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Nov 1, 2011

FDR assesses "economic royalists" in 1936 (video)

Here is President Franklin Roosevelt's assessment of the "economic royalists" of his day in a speech he delivered to the 1936 DNC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On the evening of June 27, 1936--when we hear FDR speaking here--the Sun's position @ 6Can09 conjoined the natal Moon of President Roosevelt and since Cancer is ruled by the Moon which relates to publicity and to The People, we can be quite certain that FDR was thoroughly enjoying himself onstage and feeling (Moon) quite completed on the level of ego satisfaction (Sun.)

The Moon sign also tells about the people's mood and the audience seems happy to reflect (Moon) FDR's personality (Sun) back to him.

Oh! And '6Can' conjoins US natal Jupiter 5Can56...

Sun/Moon = Jupiter: desires for joint enterprise, growth, and possessions; shared success; happy relationships.

Venus is there as well, adding to the excitement and FDR's compassionate presentation. Why, even orator Mercury, ruler of FDR's natal ASC and MC, plays into the tableaux you see caught on video, for The Speechmaker and Announcer is at FDR's natal MC 15Gem10 (Aspirations; Career; Public Status), and all is conjoined with the lovely star Rigel (to teach them; to bring knowledge.)

FDR, a great teacher, with his uplifting rhetoric and his fireside chats.

Now Sun/Moon = Jupiter is dandy as far as it goes yet there is more than 'relationship' and 'marriage' indicated by blending the Sun/Moon combination of conscious (Sun; adult self) with unconscious (Moon; childhood self) energies.

In his book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey adds to our Sun/Moon understanding in the areas of Politics and Business:

Thesis: methods of applying the will of the people when taking a country into new or important directions; reading the people's attitude as you make national policy; a country's international reputation.

Antithesis: national will forcefully imposed by leadership; pessimism flows through lawmakers or a population; loss of face in international politics; smears on the national reputation.

When Jupiter makes three, potentials are created for: taking too many directions all at once; a philosophy develops for coping; seeing and using opportunities to personal advantage (politicians!); a better life philosophy develops.

On June 27, 1936, transit Neptune 14Vir17 (acting, pretending, the media, the masses, propaganda, glamour) in 12th house of Politics sat near FDR's natal Ascendant 17Vir22 which has Uranus 17:55 rising in his natal chart (a sense of being able to cope with anything.)

Therefore, a midpoint picture is formed involving the Enlightenment planets, Uranus and Neptune (whose October 1993 Conjunction @ '18Cap' times a modern natal horoscope for the New World Order of our day) and FDR's natal ASC--as always, any, all, or none may apply:

Natal Uranus/tr Neptune = n ASC: your views of others are gained through insight and intuition; an enhanced talent for focusing on people and/or tasks; how conditions affect concentration and the ability to generate ideas; instability.

With tr Neptune crossing natal ASC, FDR was experiencing self-esteem issues (feeling abandoned, helpless, weak--and of course his polio and wheelchair are in the picture--or not in the picture because The Press cooperated in downplaying his paralysis.) Yet Neptune has a theatrical streak as well and FDR had been known to call himself "an actor" and "a juggler."

When Neptune traverses a person's 1st house, others may find him elusive yet attractive, for reasons they know not why. Often people left his enthralling company only to realize he'd bamboozled them out of discussing what they came to discuss.

Instinct is deepened under this transit, and one's spiritual inspiration may become more exalted, reality isn't at the top of the list (some contemporaries thought FDR was quite a liar), and personal goals may be achieved because others find them mysteriously appealing!

Well, that's a brief snapshot of the evening of June 27, 1936, Philadelphia in relation to the horoscope of our 'New Deal' president who spoke out against economic corruption and the high-handed plutocrats and banksters who perpetrated it.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt born January 30, 1882 NS 8:15 pm LMT Hyde Park, NY; ASC 17Vir22 (a critical degree); MC 15Gem10; Sun 11Aq07 conjunct pleasant Venus 6AQ02 in 5th house of Romance and Risk-Taking. This is a Jupiter/Neptune conj, and Pluto/Chiron conj personality--all in Venus-ruled, comfort-loving Taurus. Also conjoining a natal planet that night was tr Uranus conj natal Saturn 6Tau05, a time of challenging rules and regulations, and when new or unorthodox methods are introduced.

(Mdpt pics: Munkasey; Ebertin. Chart details from astrodatabank.)

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