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Jan 22, 2012

2012 Candidates' Sun/Moon Personalities

2012 Campaign: Butterfly v Utopian v Royalist v Moralist

by Jude Cowell

Now that our 2012 election year has arrived, why not compare and contrast the personality blends of the 2012 candidates: Obama, Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum? This may be quite easily accomplished by considering each of their Sun (adult; conscious mind) and Moon (child; the unconscious) combinations through their signs, elements, and modes.

Rick Santorum's birth hour is unknown to me ('noon' is used), Gingrich's birth time seems to be somewhat in question ('born in middle of night'; 11:45 pm or 3:00 am are often used; June 17, 1943 Harrisburg, PA), Mitt Romney's is said to be correct (LDS maintain major genealogical records, as you know, so correct birth certificates must be especially prized, I would think; March 12, 1947 9:51 am est Detroit, MI), and Mr. Obama's hour, date, and place of birth seem to have been settled upon: August 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii @ 7:24 pm AHST.)

Yet because Mr. Santorum's Moon remained in Aquarius for the 24-hour period of his birth, his natal Sun/Moon blend is not in dispute. Thus, let us proceed with the Sun/Moon personality blends of the 2012 candidates--here are brief notes with each man's Images for Integration from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey, and the names of a few notables who share these personality blends:

1. Barack Obama Sun Leo/Moon Gemini: (Fire-Air = a 'live wire'; ideas well-communicated with eloquent rhetoric; joie de vivre; clever and charismatic); a long-winded debater; lives at a fast pace; boredom is to be avoided.

Sun Leo/Moon Gem = a visionary; analytical, humorous and quick-witted; organizing talent; high aspirations; on the cutting edge of social change; restless and sociable; over-rationalizing; can act as a rebellious child; detached from feelings. (Barry is a Sun-Mercury type.)

Images for Integration: "On a bright summer's day a butterfly turns into a radiant being...Children singing 'Happy Birthday to You' at a celebratory birthday party."

(Obama's blend is shared natally by: Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Amelia Earhart, and Benito Mussolini--a royalist, an aviation pioneer (drones?), and a dictator.)

2. Newt Gingrich Sun Gem/Moon Sag (Air-Fire = same as Mr. Obama, above, but with an Airy Sun and fiery Moon, this blend becomes a 'hot air balloon' suitable for reaching the giddy heights, and describes a Utopian Idealist who "sees ever more distant sunny shores to which the human race can travel; loftier vistas, and wider horizons. Alternatively, if this type gets on a high horse, they can be very moralistic, knowing exactly what is good for us"--Harvey. (Newt is a Mercury-Jupiter type.)

Sun Gem/Moon Sag: to be influential is of greatest importance; planning and outwitting (Tyl); flamboyant communicator; verbose; open to experience (ex: 'open' marriage?); optimistic, generous, and resilient; the scholar and eternal student; moral teacher (!); an Eternal Seeker; intuitive leaps (supports his natal Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Gemini); breezes along on his quick wit; impatient with feelings and about taking responsibility for own actions; a need to know it all.

"Images for Integration: The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings and baseball...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent."

(Correspondent for whom? Well, the "Pied Piper" image obviously refers to Gingrich and the Republican rout of Congress in 1994 with its theatrical, Newt-inspired 'Contract with America' propaganda.)

(Gingrich's blend is shared natally by Douglas Fairbanks, Guy Lombardo, Judy Garland, Beverly Sills, Bruce Dern, Barry Manilow--and, from the royal class, Prince Rainier of Monaco.)

3. Mitt Romney Sun Pis/Moon Sco: (Water-Water = an intuitive type who goes with the flow of the mainstream; 'drinks in life's experiences and nothing washes over' him; can go misty with emotions--tears may flow; this 'wet' combo in Politics describes a compassionate person with no doctrinal purity (and many would say Mild Mitt resembles that remark!) who may be thought of as a 'wet blanket' at times--yet still waters run deep; clearly reasoned arguments and objective judgment may be lacking since this is a highly subjective combo of energies with a flair for the irrational--what is felt is his reality yet he may lean toward ultra-rationality to hide tender subjectivities.

Sun Pis/Moon Sco: 'the agony and the ecstasy'; complex and psychologically insightful; stubborn; rigid feelings; a rich imagination; exploitation v hardship; self-sacrifice v self-control; highly subjective with emotions, convictions, and opinions ruling decisions; becomes frustrated when misunderstood; great mental capacity if prejudices are moved beyond; appears to take things lightly but is very interested in life's deepest mysteries. (Mysticism?) (Mitt is a complex dude all right, for Pisces and Scorpio have rulers and co-rulers so he is a Jupiter-Neptune-Mars-Pluto type of cuss!)

"Images for Integration: Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath...Longfellow's poem The Secret of the Sea."

(Romney's blend is shared natally by Johnny Cash, Steinbeck and Longfellow, Bernadette Peters, Cyrano de Bergerac, David Livingstone, David Niven, Elizabeth Taylor, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York (a royalist link, personality-wise.)

4. Rick Santorum Sun Tau/Moon AQ (Earth-Air = a clearheaded, rational, scientific approach; innovative; productive; a practical idealist; conscious impulse is to build, organize, and consolidate; 'comes to grips' with reality; far-reaching efforts; supportive and adaptable; dry sense of humour; can lose touch with emotions; tends to become stuck in a pragmatic, cost-effective mode.

Sun Tau/Moon AQ: confident; morally sound; capable intellect; resourceful; holds fast to ideals, committed to principles; independent; shrewd and tenacious; a natural rapport with people; can inspire confidence in others; stubborn and prone to inertia when things don't go his way; an over-confidence that can seem conceited or arrogant. (Rick is a Venus-Saturn-Uranus type.)

"Images for Integration: A country squire holds the summer fete in his garden; all monies raised are divided equally between the three charities in the village - the Friendly Farmer's Trust, the Local Artists' Guild, and the Quakers' Orphanage."

(Santorum's blend is shared natally by: Nikolai Lenin, Nikita Khrushchev, Burt Bacharach, Charlotte Bronte, George Lucas, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Orson 'Rosebud' Welles.)

According to their personality blends as detailed within this Astro-Peek, we seem to have running for the US Presidency in 2012:

1. a community organizer, radiant butterfly, and intellectual;

2. a Utopian Idealist, hot air balloonist, scholar, and Pied Piper;

3. an economic royalist (as FDR termed the predatory class in 1936), wet blanket, and a teary-eyed 'Mr. Still Waters';

4. country squire, cost-effective scientist, and moralist

So who do you think should grab America's helm on November 6, 2012 if you were basing your preference on the candidates' personality blends?

Two natal chart Astro-Peeks available on this blog:

Newt Gingrich with his Sun/Moon opposition squaring natal Neptune, and Mitt Romney with a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in late Scorpio which will have been opposed by transiting Moon and Jupiter Rx in early Gemini on Inauguration Day 2013--will they activate, or oppose and close a cycle for him?

A view of President Obama's natal chart is available on expert astrologer Donna Cunningham's SkyWriter blog.

Plus, you may wish to view one of my posts concerning Mr. Obama's natal horoscope (shown) with a few details.

Candidate Rick Santorum (May 10, 1958 Winchester, VA) has not been analyzed astrologically by this astrologer until the smattering you see here today.

Now as another massive storm system approaches the Athens, Georgia area I'll be lightening-cautious and mosey along for the time being... jc


A Sad News Note: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will resign from Congress. Sending Warm Regards to this courageous lady, her family, and friends. jc

Used but more or less unharmed by this post:

Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey; Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, Noel Tyl.

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