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Jul 4, 2011

USA: the Blessings of Saturn in Libra 7.4.11

Happy 235th birthday, America!

America was founded with planet Saturn exalted in Libra, and Julie Demboski's post for today concerns authority and perspectives, Celebrating and Reacting, with asteroid Ceres' activity reminding us of our nurturing and security needs on this, Independence Day 2011.

Using the degree-for-a-year method, 235 years converts to 235 degrees (2011 - 1776) which then tallies on the zodiacal wheel to: 235 - 210 (Libra) = 25 Scorpio, making 2011 America's '25 Scorpio year' of existence upon the evolutionary scale of life on Earth.

Dane Rudhyar gives '25Sco' as "An X-Ray Photograph"...STRUCTURAL KNOWLEDGE...

"Keynote: The capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors of existence."

Everything about this degree mentions various levels of Saturn's form, function, control, systemic, and structural influences. Ex: "Thus if the structure is weak, deformed by persistent strain, or unbalanced, the basic causes of outer disturbances and dis-ease can be discovered.' (DR.)

Basic causes of our dis-ease discovered! Well, that would make a fabulous birthday gift for our creaky 235-year-old nation, wouldn't it? Perhaps the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @9Can12 (between US n Sun and Jupiter) will highlight such discoveries and allow them to be addressed!

In The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones adds for '25Sco': INVESTIGATION...

positive expression: 'an exceptional power of analysis';

negative/unconscious/shadow side: 'uncritical oversensitiveness to both the condition of self and the state of society'. (My italics, my 'unconscious/shadow side' added.)

Ah yes, the 'state of society'...Saturn, the state, in partnership with Jupiter = the societal planets, the balance between contraction (Saturn) and the expansion of Jupiter, the yin-yang, positive-negative, black-white, up-down dualism of our Universe.

And America was founded with both the societal planets exalted in their signs: Jupiter in home-loving yet business-savvy Cancer, Saturn in Scales-of-Balance Libra, sign of Relationships, ruled by The Attractor, Venus.

As expansion-contraction issues are discussed on Capitol Hill, it is important as well to consider the Jupiter-Saturn phasal relationship in America's natal horoscope. After all, their cycle of contraction-expansion relates closely to financial cycles - and last week the NYSE broke a two-year record for giddiness.

US natal Jupiter 98 degr 52 mins n Saturn, so they're almost 99 degrees apart and square one another by sign. A square (90 degr) aspect denotes frustration, delay, blockage, and obstacles, and a Cancer-Libra square shows a basic structural problem which can cause financial and business reversals if ill-managed. And I might add 'if dishonorably managed' since both Saturn and Jupiter prefer to reward according to our level of upstanding, righteous behavior.

The thing about a square (or 'squarish') relationship between the societal planets is that judgments concerning long-term planning may be faulty especially in the realm of Finances. Plus, there are problems caused by bad timing. Famously, the Sabian Symbol for US natal Jupiter ('6Can') from 1776 is: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"! And as I always quickly mention: they still do.

Most of them have become experts at pocket-lining, in fact.

Recently the phasal relationship between tr Jupiter and Saturn has clocked in around 150 degr off and on, a quincunx, or inconjunct aspect of disjunction and adjustment (Rs v Ds: in American Mundane Astrology, Saturn = Democrats, Jupiter = Republicans though naturally each party exhibits traits belonging to both planets.)

Jupiter inconj Saturn shows difficulty with justifying why we feel burdened by responsibilities as past incidents where duty was avoided come home to roost. There are few options or choices, and further disturbance is felt through not knowing how long the condition will last. Bitter resentment results but it's really a disguised self-disgust for allowing others to use and abuse us.

Step Back!

Because honest, objective perspectives are required along with the aid of trusted advisers...if we can, at this momentous time, find any of those critters that politicians will listen to. Personally I believe that America's true worth is unquantifiable...even without retaining our previous financial dominance in the world!

Now it's Independence Day 2011, and we-the-people remain almost wholly unimpressed with the US government and its Congress grumpily meeting tomorrow (Tuesday July 5, 2011) as the Senate forgoes its July 4th vacation to 'debate' the US debt ceiling question, with August 2 still the much-touted 'deadline' for raising it so as not to splash egg upon the face of our deeply indebted, yet still-rich nation. It has become clear that current Republicans are determined to undermine to the point of collapse FDR's New Deal programs thereby taking the US back to the 1920s and 30s - before my time and I have no desire for the US to revisit those decades, do you?

So does America's weakened budgetary condition provide fodder for our 'faulty judgments in long-term planning' canon of neglectful, non-regulating congressional actions taken in timely or belated fashion?

President Obama has mentioned 'July 22' as a date for Congress to take action on economic matters (do your homework early - ya know ya gotta do it!) Well, August 2 falls between our US Mars Return (July 21, 2011, a 2-year cycle of new activity) and the 3rd of 3 returns of Saturn to his natal position in 1776 @14Lib48 on August 28, 2011, thus the universal cosmic clock 'starts over' for our natal Mars and Saturn.

Mars Trine Saturn to the Rescue?

Happily, America's natal Mars ('22Gem') and Saturn are trine (talent; good fortune) by Air signs Gemini and Libra so therein lurks my grand hope (Jupiter) that the regular responsibilities, accounts, and natural authority of our exalted Saturn in Libra will take the lead as Saturnian 'lawmakers' rise to the occasion and place their sworn duty above certain economy-crashing, chaotic ideologies of Utopianism in spite of Uranus now transiting Mars-ruled *Aries, an historical signature of Utopian radicalism!

Saturnian Devil in the Details

And of course, whenever tr Pluto traverses the structural sign of Capricorn (business, law, government, as it did in 1776 @ 27Cap33 Rx), the global power elite ramp up their concentration of money and power into fewer and fewer select hands (aka, raptor's claws.) The devil is that their Plan leans toward a global financial collapse if carried too far (as they well know), so it must be balanced by more mature, stable, commons-favoring energies which strive for social improvements rather than for a hyped-up inequality on steroids.

Meanwhile in 2011, the income inequality gap is outrageously wide in America and so I ask you on this Independence Day: in whose favor will our ruling plutocrats, the US Senate and House, decide?

If Washington's political-ideological stand-off manages to collapse the US economy, I for one say it was done on purpose and according to a long-term plan whose faultiness seems obvious to most anyone who desires the continuance of America as a sovereign nation-state and as a symbol for the entire planet of Freedom, Independence, and Equality.


Uranus in Aries = Utopians (The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

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