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Feb 14, 2012

Feb 2012: Astrology of the Greek Riots

Since blogging time is very limited for the next few weeks due to a re-location (and a new baby arriving!), I am pleased to provide a link to a fresh column by mundane astrologer Theodore White updating his work concerning the ongoing planetary Cardinal Crisis (2010 -- ) which the entire world now protests under.

As you know, Athens, Greece (my hometown's sister city) has erupted in flames and riots due to the debt crisis takeover by global bankers and in Theodore's latest edition of Global Astrology he shares astrological details and insights into this difficult situation.


Liber said...

Oh Jude...You're having a baby?
Thank you so much for your SOW...I'm learning so much!
If you're into nature...I'm watching the Owl who's about to have her eggs hatch any moment.
If you're interested:

Liber said...

After reading the from Albert Einstein...I love and find magic in watching the Owls:

"Look deep into nature...and you will understand everything better".

Please check the Owls...they will inspire you, Jude!

Sorry. I sent you wrong link of my favorite pair of Owls. (expecting any minute)

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Liber, thanx so much for your kind words. Actually I've 'done my part' and it's my daughter who's having a baby!

And yes I appreciate a link to the owl video--will check it out as soon as I complete a post on Jude's Threshold about banks still being "Too Big to Fail" etc...

Once we had many owls hooting around here (northeast GA) from one side of the river to the other (beautiful!) but not as many as before, sorry to report. :(

Warm Regards (& Please Pass the Diapers),


Jude Cowell said...

BTW: one of the school yearbooks I worked on in my olden days was called The Owl...

not the Minerva Society's journal of the same name, of course. jc