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Aug 31, 2011

Julie Demboski on Jupiter Retro (8.30.11)

On Jupiter Retro, Personal and Transpersonal 8.30.11

What a treat! SO'W is privileged to host a teaser from Julie Demboski's article concerning Jupiter's current retrograde period and The Jolly One's subsequent backtrack through early Taurus. The entire piece appears in Julie's excellent Eclipse Newsletter (a modest subscription required) but here, for all SO'W readers, is a tantalizing excerpt with Julie's compliments and mine--thanks, Julie!

Jupiter has turned around now, heading back from whence he came; the question has been, how thoroughly will we be feeling this? And I think the answer is, unless you have one or more of a few particular ties to this planet from its current position at 10 Taurus 21, you may only gradually become aware of exactly what has been withdrawn from your sphere--in the meantime, you may have a sense of not being informed, or needing to catch up, in some important area, with trying to parse this out eventually leading to insight as to what has changed.

- Julie Demboski

For more details visit Julie Demboski's Astrology and Dog and Sunflower Press where Jupiter revelations, insightful forecasts, newsletters, and other astrological goodies await to guide you...just as Jupiter the Hierophant would wish!


Astro-Politics intrude, but this is a Political Astrology blog, right? ;p

Mundanely speaking, will Jupiter's Rx period have any influence upon the Politics of Washington DC and effects upon the populace? You betcha! Besides, Jupiter's Direct Station will occur on a big day in our Western Calendar: December 25, 2011 which is one month after the important Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37 which necessarily must manifest with Jupiter Rx.

Jupiter is the mundane significator of the *GOP, money, banking and bankers, gurus, preachers, judges, lawyers, professors, generals, explorers, and idealists. Expansion, overreach, zealous beliefs, arrogance, imperialism, and egotism are possible as well.

Negative tendencies of Jupiter in money sign Taurus include self-indulgence, exploitation, and conventional beliefs (that last, not always a bad thing!)

And when will tr Jupiter reach 10Tau21 and move beyond this, his shadow degree? Not until the evening of March 17, 2012.

Astrologers Moore and Douglas add that Jupiter in earthy Taurus displays a financial philosophy which can be "summed up in the words of the millionaire who said, 'Money is like manure. Spread it around it does a lot of good, but piled in one heap it makes an awful stink.' "

All globalists, monarchists, world bankers and other corporatists of a plutonian persuasion, take for thy stinky selves a clue! For it's now time for Jupiterian philanthropy, not Saturnian austerity.

So as my friend Julie D mentions above, the August 30th Rx Station degree/minute of Jupiter is 10Tau21; its Direct Station clocks in @ 00Tau22 on Dec 25, 2011 with tr Uranus gone back to 00Ari45 (Aries Point of World Events) and again conjoining the IC (Home; Domestic Scene; Real Estate) in the US natal chart (Sibly version: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.)

Well, Mr. Moneybags must move forward and past his shadow degree (10Tau21) before largess can be shared without strings attached and some measure of expansion may be attained or at least approached, overly negative factors notwithstanding. We'll see mostly delays, stinginess, and haltings until then.

Yes, given the deceptive political climate of Class Warfare v The People which has taken hold of Washington DC in the New Millennium, perhaps it's too optimistic of me to use the Jupiterian word "shared" considering the 'austerity for the masses but luxury and resources for us' attitude of DC politicians and those political, radical, anarchists, the Utopians (Uranus in Aries = Utopians--Ebertin) who seek to overthrow US governmental and economic systems, no matter the vast costs to you and me.

Anything to sabotage the presidency of Barack Obama.

That said, I'm not certain I completely buy that political scenario since the power elite so often seem to do whatever they meant to do in the first place, with or without the people's consent. Besides, around here, "My Democratic hands are tied by mean old Republicans" just doesn't rank as justification for inaction anymore.

And the president's soon-to-be-touted jobs creation plan better not su*k either.

*Note: some astrologers attribute Jupiter to the Democratic Party, with Saturn representing the Republicans. But with the expansive Jupiter Mantra part of the GOP's DNA, and since the dour Democratic Party is much older than the Rs' little red wagon, I'll stick with Jupiter for Rs, Saturn for Ds, at least for now. Thing is, both parties (entities) have both societal planets functioning in their horoscopes and psyches. So there's that. jc

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Jude, for the mention. I'm honored :)

I'm afraid you're so so right when you say that for many the mantra is "anything to sabotage the presidency of Barack Obama." It's a total shame that an ANTI- attitude seems to be the only thing driving a large number of people--and I don't know about you, but I'm petrified by what might slip in to fill the space, should they be successful. Rick Perry, imho, reminds me an awful lot of GWB--and I cringe at the thought that so many fellow citizens might, just as they did with GWB, prefer to 'spend an evening' with RP, for the asinine reason that (to paraphrase) 'he's not part of the edumacated elite, but a good ol' boy like me' Yikes!
I suspect neither of us will sleep well until the election, and then, who knows?
Thanks again--your work is stellar! as always~