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Jul 26, 2011

US Default 1979 Venus hit by July 2011 Uranus

After last evening's address by President Obama on the debt ceiling/default tussle of ideologies and Speaker John Boehner's reply--Mr. Boehner seems to think he's our 'shadow president'--I've taken a second look at the first time America defaulted temporarily--April 26, 1979.

Since a New Moon 5Tau43 occurred at 8:14:42 am est Capitol Building, I'm using the New Moon to time the chart. The degree of this lunation is interesting because it's in a money sign, Taurus, and it conjoins our US natal Sun/Moon midpoint from the Sibly version of our nativity.

In the New Moon horoscope of April 26, 1979 when the US defaulted on its debts for a little while`as Congress balked and dithered over raising the debt ceiling so bills could be paid, I am naturally struck by July 2011's position of disruptive rebel Uranus in early Aries conjoining 1979's 10th house Venus 4Ari05.

Venus/Uranus as a pair relates to unexpected or unusual new alliances or broken unions but also to being erratic, eccentric, or a wastrel with money; the emphasis is on an unpredictable change of status in these matters, and of course, 10th house relates to the wider world's opinion. (America looks quite the dummy about now if she didn't already.)

Michael Munkasey gives pertinent info on Venus/Uranus in the realms of Politics and Business:

Thesis: a treasury which shows unexpected rises and falls in its valuation; a strange appreciation for financial assets or planning.

Antithesis: ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial revenues; unpredictable vanity shown by leaders or executives.

(Vanity! Thy name is Politician!)

The dates that transit Uranus conjoins 1979 default's Venus are:

1. June 5, 2011
2. August 14, 2011
3. March 16, 2012

As you see, I've highlighted the Rx date of August 14, 2011 since it relates closely to the current stand-off as Utopians (Uranus in Aries, says Ebertin) revisit the scene of their 1979 crime.

There are other major 'hits' to the April 26, 1979 chart, one of which is exact on August 2, 2011.

Restricting, contracting Saturn will conjoin 1979's Pluto Rx 17Lib21 only once on September 20, 2011. This transit indicates a time when there are power and control issues (I'll say!), a temporary lack of resources (!), and most disturbingly, situations become too big to handle. Hopefully our erstwhile DC politicians--in spite of their selfish political aims-- will get America's financial act together prior to that date for the longer a default lasts (if it occurs) the worse for the US and global economies. (See the related quote at the end of this post.)

Now transit Jupiter, bringer of largess, has already conjoined the 1979 New Moon and will do so again:

1. July 5, 2011
2. October 25, 2011
3. February 22, 2012

So we know the ideological battles between Republicans and Democrats will continue especially with the 2012 campaign on tap and the GOP's assumption that only they should control the White House.

1979 Sun/Moon = 2011/12 Jupiter: desires for joint endeavors, possessions, and expansion. Well, yes, that's been the US mode of operation in the past but a New World Order kid is on the block and showing his claws more each day. (Again, see quote below.)

Jupiter also conjoins 1979's Chiron 9Tau08, a time of zealotry, idealism, chasing rainbows, and a sense of being 'on a mission'--which I assert is the ancient Merovingians' Secret Doctrine, aka, Bacon's Great Plan for America, the 'New Atlantis'.

Plus, as of FDR's 1937 inauguration, US Inaugural Sun '1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission", an endeavor which the GOP believes it has the better method for implementing and which dissolves government and other civil institutions all together--but with a select few in control of the world. Cheeky monkeys. Part of the disrespect the Rs show toward Democratic presidents is to sway citizens to do the same as the office of 'US president' will become obsolete along with nation-states, if they have their NWO way. See this blog's sidebar for the video of Bush Sr's shout-out to the NWO of which he and his spawn are obviously a part.)

The dates of tr Jupiter to 1979 Chiron stand out in particular for one of them occurs on the proposed Default Deadline:

1. August 2, 2011
2. September 26, 2011
3. March 11, 2012

Yes, Jupiter/Chiron conjunctions have a 'transcendental objective' up their questing sleeves--or perhaps it's tucked inside their knights' tunics or armour fanny packs.

And where was anarchist Uranus on April 26, 1979? Feeling frisky and exalted in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, and ready to adjust to upheavals and new forms of civilization! A Scorpio Uranus thinks that change must be brought about no matter how destructive (Sakoian.) Most of the American people are feeling this now with our social safety net programs "on the chopping block", as they say in Washington of the ruling elite who have their own pensions and health care provisions in the bag.

1979 Uranus was retrograde @ 19Sco33, the 'accursed degree of the accursed sign' of traditional Astrology. This Uranus conjoined a difficult Fixed Star, Zuben Eschamali (Beta Libra: social reform for personal gain--Brady, sometimes written as 'Elschemali'.) North Scale is also at this degree: wealth, intelligence, hasty words cause problems (Anthony Louis, Horary Plain & Simple.)

In 1979, Uranus formed quindeciles (obsession-compulsion; 165 degr) with the New Moon 5Tau43...

Sun QD Uranus = living on the edge with a 'the rules don't apply to me' attitude; a sense of mission in needing to be different; may take up a 'cause' for mankind.

Moon QD Uranus: emotionally distant and aloof; may have a 'my way of the highway' attitude; driven to live on the edge (as above); potential for breaking old habit patterns. (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Of interest to my fussing over Utopian schemes in this matter is that in 1979, Uranus opposes asteroid Atlantis 19Tau55! In Astrology, Atlantis = abuse of power and/or where we feel doomed which relates to the legend of what sank the fabled land of Atlantis.

1979's 2nd house Jupiter 00Leo31 (the GOP; $$$) squared the 11th house New Moon and paralleled Fixed Star Zosma (victim or savior; fear; restrictions.) Parallels are similar to strong conjunctions and are used as a timing device.

Mars 15Ari05 opposed Pluto in Libra which had recently conjoined US natal Saturn 14Lib48 which echoes the tr Saturn to 1979 Pluto transit mentioned above. the Mars/Pluto opposition gave a defiant attitude to the proceedings of 1979 much as we see now.

It's important with this aspect to fully evaluate the positives and negatives of any proposition before taking action, something which seems to be missing in the GOP stance of 2011 since their proposed cuts will lessen the money ordinary people have to spend and put back into the economy--so job losses will be ramped up. Denying other people their rights is a distinct potential with a Mars/Pluto opposition.

Also missing in 2011 are the implications of two 1979 midpoint pictures of note:

Moon/Saturn = US natal Jupiter: a sense of paying the credit card bills racked up by the last 5 Republican presidents!

Sun/Saturn = US n Jupiter: good fortune of the ill or elderly--something we'd like to see again in 2011, thanks. (I'm guessing that Harry Reid's debt proposal is the best we may expect from this ideologically manufactured situation, though you may disagree.)

At the Foundation of the Matter in 1979 (the IC) was Saturn 7Vir13 (Democrats) but Saturn trined the New Moon which must have aided in getting things moving forward again without much Saturnian delay or damage to the US credit rating. Looks like this time we may not get off as well if Washington's Political Theater doesn't end its performances very soon with a 'deal'.

Well, there's my brief consideration of Default 1979 v Default 2011. With the first default, we know how the plot turned out. This time it remains to be seen how far modern day Utopians will go with their overarching agenda to collapse the financial system of the United States of America.

And perhaps Washington's 2011 financial 'game of chicken' with the faith and credit of our nation will be enough to do just that.


Chart details: New Moon 5Tau43 April 26, 1979 8:14:43 am Capitol Building; Hour Sun; ASC 26Gem22 with '28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY (Ssbian Symbols) rising; Mc 3Pis42 conjunct Fixed Star Fomalhout, one of the Royal Stars of Persia: success through noble ideals.


"The Merovingians had a 'Secret Doctrine' (also called the 'Great Plan'), which in part called for the creation of a Univeral Throne in Europe...The holder of the Universal Throne must...possess the Spear of Destiny;...also be Holy Roman Emperor; and...hold the title, "King of Jerusalem"...the plan began...after the Priory of Sion officially separated from the Templars in 1188...The Merovingians planned to diminish the influence of the Church through...a clandestine tradition...that found expression in Hermetic and esoteric thought, such as in Rosicrucian and Freemasonic secret societies."

--John Daniel, Scarlet and the Beast

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