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Feb 25, 2012

Feb 25, 2012 weekend: see Venus-Jupiter-Moon triangulate at Sunset!

It's a Cosmic Sky Alert! With a little Jupiter-Pluto in the mix

by Jude Cowell

Space Weather News for Feb 24, 2012

WEEKEND SKY SHOW: This is a great weekend to watch the sun go down. Venus, Jupiter and the slender crescent Moon are lining up in the western sky, forming a bright triangle in the evening twilight. These three objects are so bright, they shine through thin clouds and even city lights.

Check for observing tips, sky maps, and photos from around the world.

BACKYARD ASTRONOMY ALERTS: Would you like a call to remind you when planets are aligning over your home town? Backyard astronomy alerts are available by text and voice.


Feb 25, 2012: In the Political Astrology realm, a midpoint picture forms with Sun (leader) in Pisces at apex of two significators of Big Banking, Speculators, and Plutocracy: Jupiter (Taurus) and Pluto (Capricorn) which when paired denote increased force and people who mount grand-scale projects:

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: creation of magical effects; successful use of mental or physical powers (Ebertin); accumulation of personal power and influence; a focus on gathering acclaim; a fundamental need to grow in power and societal prestige; efforts to be less compulsive personally.

(Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.)

Since Washington is beating its war drums while pontificating the usual hypocritical statements around the world of what it can do that others can't, here are the potentials for Jupiter-Pluto in Business and Politics as listed by Mr. Munkasey--and as always, the Hegelian Dialect comes to mind:

Thesis: relations or pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; growth of security or spy agencies; greater powers for religious leaders; extreme depletion of resources; a society that wields much influence.

Antithesis: self-destructive forces that stem from official corruption or moral laxity within society; criminal elements with great social influence; destruction of legal documents; extremely poten natural disasters.

Here's a brief video that explains Hegelian Dialect and relates it to the 'right v left' paradigm, one of the tactics used in modern Politics to keep The People divided, conquered, and unaware that a better course is possible:

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