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Oct 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (Sat-Uran-Plu): Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts!

As I searched for a particular reference hidden in the almost 3,000 entries on this blog (whew!), I ran across a previous post detailing the frustrating yet dynamic Cardinal T-Square between Saturn/Uranus (in opposition) pointing toward an apex (focal) Pluto.

On one level, we could say that 'old' (Saturn) is being 'transformed' (Pluto) into 'new' (Uranus, and in Aries that means, 'Utopia'--but that's bosh!)

If you click, please scroll down a ways into the post for the explanation of the midpoint picture formed in May 2011 between three heavy-weight planets...

Saturn = the past, Time, tradition, form, function, age, systems, scaffolds, responsibility, accountability, restriction, constriction, boundaries, bones, skin, teeth, spinal column, the status quo, delay, decay, long term efforts, patience, perseverance, endurance, and such.

Uranus = the future, futurism, creative genius, sudden inspirations, innovation, behavior, originality, Science, Astrology, upheaval, upsets, restlessness, quickness, sudden shocks, lightening, electricity, like a bolt from the blue, group activities, disruption, The Witness (a 'sudden sense of self'), The Awakener (in Aries, Uranus = *Utopians, anarchists, and/or radicals with political inclinations), the Higher Octave/Frequency of Mercury, oddness, eccentricity, separation, and more.

And Pluto? You mean Mr. Underworld, the Dragon who guards the world's riches? The Oligarchy of plutocrats under which we toil and struggle as billions of people teeter on the brink of enslavement or extinction?

Well, he-who-employs-assassins has become tiresome to type about, frankly. Pluto is apex planet in the Cardinal T-Square pattern, and an ace manipulator of the high-powered corporate executive kind. The full Cardinal midpoint picture info may be found by clicking the link above, if you wish.

Actually, I'll go ahead and tell you my guess: that the midpoint pic's "rebellion against one's lot in life" sums up quite well the general motivation/s of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, don't you think? Our younger generations are the ones whose futures have been stolen, purloined, embezzled, and gambled away with verve and insouciance.

So where else should OWS protesters be than occupying Wall Street? America needs to cease her occupation of foreign lands though Corporate America wishes that we-the-people not pay attention to that very inconvenient, bought-on-credit-card fact. Seems global bankers are up to their old Rothschildian tricks: they make much more money by making 'loans' to governments and by pushing private debt and responsibilities onto the public ledger.

Wall Street, Main Street, Pennsylvania Avenue: Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn

In these difficult days, there are calls for the Philanthropy of Jupiter and Neptune, not the mean old-fashioned stinginess of a sour, grouchy Saturn. Wall Street gentry should want to take a closer look at themselves and their anti-social behavior--and the news for them is, I for one don't want their stanky money. But I do want their control of the US government to erode and their crimes to be addressed and tried in an honest courtroom, not a whitewashing one.

Plus, I believe that fair taxes should be levied to re-balance society's financial inequality for our see-saw has thudded to one side and we can't get off the ground--we are in a word, oppressed. So Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts or raise taxes on the wealthy 1% of Americans at least for a period of time--say, three to five years perhaps? And wouldn't it be logical if those in charge kept in mind the old "If that doesn't work, try something else" strategy, as FDR and others have often said and used.

Then blessings shall be showered all around!

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Boo CEOs but Mourn Steve Jobs.

Hurrah! The coming together of movements and groups in NYC such as Occupy Wall Street, Labor Unions such as the Nurses' Union, Code Pink, Civil Rights activists, Gay-Lesbian activists, and other organizations, groups, and persuasions (protests are now happening in 500 US cities and counting!) shows that the Global Spirit of Revolution has finally infected America big time and my prayer is that progressive reforms that lift up The People will sweep across the US and every land!

Jupiter/Neptune, ruler/co-ruler of Mystical Pisces = Religion/Spirituality and Grand Schemes

Watery Neptune is, after all, about to dip her toe again into the compassionate tides of Pisces...but where we ultimately wash up depends on how we handle things from now on.

Here's the usual-suspect list of the well-connected and the speculating Forbes 400. Discretion is advised.


*"Uranus in Aries = Utopians": Reinhold Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences.

For much more on progressive topics try Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman (texts or videos of their broadcasts are available.)

I Am The 99%!!! Are you?

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