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Jul 4, 2011

Leuren Moret safe, sound and researching 7.4.11

Recently I was alerted in a Comment thread here that there may be a question regarding the whereabouts of whistle blower Leuren Moret, so I asked if anyone knew where geoscientist Leuren Moret is or if she's okay. Now I am pleased to report that Dr. Moret has kindly contacted Stars Over Washington by leaving a Comment to assure us that she is fine and busily working.

Since I have no contact info to send along a message expressing my relief that woolly boogers had't gotten her, the only way to respond concerning this excellent news of her safety and continuing research is to publish her reply. Current Fukushima and TEPCO details are included:

I would like to thank you for asking where I (Leuren Moret) am. I have been quiet for the last month, doing more research/interviews on Fukushima and the bigger picture, as well as building international scientific support and expert scientific witnesses for the new lawsuits now moving into the courts in Fukushima prefecture.

The lawsuits are asking for injunctions to evacuate the 350,000 children left there and being poisoned to death with radiation that the govt and the "Goyo Gukusha" (academic whores) are saying is safe "even for pregnant mothers". Also the Japanese Govt must be fed up with TEPCO because they have secretly written a report to break down TEPCO - the largest energy company in Asia - so that the Govt takes over 90% of TEPCO and leaves renewable energy only with TEPCO (10%). I think they should execute with Samurai swords the TEPCO officials, but I think they are all in cahoots so that won't happen.

This is just the beginnning of the nightmare, they are going to continue wrecking the environment globally, poisoning all of the food supplies with rad, and taking down the US to the bottom of the barrel. It is truly horrifying, and I know now that people realize something is really wrong. Thanks for asking about me...sometimes I am very happy to read comments like yours because I know the power of the information is getting out there and people are taking it in. A friend told me about your web comments, so I thought I would let you know that I appreciate them.

Leuren in Berkeley, California

(By Leuren Moret)


You're welcome! Considering the low characters of the thieves and crooks you uncover, it's very good to know you're safe because these reptiles play for keeps as more and more people are now realizing. The cleansing light of publicity's sunshine is the best disinfectant for germs of all kinds! jc


Concerned back east said...

Thank you for putting forth my concern re: Ms. Moret's whereabouts/welfare.
Much appreciated!

Kieron said...

News from Ms Moret.