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Aug 11, 2011

H. R. 4646 (fees on all banking transactions) is but a myth!

Got Political Rumors to Share? Trust But Verify!

by Jude Cowell

After receiving an eye opening comment here which included a certain rumor, I checked it out and guess what? The following disclaimer is lifted by yours truly from the website of Oregon's Rep. Pete DeFazio. Hopefully, since Stars Over Washington is a mere 'freebie blog' (no money made here, folks), no one will mind if I pass it on to get out the truth about a rumor circulating around the Internet which seems to be primarily directed at undermining the Democratic Party and President Obama as something crazy he'll 'slip in' to legislation after the election.

Now if it were true it would be unconscionable as well as traitorous to the financially overburdened American people especially with Wall Street crooks roaming free. But it isn't. This from Oregon's Rep. Peter DeFazio himself who is allegedly one of the sneaky culprits:

Learn the Truth about H.R. 4646

An internet rumor has been circulating that claims that I introduced a bill titled H.R. 4646 along with Senator Tom Harkin and that it would levy a 1 percent tax on every financial transaction including credit card transactions and even social security deposits. This is patently false. H.R. 4646 was introduced by Rep. Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania, and has no cosponsors. I oppose this bill because it wrongly taxes all financial transactions, rather than just focusing on the Wall Street speculators who got us into this current economic mess. Americans making normal day-to-day transfers of money should not be subject to a tax on those transactions.

These days there are innumerable rumors circulating around the internet. Both, Snopes and Politifact Oregon have debunked this myth, with Politifact Oregon calling it a “pants on fire lie”. #

Debunkings of H. R. 4646 to check out for yourself:




In the US, the dirty tricks of win-at-any-cost politics just never stop, do they? jc


Note: this rumor was originally trotted out just prior to the November 2, 2010 midterm elections--guess they're trying it again.

So with trickster Mercury (rumors; ideas) opposing falsifying, overblown, deceptive Neptune, I'll skip publishing the reader comment on this one. And if you are the one who left it, nice try. Either you're extremely gullible or a very bad sport.

Hint: as I've typed on SO'W many times before, I have a motto about such things that always has to be brought out when highstakes election seasons arrive:

Cheating isn't winning. It's stealing. jc

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