume power, and take on the Herculean task of cleaning up the massive messes that Trump has made? For after all, a dreary economic picture won't aid Trump to win re-election in 2020 so it will take a bunch of cheating and election fraud to accomplish that.

Two Previous Yet Related Posts: A New Atlantis, Williamsburg, and Our Secret Destiny and Saturn-Pluto, Economic Recessions, and Eclipses.

Jun 20, 2019

August 11, 2019: both Jupiter and Uranus stand still!

June 20, 2019: Here is the August 11, 2019 Horoscope set for Washington DC at the moment (9:37:13 am edt) when Jupiter Stations @14Sag30 (3rd house of Communications) then begins forward movement (as it seems from Earth). Transit Jupiter reaches 15 Sagittarius on or about August 30 and will pass its April 10 Direct Station degree of 24Sag21 (when the planet's retrograde period began) on November 5, 2019 at 9:36:31 pm est after which Jupiterian issues, concerns, projects, and people will make better progress and horizons will broaden. Plus, in the realms of Politics and Finance, a Jupiterian figure's delaying tactics may cease to be effective in November although some improvement in such matters may be noticed around August 11 or afterward.

As you see, Jupiter's August 11, 2019 change of direction chart shows 27Vir34 rising and 27Gem14 at Midheaven so that Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer (just barely into 10th house) rules both the Ascendant and the Goal Point (MC) yet the Messenger planet makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in this chart which emphasizes its sign and house positions. Naturally, the Sabian Symbols are enlightening for the degrees of each planet, eclipse, station, angle, etc but only the symbol for Mercury's degree (rounded-up to '30 CANCER') is penned upon the chart, upper center..."A Daughter of the American Revolution". Make what you will of this!

Now Jupiter is highlighted in green (if you can see it!) and rebellious Uranus is highlighted in pink because Uranus also changes direction on August 11, 2019 @6Tau36:54, turning retrograde 12 hours and 49 minutes after Jupiter's about-face. As a pair, the combined energies of the Jupiter-Uranus duo indicates potentials for reforms and breakthroughs but also for 'civil unrest (strikes, protests) due to legal or religious systems that stifle justice for the common people' and/or for 'applying legal methods against breakdowns in order' (Munkasey). Often the duo relates to scientific breakthroughs and discoveries (at conjunction--their next on April 21, 2024 @21Tau50) along with a tendency toward a certain form of deafness when the opinions of others are not wanted to be heard!

Now let's note that the 2019 Mars Return of Donald Trump occurs the next day--August 12, 2019 (marked upon the chart, lower right). Also, this chart shows the Sun's return to its and the Moon's degree of the August 11, 2018 eclipse--The Tower Solar Eclipse @18Leo41. Significant in 2019? Probably since Establishment agencies, politicians, and their enablers continue their attempts the break down or destroy the various towers that Trump built! Or at least, they pretend that his destruction is their goal. But are We The People being fooled by a political charade with tyranny the goal? I ask because history tends to rhyme so I must wonder if America's Trumpian lesson echoes the fate of the Roman Empire which eventually gave up its republican form of government and turned toward autocracy and the one-man-rule of Augustus Caesar. Now we watch as "stable genius" Trump and his minions work hard toward converting our nation into this very thing. Any thoughts? No?

Well, here are a few words from a book I'm currently reading and recommending (stop me if you've heard this one):

"No republic is eternal. It lives only as long as its citizens want it. {And} when a republic fails to work as intended, its citizens are capable of choosing the stability of autocratic rule over the chaos of a broken republic...Rome offers a lesson about how citizens and leaders of a republic might avoid forcing their fellow citizens to make such a tortured choice." (Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell Into Tyranny, by Edward Jay Watts).

And as most if not all Americans know, Benjamin Franklin is famous for his answer to a question which echoes from America's founding days...what form of government was created in 1776? "A Republic, if you can keep it."

Sadly I must doubt that the Trump voters of 2016 fully realized the risk they took by replacing our republic, broken as it was, with an autocracy--not of order and stability but one made unstable by more chaos than we had before under the 'guidance' of Uranian Trump who doesn't seem to have ever met an authoritarian dictator he doesn't intend to emulate.

Two Related Posts: 2019 'Wild Card' Uranus Activates The Tower Eclipse and Recognizing the Primitive Uranian.

Nov 27, 2018

2019 'Wild Card' Uranus Activates 'The Tower' Eclipse

Wild Card Uranus Returns to Its 'Wild Card' Solar Eclipse Degree of August 2018: Eclipses Are aka 'Wild Cards of the Universe' and 'Cosmic Blinks'

by Jude Cowell

Now you might think the following cosmic event pictured in a DC Horoscope, below, is insignificant and perhaps you're correct. You may also believe that once a new solar eclipse manifests, all previous eclipses are no longer subject to activation, whether the eclipses were Total or not. There we disagree.

So in consideration of the crisis-ridden political climate in America these days as led by chaotic Uranian Trump, and the themes of the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @18Leo41 which is also known as 'The Tower Eclipse' for its karmic collapsing/rebuilding energies in similar fashion to the planet of disruption and chaos, Uranus (Donald Trump's guiding planet in his natal horoscope) here is Uranus conjunct the Sun on April 23, 2019 as it returns to its partile degree of 2Tau33 in 'The Tower Eclipse' horoscope of 2018:

Most of my notes are penned upon the chart so please enlarge the image for better viewing as you wish--although I should point out a few factors: that the transiting Mars-Uranus midpoint sits upon the natal MC of Donald Trump along with enraged star Algol of Medusa fame and this suggests that any, all, or none of the potentials you see penned inside the horoscope may express--plus, transit Mars will soon hit Trump's natal Uranus (17Gemini) in his 10th house of Career and Public Status and this will activate what could be an especially explosive or dangerous period for him; also note that chart-ruler Venus makes no application (other than her conjunction with Chiron), and the chart's BOWL shape is led by an 8th house Moon in Sagittarius (Moon = women and children; the public; Sag is the sign of foreigners and immigrants).

Plus, it's impossible to ignore the cluster f**k at Midheaven with Saturn in Nodal Degree (doubly karmic, or fated) and conjoining South Node, a Saturnian point of separation (see chart notes). Plus, there's power-mad Pluto nearby as the two heavy-weights prepare for their rendezvous on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (see link, below) which conjoins the natal Vertex ('VX') of Mr. Trump. Some of Big T's natal placements surround the chart and are highlighted in lavender pink, a perfect shade for cowardly bullies, don't you think?

Related: Saturn Conjunct Pluto January 12, 2020 showing the 2020 horoscope, plus, the current Saturn-Pluto Conjunction horoscope, the cycle we remain in (since November 1982) until their next conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, an Earth sign of government, law, business, and materialism.

Nov 10, 2018

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived - Truthstream Media

Support the video productions and research of Truthstream Media at Patreon.


Check out a previous post on Nikola Tesla and his unaspected Uranus, planet of Technology, electricity, lightening, innovation, eccentricity, uranium--and genius. Curiously, considering this new phase of Tesla Technology now being revived and utilized, a cosmic synchronicity has recently occurred when his natal Uranus @24Tau56 was conjoined and thus in a sense 'set in motion' by a New Moon @24Tau36 on May 15, 2018!

And please note that the post linked above hooks you up with the B-rated natal horoscope of Nikola Tesla, born June 28, 1856 at 00:00 LMT during a major lightening storm. There you'll find that rising at midnight was 2Tau52, the spot in the Zodiac that transit Uranus now electrifies off and on (his natal Ascendant!) and his natal Pluto @5Tau32 rising and soon to be electrified by the abrupt changes brought to society by transit Uranus.

Aug 11, 2018

The Conspiracy Party and its Neptune in Pisces

Are Republicans Drenched by Neptune?

In September 2017, a post appeared on SO'W concerning the fact that the Republican Party is in process of its first-ever Neptune Return, a five-fer return which began on May 17, 2017 with its final exact return on December 29, 2018.

Actually, today is August 11, 2018 so the party's next Neptune Return perfects on October 20, 2018 with Neptune Rx @14Pis01, the party's natal degree of the planet from their founding on March 20, 1854 (6:30 pm LMT Rippon, Wisconsin). Between the five return charts, let's count the last return of December 29, 2018 as the major one you see below, since it must serve the party for the next 164 years (as if). Of course, all five return horoscopes 'count' and perhaps the first one of May 17, 2017 is the most significant. But since it's now 2018, the December chart is shown here and is set for the party's natal location (Rippon, WI) because unlike the December return chart relocated to DC, three planets are angular, as you see:

Please enlarge image to read scribbles! Hour of Mercury which @20Sagittarius conjoins the Party's natal Moon (info, communications, and plans relate to education, domestic circumstances, family and child concerns, real estate sales or property, and/or health issues); Locomotive shape of ruthless success led by the Moon @8Lib51 conjunct MC; Trump's natal Neptune at MC: loss of position or simply more lies and scandals? Chart-ruler Jupiter rising in Sagittarius applies to a square with Republican Party's natal Neptune in Return 3rd house of Communications: details of potentials are penned on the chart; as you see, Jupiter-Neptune qualities infuse the chart and US natal Pluto sits in the middle! Star of extreme misfortune, even suicide, Scheat, @29Pisces conjoins Mars, Chiron, and the Return's IC (The Drain; the Basis of the Matter; Endings). '29Pisces' = "A Prism: VALIDATION"...positive expression: "exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy:; negative/unconscious expression: "fatuous pride of intellect" (Jones). Wonder who suffers from that?

Naturally, there are other chart factors worth your consideration as are several stars that attach to the return's planets such as self-sacrificing Diadem conjunct Moon (the public; publicity) and Midheaven, the Aspiration and Career Point of all horoscopes; warring star Antares rises with its themes recently expanded by transit Jupiter; Sun @7Cap41 rises with Aculeus (enduring attacks but success) and conjoins Facies while serious Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, rises with Facies (ruthlessness or, the victim). Noted in the center of the chart is the severe Saturn-Pluto midpoint @15Cap47 which by degree points toward the first Solar Eclipse of 2019 @15Cap which perfects on January 6th in the 2 South Saros Series (joining unusual groups and feeling you'll gain a great deal from it--Brady).

Negative Nabobs of Neptune

Now as you know, there are many words and concepts typically assigned to the nebulous if inspired realms of astrological Neptune, with conspiracy being merely one of them. Made more prevalent as it floats through its own sign of tropical Pisces, Neptune also relates to: paranoia, fear, propaganda, fraud, deception, illegitimacy, illusion, veils and cover-ups, secrets, leaks, scams, grand schemes and dreams, erosion and dissolution, insecurity, uncertainty, karmic loss, glamour, disguises, mass media, and the masses--all come to mind as well as oceans, rivers, drinking and other water, gases, floods, epidemics and toxins. In Astrology, expansive Neptune's list is quite endless, or should I say, infinite? For The Divine Source is the highest designation for Neptune so we also find the GOP's association with religion (except that's really codifying Jupiter's domain with Neptune more a marker for spirituality and compassion.) Of course, fear and paranoia are what conspiracy theories are often based upon and are what such fanciful notions are meant to raise through the continual spreading of them.

Worth a gander is a 2013 TYT video segment Which Party Buys More into Conspiracy Theories? (5:58). (Confession: some of the theories mentioned appear factual to me!)

So how appropriate during the Republican Party's ongoing Neptune Return/s of 2017--2018 that various media and entertainment figures have recently called out the GOP as the 'Conspiracy Party' based on what the party has become--especially under the 'leadership' (?) of Mr. Trump, an ace conspiracy theorist in the flesh. 'Birtherism' against Barack Obama is a prime example of a political tactic that Trump based his presidential candidacy on meant to rile up fellow bigots at voting booths and place white supremacists within his administration (as if that's okay but it isn't). Plus, Neptunian cover-ups of domestic and foreign interference methods used in the 2016 Election (and threatening future elections) aided Trump in his quixotic quest for the White House.

Yet as his nibs fears, his is now seen as an illegitimate presidency by a many Americans and even transit Neptune veiling US Progressed Sun (POTUS) in Pisces has not successfully hidden the fact, nor has Neptune managed to hide Mr. Trump's purposeful ineptitude, weakness, financial shortcomings, and basic unsuitability for playing the role of POTUS. Besides, Trump in the White House isn't about playing the role well, it's about collapsing the American system of government and eroding our institutions, traditions, ideals, and beliefs, isn't it?

So in the 1854 founding chart of the Republican Party, let's consider a certain natal midpoint picture involving Neptune...Neptune-MC (goal point) = Uranus in the corporate 8th house: the desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs (Ebertin); and self-righteousness (Tyl). Yet oddly enough 'realization' is a concept belonging to astrological Saturn, planet of reality, form, law, government, business, and The Establishment. And of course, astrological Uranus represents potentials for: revolt, war, shock, disruption, upheaval, radical reform, chaos, and inventive and/or Utopian ideas. Science, Technology, and Progress are also Uranian but these days fact-based systems and progressive social reforms, among other things, act as garlic to the vampires of the regressive GOP--regrettably, and this I type as a Protestant Christian who continues to rely on the natural laws of the Universe set up by our Creator just as our Solar System (The Great Cosmic Clock) was and which makes Astrology's 'As Above, So Below' structure possible for our better understanding of life on Earth.

In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin also supplies information on the Neptune-MC blend itself which reveals potentials for: pursuit of wrong ideas; people with Utopian ideas (and plans!), crooks and swindlers, and a leaning toward deception. Does this sound like any politicians, indicted and not yet indicted, you can name? And with transit Uranus in Aries (blind zealots, anarchists, Utopians) we must add to their Utopian zealotry the Sabian Symbol of the Republican Party's Ascendant, the rising point which describes the Party itself, and the fact that America's natal Jupiter in Cancer rises in their chart as well and we have: '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds feathering Their Nests".

Now most everyone agrees that elected candidates of all political stripes go to Washington for one of two basic reasons: either to idealistically represent, as well as they can, We The People (what we once called public service and 'doing the people's business'), or, to create personal wealth within a compromised system based on favors, bribes, pay-offs, blackmail, intimidation...and doing the work of corporations--and nowadays, bowing to foreign dictators. Tragically for our nation, it often happens that the idealists find once there that materialism is the only way to keep their positions and many succumb as party leaders read them the riot act as dictated by un-elected financiers and anti-democratic saboteurs who care nothing for America.

Now in a spirit of disclosure, I should admit that for years I've blogged in dissent against America's role of World Cop for transnational Corporate Crime Syndicates--and have habitually complained against Global Government dissolving America's national sovereignty. But even as campaigning Trump gave lip service to such concerns, his 'walling in' of the American people is not the answer for these issues for I believe that Trump's border wall is more about playing on bigotry for votes, isolating America from her traditional allies and neighbors so that our leadership role on the global stage is reduced to allow authoritarian regimes to take over the reins. Perhaps you agree that China and Russia are the obvious culprits as we've observed foreign agent Trump approving of this radical notion. So often we see that Trump does just like Putin would do! so that his chaotic ways make more sense in such a disturbing light.

So as one of those many Americans with ancestors who sacrificed, fought, and died to help establish this nation--plus, with ancestors of non-Caucasian persuasions--the erosion and corruption of the Republican Party is of no joy to me nor is the corporate corruption of the Democratic Party. The fact that political parties were considered by our nation's Founders to be a negative course for America to take, their forming occurred in the past, a reality long accepted by my fellow Americans and used tactically by Washington DC, my former city of residence. That the Republican Party, said to have been created upon compassionate ideals (Neptune in Pisces) during the slave era, has slipped or been pushed into becoming a ridiculous 'Conspiracy Party' bodes ill for America's future unless and until clear and close scrutiny is performed by those who care and dare. Because even arrogant America, with her exalted Saturn in Libra, must abide by the natural laws of karma via sober Saturn's demands for realism, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and the accountability that Mr. Trump and the Republicans now encounter through the current fact-finding investigations of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the prosecutors of New York.

And speaking of Neptune, a 'noon' natal horoscope for POTUS-in-training Republican theocrat Mike Pence is available for viewing with two suggested rectified birth times and Ascendants--one ASC in Scorpio, one in Aquarius. Striking is his Minor Grand Trine formed by Saturn-Pluto = Neptune (quick decisions made in difficult situations; sudden acts of violence) with Neptune in this pattern alerting and inspiring him to a more objective use of the Saturn-Pluto trine, an aspect of The Magnate (Oken) which gives him an enormous capacity for accumulating wealth and for refining "existing forms of authoritarian institutions" (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology).

Related Posts include: Inauguration 2017 Horoscope in which we see that the final dispositor is Neptune in Pisces (of course it is!); Robert Mueller Appointed May 17, 2017; Reality Is Not What You Think, a Max Igan broadcast via video with his usual intriguing graphics and thought-provoking remarks; Horoscope: a Starry Autumn Equinox 2018; and it's up to We The People to shrug off our apathy and Defend the US Constitution on November 6, 2018 before Neptunian erosion via radical reforms by the Republican Party and their shady enablers change forever the America we've known and loved.

Above NASA photo: Neptune

Sep 24, 2015

World War III - Who Will Be Blamed? 17-min video--plus, Saturn

For your consideration:

Related: the natal horoscope of Zbigniew Brzezinski born in 1928 so his Uranus Return has occurred around the age of 84 and when transit Saturn now at the beginning of Sagittarius reaches 19Sag08, yet another Saturn Return will occur for this 80-something and who knows what old man Saturn will bring to such a powerful global chess player for what surely must be Saturn's last 28-year go-round since the time keeper's original position in Baby Brzezinski's 1928 natal chart.

Also of interest is E. Alan Meece's Looking Past the Point of No Return: 2012 - 2020.

Sep 5, 2015

Nikola Tesla - The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt - video (w/ Astrology added)

Presented here are some of the more intriguing theories about the true purpose of the Great Pyramid (not a tomb for pharoahs!) along with ancient Egyptian links to one of my favorite historical figures, the Uranian genius, Nikola Tesla:

"I don't care that they stole my idea...I care that they don't have any of their own." - Nikola Tesla

Wonder if Tesla was referring to thieves like inventor Thomas Edison and his financier J. P. Morgan?

Related: Tesla's Sun Cancer-Moon Libra blend.

Jan 4, 2015

Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo: paradox, paragon, or both?

On the Life and Personality of Mario Cuomo

by Jude Cowell

The American people lost one of their liberal champions this week with the passing of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, born at 9:30 am EDT on June 15, 1932 in Jamaica, New York, age 82. Astrologers recognize the timing of his life span as having a close connection to the 84-year cycle of planet Uranus, planet of genius, originality, and the radical politician (natal Uranus 22Ari37--transit Uranus not there yet but soon will be).

One source gives his time of death on January 1, 2015 (while his son was being sworn in to a second term) as 5:15 pm EST in Manhattan for those who wish to set up a horoscope.

Besides his inspiring oratorical talent, those close to Mario Cuomo describe him as having a writer's temperament which makes sense with both natal Sun and Mercury in Gemini, sign of writers and orators (Sun 24Gem12, Mercury 27:00). To check Cuomo's Astrodatabank wiki pages for a direct view of his natal horoscope tap or click here or, for more details visit his bio page as you wish.

Of interest may be a few highlights in the career of Mario Cuomo including his speech on July 16, 1984 at the DNC which catapulted him into the national spotlight (video below). His shout-out to President Reagan's touted 'Shining City on a Hill' (that Utopian ideal of Uranus) as actually 'A Tale of Two Cities' (the reality of Saturn--his in Aquarius) resonates even more strongly now as the 2015 political year begins with a newly rigged Republican majority in Congress threatening working and poor Americans with increased plutocratic oppression. Even the GOP's purported focus on the middle class bodes ill for the underdogs of American society, those weaklings Ayn Rand viciously despised.

Now on a personality level we may wish to consider Mario Cuomo's natal Sun Gemini-Moon Scorpio blend of conscious-unconscious energies, an ethereal Air-Water combination. His Gemini-Scorpio energies gave Gov. Cuomo a mixture of extrovert and introvert tendencies (an eloquent orator yet he loved to be at home which may be part of why he didn't run for president which then opened the door for Bill Clinton to run).

The former governor's Sun-Moon blend denotes a provocative head vs passion character who fought an inner battle between light-dark superficiality vs intensity, and a quick-witted operator who could sell anything (Gemini = commerce and trading), a very useful trait for a politician, lawyer, and educator. Dedicated to his convictions, Mario Cuomo could be humorous and infuriating at the same time with a scathing tongue and many inconsistencies to his character.

Respected by many Republicans, this Democrat may never quite be replaced in US Politics unless another Geminian orator takes the national political stage who holds genuine convictions rather than Gemini's usual changeable instabilities. A devoted Scorpio Moon and Mars in stubborn Taurus gave Mario Cuomo's nature more Fixed energy and thus provided him with an unbending rigidity and fixity of purpose.

R.I.P. Mario Cuomo June 15, 1932 - January 1, 2015.

For more Sun-Moon blend info I recommend Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey. And here's an apt quote from one who shares Mario Cuomo's natal Sun Gemini-Moon Scorpio combination--author, poet, and critic G. K. Chesterton:

"The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people."

And now...Governor Mario Cuomo speaking on July 16, 1984:

Sep 28, 2014

Horoscopes: October 2014 Lunar and Solar Eclipses Washington DC

October 2014 Eclipses: Aries Lunar/Scorpio Solar

by Jude Cowell

Image 1: Lunar Eclipse @15Ari05 conjunct Uranus Rx October 8, 2014 6:50:35 am EDT in 7th house of Partnerships/Open Enemies; Washington DC; Hour of Mars (out-of-bounds):

Whether or not an outer planet can be said to be 'Lord' of an eclipse, the 'wild card' component of all eclipses is here intensified by its nearness to quirky Uranus so the typical 'expect the unexpected' caution is advised. Additionally unexpected and/or surprising events (negative and positive) occur early or later on into 2015 as spurred by this Uranian eclipse. Plus, as you know, planet Uranus, planetary emblem of freedom, independence, and revolt tends to be activated whenever America engages in war.

Besides the presence of Uranus intensifying worldwide implications of the Oct 8th Lunar Eclipse (with Moon ruling 10th house of Public Status and Wider World--and US natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun snugged around the MC, The Goal Point), Uranus's Aquarian association with humanitarianism is another of its facets and the need for philanthropy becomes more dire as warring nations create millions more refugees and cause other forms of loss for their populations (Moon) such as for those considered by governments to be merely some of the statistical 'unintended consequences' of bombing and airstrikes, thanks to the folly of war and the depravity and corruption of governments.

We don't need Astrology to tell us that this is a no-win situation with Americans seeing brutality in her foreign enemies while they see brutality in ours. It's a major psychological projection with innocent people paying the price for psychotic behavior (the Moon's SN of 'past behavior that no longer applies to current conditions' will be conjoined soon by Uranus and sooner by the eclipse Moon @19Ari14.)

To see how things proceed, we consider the applying aspects (if any) of the horoscope's chart-ruler--here, Venus (ASC 10Lib10 with a double emphasis on degree (10 and 10) and ruler with Venus @10Lib42 rising.) That's goddess Venus of Beauty and Valuables, yes, but also of revenge and retaliation. 'She' makes two applications--one to Pluto and one to Uranus. In other words, the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto (next exact square on Dec 15, 2015--#6 of 7) is triggered and a T-Square between the Venus-Uranus opposition forms a midpoint word picture with apex Pluto @11Cap03 conjunct the IC (The Drain; Endings; Separation.) The potentials are for exhibitionism (like videos of brutality), notoriety (Tyl), attacks, accusations, disruptions, and unusual obsessions (Munkasey.)

First, Venus squares Pluto (0A20) indicating that actions will receive more serious responses than expected; plans backfire and make matters even worse as rage, resentment, and passions from the past are aroused. (Whoever thought that stirring up the powder keg that is the Middle East was a good idea? 'Just say No' to ancient passions. Or, nyet, if you prefer.) And it isn't as if modern national boundaries weren't arbitrarily set up by the West, is it? It's galling is what it is--for decades.

The second applying aspect of Venus in diplomatic Libra (I wish!) is an opposition to Uranus, an aspect of break-ups and quarrels in most anyone's horoscope. On the mundane level we may expect such things as a clash of values along with prejudice and judgmental attitudes on all sides as an atmosphere of unfairness under girds the action, violence, and retaliation. The Venus-Uranus opposition is why I title this Lunar Eclipse as one of 'Clash of Values/Scapegoating' for misguided or misdirected actions are mainly what are taken and are part of the projection tendency mentioned above.

Should I mention that these planetary portents are also influencing Washington DC politicians right now? Will the American people vote the anti-government, anti-democratic usurpers and Uranian anarchists and zealots (Uranus in Aries) out of office on November 4, 2014? I hope we will. With astrological Moon ruling We the People, the Lunar Eclipse's separative, disruptive Venus-Uranus opposition may indicate such an outcome especially if women (Venus), young people, and minorities show up and vote on behalf of their best interests.

No, Democrats are far from perfect but we know what austerity and breach-of-trust behavior to expect in 2015 and beyond if Republicans gain the upper hand.

So a cosmic spotlight is here places upon an Hour of an OOBs Mars in religious quest-seeker Sagittarius so he's off on his own, away from the earthly plane--not cooperating with the other actors (planets), and 'doing his own thing'. That this may well include guns, bombs, executions, arson, destruction, and more is unfortunately expected by yours truly who would dearly love to be over-reading the situation. However, warrior Mars sits at the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto denoting violence, brutality, assaults, fanatical adherence to principles, and a need to fight for one's existence--and this describes the existential threat that Washington says the American people face as do the good people of the Middle East in our dead-end psychosis of West v East conflict.

Planetary Patterns October 8, 2014

We partially mentioned above the Sun-Moon-Pluto-MC configuration which becomes a Cardinal Grand Cross in the chart if MC is counted. But we don't have to count the MC (not a planet but a place for expression of energies) because we can replace this MC with US natal Sun (13:19) in Cancer if we dare. Then we have natal Sun (the leader)-Pluto = Moon, a picture of basic changes that effect the flow of events, fluctuations when appearing strong-willed, and/or efforts to bring aid to those in need. Pluto-MC = Moon also applies here and denotes a determination to overcomes decisiveness and to forge ahead with objectives though these may be subject to change (Uranus-ASC = MC.) Naturally, the ongoing opposition and its challenges to the President from powerful, super-wealthy Pluto is a major part of everyone's problems.

Additionally in the Lunar Eclipse chart is a Kite pattern (a modified Grand Trine) with its nose the Sun, its wings Leonine Jupiter (lead planet in a Locomotive pattern...our commander-in-chief?) and activist and soldier Mars 16Sag56, and its tail the intense, excitable Moon-Uranus conjunction. Kites add two sextiles of opportunity to the Trine along with an opposition--here, its the Full Moon Eclipse itself--though Uranus chimes in as discussed. The additional aspects within the Kite suggests that errors in judgment can be corrected since special skills are indicated. Note that the Cardinal Grand Trine is between Moon-Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter; the Sun (#POTUS) has the special skills to 'fly' this Kite of success. Unfortunately, the American public can no longer be certain just what the US government actually considers to be 'success'.

Image 2: Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 conjunct Venus October 23, 2014 5:56:39 pm EDT Washington DC; Hour of Mercury (Rx in 6th house):

Approximately two weeks later a Solar Eclipse occurs and hits the natal Suns of the UN and of the modern New World Order--both charts are for October 24th, the UN in 1945, the NWO in 1993, year of the 'Age of Reason' planets' Great Conjunction/s at or near '18Cap': POLITICAL POWER in the Sabian Symbols. Word Picture: "The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer." Take from that what you may for the symbol stands for SUPERVISION in the Marc Edmund Jones version with its negative (shadow side) expression: "smug or strong-armed paternalism." And this is what Britain and other Western nations used when forming arbitrary boundaries across the Middle East and now bomb it to smithereens, and also describes the draconian surveillance and oppression they use against their own people now.

It's a Mercury Hour with Mercury Rx in the 6th house of Military-Police Service as our troops return to duty and transport and communications may perhaps be somehow disrupted or delayed (Mercury Rx.) Yes, someone is being facile with facts and numbers yet there are glitches and possible discrepancies involved as well. At least the previous Cardinal Grand Cross of titanic struggles has somewhat lifted since October 8th but I wouldn't suggest celebrating just yet!

In closing, let's briefly consider a few factors such as Jupiter the General's condition and the applying aspects of chart-ruler Mars (ASC 23Ari35)--still OOBs and with rebel Uranus and SN rising which denotes conflict, quarrels, disruptions (including the technical kind), revolution, and war as noted above. Pluto in controlling, managing Capricorn sits at MC and I doubt this picture needs any explanation since power and control are obvious desires of Mr. Hades. And the Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse in Scorpio makes his creepy opportunism only more visible in the world (MC) even though eclipses in Scorpio provide mankind with chances to advance evolutionary karma--yet Pluto is an ancient foe of anyone who doesn't knuckle under his fist. What to expect once Mars 'catches up' with Pluto? We must consider that in another post (and of course searching the topic online will yield much info for you if needed.)

So what's the karmic potential of this eclipse? Forgiveness is the key to progress!

Jupiter in Nodal Degree: a Karmic or Fated Quality (Reaping What Was Sown in the Past)

Now Jupiter @19Leo26 in 5th house of Risk-Taking continues to lead the whole group of actors in a Locomotive pattern suggesting a high-powered executive with great leadership skills. "Get on board or get left behind" is his motto and a certain ruthlessness may be in evidence especially if you see the situation as I do--a world government struggling to be implemented by global operatives which include US officials, the Pentagon, and Eastern officials, too! With our guys, their oaths of allegiance have been secretly made to what they consider a much higher authority--not the US Constitution. In America this applies to both Republicans and Democrats--you know, the corporate sell-outs and infiltrators among us. Yes, NWO engineers want us to feel that this 'order out of chaos' is fated and cannot be avoided but I don't believe it is--at least, not yet.

So! The 9th house (Foreign Lands) chart-ruler Mars makes no applying major aspects to other planets in the eclipse chart of October 23rd which makes Mars' degree, sign, house position, and houses ruled important factors as we go forward. This spotlights the 8th house with 27Sco47 on its cusp (Pres. Obama's natal MC degree) and 8th house matters including transformation, death, Corporatism, Big Business, and the occult. These potential focuses are emphasized even more since the 8th house is Scorpio's natural house in Western Astrology. In fact, when the Oct 23rd chart is set for DC, all the eclipse houses have their natural signs on its cusps and the 1st-8th house possibilities include not just death but health implications as well.

Note that one of the power asteroids, Hidalgo, conjoins this non-applying, out-of-bounds Mars which may denote fortune-hunter and social climber vibes to the archetypal warrior's quest/s, plus a little company during his sojourn of isolation.

A full 7th house of Partnerships and Open enemies seems problematic for the US--is Washington depending too heavily on what other nations will do against ISIS-ISIL? We already know that Congress gave up its power to the White House and Pentagon (war declaring power), and to international bankers (money-printing power) years ago.

Now a Solar Eclipse in the Angular 7th house highlights compromise, cooperation, teamwork, and giving one's fair share as the prominent lessons for making progress and though we all think of global alliances formed in the fight against ISIS, it's not made easy with retaliation and revenge for old wounds in the picture. That's where forgiveness should come in but what are the chances of that especially with US political conflicts ruining all that can be ruined of a president's reputation in self-interested, chest-thumping attempts to win elections and influence people?

And this self-defeating tendency in US politics is regularly and profitably used against the American people by enemies open and hidden!

Okay, I'll hush for now and add this:

Update on the Autumn Equinox 2014 Horoscope: Uranus eclipsed on October 8, 2014

Below is the Autumn Equinox 2014 horoscope for purposes of comparison. As you see, the October 8th lunation 'eclipses' Equinox 2014 Uranus in Aries adding 'sudden events and unpredictable outcomes' to the Autumn picture; my scribbled notes have been added (click or tap image to enlarge.) Look for the house where 00Sco24 falls for the Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse influence to be strongest:

Mar 1, 2014

Horoscope: Crimea w March 1, 2014 New Moon in Pisces

Image: Natal Horoscope for Crimea: May 5, 1992 16:00 GMT Simferopol, Russia; Hour of the Moon; Moon (the people) out-of-bounds @22Gem53 in 8th house denoting separation between the people and the country's leadership especially in the area of Shared Resources:

Since I'm having tech problems here I'll quickly post this chart and hope you can enlarge to read my notes written thereupon. The Ukrainian Republic of Crimea began moving toward independence on June 28, 1991 when Crimean Tatars in Simferopol declared sovereignty. Previously an autonomous region within the Ukraine and not a state, the Crimean Parliament approved their independence on September 5, 1991 and this act "allowed for a proclamation of independence but was not used, being kept in reserve for future use. The only indication of time points to around 5:00 pm BST..." (Campion's Book of World Horoscopes.)

I have italicized 'being kept in reserve' because I think it partially describes the out-of-bounds (OOBs) condition of the people's Gemini Moon which implies separation or isolation since the Moon is the only OOBs planet in the natal chart. You will also note that the current position of transformative, destructuring Pluto @13Cap04 in Crimea's natal 3rd house is triggering Crimea's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series, the 12 North with its themes of 'more responsibilities' and 'making greater commitments' (Brady.)

Related: Russia may annex Crimea.

You will also note that the current news from the region being touted in the US is that Ukraine is divided between Russian influence and that of the European Union. Perhaps the Ukrainian people feel divided on such issues with natal Moon in dualistic Gemini. However, it does seem that there's a lot more than meets the eye in the Ukraine-Crimea-Russia-EU-US situation than this.

Astrologically, Pluto in bossy Capricorn also represents the wealth and power of the World Bank and the IMF, organizations which stand to make huge profits from a Western-based outcome to this tense quarrel which some believe has been instigated by the US government and others.

Personally, my suspicion is that President Putin and the other presidents involved are reading from the typical new world order/global government script--and there in the chart/s above is anarchist, disruptor, and revolutionist Uranus at '11Aries', "The President of the Country" degree in the Sabian Symbols.

See: Obama talks Ukraine sovereignty, Putin touts Russian security.

New Moon: a New Phase of Activity Begins as Global Chess Pieces Move

Well, many sneaky things ten to occur during a New Moon and the Dark of the Moon in the previous hours to its perfection. How appropriate that the March 1, 2014 New Moon degree of '11Pisces' has this symbol: "Men Seeking Illumination" which is part of what the new world order duo, Uranus and Neptune, stand for, plus tellingly, their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 at or near '18Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER"..."smug or strong-armed paternalism" (Jones) fits the actions now being taken in Crimea, Ukraine, Venezuela, and across the globe.

To the best of our abilities, it is obvious that everyone must prepare for the time when transiting Pluto reaches that degree area of the Zodiac (18-20Cap) for the midpoint picture of Uranus-Neptune = tr Pluto threatens calamities, loss, and abandonment of resistance to what must be Pluto's Great Plan--global government--which in reality is already upon us if we allow Pluto a 5-degree orb from 13Cap to 18Cap.

Feb 22, 2014

Natal Horoscope: Ukraine with Jan-Feb 2014 Transits

The following horoscope for Ukraine is one of three given in Campion's Book of World Horoscopes. It is set for December 1, 1991 6:00 EET when the announcement was made after a referendum that Ukraine was legally independent and the country "began to function as a genuinely independent sovereign state." I choose to show this version of a Ukraine natal chart because one of the current transits involves government-toppling Pluto in Capricorn now crushing natal Uranus @11Cap57 in the 6th house of Police and Military Service:

Ukraine December 1, 1991 6:00 pm EET Kiev; Hour of Venus; Ascendant 3Leo29; chart-ruler Sun (Leadership) @9Sag02, Moon (The People) @17Lib48. This is a Fire-Air blend which denotes a 'live wire' relationship full of bombast and impracticality--the 'Utopian idealist' or maverick with many ideas who lives at a very fast pace.

An On-Going Conflict: Independence v Dependence

Sun Sag-Moon Lib reveals Ukraine to be replete with philosophers who possess social consciences, and those who like to frequent coffee shops and theaters. It is a warm-hearted combo of energies with a streak of prophecy tossed in yet it can be assertive, aggressive, and temperamental when challenged or treated unjustly as The People have been of late when President Yanukovych succumbed to Russia's trade deal rather than agreeing to the one offered by the EU.

See How Much Money Did Ukraine Lose When It Nixed the EU Deal? and more on the violent protests which began peacefully.

Now as natal chart-ruler, the Sun makes only one major applying aspect in the chart, a square to Jupiter which is the lead planet of the chart's Bowl pattern. This IDs the country and its leaders (Sun, Jupiter) as wheeler-dealers who don't mind bending the truth when it suits. Alan Oken calls a Sun-Jupiter square 'the squanderer' aspect if that tells you anything about the quality of the leaders the good people of Ukraine have had to put up with (as in America and elsewhere!).

Now let's discuss current transits to Ukraine's natal horoscope and as you see (please tap or click to enlarge), the ones for February 21, 2014 (coup d'etat?) are penned around the outside of the chart. However, in my quirky Uranian way (Uranus in 10th house), I'm going to list the transits for January 22, 2014 since that is the date of the first deaths of protesters and police officers.

So by consulting the displayed horoscope with February transits you can see how far the planets have moved since January 22nd--and that Mercury Rx now sits upon the country's natal 8th cusp of Death and Transformation. Mercury Stations Direct on February 28th @18AQ09 and will cross 8th cusp again; Mars will Station Rx on March 1st @27Lib31 (in natal 4th house of Domestic Scene--Mars = activists, protesters, police, military, and males between 25 to 35, give or take a year or so); Jupiter Stations Direct on March 6th @10Can21 and is, as you see, conjunct natal South Node, a point of separation, in the 12th house of Politics.

you'll undoubtedly notice more aspects to natal planets but these are the planetary influences I see as most affecting current events in Ukraine.

Key: UKR = Ukraine; 2014 = position of planets on January 22, 2014:

2014 Sun conjunct UKR Saturn @2AQ49 in 6th h: authority is highlighted, police and military are used by the president;

2014 Venus conjunct UKR Neptune @15Cap08 in 6th h: someone is out of touch with reality and hard to pin down, disguise is afoot, and mysterious events take place;

2014 Jupiter conjunct UKR South Node of the Moon (the public) which may be on one level a karmic picture of a president stepping down as he did; Jupiter also opposes UKR Uranus @11Cap57, the exact position of the January 1, 2014 New Moon and transiting Pluto! Jupiter opposite Uranus shows it to be a negative time for Politics and Group Endeavors as everyone goes off in different directions--including fleeing presidents and resigning cabinet members;

2014 Saturn conjunct UKR Pluto @21Sco01 in 5th h of Risk-Taking, but very close to the 4th h: situations are too large to be kept under control and there may be deep disappointment about something from the past;

2014 Uranus square UKR Uranus in Capricorn supports disruptive circumstances, separations, and unpredictable events as obstacles to personal freedom are met with an independent spirit; additionally, you see that transiting Uranus, planet of rebellion, rioting, and revolution, is at the top of the natal horoscope at Midheaven (11Ari32), the Goal Point of any chart with revolution and fire in the streets of Kiev being highly visible upon the World Stage--in Independence Square! What better place for the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square to trigger its work of rebellion?

You may wish to view the following video concerning the Divide in the Ukraine--Russia v EU, with astrological Uranus' 'separation and disruption' vibes on display:

One last note about the natal chart: in UKR's 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Secret Deals contains the country's Pre-Natal Eclipse @18Can58 in the 11 South Saros Series. Its themes include: 'the need for sudden reforms, old ideas and methods fail and new systems are needed to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 11S last manifested on July 22, 2009 @29Cancer+ with '30Can' being the "A Child of the Revolution" degree in Sabian Symbols. 11S also occurred in the years 1901, 1919, 1937, 1955, and 1973, and will next turn up in year 2027.

During this dangerous time, my heartfelt prayers go out to the good people of Ukraine who, like all of us, deserve much fairer treatment from the government that is allegedly serving them. jc

Feb 17, 2014

Presidents' Day Feb 17, 2014: a T-Square for a radical planet

It seems rather interesting that on this Presidents' Day 2014 a T-Square forms over head between the Jupiter-Pluto opposition (Can/Cap axis) squaring radical Uranus @10Ari06, America's 'totem planet' of freedom, independence, and revolution.

And of course you know that Ebertin describes Uranus when in Mars-ruled Aries as dreamy Utopians fanatically fighting, violent, and filled with blind zeal. And you know one example of their 'dream': the determination to force the world into Global Governance and under their thumbs--those kind of people. What's interesting to me is that today's degree of planet Uranus when rounded up for its Sabian Symbol to "11Aries" "The President of the Country."

Now this word picture could refer to any country's president, even Russia's Putin with so much of the world's current emphasis upon the Sochi Olympic Games, but writing from Stars Over Washington, I naturally think first of President Obama. Especially since transit Jupiter @10Can55Rx is amongst America's natal planets in Cancer (3--14 degrees: Venus, Jupiter, and Sun, the president) and tr Pluto continues to oppose US natal Sun which shows the titanic power struggles Mr. Obama is in process of negotiating (as if creepy Pluto of the Underworld--The Global Banking Syndicate, its allies, and political puppets--can be reasoned with!)

Uranus "11Aries" = IDEALIZATION...positive expression: the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would become the creative representative of eternal value; negative (unconscious/shadow side): an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones

Sep 29, 2012

Sep 29, 2012 Aries Full Moon conjunct Uranus Rx!

In about 20 minutes edt, the Full Moon perfects @7Ari22 after sailing past Uranus Rx @6Ari31. Crackling excitement is always in the air with a Moon-Uranus contact and since this is a Full Moon, the opposition of quirky, surprising Uranus to the Sun makes for willfulness and provocative circumstances.

Naturally with a Full Moon we think of relationships and this one in particular since the Aries-Libra axis is being reflected in the Moon's glow. Sun Lib-Moon Ari is an Air-Fire blend of energies so the phrase "live wire" comes quickly to mind.

This sociable combo is perfect for a Saturday night of parties! Yet it contains political vibes, too, and is shared natally by a comedian-activist and a poet, both of whom are quoted here:

"Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned."

-Dick Gregory

"A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man."

-E.E. Cummings

Well, I'm quite certain they each had very good reasons for saying so...


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