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Sep 10, 2011

Uranus (Youth Movement), Neptune (Floods), Gold/Silver 2011 (video)

Financial Astrology, Uranus/Neptune, Shifting Poles, old Henry Clay and youngish Rick Perry

by Jude Cowell

Here New Zealand astrologer Barbara Goldsmith gives her comprehensive view on 2011 events, financial and social conditions in a video presentation. First she goes over her 2011 predictions which have come to pass and it's a daunting list if you care to skip to the middle. I say this because we're all in process of experiencing these events of 2011 now and therefore may wish to avoid hearing them listed at this particular juncture.

Well, there are some moments when Astrology simply isn't needed, for we can hear about events in the news or peer onto our very doorsteps, can't we?

So the primary reason I'm publishing (belatedly--mea culpa!) Barbara's video on 2011 predictions in September is that around halfway through, she addresses the shifts of transpersonal (collective; outer) planets Uranus into fiery Aries and Neptune into its own watery sign of Pisces.

If you haven't viewed before, I hope you have 10 minutes to tune in. Plus, maybe like me you'll see that her bookshelves hold some of the same Astrology books as yours!

Barbara Goldsmith's predictions for 2012 will be useful now that we're entering the difficult period of Autumn 2011 into the oft-touted yet dreaded year of 2012. My fret is that the promised 'Paradigm Shift' will be purposely engineered by social tinkerers and Uranian chaos creators who are in process of collapsing the global financial system for their own rebuilding and control aims.

And although I don't like mentioning it, these potentially chaotic conditions could fulfill the ancient 'no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast' Biblical prophecy.

Is Neptune Holier-Than-Thou?

In her video, Barbara relates a stratification of society to Neptune in Pisces' desire for existence on a loftier plane and I have wondered (somewhere on this blog but with almost 3,000 posts, it's difficult to find mentions that don't have specific tags) if NASA's ISS and certain undersea capsules have been invented for Those Who Will Escape the Worst of Earth's coming travails until things settle down for their 'royal' emergence.

Thing is, no one born on Earth can escape karma for all must reap what they sow.

Futurist Uranus

Yet chaos-creating Chiron/Uranus types always keep handy escape hatches available for their exclusive use, you know.

If nothing else, my Capsule/Space Station as Escape Hatch theory shows you how deeply suspicious I can be of global corporatists and shady monarchs, doesn't it? ;p

Talk about plans with no prospects for fulfillment!

2012, 2012, and...2012

Another facet of the Paradigm Shift 2012 question is, of course, Earth's obvious physical changes (earthquakes, volcanoes, ice melting, all of which can be man-induced or encouraged through ecological assaults and unusually powerful weather events--HAARP? Hedron Collider? mad scientists!) These earth changes are cyclical--so are magnetic poles shifting? If more and more animals fly or migrate as if drunken by confused navigation systems, I'm guessing that could one small clue.

Speaking of mysterious events under the sea, here's a tidbit from April 2000 concerning the lost Henry Clay, named for a prominent and controversial US politician who is featured this weekend on C-SPAN's The Contenders.

With its spotlight on past presidential candidates who lost but "changed political history", my intention is to view all of The Contenders including the segment on Progressive Movement candidate Eugene Debs who helped champion the social improvements of the early 1900s, the ones that 2012 presidential candidate Rick Perry promises to abolish from high atop the perch of the Oval Office, a plan which to my dissenting American mind (a DAR persuasion peeking through!) should disqualify Mr. Perry from running for US President.

So I ask you: in what watery, upside down world can a secessionist, of all creatures, effectively govern as US president the United States of America?

Come on now! Perry makes it clear he's a divider, not a uniter.

Happy Campaign 2012, y'all.

Neptune to Our Solar Eclipse Degree 00Pis33

Yes, transit Neptune to 00Pis00 has simmered up a thick, murky broth for the American people to stew in, compliments of transpersonal forces which dissolve and undermine our nation as described on one level by Neptune's conjunction to America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, circa 1776 (00Pis33.)

A repetition of America's PE manifested once again on July 11, 2010 (12 South Saros Series) and its flavors resonate directly with the BP-Deepwater Horizon Blowout of April 2010 which decimated our Gulf Coast region through corporate-instigated environmental terrorism. About 4 days after the eclipse occurred, BP announced a successful capping of the well--finally:

12S = 'successful outcomes to long term worries; a situation or an issue will at first seem worse, then clear with good outcomes', to paraphrase Bernadette Brady's Predictive Astrology.

(Historical Note: after 12S, the next Solar Eclipse in the Founders' era occurred on August 14, 1776 and actually describes the founding of America to perfection. It's the 13 North Series which speaks of 'breaking an already existing bond for the sake of large, ambitious group projects; initial separation then joint achievement'! (Brady.)

This hints to me that the completion of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776 under the influence of 13N is an integral component embedded within our nation's identity, perhaps even more so than the July 4, 1776 date the Founders wanted us to celebrate as our national 'birthday'.

We do so slavishly, of course, with patriotic fervor and idolatry yet its seems that the Cosmos may have a slightly different calendar than mortal men! Is this one of the reasons some (possibly Astrology-informed) delegates waited until August to sign? (The 13N Series actually began on August 14, 1776 which resonates with the important new World cycle that started with America's founding.)

Traditionally, America relates to the world as a Water-Air, past v future Sun Can/Moon AQ personality blend, but the August 14, 1776 Solar Eclipse presents the US as a double-Air, idealistic, zealous-for-justice Sun Libra/Moon Libra nation!

Unfortunately for the populations of many countries, it's in 2011 and 2012 that eroding, nebulous, merging, self-deceptive, and often fraudulent Neptune softly stirs up 00Pis00/33 in the Tropical Zodiac, creating a karmic, watershed moment in World and US history as I suspect you may agree.

Ex: recently it's been reported that the Deepwater Horizon well is leaking again--that Neptunian erosion of the 'successful outcomes' which the July 2010 eclipse described in such hopeful terms. Of course, with media-loving Neptune's talent for confusion and deception, it remains to be 'seen' if the Macondo well is leaking or not.

All this and I didn't even mention transforming, sabotaging, destructuring Pluto in system-loving Capricorn, now creeped back into closer opposition to US natal Jupiter 5Can56...'6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." (Rudhyar; Jones.)

Hmmm...wonder if those cozy, plush nests they've protectively feathered are orbiting in Uranian space or perhaps secreted beneath a Neptunian sea?

Related Posts w Horoscopes:

Naturally, Winter Solstice December 21, 2012; plus, the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse containing strong issues of 'Balance of Power', as astrologer Celeste Teal titled this 13 North eclipse from the August 14, 1776 Series--the 'breaking of already existing bonds, then success' as mentioned above.

Is that a Rs v Ds 'Balance of Power'? Capitol Hill's tiresomely theatrical 'default'/'debt crisis' stalemate of August 2011 timed quarreling Mars in Cancer as it triggered the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse by opposing the eclipse degree (among his other contacts such as conjunctions to US natal planets @ 3--14 Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, and Sun.)

And since 13N manifested just after New Year's Day 2011, its influence is strongly and irrevocably imprinted upon the whole of Year 2011 and upon the US presidency because the eclipse's degree (13Cap47) opposes US natal Sun (leadership; the president.)

You know, I have to say this: the wispy 'American' sentiments of politicians like Rick Perry strike me as lukewarm at best and traitorous in essence when I consider the passion contained in statements such as this:

"Believe me, dear Sir: there is not in the British empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain than I do. But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the British Parliament propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of America." -Thomas Jefferson, November 29, 1775

And the breaking of an already existing bond was less than one year away!

My fervent hope for America is that many of us now feel similarly about the lousy terms upon which ideologue GOPers propose to (again) misrule this nation. And if you agree, you cannot seriously consider sitting out the November 2012 presidential election. Seriously. Electing a president by default will not be an option.

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Kieron said...

I'm hoping the Full Moon immediately following the anniversary will bring closure to the country and illumination upon all that has been hidden from us or suppressed. May it be so!