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Jan 16, 2012

Obama's Mars Return 2012: Jan-Feb-June

Mars Returns for Presidents, Too

by Jude Cowell

Saturday January 14, 2012, marked the first of three returns of transiting Mars to President Obama's natal Mars position 22Virgo35, a 'three-fer' Mars Return for the president, the effects of which will last for the 2-year cycle (orbit) of the warring planet of action, aggression, quarrels, and desire nature.

When Mars returns to natal position, a rush of energy returns to the native and a new cycle of activity begins as the natal condition of Mars is emphasized. Hopefully, an injection of Martian testosterone will not be sent hurling bwo missiles or bombs from the Pentagon or White House toward other nations.

With Mr. Obama ('BHO') having Mars veiled by America's natal Neptune 22Vir25, we may expect the 'rock star' vibes of Mars/Neptune to be in evidence on some level even while the combo's disappointment and disillusionment influences continue to bedevil a Democratic presidency under siege from a GOP that, as usual, believes that only one of its minions is suitable to steer the White White helm.

The Condition of Mr. Obama's Natal Mars

The natal horoscope of Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; ASC 18AQ01; MC 28Sco58) shows 10th-house-ruler Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H (Open Enemies; PArtnerships) near 8th cusp 25Vir55 (Corporations; Shared Resources; Debt, Credit, etc); Aries is intercepted in 2nd H showing a potential for karmic conditions relating to money and values; natal Mars applies to two planets:

1. semisquare Neptune 8Scorpio (1A02) showing minor irritation between actions and ideals; Mars and Pluto share rulership of Neptune bwo Scorpio, and n Pluto is also posited in fussy Virgo.

2. trine Saturn Rx 25Cap20 in 12th H of Politics and Karma; a Mars/Saturn trine indicates self-discipline, talent with military and police work (inform the GOP!), and improves all the favorable qualities of Capricorn such as a sense of responsibility, duty, accountability, control, prudence, caution, and stability.

The triple dates of the president's Mars Return 2012 are as follows:

1. January 14: Mars makes no applying aspects so house position (7th) and sign (Virgo) are emphasized; however, the red planet separates from trining the Sun 24Cap01 (1S27, from 7th H to 11th H of Groups) as the Sun approaches his natal Saturn, good for a very productive rush of energy into the psyche.

Mars rules 2nd H (Monetary concerns; Earning Ability; Values) with disruptive rebel, *Uranus 1Ar11 there, and Scorpio appears on the 9th H cusp of Foreign Lands, Higher Educaiton, and Philosophy. In Mercury-ruled Virgo, Mars is focused, dedicated to work and daily matters, and wants to be the authority in all details. (George W. Bush has a Virgoan Mars but enough about him.)

2. February 1: Mars is in Return 4th H, and makes no applying aspects as in #1, but separates from opposition to Venus 22Pis36 in Career-oriented 10th H; Mars rules 11th H (Aries) and 6th H (Sco); Mars sesquisquares Mercury (1S07), denoting an irritant between his thinking and his actions. The stand-off between Venus and Mars--possibly karmic since both are at 22 degrees--shows awareness of relationship issues with much potential for financial disagreements, plus, tax policy issues may be in the forefront including the misguided payroll tax cuts that undermine our Social Security Insurance program every time they're allowed.

Actually, BHO's Mars Return oo February 1, 2012 is key for the president (and thus for America) because, using the Moon as a timer, Mr. Obama has a Lunar Return 3Gem21 a mere two hours after new Martian energy rushes in which gives a Moon/Mars signature to Mars Return #2. ('Moon/Mars' = enterprises begun with great vigor--Ebertin); Mars is Rx, Mars/Pluto rule 6th H of Military and Police; Sun 12AQ32 times BHO's 'un-birthday'--Sun opposing natal Sun in Leo--so it's a primary date during the year when one's agenda should be re-assessed in relation to goals--and a course change should be implemented, if needed.

3. June 18 finds a more active Mars in the Return chart with three aspects to Mars' credit, two applying: sextile Mercury 19Can55 conjunct Fixed Star Castor in 12th H of Politics and Karma; Mars is posited in 3rd H conjunct 3rd cusp 20Vir53, and rules MC 22Ari52 (goals, aspirations = war?) and 5th H (Scorpio.)

Mercury @ 19Can55 recalls the 12 South Solar Eclipse 19Can24 of July 11, 2010 with its financial stress, delays in financial progress, and market fluctuations; this was a South Node eclipse so energy drained out rather than rushed in--though the capping of the BP-Deepwater Horizon blowout seemed to be taken care of 4 days after the eclipse. (Last I heard, BP oil is still leaking into the Gulf but other oil disasters and the Fukushima Meltdown have occurred since.)

View the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse Horoscope which, curiously enough, shows Mars in Virgo--or, not so curiously, since 2010 is one Mars cycle ago.

Next applying aspect of Mars is a square with the Moon (We the People--4A22) with an 11th-house Moon 18Gem13 approaching the Sun 27Gem53 (12th H); a Moon/Mars square shows possible emotional outbursts, problems getting along with women, aggression, and resentment when anyone interferes with goals. Mother-in-law issues may be on the White House menu as well though even BHO's political enemies shouldn't wish that on him if they know how karma tends to come back atcha!

Also in BHO's June 18, 2012 Mars Return horoscope, Mars separates from a square with the Sun showing recent problems with or blockages from enemies (oil transport blocked at Hormuz by Iran?) and obstacles to action which can result in greater concentration on the forceful attainment of aims.

Plus, Moon 18Gem13 stimulates the recent Lunar Eclipse of December 10, 2011 which spotlighted speeches, writers, negotiations, trade, commerce, and transport. As you know, in December 2011, DC was awash with the payroll tax cut stand-off and extension of unemployment benefits, matters which must be re-addressed in a few weeks. See the Gemini Lunar Eclipse Horoscope w details if you wish which shows a T-Square pattern between Sun/Moon and--you guessed it--Mars, and which event-wise marked the alleged 'end' of the US Occupation of Iraq.

Well, there's a brief astro-peek at President Obama's Mars Return 2012, and considering how loudly Washington is saber-rattling toward Iran, my sincere hope is that waging yet another war is not the "new cycle of activity" indicated by President Obama's extended Mars Return which occurs three times in 2012 and taints his (and our nation's) entire year with concerns over aggression, contests of strength and will, and other Martian activities and interests.


For further Martian reading try US military operation against Iran would be a grave
. Because it would.

Next Solar Eclipse: May 20, 2012 conjunct Alcyone (horoscope shown set for Washington DC, as usual.)

Walking down a 2010 Memory Lane to Capitol Hill: Senate Blocks Homeless Veterans' Bill (includes video.) Any 'lawmaker' blocking such a bill--or sneaking poison pill legislation into it--should spend two weeks living under a bridge, imho--sans iPhone or Blackberry, the worst punishment of all.

Looks more and more like Mitt Vulture Corporatist Romney will be the Republican nominee for president. You aren't seriously considering a vote for the GOP in November 2012, are you? It will be interesting to see how an elitist Mitt of a Mormon persuasion fares in the S.C. Primary on Saturday, January 21, 2012 especially with prominent Protestant ministers deciding to back a Catholic Rick Santorum.

Personally, if I were tempted to vote anti-Democrat (like if I hit my head on a Diebold Voting Diverter Machine and stunned myself silly), it would have to be for candidate Stephen Colbert...


*Uranus @ 1Ari11 conjoins the precise degree and minute of President Obama's recent Secondary Full Moon 1Ari11, a time when one should begin re-evaluating one's extension into the world for culmination is reached. A midpoint picture is formed with these potentials: Sec Sun/Moon = tr Uranus: acting independently; sudden events or separations in partnerships; sudden conflicts; shared upsets (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)

Because today is Martin Luther King Day you may wish to read his Beyond Vietnam Speech of April 4, 1967--delivered exactly one year prior to his assassination.

The popular social and religious leader of the 1960s (Uranus conjunct Pluto in mid-Virgo = uprisings, riots, protests--now they square which brings up similar events and issues) greatly annoyed the powers-that-be which then took Dr. King out of the American picture for his combining of the strengths of the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Movement, and the Workers' Movement into a globalist threat--a threat against globalists, who now threaten and throttle all Life as we know it with austerity for the people which helps fund more luxury and power for them.

Now it's 2012, and if you haven't, please consider the Occupy the Supreme Court efforts (Jan 20, 2012 @ noon!) of Move to Amend which refers to the corporation-favoring Citizens United SCOTUS decision of January 2010, that abomination which further undermines a nation that once favored Democracy and democracy over Plutocracy and its oppression.

Or at least, it seemed to for a while, didn't it?

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Hi Jude,

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These laws shamelessly target key segments of the Obama coalition from 2008, including first-time voters, poor people, and people of color, and could easily tip a close election. We're looking at Florida in 2000 all over again.

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Take Joy Lieberman of Missouri. She's 80 years old and has been voting for 60 years. But now she won't be able to vote because her birth certificate does not list her middle name. Or Larry Butler, who was born in 1926 in South Carolina, when birth certificates often were not issued to black Americans. Now, it would cost Mr. Butler $150 to get the documents required by South Carolina's voter suppression law.

1. "Voter Identification Requirements," National Conference of State Legislatures, January 9, 2012

2. "Voting Law Changes in 2012," Brennan Center for Justice, October 3, 2011

3. "Democracy Under Assault: The Truth About Voter Disenfranchisement Laws, Advancement Project, accessed December 6, 2011 [PDF]