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Nov 17, 2011

OWS, Uranus, and some Astro-Highlights Dec 2011

OWS, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Uranus & Jupiter Direct, & a Capricorn New Moon

by Jude Cowell

As today's Occupy Wall Street Day of Action unfolds in NYC and across the globe I'm studying a couple of horoscopes in particular. So many charts to read, so little blogging time!

As you know, events are moving very fast in the real world lately though the illusion, fraud, deception, and speculation of the Jupiter/Neptune pair continue to affect matters as Neptune's bubbly nature merges with Jupiter's tendency to inflate. The positive side of this planetary influence is Jupiter/Neptune's sense of The Grand Spirit which I believe inspires the Occupy Movement--excepting the violence of agents provocateurs, and the down-and-outers who are attracted to Occupy encampments but who may not always conform to OWS standards of good behavior--or are not able to due to their overwhelmingly bad social conditions and habits.

As you've seen since yesterday, even 84-year-old women such as Dorli Rainey are pepper sprayed as if in punishment for freely expressing their views in America circa 2011, not such a Land of the Free anymore but definitely marking a return to being a Home of the Brave.

For as previously stated on this blog, all the strong-arming brutality is occurring under the Barack Obama administration--but notice he's not been in the country or even on the continent for days though he's due back in Washington this Saturday (11.19.11.)

....Astrologically, the strong-arming brutality may be found beneath our noses in black and white in the Uranus Direct Station horoscope--ex: the triggering of the degree of a not-to-be-spurned Venus at IC...

'18Cap' = "The Union Jack"...SUPERVISION...positive expression: the self's ever widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches (total surveillance saturation and the total heisting of our resources by wealthy gold-hoarding crooks--jc);

negative (unconscious/shadow side): smug or strong-armed paternalism.
(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

No, America isn't broken (or broke!), nor is the American Spirit. But thieves, gangsters, and political thugs are in the house and must be held up to examination, ridicule, and potentially, they must be held for trial and prosecution.

President Obama "Missed" His Chance to Play Wall Street Sheriff

No laundry list here of our disappointments over President Obama--you know the list anyway. (His natal Mars--energy-action-motivation-conflict--is veiled by US natal Neptune 22Vir25--so you're surprised he's extended and expanded WAR while promising otherwise?) And my suspicion is that he never meant to hold anyone on Wall Street accountable and rewards were forthcoming through corporate bail-outs and other means.

Yes, it is understandable that as he took office and in the days since, President Obama couldn't and can't bite the hand that fed him and led him into the Oval Office, plus, it's a mighty cushy job and all. However, a small astro-peep-eye! here: the dynamic energies of the Pluto/Chiron midpoint that crush--sit atop--Inauguration 2009 MC is telling of the US gov's Aspirations and Goals in Jan 2009 when the presidential oath-taking had to be done twice, as you know, with Inauguration 2009 Mercury (oaths; vows) Rx and combust the Sun @ '1AQ' describing the repeated--Rx--event. The oath-administering gaffe by Chief 'Justice' John Roberts (GOP) set the tone for their "Make Obama Fail" campaign ongoing--as if his first oath at noon wasn't official or binding on some weird ideological level where most of today's Republicans exist in their heads.

On my TV now is excellent coverage of the Occupy Movement by Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman detailing the events of OWS, including an interview with former Police Chief Norm Stamper who was on duty during 1999's Battle in Seattle (a label the media saddled the stand-off between patriots v riot police at the WTO Conference (which opened the New Millennium with its 'free' trade nonsense and other draconisms that have resulted in massive losses of US jobs) was rejected by protest.

So ordering pepper spray to be used on peaceful protesters was wrong, Stamper now says. Wrong then, wrong now! In 2011, a difference is that if The System feels threatened enough, police departments and their associates will act more heinously for they are more organized, trained, and ready for martial law enforcement than the first big push back in Seattle 1999.

Anyway, the two charts I'm studying are the Uranus Direct Station horoscope (shown below) of December 10, 2011 (just hours prior to the December 10 Lunar Eclipse @18Gem11), and the Capricorn New Moon chart of December 24, 2011 (@2Cap34; not shown.)

At the Dec 24 New Moon, Uranus 00Ari44 will be moving direct, still triggering its Direct Station degree, but not its minute (00Ari39 v 00:44) which shows how far the planet of revolt, protest, and upheaval has traveled since its Station Direct of Dec 10...not much, and the temperamentally sensitive Aries Point and US n IC are still ruffled--easy to do wherever feisty Mars rules.

It is my belief that the state and condition of Uranus, America's 'totem' planet of Freedom, Independence, Revolution, and exceptionalism is vastly important in both December horoscopes yet you only have to turn on the news, check news feeds, or watch videos to see that Uranian catabolic action is drenching everything it touches. Using the 'Sibly' version of the US natal chart, shows rebellious Uranus crossing and re-crossing our natal IC 00Ari53 (Foundation; Homeland; Endings) which well describes the uprising spirit of The People arriving in the US--since June 2010 and continuing--following the spirit's inflamed beginnings across the Middle East--Tunisia and Egypt being the stand-out locations for now because that regional story is not completely written by any means.

(For non-corporate news try Thom Hartmann.)

It seems America has found her Voice of Dissent as have our compadres in other lands, and what we see when watching coverage/videos of police in riot gear beating and arresting Americans exercising their Right to Free Speech is We the People pushing back--at last!--against a long-planned 'New World Order' of Bossy McBosses.

As we've witnessed The People's push back in the Middle East since February 2011 (Arab Spring), perhaps many in the US couldn't believe their eyes or grok what they were seeing, but it's become difficult to ignore the encroachments, batons, pepper sprays, and jail cells of a Globalist Agenda determined to establish an imperial one-world-government whose true intent is hidden behind a 'free' trade mask, among other obfuscations and ruses which our politicians are well versed in. They take prep classes, you know. Very organized are they but they can be tripped up!

Crisis Time: Jupiter/Neptune, Uranus, and US natal Midheaven

Dissolving Neptune 28AQ24 remains within orb of US natal Moon (The People) with its rootless-homeless-foreclosure-fraud-flood-storm vibes and as such, our n Moon can replace Neptune's spot in the following equation based on the YOD planetary pattern (Finger of God; crisis; crossroads; turning point; special task) formed by the sextile between the froth/inflation pair Jupiter and Neptune here 'pointing toward' US natal MC 00Lib53, where the sextile is supplied an outlet for dynamic expression on the World Stage...yet here, the energy expresses behind-the-scenes in the political 12th H:

Jupiter/Neptune = US n MC: speculators; visionaries; fortune hunters; wastrels; squanderers; harm or damage through thoughtlessness (or fraud, I would add--jc); philanthropists (a positive expression is a few of the wealthy volunteering to pay their taxes. Or is theirs a dreamy and empty Jupiter/Neptune proposal?)

For weeks now in transits, we've had the midpoint picture of Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. (All midpoint pics from R. Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

If we replace Jupiter with US natal Moon we have: Moon/Jupiter = n MC: socially minded or religious people; confidence; popularity.

Below is the Uranus Direct Station horoscope on which are penned a few notes that will not be mentioned so please click to enlarge and check them out, if you wish.

A Point of Change? Uranus Direct Station @ 00Ari39 in 6th house of Work, Health, Service (Police & Military); December 10, 2011 1:06:19 pm est White House, United States of America; Hour of activist Mars 13Vir09 in 11th house of Groups/Associations & Hopes/Wishes; Mars squares Sun/Moon (opposed and nearing eclipse degree of 18Gem11) and the Nodal Axis (click the Dec 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse chart link for more info on this problematic T-Square.)

Moon with South Node of the Moon

Nodal degree, a karmic or fated point, has Moon 14Gem19 conjoining the South Node end of the axis with its Saturnian, separative tone. Moon conj SN shows bad timing and difficult circumstances which are karmic (reap-what's-sown) in nature. We as a people should have been in the streets over these disenfranchising issues years ago! Perhaps President Obama is correct but on a different level than he meant: we have been a little bit lazy and have gotten a little soft--in the Social Protest department.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the Nodal axis is the Sun 17Sag52 (leader) in 3rd house of Communication and I suspect that Orator-in-Chief Obama may deliver a prime time address to the nation concerning the Occupy Movement at some point before December 2011 ends. Sun/NN links indicate major events occurring, seeking public contacts, and/or the growth and expansion of power.

This expansion of power is borne out by Venus (valuations; money; attraction principle; relationships) @ '18Cap', the degree of 1993's Uranus/Neptune conjunction/s marking the New World Order realm. Their last Great Conjunction occurred during the Age of Enlightenment/Age of Reason in mid-Sagittarius. Here as you see, vengeful-when-scorned Venus is at the Foundation of our Uranian Matters (Uranus to US IC) with Utopians (Uranus in Aries = Utopians, says Ebertin) stirring up the most basic issues within American society (our 4th H.)

And the Uranian concept of Equality is one of them.

ASCENDANT 14Lib19 at 2:04:19 am est

US natal Saturn 14Lib48 rises as does transit Saturn 26:36 in 1st house, a condition you'd usually rather not see in any horoscope--Saturn in 1st H shows delay, inhibition, restriction, and contraction in Horary Astrology with 'loss' also a potential. Basically, status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus are now inconjunct one another, a time in society when priorities are difficult to establish, self-deception abounds, and the adoption of new methods will tend to be resented as people try desperately to hold onto old concepts (like corrupted, rotten to the core Capitalism?)

Now in America, we tend to count our Saturn exalted in Libra as signifying Congress (lawmakers) and the Legal System (SCOTUS, Department of Justice, regional courts and judges, etc.) Jupiter 00Tau47 Rx opposing Saturn suggests that markets are unstable, plus the (long-planned and manufactured--"EU was set up to fail"--or set up in too great a haste) crisis conditions within European Union finances are on tap with Germany perhaps acting as the main significator in a financial situation which may very well affect US banks and our economy.

(Jupiter's Direct Station occurs the day after the Dec 24 New Moo on Christmas Day 2011 @00Tau22. Will this change of Mr. Moneybags' direction be too late to boost retailers' quotas for 2011? Note: their quotas are always trumped up--I worked in the retail fashion industry in my 20s and I can tell you that retailing CEOs cry wolf annually for it helps them cut corners for the sake of the bottom line and shareholders, of course--in pursuit of The Almighty Dollar, as we used to say.)

Oh Venus, Make My Wish Come True?

Chart-ruler Venus is detached--out-of-bounds (OOBs)--so who knows what the NYSE will be worth in December 2011, plus, it's a difficult season anyway during the Jupiter/Saturn opposition as expansion/growth vies with restriction/contraction--ex: the Gang of 12, aka, the 'Super' Congress or Committee will have spewed out its recommendations before Uranus turns direct--or will it? Little public lip service has been paid to the concept of addressing imbalances during their secret negotiations other than Republicans presenting a theatrical 'balanced budget' amendment in the House this week--and in July 2011, too.)

Ho Ho Ho: Our Greater Benefic, Protective Jupiter

Once abundant Jupiter turns direct on Dec 25, 2011 in money sign Taurus (the Bull of Wall Street), perhaps funds and policies that benefit The People will be freed to do some good in our society. An alternate potential: the 1% will pay themselves bigger bonuses and dividends than previously planned--just because they can and because many of them are bitterly pouting because we dared complain over our usury-rate indebtedness to foreign entities, and over financially oppressive conditions imposed by a self-selected group of elite plutocrats, a group which includes the military industrial regime/complex and global investors.

Moon/Venus and Mars/Neptune

Also at Aries Point is Moon/Venus = Uranus: quick actions are dictated by feelings. However, the inconjunct between Moon and Venus shows that actions need careful calibration to be most effective, or effective at all.

This picture focuses the square-peg-round-hole energies of the Moon/Venus *inconjunct (the applying aspect to chart-ruler Venus) on rebellious, radical Uranus. To me this denotes that no matter how the 'Super' Congress ham-fistedness turns out, major financial and social (Venus) adjustments (inconj) will be forced upon the population (Moon) if the Gang of 12's central banking bosses surmise that they can get away with it.

However, the Occupy Movement and the amount of attention being paid to it may have made that elitist assumption a bit less of a done-deal though The Man's riot tanks and swat teams are ready to rumble, unless I miss my guess.

Additionally, the stressful Moon inconj Venus aspect contains a 'grit teeth and bear it' flavor which makes clearly discussions of our problems quite difficult. But maybe not as much as before since the Moon is in communicative Gemini, ruled by the planet of young people, Mercury! But uh-oh: the deceptive, often confused or misdirected Mars/Neptune energies are in play which echoes America's natal Mars/Neptune square...

Mars/Neptune = Mercury: receptive or sensitive minds; many plans without a chance of realization; nervous weakness from drug use or misuse of energy.

This very public Geminian Moon wants to relate and communicate while relational Venus in private wants primarily to control (Capricorn) the relationship with the public (Moon)--and our public finances. With the IC involved bwo Venus, Real Estate valuations are on the menu, too--and Venus rules the 8th H of Big Business, Credit, Debt, Contracts, Transformation, and the Occult. Yes, control of public perception over monetary conditions and other social ills is an imperative for the US government--this is and has always been the case. (US natal Jupiter '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"...this tendency was easier to hide in 1776!)

Hopefully, Washington won't follow the 'interrupt Internet service' plan of communication control, or worse: Uranus to US n IC = a disrupted or hacked power grid?

When The People Push Back: 1999 and 2011

Here are a few Astrology notes I posted concerning the media-labeled Battle in Seattle, if you're interested. There are two planetary trios of concentrated energy in the chart/s for that day (Nov 30, 1999, Seattle, Washington, using sunrise) which suggest protests, use of force/abuse of power, and a police state/oligarchic agenda:

1. Pluto/Chiron (the Plutocracy-Oppression team) = Sun 7Sag59/ASC, opposing US natal Uranus (revolt; anarchy--I suggest that WTOers, Bilderbergers, illuminized administration officials, globalist bankers, and their agents were anarchists against US sovereignty first.) The WTO Protests in Seattle will be 12 years ago as of Nov 30, 2011, m'peops! President Clinton(Sun) was acting in accord with Pluto/Chiron's instructions or, under the sway of plutocrat advisers (of which he is now one.) See 1999 in this 1990--1999 Timeline which includes some EU shenanigans, as you'll see.

2. Uranus/Neptune = Mars (3AQ21 at sunrise--'3AQ+' is Jupiter's position in the Inauguration 2009 horoscope, as I tiresomely remind you all the time)...this is a picture suggesting instability; misdirected energy; lameness or paralysis.


Blog Note: some text was just lost and though there are more factors I'd like to mention on these Aries Point/OWS topics for you, ATT&T is having trouble keeping me connected to the Internet this week. I've fought it all day but am finally wumped out with their 'misdirected energy' so if you've emailed me or commented on one of my blogs this week, please be advised that my replies, comments, and/or posts are necessarily on the spotty side at the moment, thanks to big gorilla ATT&T. Typos there be in this post and they must be corrected later. jc

*an inconjunct (150 degrees) is aka, a quincunx and contains crisis and/or health vibes even without the YOD pattern adding to its complexity.

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