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Nov 5, 2011

Secret video of an Illuminati ritual of fire

If you go to YouTube and watch the following video you'll see that 'no description' has been provided to explain the action though the voice gives some info. This recording was taken, it appears, from across a California lake where Illuminati folk of a Bohemian Grove persuasion are performing what I suspect is their freakish 'Cremation of Care' ritual.

Talk about living in a bubble! Wonder if any of my Georgia reps have attended the bawdy festivities? Guess I should ask them.

Apparently these jokers consider themselves to be 'set free' at Midsummer (European traditional celebration @ Summer Solstice, or between June 21-24 depending on the country.)

Hmmph. Free to ruin the world? Satan-Lucifer's reign is of this Earth, agreed, but his dominion is only temporary. And devils don't deal with things of value unless they're stealing them to add to hidden treasure troves--the temporary earthly realm is all such jackasses have goin' for 'em (their choice.)

So if you dare, check out this weird video of sniveling sneaks in action, lifting their voices to their favorite entity. The participants being filmed seem to be really into it, as we Flower Power genners once liked to say, and they may consider themselves to be grand thespians (Jupiter-Neptune energies) of the stage, from the looks of it.

(Without a description of this presentation, the voice of the infiltrating documentarian--or plural--are there two of them?--favors the vocal pipes of broadcaster Alex Jones, as best I can tell.)

What raunchy little pagan goats we spy here! Their pre-Christian sentiments and visions of "forced Utopia for all" are deeply deluded and are part of a long-standing blueprint passed down through generations of the power elite who sell their souls for earthly power and prestige. Here they lurk now...

More Bohemians? Here's a link to SO'W's last post prior to this one which concerns the annual Bohemian Grove beastliness under the redwoods of California--from the bonfires of mid-July 2011 (includes video.)

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