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Oct 8, 2011

Political Astrology, the Age of Saturn, and the elusive Rule of Law

On America's Natal Chart, Saturnalia, and Ed Kohout

by Jude Cowell

Well, once mundane astrologer Ed Kohout commented on one of my recent posts, I discovered the articles he published in December 2008 and January 2009 concerning America's odd *Sibly natal horoscope, the US Constitution, the Masonic laying of cornerstones in DC, and the significance of Fixed Star Sirius in the US natal chart, among other topics.

Now what do modern politicians in Washington mean when they tout a return to "the rule of law"? Can they really intend mankind's regression to that Saturnian Age of old? Well, America's natal Saturn is exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice and the balancing thereof.

We're still working on getting that 'balance' part down pat so perhaps it's old fashioned of Capricorn me to assume it but doesn't the US Constitution already establish America under the rule of law?

Being birthed with Saturn in Libra gives our national character a conscientious, loyal, and industrious streak so how crazy that modern politicians seem intent on causing America's downfall (natal Saturn in 10th house of the Sibly chart = fall from grace if Saturnian responsibilities are ignored as Washington GOPers and their allies are determined to do, 2011) through lack of accountability for the guilty, breaking our social safety net contract/s between the generations and dissolving public institutions, and the rampant corruption to our capitalist core of governmental, financial, and other systems.

Concerning political "rule of law" references, Harry Reid is sometimes guilty of making them but G.H.W. Bush was fond of spouting the phrase, too--I can hear him now. Especially if I scroll down this blog's sidebar and watch the video of Bush Sr calling for a New World Order with a "credible United Nations", and "the rule of law--not the law of the jungle," as Poppy threatened in 1991 (or 1990--there is some disagreement on the date of his NWO utterances.)

Or, is someone trying to hide the date of Bush's famous NWO shout-out--"Sept 11, 1991"? That's ten years to the day of their "new Pearl Harbor" event that sent America into war and perpetual occupation of the Middle East, as long-planned by global-minded Vulcans. And our troops were sent there by way of lies, as usual--half-truths used as a tool for deception. How very Machiavellian of them.

Yes, politicians' "rule of law" references point us toward the Saturnian Age, aka, the
Golden Age of ancient mythology which seems to be the level of 'reality' upon which our Washington politicians operate within their privileged Beltway Bubble, doesn't it?

As you know, it's easy to be super-idealistic when you're physically removed from the problem and from the real-world consequences which your ideologies and actions set in motion--and that other people pay for.

How appropriate that I'm typing this post on Saturday--Saturn's Day--in a word, Sabbath. For as you know, the Vatican set up their Christ's Mass--'Christmas'--to coincide with the traditional date of the Saturnalia (at Winter Solstice) so 'the church' would gain in popular appeal amongst pagans who were feasting, dancing about the place, and not contributing to the pope's coffers.

So! If you're interested in America's founding and other such historical topics as seen through the useful lens of Political Astrology, check out Ed Kohout's Emersion: An Alternative Study of Electional Astrology in Political History without Saturnian delay.

And if you haven't, a visit to the Ed Kohout website may be overdue for there you'll soon spy Ed's excellent study of the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel along with brilliant mundane articles on the Astrology of America's Masonic (and I would add, Illuminati-Sionist Rosicrucian) beginnings.


For further reading, excellent Political Astrology articles may be found @ Theodore White's Global Astrology (October 2011 Forecast now available), Michael O'Reilly's Neptune Cafe, Nancy's Starlight News, and Alex D'Atria's Political Astrology with Comet info by Mark Andrew Holmes.

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