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Nov 1, 2011

Super Committee's Secret Farm Bill outed!

The alleged buck-accepting Super Committee--aka, the 'Gang of 12'--alleged to be addressing deficit over-spending (Jupiter-Neptune) has been royally lobbied and a Secret Farm Bill is floating about congressional halls of power though the recent outing of such a bill's existence and its surreptitious insertion into Super Committee recommendations that are due Nov 23rd may have made the agricultural industry's strategic retreat a prime option for now...

But there's hot'n'heavy wooing with campaign cash going on for the Favored Twelve to the benefit of their hangers-on, and kith'n'kin.

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The outing of a Secret Farm Bill along with other factors, doesn't give the Gang of 12's super-congressional deliberations favor, trust, or support within the general public if indeed the dark machination of creating a 'Super Congress' in the first place (and they did seem awfully ready for it, didn't they?) could ever be appreciated by We The People as being worthy of our famously and oft-touted "transparent" and "democratic" government which, we'vebeen told, was set up Of, By, and For The People.

Now whose bidding should we say the Super Committee is doing behind the closed doors of power? And will this political charade lead to total collapse?


A hearty shout-out to the 99% for their efforts: Thank You!

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Everywhere

Debit fees begone! And take banking's usury interest rates with you!

And a sincere Thank You for excellent, non-corporate-based reporting goes to:

Thom Hartmann
Democracy Now!
David Pakman

Let's roll back the Reagan tax cuts...restore the Tillman Act of 1907...sign the petition at Move To Amend Citizens United, and remember that in our rigged financial game, the 'Sage of Omaha'--Warren Buffett--owns Moody's credit rating agency.

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