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Nov 1, 2023

Eclipse of The Crusades to the Holy Land

The Crusades (1095--1291): a 17 South Eclipse Affair

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Officially, the never-ending battle between Christianity and Islam began with the Council of Clermont held November 17--27, 1095. Of significance is the speech by Pope Urban II on November 27, 1095 with his "call to arms." Or as we might say or tweet in our day, things will be wild, which qualifies as Trump's "call to arms" against the peaceful transfer of power from his nibs to President Joe Biden. Forcefully taking control being the goal in 2021 and in 1095.

Then you may remember that some participants in the violent melee of January 6, 2021, instigated by insurrectionist Trump, said that fighting to defend the US Congress and Capitol Building that day felt "medieval." Obviously, similar destructive energies were at work, past and present, but can Astrology reveal a cosmic time link between America's current religious zealots attempting to forcefully change our secular government (separation of church and state: unlike the Vatican--see 'Roman Empire' link, below) into a fascist-adjacent theocracy under figurehead Donald Trump (or one of his ilk) - and the religious zealots of the 11th century?

17 South: 'success in groups and relationships; good news' -B. Brady

Why yes, it can! And it's the Solar Eclipse Series in which the Council of Clermont was held and Pope Urban II's "call to arms" speech of November 27, 1095 which resulted in what we call The Crusades: the 17 South Saros Series which manifested prior to the Council and Pope Urban's "call to arms" speech. The Eclipse occurred on September 1, 1095 @14Vir19. Fast-forward to today and 17 South's repetition occurred as the Spring Equinox 2015 Eclipse which brought the US and the world Trump's malevolent escalator prez bid announcement the morning of the June 16, 2015 New Moon, with his racist remarks intact (text).

So here are the horoscopes I'm using for this post: first the initial 17 South Eclipse @9Gem56 which carries energies of a rebellious Saturn-Uranus square bolstered by a violent Mars-Pluto square, and a delusional Venus-Neptune square; these multi-square energies are passed on to all subsequent 17 South eclipses despite its pleasant "good news" and "success" themes - when times and conditions support such difficult energies:

And here's a dual image showing the 17 South Eclipse of 1095 (lower left) and 2015 (upper right):

Meanwhile, current-day religious zealots such as House Speaker Maga Mike Johnson, Raphael Cruz (Ted's poppa), Maga Rep. Lauren Boebert, and Trump-supporter Pastor Paula White are part of 7 Mountain Dominionism a movement which seeks to take control of America in the areas of family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government - what they term the "7 Spheres of Society." Biblical texts from Isaiah and the Book of Revelation are used to justify a mandate to take over the world, they think - and devil-may-care what it takes to bring on Armadgeddon (as if God works bwo their timetable!).

Thing is, this particular religious delusion began in 1975 with a vision from God which makes me wonder what vision they'll promote once the visionary and prophetic influences of the Great American Eclipse in the 8 North Saros Series manifests on April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 - conjunct priestly Chiron, the Christ archetype in Astrology - also @19Ari24. Plus, this position conjuncts America's Chiron of July 4, 1776 @20Ari08 = "21Aries: "A Pugilist Entering the Ring." It's all unsettlingly synchronicitous, isn't it?.

A Knights Templar Link to 2022

Then another cosmic time link exists bwo the Knights Templar founding's Prenatal Eclipse Series ('PE'), the 6 North which repeated on April 30, 2022 @10Taurus with themes of 'relationship to authority figures; accepting new commitments due to another's illness or unreliability' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Their 6 North of November 4, 1138 occurred @18Sco37 opposed by Pluto Rx @18Tau11 which suggests 'animalism, barbarism, and criminal offenses' (R. Lineman) so if you'd like to set up a horoscope of the Knights Templar's 6 North Eclipse, try 3:06:50 pm LMT, Rome, Italy, or set the chart for the Vatican, if you have those coordinates.

Now in closing, dear reader, perhaps we might agree that there's quite a significant thread of cosmic time links shown here by eclipse cycles and the historical cycles, conditions, and events that they rhyme with. And eclipses cycling around again on the karmic 18.6-year Nodal Axis gives humanity opportunities to better deal with events and conditions than before - if karmic progress is the goal.

Speaking of the Vatican city-state of authoritarianism see the Roman Empire: New Order Horoscope set for January 13, 0027.

Oct 5, 2023

An Angry Eclipse of Power Oct 14, 2023

Mars SQ Pluto: Violent Tempers; Crisis, or a Clearing

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

On October 8, 2023, a Mars-Pluto square forms from 27Libra (conjunct South Node) to 27Capricorn (our US 1776 Pluto position) so it's basically a Mars Square Pluto transit of anger, jealousy, and revenge. Today's ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House is a good example of these angry, vengeful energies as are Trump's ugly remarks against those seeking to hold him accountable - including NY Judge Arthur Engoron who's "deciding the fate of Trump's business empire" while Trump keeps grousing and prevaricating outside the courtroom!

Must Be the Eclipse Season of The Witch Hunt

Then six days after the exact square, a 7 South Solar Eclipse arrives. This post concerns these forceful, angry energies of jealousy and revenge, and spotlights a cosmic time link or two:

The 'ring of fire' Solar Eclipse which manifests on October 14, 2023 @21Libra falls within the 7 South Saros Series, and when we want more details about any solar eclipse we can consider the initial eclipse that opened the Series (family) which, in this case, occurred on June 22, 1248 at 2:04:12 pm LMT @8Cancer. Shown below is the 1248 eclipse horoscope set for then-nonexistent Washington DC because the federal city's location upon the Earth was in existence, and because the chart has to be set for somewhere.

For historical context see 1248, a year of Emperors, Kings, Popes, Cathedrals, Knights Templar, and the Seventh Crusade (1248--1254). Meanwhile in 2023, the US is encumbered with a Catholic-infused Supreme Court behaving like kings, taking away rights, and forcing an extreme agenda on the American people. And some of them are supremely bribe-able!

Cyclical Eclipses Are Reliable 'Cosmic Time Links'

An advantage to the method of gaining more details is that the current eclipse in Venus-ruled Libra may be scrutinized through the lens of the sign its ruler of its initial eclipse, and for 7 South, that's Moon-ruled Cancer. Now if you're reading this post, I doubt that Libran and Cancerian traits need listing in this post, so let's skip to the dual horoscopes shown, below:

DC Horoscopes, above: 7 South October 14, 2023 @21Libra (upper right); 7 South initial June 22, 1248 @8Cancer (lower left).

As you see, 7 South Themes are penned on the image along with several other of my study notes including planetary aspects to both eclipses. So it's the Mars-Pluto square from the initial eclipse that gives the 2023 eclipse its 'power, anger, force' vibes and as the Cosmos would have it, a real time Mars-Pluto square influences the 7 South Eclipse Horoscope of October 14, 2023. It's as if the Universe is trying to tell us something by way of a wild card "cosmic blink" eclipse. This is not unusual if only humanity would listen. Obviously, karma is involved in the realm of "reaping what was sown" for repetition of eclipses in their series give humaity opportunities to deal with issues in more positive ways that lead to better outcomes.

Aries-Libra Axis: Conflict vs Cooperation

Now for more historical context, here's a view of the 7 South Solar Eclipse of August 21, 1933 a watershed year in the US (FDR) and in Europe (Herr Adolf who tried his brutality here but was rebuffed). I believe that the fact that a 7 South eclipse manifested in a Nazi-infested year is a major part of the "something" the Universe is trying to tell us - to warn us about, and you've noticed that "August 21st" is the same date of our Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 conjunct royal star Regulus.

This creates a cosmic time link between the themes from the 2017 solar eclipse in the 1 North Saros Series, and adds 1 North influences to the themes of 7 South; both are in Leo so Leonine traits of leadership are spotlighted such as pride, vanity, grandstanding, and pomposity, difficult traits the US continues to deal with as we ride the Trump Train. 2017 to 2021, then 2022, 2023, and so on::

And you know we recently discussed the same forceful energies in relation to the to a Mars-Pluto opposition! See 2022 Midterms Eclipse a Mars-Pluto Affair. Yes, hotheads, sore losers, and racists have been acting out their destructive discontent with democracy in America ever since Herr Trump gave them 'permission' beginning in June 2015 with his 'prez bid'. And it seems to me that their sourness is nothing relocation couldn't cure - to another country where their totalitarian plans might be appreciated - plans that were tried and implemented in the past and found very seriously wanting.

For astro-notes concerning upcoming eclipses see Eclipses: January 2024 through December 2026.

Aug 11, 2016

2017's Great American Eclipse and DC's favorite sign Virgo -- Virgo as Isis

Astro-Notes Concerning Eclipses, America, and Switzerland

by Jude Cowell

This is a heads-up for those who may be interested in ancient star lore of Virgo the Virgin, Spica (celestial symbol of the Washington Monument), Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel and its Masonic Legacy, Knights Templar (who are said to have created Switzerland expressly for their banking purposes), and other esoteric topics: there is an astoundingly informative article by astrologer Ed Kohout that you may wish to check out.

But no one has to go all the way to Scotland to be in 'Rosslyn' since there's a Rosslyn, Virginia just across the Potomac from DC. Is it ironic that the 'Deepthroat' meetings that informed journalists Woodward and Bernstein about the Watergate break-in were held in a parking garage column '32', a Masonic number?

As for Campaign 2016, have you noticed how the Republican burglary of Democratic headquarters which resulted in the Watergate scandal resembles the current hacking (theft) of DNC emails? By which I imply: have Republicans enabled hackers in order to interfere with Hillary's chances for a second White House occupancy? Just wondering since America's political class is stuffed full of crooks on both sides determined to win at any cost. No dirty trick is too low for these varmints!

Related posts: Founding of the Federal City 1791 (includes DC's natal horoscope) and US Eclipse August 1776: Thor's Hammer, Isis' Key, and a Bucket (includes Leo Eclipse horoscope with themes that best describe the founding of America rather than the previous eclipse @00Pis33 which manifested prior to July 4, 1776). Also see Astro-Notes: Solar Eclipses 2015--2017.

Plus, a Coming Cosmic Event is The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @29Leo (conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Mars rising and Ascendant--with royal star Regulus -- will his "Make America Great Again" be the tragic eclipse of our nation?)

The August 2017 eclipse falls into the 1 North Saros Series and is the first repetition of the August 11, 1999 King of Alarm Eclipse (horoscope shown) associated with the Nostradamus prophecies. Substitute the word 'Terror' for 'Alarm' and we have the major theme of the New Millennium as finagled by crooked politicians and their banker enablers intent on global domination.

Remember the Bush-Cheney color alerts meant to ramp up our fear in their "war on terror"? The thuggish alerts were so ridiculed ('puce' and 'magenta' were favorites of mine) that Washington discontinued them along with 'sheets of plastic and duct tape' for our doors and windows. How the ruling class must have laughed over that silly advice which, as usual, made monkeys out of decent people and kept the ill-gained reins of control in the claws of the ruling elite.

The First 2017 Solar Eclipse Hits Switzerland's Natal Pisces Moon

A Swiss Note: the "lucky break" 19 South February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse hits the 8 Pisces Moon in the natal 'Constitution' horoscope of Switzerland (Campion) set for September 12, 1848 11:12 LT Bern (Moon conjoins natal IC 7Pis54). This horoscope also shows that Switzerland is in process of a Uranus Return to natal degree of 21Ari26 Rx--conjunct the bankers' Pluto (27Ari34 Rx--both planets in natal 5th house and so the Uranus-Pluto conjunction is activated. Transit Uranus to natal Pluto denotes a time of abrupt changes to familiar patterns and social traditions, and a potential for disturbing situations and hidden fears which are difficult to confront for the people (Moon).

Also note that astrodatabank gives this RR:AA data for Switzerland: February 8, 1845 9:26 am GMT Bern with 3Taurus26 rising. Actually, when it comes to Knights Templar bankers setting up the place, I prefer Switzerland's natal chart of August 1, 1291 11:25:24 GMT Altdorf (Campion) with 4Sco50 rising and lots of Leo planets at Midheaven (ex: Sun-Jupiter = MC: great good fortune--Tyl).

Eclipse theme info based on Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Above collage: 'His American Majesty' by yours truly. Can you recognize the face of the crook in the center?

May 13, 2016

Friday May 13, 2016: History of Freemasons and The Skull And Bones - video

UPDATE May 31, 2022: The originally embedded video has been removed from this post as, 'no longer available' so with a few mild edits, my original post begins here:

The Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar legend relates to the founding of America, including Francis Bacon's New Atlantis vision, America's Great Seal symbols, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', Freemason George Washington's ceremonial roles with silver trowel and apron, our scam-filled 'Manifest Destiny', the money lenders' 'Federal Reserve' central bank of 1913 (creating money out of thin air and loaning it to enslave governments), Freemason FDR's placing the freaky Eye-of-Horus pyramid of power on our currency, the 'New World Order' political agenda of World Government which implicates the EU and various 'free' trade deals, our empiric take-overs of sovereign countries in order to plunder treasures, depopulate, and to institute their enslavement to the International Banking Cartel (all relating to a centuries' long dream of setting up a 'King of Jerusalem')...well, the list goes, doesn't it?

Now We the People are mired within the Campaign 2016 season with our typical lesser-of-two-evils choice ahead on November 8th--as if We the People actually elect presidents!

Running as a Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who comes across to me as genuine while complaining against income inequality and the oppression of the elite banker class which officially took control of the US government in 1913, as noted. And though I have yet to hear the Senator mention such terms as 'Templar Knights' or 'Illuminati', we can simply gaze at New York Harbor for a view of the Illuminati symbol of the Eternal Flame held by the Venusian goddess statue sent us by french Freemasons to know who rules this nation. Or, we can check out America's Great Seal which is basically same as the seal of Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati founded May 1, 1776.

No, candidate Bernie Sanders cannot "do it alone" and restructure the government of this nation, even with transformative, destructuring Pluto in governmental Capricorn approaching its natal position in our nation's 1776 horoscope (27Cap33). And if by a miracle he is elected to the presidency, a monumental task awaits if he attempts to best the Banking Cartel on behalf of the American people. Yet decades of divide-and-conquer tactics by the power elite have guaranteed them primacy over us since we would need to Speak as One Voice along with Bernie in order to make any real difference in our national plight.

Yet between social wedge issues like transgender bathroom use, abortion, and racial inequality, what are our chances of banding together en masse against the shadowy figures who are our true oppressors?


From 2015: It's Friday the 13th and Superstition Lingers which includes info on the number '13' and a link to the horoscope of 2013's Illuminati Solar Eclipse, so named due to NWO Uranus-Neptune content; Horoscope: the Founding of the Federal City (DC) 1791; and US Eclipse August 1776: Thor's Hammer, Isis' Key, and a Bucket.

Also recommended is a recent post which includes this:

H.G. Wells described FDR as, "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order. He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

That was quite a Geminian mask FDR was hiding behind in his day, wasn't it?

Apr 14, 2012

History of Friday the 13th (Michael Rivero video)

The topic of Friday the 13th and the Knights Templar is presented in this video by Michael Rivero and I shall let you decide what you think of it. As always, one lone blogger cannot vouch for video or article content supplied by others and topics are presented here on Stars Over Washington merely for your consideration as you wish.

Whether you agree or disagree, further study on all topics and opinions is always recommended by yours truly.

Jul 28, 2011

Horoscope: EU Flag w July 28 2011 transits

Is Something Bizarre Going On in Washington DC?

by Jude Cowell

Yes, it is. And though it's hot as Hades in Georgia lately, like you I am snowed under with news and propaganda concerning the purposefully manufactured debt-deal-crisis/default-threat now being waged for the cameras, microphones, and the public in Washington DC. Personally I am not impressed for in Politics, if it happens, it was meant to happen--almost without exception!

And you know that impeaching President Obama is on their freaky take-over agenda.

Now disruptive planet Uranus is always cast as the rebel, the revolutionary, the catalyst, the Genius, and the Awakener, right? Well, with Ebertin cluing us in to the hidden identity of Uranus when in Mars-ruled Aries--as it was during Hitler's rise to power--as 'Utopians', I believe Utopians of the secret society kind are now in progress of completing a total coup and collapse of the US government and US financial system in which Financial Collapse 2008 played its role.

So I've set up a noon horoscope for the *EU--NWO Flag Unfurling and thought you might wish to view the chart with today's transits (noon) in Brussels (where The Beast of a Super-Computer has every one's data squirreled away for the luciferian-satanic New World Order elite to use however its directors will. We're not going to like it either.)

Meanwhile, with Speaker Boehner's plan to be voted on in the House today if he can muster enough troops, most of us feel America is at a 'bending or breaking point' (brittle Saturn v Uranus with controlling Pluto squaring them in a titanic T-Square for months, off and on....'brutality; harm through force majeure'--Ebertin.)

Will the American public be swayed toward the lesser of two evils--the Obama solution--to 'improve' our economic condition? How will the rest of the global economy behave if the US defaults on her legal debts and renegs on all the responsibilities which will have to be neglected because of Washington ideologues shoving their fanatic agenda onto our country? Most Washington politicians operate as the political arm of a larger globe-striding organization, I keep tellin' ya!

Plus, one reason I'm posting the EU--NWO Flag chart here is for my own future reference and I hope any Astrology buff reading this post will take the chart into consideration especially with such precarious conditions now affecting the European financial system along with that of the United States, and the world.

UPDATE August 3, 2011: economist Paul Krugman's NYT op-ed This Morning's Grim Eurothought is brief yet elucidating on the EU situation which is now being repeated from the past when financial crisis in Europe helped precipitate the 1929 Crash in the US. He makes this post's case! And a new study of the chart can shed light on the baked-in weaknesses now causing trouble in the EU and hamstringing efforts at financial improvement. OF course, a look at the natal chart of the EU itself is also instructive.

Original post continues here:

Above, you see a noon chart for the European Union (EU)--slash 'NWO'--Flag Unfurled enterprise set for July 14, 1989 Brussels, Belgium. This was the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution's Bastille Day and was probably chosen for just this reason. Occult symbolism applies.

Please enlarge the horoscope by clicking and perhaps you can read my chicken-scratch notes since blogging time is rather limited today for I have lots to do.

ASC 27Vir34 MC 26Gem52 conjunct Jupiter; Hour Jupiter; NN of Destiny = US natal Moon (we-the-people); 1st quarter (crisis in action phase); **pile-up in structural, governmental, business-oriented Capricorn of Uranus 2:34, Saturn 9:45, and Neptune 10:42 in the 4th H (Foundation) of the noon chart. Two midpoint pictures now form in July 2011 through the efforts of transiting Pluto the Powerful--you see them listed on the chart, bottom left:

1989 Saturn/Uranus = 2011 Pluto: desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; brutality; concealing changes to activities (peep-eye, Capitol Hill! jc); drastic reforms in a previously liberal atmosphere (balancing the US budget on the backs of the ill, poor, children and the elderly?-- jc.)

As you see, tr Mars today conjoins 1989's Jupiter at MC which expands the part activist Mars is playing in events--monetary and social status may be improved if negative factors don't interfere; however, the temptation is to give people more credit than they deserve!

Oddly enough, 1989's Moon @ 29Sco44 was conjoined by US Inaugural Moon 2009--we-the-people during Mr. Obama's presidential Oath Taking...'30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester", a Sabian Symbol with all sorts of implications including that of Grand Master Templar Jacques Demolay whose untimely death by execution long ago seems to be revenged ad nauseum even now and which is marked through history, as some folk say, by the unlucky 'Friday the 13th' superstition.

As you see in 10th house, our current Solar Eclipse 9Can12 of July 1, 2011 is posited with its Cancerian emphases on democracy, power struggles, restrictions, inflexibility, money difficulties (conjunct US natal Sun and Jupiter), trade, commerce, and transport disturbances, real estate, food supplies and shortages (famine), homelessness, foreclosure, and refugee issues, and misfortune concerning buildings and property. Plus, Moon-ruled Cancer the Crab is the 'side-stepper'!

(One of the basic tenets of the 'Great Plan' or 'Secret Doctrine' of the Utopians is to abolish ownership of all kinds along with the dissolution of all civilized institutions including family ties--as Hitler managed to do for a time. The same spirit attempts to hold sway over the world in 2011. Note: the July 28, 2011 noon transits show Venus/Pluto rising, a combo that relates to bankruptcy or forced bankruptcy as in Greece, and now--in America; also Venus/Pluto = extremes of wealth hidden in secret places--Munkasey. Venus/Pluto - ASC: wielding great infuence or a fascination upon others; focus on a need for political response to those with a destructive or punishing intent--YES!)

On Capitol Hill, the GOP is all but giddy at the thought of the financial precipice America teeters upon as they implement their plan to "see Obama fail." And it seems that President Obama is walking right into the trap! Is he secretly on the side of these particular Utopians? Probably not. Others? Yes, or he wouldn't be in the White House. Yet these brigands hope to 'build anew upon the ashes' of our nation...remember The Phoenix was preferred by certain of America's founders to serve as our national symbol, and not the eagle.

A synchronistic chart factor is a repeating midpoint--in early Aries on July 14, 1989, and on July 28, 2011 as well. It involves the Jupiter/Neptune pair of inflationary practices, grand schemers, speculators, spendthrifts, and wastrels--and guess which planet sits upon its apex, then and now?

1989 and 2011 Jupiter/Neptune = 2011 Uranus: disruptive events which have no real explanation (but the media goes round and round); basing decisions on odd or supernatural theories; unaccustomed confusion (Capitol Hill is playing this well--jc); impersonal treatment for those with drug dependencies (private prisons in the US are chocked full of people arrested for getting high--a medical condition--jc); imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Well, Mr. Boehner held a presser a while ago so I'll mosey along for now. Let me know if you wish to comment on-topic concerning this horoscope, or on the societal conditions now prevailing. If the GOP is allowed to set the timeline of the 'debt crisis' for December 2012--aka, the can down the road tactic to affect the 2012 election--Americans can go ahead and kiss their Merry Christmas 2011 good-bye.


*Source for EU-NWO Flag Unfurling July 14, 1989: Nicholas Hagger's book The Syndicate: The Story of the Coming World Government which I highly recommend to those interested in uncovering such topics.

A news note from Thom Hartmann's broadcast today: GE is moving its x-ray technology business to China so more US jobs will be disappearing. Besides undermining the American economy further, GE's move to Beijing also 'pokes a stick' in the President's eye--compliments of his reputed 'jobs czar', Mr. Immelt.

**Notes on the 1989 chart's pile-up (trio) in Capricorn

Saturn conjunct Uranus:

1. Feb 13, 1988 @ 29Sag55
2. June 26, 1988 @ 28Sag47
3. Oct 18, 1988 @ 27Sag49

Saturn conjunct Neptune:

1. March 3, 1989 @ 11Cap55
2. June 24, 1989 @ 11Cap14
3. Nov 13, 1989 @ 10Cap22

Uranus conjunct Neptune (planets of the Enlightenment, aka, the Age of Reason, and the NWO):

1. Feb 2, 1993 @ 19Cap34
2. Aug 20, 1993 @ 18Cap48
3. Oct 24, 1993 @ 18Cap33

1989 Solar Eclipse at Crisis Degree

The 1989 chart's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) is at a critical or crisis degree, '17Pisces'. In July 2011, the transiting midpoint Of Uranus/Neptune is, as marked, @ 17Pis19 thus stimulating 1989's EU Flag Unfurling PE which is in the 9 New North Series: 'violence, great or sudden physical efforts and/or events; accidents; guarding one's safety.' (Brady.) 9NN last manifested on March 19, 2007 (George Bush!) @ '28Pisces' and will next occur in 2025.

9NN is the PE of the WikiLeaks release of the US helipcopter carnage video, of Julian Assange himself (1971), of Abraham Lincoln (1809), Bobby Jindall (1971), of assassinated President Garfield's inauguration (1881), Edgar Alan Poe (1809), and the Generation of Materialism (Robber Barons, 1881)...aka, the Great Bubble Creators who now desert America where they first made their fortunes.

(btw: Oct 24, 1993 is the date I use to time a natal chart for the New World Order;
Uranus/Neptune @ '19Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism"--M. E. Jones.)

My heartfelt condolences go to the good people of Norway for this would be the type of Uranus/Neptune paternalism the social freak on his political rampage wishes to shove upon the world with his 'awakening' massacre of defenseless teenagers in Norway on July 23, 2011--a 'New Knights Templar', as he styles his racist self. He's a Utopian similar to, and reading the works of, America's right-wing crazies who now intrigue to impeach President Obama and crash the US economy to make him look the culprit.

Links of interest may be: Free Press and Conversations With Great Minds.

Jul 26, 2011

US Default 1979 Venus hit by July 2011 Uranus

After last evening's address by President Obama on the debt ceiling/default tussle of ideologies and Speaker John Boehner's reply--Mr. Boehner seems to think he's our 'shadow president'--I've taken a second look at the first time America defaulted temporarily--April 26, 1979.

Since a New Moon 5Tau43 occurred at 8:14:42 am est Capitol Building, I'm using the New Moon to time the chart. The degree of this lunation is interesting because it's in a money sign, Taurus, and it conjoins our US natal Sun/Moon midpoint from the Sibly version of our nativity.

In the New Moon horoscope of April 26, 1979 when the US defaulted on its debts for a little while`as Congress balked and dithered over raising the debt ceiling so bills could be paid, I am naturally struck by July 2011's position of disruptive rebel Uranus in early Aries conjoining 1979's 10th house Venus 4Ari05.

Venus/Uranus as a pair relates to unexpected or unusual new alliances or broken unions but also to being erratic, eccentric, or a wastrel with money; the emphasis is on an unpredictable change of status in these matters, and of course, 10th house relates to the wider world's opinion. (America looks quite the dummy about now if she didn't already.)

Michael Munkasey gives pertinent info on Venus/Uranus in the realms of Politics and Business:

Thesis: a treasury which shows unexpected rises and falls in its valuation; a strange appreciation for financial assets or planning.

Antithesis: ruling bodies unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial revenues; unpredictable vanity shown by leaders or executives.

(Vanity! Thy name is Politician!)

The dates that transit Uranus conjoins 1979 default's Venus are:

1. June 5, 2011
2. August 14, 2011
3. March 16, 2012

As you see, I've highlighted the Rx date of August 14, 2011 since it relates closely to the current stand-off as Utopians (Uranus in Aries, says Ebertin) revisit the scene of their 1979 crime.

There are other major 'hits' to the April 26, 1979 chart, one of which is exact on August 2, 2011.

Restricting, contracting Saturn will conjoin 1979's Pluto Rx 17Lib21 only once on September 20, 2011. This transit indicates a time when there are power and control issues (I'll say!), a temporary lack of resources (!), and most disturbingly, situations become too big to handle. Hopefully our erstwhile DC politicians--in spite of their selfish political aims-- will get America's financial act together prior to that date for the longer a default lasts (if it occurs) the worse for the US and global economies. (See the related quote at the end of this post.)

Now transit Jupiter, bringer of largess, has already conjoined the 1979 New Moon and will do so again:

1. July 5, 2011
2. October 25, 2011
3. February 22, 2012

So we know the ideological battles between Republicans and Democrats will continue especially with the 2012 campaign on tap and the GOP's assumption that only they should control the White House.

1979 Sun/Moon = 2011/12 Jupiter: desires for joint endeavors, possessions, and expansion. Well, yes, that's been the US mode of operation in the past but a New World Order kid is on the block and showing his claws more each day. (Again, see quote below.)

Jupiter also conjoins 1979's Chiron 9Tau08, a time of zealotry, idealism, chasing rainbows, and a sense of being 'on a mission'--which I assert is the ancient Merovingians' Secret Doctrine, aka, Bacon's Great Plan for America, the 'New Atlantis'.

Plus, as of FDR's 1937 inauguration, US Inaugural Sun '1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission", an endeavor which the GOP believes it has the better method for implementing and which dissolves government and other civil institutions all together--but with a select few in control of the world. Cheeky monkeys. Part of the disrespect the Rs show toward Democratic presidents is to sway citizens to do the same as the office of 'US president' will become obsolete along with nation-states, if they have their NWO way. See this blog's sidebar for the video of Bush Sr's shout-out to the NWO of which he and his spawn are obviously a part.)

The dates of tr Jupiter to 1979 Chiron stand out in particular for one of them occurs on the proposed Default Deadline:

1. August 2, 2011
2. September 26, 2011
3. March 11, 2012

Yes, Jupiter/Chiron conjunctions have a 'transcendental objective' up their questing sleeves--or perhaps it's tucked inside their knights' tunics or armour fanny packs.

And where was anarchist Uranus on April 26, 1979? Feeling frisky and exalted in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, and ready to adjust to upheavals and new forms of civilization! A Scorpio Uranus thinks that change must be brought about no matter how destructive (Sakoian.) Most of the American people are feeling this now with our social safety net programs "on the chopping block", as they say in Washington of the ruling elite who have their own pensions and health care provisions in the bag.

1979 Uranus was retrograde @ 19Sco33, the 'accursed degree of the accursed sign' of traditional Astrology. This Uranus conjoined a difficult Fixed Star, Zuben Eschamali (Beta Libra: social reform for personal gain--Brady, sometimes written as 'Elschemali'.) North Scale is also at this degree: wealth, intelligence, hasty words cause problems (Anthony Louis, Horary Plain & Simple.)

In 1979, Uranus formed quindeciles (obsession-compulsion; 165 degr) with the New Moon 5Tau43...

Sun QD Uranus = living on the edge with a 'the rules don't apply to me' attitude; a sense of mission in needing to be different; may take up a 'cause' for mankind.

Moon QD Uranus: emotionally distant and aloof; may have a 'my way of the highway' attitude; driven to live on the edge (as above); potential for breaking old habit patterns. (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

Of interest to my fussing over Utopian schemes in this matter is that in 1979, Uranus opposes asteroid Atlantis 19Tau55! In Astrology, Atlantis = abuse of power and/or where we feel doomed which relates to the legend of what sank the fabled land of Atlantis.

1979's 2nd house Jupiter 00Leo31 (the GOP; $$$) squared the 11th house New Moon and paralleled Fixed Star Zosma (victim or savior; fear; restrictions.) Parallels are similar to strong conjunctions and are used as a timing device.

Mars 15Ari05 opposed Pluto in Libra which had recently conjoined US natal Saturn 14Lib48 which echoes the tr Saturn to 1979 Pluto transit mentioned above. the Mars/Pluto opposition gave a defiant attitude to the proceedings of 1979 much as we see now.

It's important with this aspect to fully evaluate the positives and negatives of any proposition before taking action, something which seems to be missing in the GOP stance of 2011 since their proposed cuts will lessen the money ordinary people have to spend and put back into the economy--so job losses will be ramped up. Denying other people their rights is a distinct potential with a Mars/Pluto opposition.

Also missing in 2011 are the implications of two 1979 midpoint pictures of note:

Moon/Saturn = US natal Jupiter: a sense of paying the credit card bills racked up by the last 5 Republican presidents!

Sun/Saturn = US n Jupiter: good fortune of the ill or elderly--something we'd like to see again in 2011, thanks. (I'm guessing that Harry Reid's debt proposal is the best we may expect from this ideologically manufactured situation, though you may disagree.)

At the Foundation of the Matter in 1979 (the IC) was Saturn 7Vir13 (Democrats) but Saturn trined the New Moon which must have aided in getting things moving forward again without much Saturnian delay or damage to the US credit rating. Looks like this time we may not get off as well if Washington's Political Theater doesn't end its performances very soon with a 'deal'.

Well, there's my brief consideration of Default 1979 v Default 2011. With the first default, we know how the plot turned out. This time it remains to be seen how far modern day Utopians will go with their overarching agenda to collapse the financial system of the United States of America.

And perhaps Washington's 2011 financial 'game of chicken' with the faith and credit of our nation will be enough to do just that.


Chart details: New Moon 5Tau43 April 26, 1979 8:14:43 am Capitol Building; Hour Sun; ASC 26Gem22 with '28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY (Ssbian Symbols) rising; Mc 3Pis42 conjunct Fixed Star Fomalhout, one of the Royal Stars of Persia: success through noble ideals.


"The Merovingians had a 'Secret Doctrine' (also called the 'Great Plan'), which in part called for the creation of a Univeral Throne in Europe...The holder of the Universal Throne must...possess the Spear of Destiny;...also be Holy Roman Emperor; and...hold the title, "King of Jerusalem"...the plan began...after the Priory of Sion officially separated from the Templars in 1188...The Merovingians planned to diminish the influence of the Church through...a clandestine tradition...that found expression in Hermetic and esoteric thought, such as in Rosicrucian and Freemasonic secret societies."

--John Daniel, Scarlet and the Beast

Apr 12, 2011

Civil War Apr 12,1861: Midpt Pictures and Hidden Hands

Were Hidden Hands Behind the American Civil War?

by Jude Cowell

The horoscope for the start of the American Civil War, its birth chart, is set for the first shot fired, April 12, 1861 4:30 am LMT Charleston, South Carolina at Fort Sumter.

Rising is 27Pis05 with Mercury 24:56 and Neptune 29Pis57; a 12th house Chiron 00Pis56 is being transited by Neptune as I type; MC (The Goal) 28Sag14; at IC, the HOW? Point of the chart is '28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY. It's an Hour of Mars, perfect for fighting a war; contentious Mars 6Gem02 and rebellious Uranus 9Gem21 are snugged around and triggering US natal Uranus 8Gem55 (which is now being transited by asteroid Midas, perfect for a post on a "Civil" War which was financed on both sides by the House of Rothschild for their own power-grabbing on.)

The closest you'll get to this sort of info in the Civil War's Wikpedia page is by scrolling to the section on Blocking International Intervention but if the Rothschild name is mentioned there, I've yet to find it.

In his centuries-encompassing book The Secret History of the West, Nicholas Hagger states that the Rothschilds sent an agent, August Belmont, in 1837 (one year after the second Bank of the US had collapsed) to run a bank in New York, buy government bonds, and establish his credentials by advising President Andrew Jackson.

The objective was to create an incident that would establish an American central bank, and a war would require the US government to borrow from the Rothschilds in order to pay for it, thought they (it had worked for them elsewhere.) England and France were too far away; Mexico and Canada weren't strong enough so the House of Rothschild could easily take the reins and direct events from behind the scenes, much as they do now.

According to Mr. Hagger's research, the Priory of Sion wanted America back from the Templars so the Rothschilds planned an American civil war with the North a Sionist British colony, annexed to Canada and controlled by Lionel Rothschild, and the Templar South to be given to Napoleon III of France and controlled by James Rothschild.

To persuade the South to secede from the union, Illuminized Sionist-Rosicrucian Freemasons used the Knights of the Golden Circle (member: John Wilkes Booth) which had been formed in 1854 by George Bickley with the objective of spreading racial tension; its military arm was the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, Jesse James stole gold from banks and buried it to fund the war (nearly $7 billion!)

The states that seceded would be united in the Confederate States of America with each eventually becoming like an independent country. Abraham Lincoln (inaugurated March 4, 1861) told the American people that, "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various southern states."

House of Rothschild Financed Both Sides

The Rothschilds financed the North through Belmont, Jay Cooke, Seligman brothers, and Speyer & Co.; the South was financed through their agent Judah Benjamin, who became Secretary of State for the Confederacy in 1862, and whose daughter was married to Frankfurt's Baron D'Erlanger, a relative and agent of the Rothschilds. Benjamin's law partner, John Sidell, was Confederate envoy to France; Sidell borrowed money on behalf of the South to finance the Confederacy.

In 1861, England sent 8,000 soldiers into Canada; in 1862, English, Spanish, and French troops landed in Mexico to collect debts; in 1863, France took over Mexico City with 30,000 troops.

Confederate Army General Albert Pike was a pro-French Templar Scottish Rite Mason and at the time, the most powerful Freemason in the world. Most of the political and military leaders of the Confederacy were Masons under Pike's secret command. The Confederates offered Louisiana and Texas to Napoleon III if he would send troops against the North. Lincoln, following the example of Tsar Alexander II who freed Russia's serfs, issued an order to free all slaves in 1863. Eventually, the Tsar sent the Russian fleet to support Mr. Lincoln.

The US Congress approved Lincoln's plan to borrow $450 million in return for bonds of states - greenbacks (created by the First Legal Tender Act of Feb 25, 1862) - to pay for the Civil War thus placing a big glitch in the Rothschilds' central bank plan for the US. This made international bankers' money unnecessary and as German statesman Otto von Bismarck said,

"The foreign financiers...understood at once, that the United States would escape their grip. The death of Lincoln was resolved upon."

You may wish to view an older post (sans edits) on Lincoln's natal and assassination charts, dual horoscopes included.

As we see from events since the beginning of the New Millennium, the international financiers' "grip" bwo the Federal Reserve Bank of America has turned out to be successful for them and has brought their dreamed-of collapse for America. As noted above, the horoscope of the Civil War has 28Sag14 at Midheaven where transiting Pluto has recently crossed. In 10th house is North Node of Destiny @ 17Cap24, and '18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies From a British Destroyer" which is the primary degree of the Illuminati pair's Great Conjunction/s of 1993, Uranus and Neptune...the New World Order. This degree's negative/shadow side expression = smug or strong-armed paternalism. (MEJ.)

We hear echoes from the 1860s in Washington when we hear of state v federal government, an old argument sporting gray whiskers.

Midpoint Pictures Tell a Tale of April 12, 1861

Okay, I'll hush for now on the topic of the Secret Hand behind the American Civil War and type out for you the midpoint pictures of influence as the first shot was fired 150 years ago today.

Tyl and Ebertin are my midpoint sources with any, all, or none being applicable and subject to transits and progressions; you'll note fraudulent, misguided Neptune on the rise at a 29th critical-crisis degree which has contributed to the controversy to this day of Why the war was fought. As usual with secret machinations involved, a correct grasp of motivation and cause is quite impossible without knowledge of the fuller picture:

Mercury/Neptune = ASC: potential overreaction to others; being exploited, harmed, or deceived.

Mars/NN = ASC: comradeship; energetic cooperation; family ties.

Sun/Uranus = Moon 15Tau36: rashness; emotional excitability; impulsiveness; a demand for need fulfillment.

Moon/Neptune = Sun 22Ari28: illusions and deceptions; receptive power.

Mercury/Jupiter = Mars: the execution of plans; energetic opinion is well-accepted; making one's point effectively.

Jupiter/Neptune (the speculators and fraudsters) = Uranus, the revolutionary: liking the shades; experiencing the contrast between imagination and reality; the stage of coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation.

And such a difficult situation has spread across the globe through the auspices of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the global central banking system, and the monied ruling class of plutocrats who control the US money supply and thus the destiny of our nation.

For further reading try the Civil War's Sun Aries-Moon Taurus blend which links back to this post.


May my several ancestors who fought in the Civil War R.I.P.

Apr 9, 2011

Glenn Beck's Freemasonry/Skull and Bones emblems

Glenn Beck Shouts-Out in Code to Somebody, But Who?

by Jude Cowell

April 8, 2011: Prison Planet reports on soon-departing propagandist Glenn Beck wearing emblems of secret societies: Freemasonry, and Skull and Bones.

Mr. Beck has gone on air sporting a Masonic patch with '1681' on it, an apparent reference to William Penn's founding of Philadelphia, as noted in the article. Freemasonry has always been well-ensconced there along with Sionist Rosicrucianism.

Now I know that many of our past and present representatives in Congress have been and are Freemasons as were many of our Founding Fathers. The US Capitol Building is one great big Masonic symbol frozen in architecture for those who have eyes to see. And who can miss the fact that 16th Street in DC is home of the Temple of Scottish Rite?

Even our exalted White House is actually a Masonic White Lodge whose cornerstone was laid by Masons on October 13, 1792 (and not on October 12th as most sources cite.) The brass cornerstone plate is still there. The October 13, 1792 ceremony is said to commemorate the first 'Friday the 13th' in honor of Oct 13, 1307, the day the King of France rid himself of the Knights Templar. Follow the link for more details.

Masonic Sacred Geometry: a Higher Practice of Astrology?

Nowadays, we may perhaps consider Washington DC to be a "New Rome" and most everyone is aware that the whole corporate venture called America was CEO'd by our first president George Washington, a Grand Master for whom our nation's capital city was named. Click to view him in one of his Masonic aprons, if you've missed it previously; historical and initiation details are included.

So what's up with Glenn Beck sassily sporting Freemasonry symbols in public and on air?

Has he perhaps said and shown too much of an Illuminati-hijacked agenda? Or is Beck's soon-departure from the FOX network on a daily basis merely a sign of his lessening influence among the masses on behalf of the one-world-government agenda?

You know the agenda I refer to: the one that is in process of ruining our nation, all other nations, our lives and health, and the future of our children...the Utopian agenda bent on creating chaos and a return of the Noble Savage - sans all institutionalized government and social systems.

Does any of this sound a mite familiar based on Washington DC's current antics meant to dismantle the US government, Medicare, and any other component of our social contract thereby leaving us to survive - or not - in the jungle? Is it population control writ large? Well, remember that our 'two-party' political system is an illusion to keep we-the-people divided, conquered, quiet, at each others' throats, and largely unaware of what they're really up to for they're all in on the plot together with a few *rare exceptions!


For further reading you may be interested in one of the books I often use as a source, Robert Hieronimus' Founding Fathers, Secret Societies which includes information on the decoding of the Great Seal, an integral part of the New Millennium plot.

*"rare exceptions"? Here I'm being generous since it's unfair to lump 100% of any group of people into one stereotyped category; it seems to me that politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, perhaps Ron Paul, and a couple of others are left in place primarily to give Congress more credibility than it deserves when it comes to supporting rather than undermining America. They play their parts. And yes, they win elections back home but elections can be rigged, as we've either direction. jc


The following video contains similar topics including number symbolism but if you're one who is easily unnerved, I ask that you avoid viewing it. jc

Jul 25, 2009

David Icke video on the Illuminati, Babylon, US, and more

You may wish to watch David Icke's discussion on the Illuminati, the Vatican, America's founding fathers, bloodlines from Babylon into Europe, Africa, America, the Masonic layout of Washington DC, the all-seeing eye and the eternal flame of Horus's symbolisms and other symbolisms, Iraq = Babylon, the NWO, mind control, Mormons, satanism, Jacques Demolay, Albert Pike, sacrificial rites, the Scottish Rite - Knights Templar, other 'knightly' organizations, and more.

Even The Rolling Stones show up. Remember their 'Bridges to Babylon' album? Well then, "Please allow me to introduce myself..."

Mr. Icke is well-known for his research into secret societies, the power elite, and such, so check out his presentation, if you haven't already. His work is, we may say, an eye-opener for the sheep who still sleep, so pass the info on!

Now I don't know much about these 'occult'/hidden subjects myself, but one thing I do know from Scriptural Prophecy: the mighty Babylon is fallen. And in the Final tally, the wh*re will never rise again.

Jul 13, 2007

why Friday the 13th? has info on Jacques DeMolay, the Knights Templar's Grand Master and his betrayal into the Church's grasp on Friday, October 13, 1307 while a major Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction was in progress.

Apparently those who are superstitious have been marking the date ever since whether they know it or not...and this October will be its 700th anniversary!