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Aug 11, 2011

The Anti-Democratic "Super Congress" and "The Family"

Good news about the bad-news "Super Congress" which Washington politicians are attempting to pass off as a "Super Committee" to 'deal' with US debt problems by locating trillions of dollars in budget 'cuts'...

My friend Alex D'Atria has sent along an article concerning the topic which I highly recommend to you. Plus, her piece begins with an image of President Barack Obama's natal horoscope if you wish to snag yourself a peek at its Leonine glory.

This weekend I plan to publish an article on the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse (2Sag37) and you see by its date that it will closely relate to the deadline of *November 23, 2011 when the "Super Congress" is to make its recommendations which, if I understand the endeavor correctly, will go directly into the signing pipeline with no debate--aka, oversight--by a US Congress which has handed off its constitutional duties to 12 partisans, most of whom may be members or associates of Doug Coe's shadowy, quasi-religious, worldly-power-grabbing organization, The Family, aka, The Fellowship.

Their motto? "Jesus plus nothing"!!

Read or listen to Fresh Air's feature on this super-secret group of 'Jesus' freaks here. ('Jesus' freaks is my own description. Jesus in my Bible totally refused the worldly power that Satan offered Him while He was incarnated as a man on earth and I know that some people call 'God' an entity which is actually 'Satan' or 'Lucifer'.)

The Coming of November 2011

With the automatic 'trigger' set to fire against the dissolving American middle and working classes, this is an enterprise set up to fail, m'peops, but the failure will be primarily on the side of the American people, the sovereignty of our nation, and the health of our environment--and who knows what else the "Super Congress" will gut. A constitutional crisis is in the making as well.

Yes, secretive operatives have inherited a "Great Plan" for America which has been a long time in the making though I suspect its original intent has been somewhat diverted or hijacked by modern totalitarians of the last few decades who are motivated by a sinister lust for power and control--I say this even though our nation was founded as a corporation, yet after all, not all corporations are evil.

As for November, we must first navigate the US Saturn Return (#3 of 3 this time around) on August 28, 2011, plus, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks. And all leading us by the nose ring into Year 2012 when the collapse has been timed by idealistic Utopians (rebel Uranus now in Aries--Ebertin) and the fabled rebuilding upon ruins begins in earnest...


*It is generally agreed by way of empirical observation through the centuries that Solar Eclipse influences may begin earlier or later than the actual date upon which they manifest--some say up to two weeks in either direction, I would say possibly up to a month. This may also apply to Lunar Eclipses though they usually will relate on a more unconscious or inner level. South Node Solar Eclipses may as well through the SN's unconscious/the past/lunar connection and a Saturnian (SN) or restrictive vibe may be present. And of course, Saturn is a karmic planet indicating a
reaping of what was sown in the past which America must now surely do.

Plus, degrees of Total eclipses may stay sensitive for years or (who can say?)--forever such as with Nostradamus's predictive Mother of All Eclipses (August 11, 1999) with its rigid Fixed Grand Cross of planets which heralded the New Millennium of terror and alarm that politicians can't shut up about for selfish purposes of their own.


Singing Sparrow said...

WOW!! are you ever on fire!! Marvelous thinking and writing. I am particularly low energy myself these days but I trust that I will be back.
The last three articles give me much to contemplate and think on. Thank you so much for what you do for us.

Jude Cowell said...

Awww, thank you dear, you're welcome and I hope your energy ramps up very soon! Jude

Anonymous said...

The Super Congress should be otherwise known as the majority of both houses protecting their patooties because they don't want the responsibility and above all want to keep their jobs and all those bennies they deny to anyone lower than them...which means anyone not a lobbyist, a Wall Streeter or corporate CEO. I see no possibility of raising taxes with these people. The only possibility is either more gouging of the working poor and middle class by way of some Democrat siding with the "no tax raising" crowd or a 6-6 tie. And the latter means, of course, a meat axe to the budget except for the part of the DoD keeps secret from anybody.

Even now, otherwise more centrist people are howling about taxes for SS and Medicare being taken out of their paychecks. Talk about slitting your own throat.

It will take much more pain and probably violence as seen in the UK before people start to wake up and realize that you cannot grow the economy by shrinking destroying what's left of the middle class and further impoverishing the working poor. Add in all the guns on the right and far right and... Shudder.

Jude Cowell said...

Anonymous, how correct you are on all scores, sad to say.

Sometimes it all seems so simple: America has been usurped by a crowd intent on dissolving what we traditionally hold most dear. The jig will soon be up in one way or another. The violence is predicted for the US, too, yes, but the gov has been preparing for that for years (a convoy of UN troops was spotted passing through PA last year, I think it was. I posted a bit on it at my Jude's Threshold blog.)

And the rare closed door meeting of Congress (March 2008, if memory serves--search SO'W and you might find some Astrology on it) is where congressmembers were updated on plans to protect THEM from The People's wrath by herding them into bunkers to hunker down in, the sorry sots. But Financial Collapse 2008 got very few of us into the streets as it Should Have Done.

One key factor/signal for me has been Ebertin's "Uranus in Aries = Utopians"--with US natal IC (The End of the Matter, The Drain) at Aries Point (a World Point of manigfestation)--and transit Uranus crossing & recrossing US n IC--since the rise of the Tea Party...though the rank & file are just being cynically used for the Utopian's "higher" purpose: a global kingdom with the US continuing to play world police force. Religious Americans are dupes in the ruse though most seem to think a worldly kingdom is a 'good' thing. (Even though Christ's kingdom is not of this world--go figure. Thinking little you can 'hurry' God is foolish & egotistical.)

Well, thanks for your thoughtful comments, they are appreciated!

Jude (and yes, my ancestors who fought & died in every war we've had are turning over in their graves--we must Wake Up Americans every chance we get for it's very late days & year 2012 is 'It', say difficult global transits.) jc

Singing Sparrow said...

This conversation is so stimulating and got me up out of my morning musing and ready to fight-of course no one else is up yet! True on so many levels-my grandchildren know that part of any visit to Grandma's will include a civics lessons and a constant vocalized political opinion.
I am troubled,deeply, by the Super Congress AND the attack on SSA by Obama in his decreasing of what is called the Payroll Taxes.
I don't know who is behind this decreasing of FICA but this is going to really damage the SSA program down the road. This is not a slap at Obama I am just saying that I disagree with this action and I do wonder who first presented the idea.

Jude Cowell said...

In total & sad agreement w you here, Clymela. The traditional divide-n-conquer political tactic (R v D, con v lib) serves the power eilte very well since they've always known that Our Strength is in Numbers, & thus we-the-people will be vanquished by NWO totalitarian forces if we can't band together as we should to Save Ourselves--for obviously the sucky, self-serving political class of corrupt corporate shills have no honest plans to do so.

Fortunately for my one grandchild, she's too young to be inundated w Politics or w my grief over the dismantling of America the Beautiful. But wait till she finds out later on what she lost.

:( jc