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Jan 11, 2012

Neptune in Pisces = Pineal Gland concerns?

Neptune in Pisces, the Pineal Gland, and Our Dissolving Willpower

by Jude Cowell

Since boundary-dissolving Neptune will soon dip its toe once again into the deep waters of Pisces (on or about February 3, 2012) for a long-winded swim (until 2024/25), the planet's astrological association with the human body's light-affected pineal gland ('third eye'/intuitive function) seems due for quite a bit of attention since we will be affected on a global scale.

An increase of environmental issues and damages to lose sleep over may be noted as our brains' melatonin production lowers and may need a *supplemental boost.

Studies show calcification in the pineal gland from use of fluoridated water as noted in Fluoride: Calcifier of the Soul, an interesting title considering Neptune's link to spirituality and The Divine Source, as denoted in Astrology.

Recent travels of Chiron (the Wounded Healer; the Wound) in tandem with transiting Neptune brought us the earthquake/tsunami in Japan and the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown in 2011 with radiation continuing in 2012 to leak into the Pacific Ocean, the realm of Neptune. Thus the boundaries of our DNA are weakened and breached on a cellular level, and environmental issues become more confusing yet more critical for all of mankind.

Of course, calcification is a Saturnian process, a hardening, and the blend of Saturn with Neptune indicates 'the chronic and unhampered progress of malady, organic decomposition, undermining circumstances that lead to illness', says Ebertin, along with 'poor, sick, depressed persons' and 'diseases with causes difficult to ascertain'. (The Combination of Stellar Influences.)

Along with the pineal gland, Ebertin also gives Neptune as representing the
solar plexus, the power and will chakra, and paralysis, and Neptune in Pisces as: reserve, an inclination to mysticism, reverie and artistic pursuits; the inner or psychic life open to external influences, pessimism, a craving for alcohol, nicotine, etc, pathological tendencies and inclinations'.

So though society's artistic creativity will flourish, it seems that many people's power and will may become weaker with Neptune in Pisces though perhaps knowing this may help us guard against much of the dissolution. Drugs, including alcohol, won't help matters, only increase the weakening effects upon The Collective of a Piscean Neptune and the secretive forces of destruction which beset us.

An increase in paranoia will be part of the Piscean Neptune picture as well.

And of course you're familiar with Neptune's link to poisons, toxins, and contagions with its 'urge to merge' tendency relating to the dissolving of Saturnian boundaries, as noted above.

Yes, We've Dreamed This Dream Before...

History repeats in similar if not exact ways so astrologers tend to look back to the last time a planet entered a sign to see past effects, and with Neptune to 00Pisces, that would be 1847--off and on from April 1847 to December 7, 1848 due to the gaseous planet's frequent retrogradation periods. (Neptune's cycle lasts approximately 164 years.) This historical info hints at what sort of trends and conditions to expect during the current planetary transit.

Neptunian Events 1847

Several events listed for 1847 have Neptunian flavors to them. One such is July 10 when Leverrier and Adams, the co-discoverers of Neptune, met for the first time at the home of John Herschel, son of William Herschel, discoverer of erratic Uranus (1781.)

The association of these men creates a time link between the planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune, by way of human beings and their astronomical activities and encounters.

Then there's July 24, when Brigham Young and his Mormon followers schlepped into the Salt Lake City, Utah area with Neptune as a spiritual indicator and significator of bodies of water--this one full of Saturnian salts!

Neptunian Events 1848

Plus, some events of 1848 resonate closely with our Neptunian topics as well: James Knox Polk became the first president in office to be photographed, one of Neptune's filmy, glamorous roles (the 'silver screen'; the arts; illusion.)

On February 26, 1848, Marx and Engels (with the backing of --?--) published the Communist Manifesto, a grand bit of Neptunian propaganda with its Saturn/Neptune 'Communism' element (Saturn = government and control, Neptune = invisible, or secret--things We the People know a little about in the US with both planets elevated in our nation's July 4, 1776 horoscope set for 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.)

Another example occurred on May 29, 1848 when the flow of Niagara Falls ceased for 30 hours because of an ice jam which describes cold Saturn's crystallization (hardening) process acting upon a liquid (Neptune.)

Then on May 30, 1848, children could rejoice over the patenting of the ice cream freezer by William G. Young--yummy liquids hardened into flavorful, cooling treats.

But perhaps one of the more ironic events of 1848 occurred on June 26 when the first pure food law was passed in the United States. That its laudable attempts at protecting the American people have been adulterated through the decades making 'food and drug safety' in the US debatable (if it exists at all) is a Neptunian disappointment of toxic proportions and we are certain to hear more revelations of poisonings by the food, agricultural, nuclear, chemical, and other industries as Neptune lumbers slowly through its own watery realm of Pisces.

Of course, there's also the well-known connection of astrological Pluto to nuclear power, control, and waste disposal--and pipelines-- but today's post is written in honor of Neptune making a tremendously important ingress into its own sign which will soon come to pass whether we're ready or not.

With 2012 Upon Us

Naturally, the projected construction (Saturn) of Canada's Keystone XL Pipeline comes to mind with its potentials for gas and chemical leaks and the controversial, chemically-infused fracking process which threatens US water sources if the pipeline is built. Neptune's use as A Veil for secrets is on tap along with its scandalous implications of Neptunian fraud, deceit, and neglectful policies that can easily lead to lousy maintenance conditions and even to sabotage.

My personal conclusion about these difficult issues is that anything we can do to boost our and our family members' immune systems should be on top of our 2012 agenda! And please note these cautions: be careful when participating in water sports and when traveling in, on, or over bodies of water for mysterious conditions may be present--and beware gas leaks and oily schemers...


For further reading you may wish to try Significant Dates in Food & Drug Law History (pdf) or view the video of the January 10, 2012 announcement showing the nuclear Doomsday Clock being moved one minute closer to midnight so it's now judged to be 11:55 pm, as it was between 2007--2010.

And here's a link to an enlightening video interview with scientist-journalist Leuren Moret who doesn't buy the idea that the Fukushima Meltdown occurred only by Nature's fury. In fact, dear reader, type 'Japan' or 'Fukushima' into this blog's sidebar Search field and you'll find other content concerning Neptunian topics whose effects will soon be front and center with Neptune in Pisces, a perfect significator of radiation toxicity leaking into the sea and into the DNA of our present and future generations.
Yet let us not give in to nuke fears or be dismissive due to anxiety--let's get active against all forms of this worldwide nuclear threat to Planet Earth!


*Blog Note: no consideration whatsoever has been given to this blogger for embedding a link to VitaCost which I consider a cost-saving place to purchase health supplements & other stuff. Besides...I blog because I care!

SO'W's favored progressive links include:

Thom Hartmann (Thom broadcasts from Iceland again tomorrow!), Amy Goodman's masterful Democracy Now!, the young and ardent David Pakman, and Demand Progress, a good place to fight for protection of lacy Neptune's Internet, aka, The Web, which will forever change for the worse our entire Internet experiences while bringing draconian penalties (SOPA) for those who simply link to content! Links placed on blogs are what I consider to be free advertising for The Touted but it seems that Neptunian Hollywood doesn't agree.

(Of course, I say this as one who makes no income from my 'freebie' blogging which is quite different than if I made money from other people's content. But all my blogs including Stars Over Washington will be subject to shut-down by the US government if SOPA passes, and with no legal standing under which to complain. Plutocratic oligarchs play for keeps, m'peops.)

Plus, 2012 is a great time to Move To Amend the democracy-dissolving, deceptively-named SCOTUS decision they call Citizens United. (Shouldn't that be 'Wealthy Citizens United'?)


Noted Astrology

You will not want to miss Crystal Pomeroy's excellent January 10 column Mayan Metaphysics 2012 which may help to soothe the nerves of even the most anxious 2012 worrier! Crystal lives and teaches in Mexico, the realm of The Maya, so do check out her article. And as you know, the word 'maya' relates to illusion, a function of Neptune!

Plus, for personal-transpersonal astrological content, no one does it better than expert astrologer Julie Demboski who regularly provides balanced insights as she writes from the West Coast of the US concerning current planets and asteroids.

Now here's one of my Saturn (real) v Neptune (imaginary; undersea climes) drawings of a tropical fish which usually swim around in my Dreamyfish Art gallery of botanical fish portraits ensnared within favorite dream scenarios...

Yellow-eyed surgeonfish of Western Australia, all done up in pencil by Jude Cowell; if you wish, view other botanical fish portraits of a tropical nature in my Zazzle Art Shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude!
Am behind on my reading--but oh what a way to get back into it, with your magnificent article! Will be linking to this with tomorrow's post. You've pulled the Neptunian picture together in an amazing way--I'd just started to think about what this entry back into Pisces might mean at the individual level--but what you note may suggest we will have our attention on the Collective, to a very large degree.
Thanks for such an intriguing article, and thank you for the mention! jd

Jude Cowell said...

Julie! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on what I fretted was an article gone too far. You're very welcome for the link to your masterful insights sent directly to us from your 'third eye'? ;p

And a link from you would be an honor, of course! Jude