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Jun 16, 2011

Weiner Leaves Congress, Ulysses Meets Twitter 6.16.11

Today mad-sexter Anthony Weiner has resigned (been forced out) of Congress so this common gooder assumes his populist rants have caused our one-world-government types a bit of trouble as Democrats unite to banish one of their own from the political limelight of Capitol Hill. Dems hope Weiner's disappearance will end the brou-ha-ha as reported on the Thom Hartmann program as I type.

Seems that Mrs. Weiner returned to the US on Tuesday (6.13.11) from abroad and consulted with her husband on his/their best course of action. (So again: why is Vitter still in office?)

Meanwhile on a happier note, it's Ulysses Meets Twitter today marking with tweets the 97th anniversary of Bloomsday (June 16, 1904), the 24-hour focus of James Joyce's groundbreaking stream-of-consciousness novel Ulysses with its 'a day in the life of Leopold Bloom' theme which set the literary world on its ear in the early 21st century.

You may wish to check out some notes and links I've just published over at my tapestry blog Jude's Threshold (a bloggish blend woven with strands of Art, Astrology, Politics, & News) within a post containing a few astrological details on June 16, 1904 (Bloomsday.)

My brief observations on James Joyce's natal chart and his birth data are included.

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