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Jul 8, 2011

Dear Obama, Keep SS Off the Table: Sanders and Whitehouse

Considering the Social Security Loathing of the GOP

by Jude Cowell

Well, the Rs get to finally Starve the Beast! But we the American people are self-destructive numbskulls if we allow the corporate elite's handmaidens in Washington DC to steal from Social Security to pay what is really credit card debt run up under three Republican presidents: Reagan, Bush, and W-Bush, as Thom Hartmann points out today. As Thom adds, "Now they don't want to pay the bill!" which mummery we see playing out in the political theater auditorium we call the Capitol Building, that bastion of Freemasonry architecture and futuristic, one-world ideology now so deeply embedded within the US system of government, plus, within our financial, educational, and religious systems.

It's like living inside a very bad sci-fi movie! Or, like an old episode of V.

But there's some good news! Senators Sanders and Whitehouse are attempting to stop the carnage even as President Obama goes all wobbly on the topic of protecting Social Security benefits (the parties seem to be in league with one another to fundamentally change this nation. But I don't believe in the kind of life-threatening changes they're enforcing, do you?)

The negative effects from a failure of the SS safety net program are incalculable and many whippersnappers are tempted to think its demise is not their concern. Yet ripples from a lessening of SS payouts would affect families all over the nation since someone must step up when Granny can't pay her bills or house herself any longer. A myriad of hard consequences will ensue as well along with other negatives from social program cutbacks which the rich class say they simply must depend upon 'at this juncture', poor things.

Now I tend to feel that what's commonly good for All is, by definition, good for The Many. To muddy those waters, we-the-people have been separated from one another by political factions and sloganeering, entertainment and tech gadgets that endlessly fascinate right under our individual noses, corrupted elections, lies into war, and by many other methods used to divide and thus conquer.

And all the while the powers-that-be work tirelessly and lucratively to keep us medicated and our bodily systems and waters so toxic and ill that we don't fully notice or care about what the power elite crowd perpetrates. Of late, you can just ask the Yellowstone River! "The solution to pollution is dilution"? Nope, Exxon-Mobile. Not even close.

Yes, the task of trussing the American turkey is almost completed--so come on, let's Hold Accountable the Raptors Among Us before the oven overheats with our names carved on it! Sure, perp walks may have just gone out of style but that certainly doesn't validate or justify the schemes and fraud of the criminal International Banking Syndicate.

On similar political topics, Richard Cohen takes a Look Beyond Bachmann's Looks and finds what one might expect concerning the theocracy-loving Sun in Aries presidential candidate with a compulsive drive for power--as all candidates must possess to even consider running for the propaganda-catapultin' job allegedly centered in our Venusian Oval Office.

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Alex said...

Hi Jude,

Howard Dean made good points:

Howard Dean: MSNBC Video - Link
On Deficit Negotiations