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Sep 8, 2011

President's Address to Congress 9.8.11 ends w Moon/Jupiter

Here's a link to the video of President Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress earlier this evening (9.8.11) which I blogged in real time for you here with some gentle Chiron in Pisces info tossed into the water.

Please pardon the link instead of providing you with the video itself, but after trying several news sites, youtube, etc, I'm giving up my attempt to embed the code--it's offered on a site or two but won't go live for me here. Maybe later it won't be as cantankerous but who has time for balking when there's so much to do?

One thing not mentioned in my post linked above is that at the precise end of the president's Address, the Moon/Jupiter midpoint arose and thus perfected a picture.

At 7:41 pm edt, Washington DC, Moon was in the sign of America's natal Moon (*27AQ10) but @ 8AQ, so right away we know that we-the-people have a Lunar Return soon--actually, this Saturday morning (@ 9:54:22 am edt) with the emotionally (Moon) expansive (Jupiter--but The Banker/General/Guru/GOP planet is Rx in **intolerant Taurus so he's keeping his powder dry as the Jupiterian Republicans did when they nixed the tradition of giving a rebuttal to the President's Address Thursday Sept 8, 2011.

Don't know about you but I didn't exactly miss their goatish rebuttal especially after Wednesday night's Republican 'Debate' of The Stubborn Jackasses.

Galileo much?

Thing is, I've noticed quite a few Moon/Jupiter contacts such as conjunctions in the natal charts of politicians whose mothers apparently led them to believe in themselves--that they could be or have anything they want. And yes, sometimes decent folk are attracted to what was once called the 'public service' aspect of Politics but usually it's the misguided ones without moral compasses who gravitate toward Politics, 'that organized system of hatreds', where their (presumed) preciousness is babied and whose main job is to shill and represent for their financial backers. And stay in power, of course. And propangandize the masses.

What that makes the majority of them, I'll leave for you to fill in since southern ladies don't often use such language.

But then we have a few more direct, progressive types like, say...Senator Bernie Sanders whose birthday is September 8--Happy Birthday, Bernie!

Some potentials for the Moon/Jupiter midpoint in Politics and Business include: a legal system that acts as a barrier to commercial or agricultural production, ineffective lawyers, and, sad to say, floods. (Munkasey.)

Moon/Jupiter = Ascendant: inconsistent ideas about the roles others play in your life; fortunate contacts; cheer and confidence.

As always, any, all, or none may apply.


*have I ever mentioned to you that the Sabian Symbol for US natal Moon (the American people)--'28AQ'--"A Tree Felled and Sawed" reminds me of the con v lib/R v D ruse that politicians of both parties (factions, really) use to divide ('sawed') we-the-people ('tree'), and the dismantling of our systems of government and civil society which we see in national and local politics now--is the felling.

Unless we bop the stastards. And we're all that can.

**intolerance, prejudice, greed, and stubbornness are the shadow side of the sign of the Bull, Taurus, the field where Jupiter Rx currently cavorts. But I'm speaking mundanely here, as always, so no critique of anyone born under the sign or having planets posited within its 30 degrees is intended!

Besides, you're not a politician, are you? jc

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