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Jun 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Sun in Aries but is Moon in Aquarius?

So do you think Michelle Bachmann is nutty or not?

Here's her Wiki bio page with particulars, if you care to know more about this Republican representative from Minnesota who took national office in the House on January 3, 2007.

Let's take a quick peek at her natal planets to see if any weird vibes are involved before she wins the presidency of the United States (just kidding!) Yet she was born with contacts to America's natal horoscope, contacts which have in the past been good for presidential candidates' victories: the degree area 23 - 29 Leo/Aquarius which 'connects' to America's July 4, 1776 Moon (we-the-people.)

Now Bachmann's natal Moon, especially if in Aquarius, opposes her Jupiter Rx--Pluto Rx conjunction in showy Leo which then points to relationship issues and emotions as recurring themes in her life.

If their orb is close enough, the trio create an interesting midpoint picture which seems apt...

Jupiter/Pluto = Moon: an ability to influence the masses or the public through an appeal to the emotions; a desire to bring about social change or improvements; a good psychologist.

Born in Waterloo, Iowa on April 6, 1956, Michele Bachmann has Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius (unless born between 10:38 pm and midnight, that is.) Chances are - and her detached manner indicates - that her personality blend is a Fire-Air Sun Aries-Moon Aquarius rather than having the dreamier, sensitive Pisces Moon.

Actually, the Images for Integration for each combo may give us clues so we may as well check them now:

Sun Ari-Moon AQ: "A gallant crusader turns his sword into a computer chip and broadcasts New Age philosophy...A militant feminist joins a non-sectarian commune."

Sun Ari-Moon Pisces: "A world champion boxer and an artist in Greenwich Village meet, fall in love, marry and struggle happily ever after."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign , Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Well, she does seem 'militant' and the first with its 'New Age' reference (a shout-out to the New World Order, one-world-government crowd of chaos-creators) sounds more correct to me yet you may disagree and prefer the more romantic Pisces Moon. But odds are, Bachmann's natal Moon is in airy, mental Aquarius unless she was born late at night - and public figures are more often born earlier.

A weakness of the Sun Ari-Moon AQ blend is a selfish altruism which sacrifices others for a social vision which is one thing I would call the NWO-Bilderberg-Illuminati agenda that dissolves US sovereignty, our educational system, the financial sector, our social safety net, and anything else you can name that holds the citizens of the United States together, however loosely.

Note that the 'sacrifice' is visited upon others as with GOP 'austerity cuts' against those of us who can least afford them...a sly form of population control with the rich ruling class grabbing even more of the loot than they've already purloined.

Strengths of the Ari-AQ blend include: idealism, the 'gift of gab', enthusiasm, a wide-ranging intellect (one apparently more curious than Sarah Palin's), and natural charisma.

Well, I do hope this isn't a Meet Your Next President post! She's recently toned down some of her wilder rhetoric but a 'mild mask' will be hard for her to sustain for long.

Tremendous Drive Within a T-Square, or: Rants and Raves

Rep. Bachmann was born under the difficult rays of a T-Square that was in force for the 24 hours of April 6, 1956, and it includes a 'nutty', erratic, or 'out-there' quality inherently found within a Mars/Uranus opposition.

Her Mars is in Capricorn (focused, efficient use of energy), sign of Government, Law, and Business; Uranus is in Moon-ruled Cancer (which would support an Aquarian Moon.) Mars and Uranus both conjoin and oppose US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx giving an explosive yet exciting, radical, zealous tone for her within the US power structure:

Self-willed Mars/Uranus = veiling Neptune 29Lib Rx: cunning and deceit; a low and mean way of acting; a person with bad intentions; a fit of rage or fury; raving madness.

Note: as a dissenting American, I remain unimpressed with Rs and Ds though Dems often give more lip service to populist, common good causes. I only typed out what Reinhold Ebertin wrote about the above midpoint combination. As stated in SO'W's sidebar, America is my only nag in the race even as politicians on both sides of the alleged aisle work together to dismantle and collapse our nation in order to complete the installation of a totalitarian regime focused demonically on world domination, a hopeless cause.

That said, let's close for now with the Pre-Natal Eclipse of Rep. Bachmann, the 12 North Series into which she was born. A Solar Eclipse manifested in this Series in January 2010 and I confess I'm not familiar enough with her congressional career to tell if its flavor affected her public life in 2010. So from Brady's Predictive Astrology, I shall simply paraphrase its meaning and let you be the decider:

12N: 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities arrive suddenly; new commitments are likely due to another person's being unable to carry on; events may be difficult but the eventual outcome brings good self-esteem and harmony.'

My guess is that this relates to her association with the Tea Party, or to a space opening up on a congressional committee. Got any ideas? For your political and/or astrological comments on-topic are very much appreciated!


Kieron said...

I live in Minnesota and she is all too familiar. She is seriously unhinged, Moon/Uranus opp or not. She never lets a fact get in the way of her ideology. The rate of home foreclosures in her semi-rural district is sky-high, yet her constituents keep re-electing her.

As for the cunning and deceit, she rails against welfare and subsidies, yet seems to have no problem filing an annual tax write-off for a "farm" she supposedly owns, among other cute cognitive-dissonances.

My axe to grind is that she has a "husband" (a closet case, natch) who runs "ex-gay" ministries to "fix" something that was never broken to begin with. The state is facing a shutdown June 30th due to budget arguments, yet one of her causes is amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, something that's already illegal here.

She's like Palin: You either love this loony or you hate her to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your take on Ms Bachmann's chart. Just saw Ms B this morning on CSPAN and I was wondering about her DOB/astro info.

Turns out her birthday is so close to mine that some of your astro analysis applies to my own chart as well: pre-natal eclipse, Mars at mid-Cap, Neptune at 29 Libra, Jup/PL your delineation was definitely an 'extra fun' read for me.

Although Ms Bachmann is politically not 'my cup of tea,' I enjoyed her sales pitch at yesterday's GOP get-together in New Orleans anyway.

She looks great for her age! The previous commenter made a note about her 'husband.' That made me laugh. Yes, I can see her being the one who wears the pants in the family.

Thanks for the info about Michele Bachmann's Sun Aries-Moon Aqua combo and the rest of your chart delineation. (Aries Sun/Leo Moon: that's the ticket!)

Anonymous said...

Regarding one of the last items, "opportunities open up", I'd say that the opportunity that has opened up for Rep. Bachmann comes at Sarah Palin's self-inflicted expense. True, Rep. Bachmann appears more ready to work but they're both seriously out-to-lunch.