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Jun 25, 2020

Horoscopes: DOJ 1934 with AG Bill Barr Confirmation

June 25, 2020: Below is a bi-wheel of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Dedication Horoscope of 1934 (inner; Masonic ceremony led by FDR; '3:00 pm' - D. Ovason) with Bill Barr's Senate confirmation horoscope of February 14, 2018 (at approximately 1:05 pm est Washington DC - my thanks to mundane astrologer Gary Lorentzen for the timing). The partisan Senate confirmation vote was 54 to 45 for "the cover-up general" so that scofflaw Trump would be shielded from answering for his crimes and could more easily continue his nasty habit of overstepping the traditional limits of Executive power. Basically, Barr was installed in order to save Trump's shall we say bacon.

How many threats of retaliation were delivered against any senators considering a vote against Barr I cannot tell you but in multiple spots in the horoscopes you'll find mention of career-ending associations with certain dark elements of society, including the criminal syndicate/procurement variety. See particularly the dark green highlighted notes in 10th house and on the right (via rounded-up Sabian Symbols for the 2019 ASC-DESC axis degrees; also see the MC's symbol, the WHY? Point, top right, "18Sag").

And note that Opus Dei agent Barr's confirmation occurred a mere 4 days prior to the DOJ Uranus Return, number three of three (dates penned on chart, in blue), during what continues in 2020 and beyond to be 'a titanic power struggle' between global forces -> Pluto in Capricorn opposing Pluto in Cancer with the 2019 North Node ('NN") pointing toward 1934 Pluto, and the 2019 SN (aka, 'tail of the dragon') swiping 2019 Pluto. So considering our titanic topic is it curious that the pairing of Pluto-NN is sometimes known as the "tiger by the tail" aspect?

Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes - not much text today for this week I'm mired within a household repair nightmare ever since the June 5, 2020 Lunar Eclipse 'hit' an angle in my natal horoscope!

Now here's an article about the alleged genesis of Barr's 'job application' memo but to cynical me (as a former resident of Washington DC!) this all seems a big old set up especially since Republicans knew very well what Bill Barr was and is capable of perpetrating to keep a president in office: William Barr's Unsolicited Memo to Trump about Obstruction of Justice in which Barr criticized the Mueller investigation of Russian interference in the Trump campaign and "questioned the scope" of the investigation. But perhaps we can agree that the "obstruction of justice" has been on the Barr-Trump-Republican side.

Oct 8, 2019

Halloween 2019 Mercury Rx is King of the Fairies

Image: Spooky Fairy Night by Jude Cowell

On October 31, 2019 at 11:41:19 am edt, speedy Mercury, planet of messages, negotiations, diplomacy, commerce, trade, lies, and tweets performs a Direct Station @27Sco38:16 in preparation for a retrograde ('Rx') phase until November 20, 2019 @11Sco35:11 ('12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball"). Transit Mercury stations on Halloween 2019 in the natal 4th house of Donald Trump (IC 24Sco18) along with transit Venus @28Sco30.

Rounding up Mercury's Halloween 2019 degree we have '28 Scorpio": "The King of the Fairies Approaching His Domain"; "Keyword: ALLEGIANCE--positive expression: a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness; negative expression: capricious self-indulgence" (Jones). Is Trump "the king of the fairies"? Well, he seems to believe he's a king, as we know, and since bullies are always cowards at heart, some might say that his nibs is fairy-like.

And naturally, Mercury's 2019 path through Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio relates to current events and scandals in the news which include whistle blowers, memes, phone calls, transcripts, letters, meetings of various kinds, and testimonies--for Trump, in relation to the 4/10 security axis (Career and Home), and later, in relation to his natal 3/9 axis of lower and higher mind, plus, with dozens of legal battles thrown in and ongoing (9th house). And significantly, this Mercury station activates the very degree of the May 18, 2019 Scorpio Full Moon when May 18th Mercury conjoined the natal Midheaven ('MC') of Donald Trump so that enraged star Algol was also activated! Curiously, transit Mercury was also @25Taurus conjunct Trump's natal MC the day Don Jr, Kushner, and the rest of the conspirators met with the Kremlin lawyer in Trump Tower (June 9, 2016, if memory serves).

Now as you know, transit Mercury entered brooding, intense, big-business-oriented Scorpio during the first week of October 2019 and won't leave the Halloween-esque sign to enter Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (a happier place) until approximately December 10, 2019. This means that Mercury and his/her magic wand will hit '30 Scorpio' on or about December 9th which is the "A Halloween Jester" degree containing a "contempt for established values" vibe (Jones). And of course we think of the new film Joker and expect that its popularity will remain in force since many people attend theatrical movies during the holidays. And isn't it timely how Trump's recent shout-out to China about investigating the Bidens was soon 'walked back' by Trump and his defenders as being only "a joke"? Even so, I suspect that the Chinese government was in on the joke, don't you?

Eclipse Note: in the October 31, 2019 chart of Mercury Rx, transit North Node @10Can19 in 7th house (Washington DC) points toward the 3 North Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 (10Can37) with 3N themes of 'worry, obsession, news that transforms a situation and/or involves young people', and with a caution 'not to get carried away with large plans' (Brady). Signs Cancer and Capricorn are intercepted in the Mercury Rx chart suggesting karmic conditions that need addressing, and of course eclipses are 'wild cards' of a disruptive Uranian nature which tend to contain a fated undertone as well. Late Sagittarius rises in the October 31st chart yet Capricorn holds the aligning Saturn (@15Cap24 conjunct the 2 South January 5, 2019 Solar Eclipse of 'joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal' of the 116th Congress), and Pluto at a critical degree (20Cap)--both rising with the separative South Node denoting difficult conditions for this Mercury Rx period. After all, Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodal axis are karmic as well (reaping what's been sown) so we can expect long-forming conditions to culminate soon in one way or another and with a sense of energy draining from situations and events (SN).

However, a bright spot appears in the Mercury Rx chart for there simpers the happy feelings pair of Moon conjunct Jupiter @23Sag+ rising in hidden 12th house near the natal Moon-SN conjunction (20--22Sag) of Donald Trump so his avoidance of facing his true condition and difficult predicament may continue awhile longer. But the three-fer exact conjunctions of transit Jupiter to his natal Moon conclude the first week of November, and significantly, the degree of Moon-Jupiter on Halloween 2019 pre-sages the upcoming 4 South Solar Eclipse @23Sag on December 4, 2020 with its difficult themes of 'blocked emotions, frustration over money and/or relationships, and potentially a sudden desire to end unions or alliances' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

And so for now, let's wind down this fussy post with a quote from Reinhold Ebertin describing general potentials for Mercury in Scorpio:

"Sharp criticism, fanaticism, endurance and perseverance in the pursuit of difficult problems and in the solution of arduous tasks, practical ability. Sarcasm, skepticism, cunning and craft. Lively disputes, arguments, fights." (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R.E.).

Well, that's Halloween 2019 Mercury for us with its Scorpionic potentials which sound to me a lot like a day spent in or around the general vicinity of the fantasy world of Donald Trump.

Sep 27, 2013

Sept 27, 2013: George Washington Library opens w Neptune to natal Sun

September 27, 2013 Mt. Vernon, New York 11:00 am edt

Today's opening ceremony of the long-awaited George Washington Library at Mt. Vernon has as its keynote speaker noted historian and author David McCullough and a host of VIPs in attendance.

Looking at the horoscope set for that hour and place, we find General Washington's natal Mars @23Sco13 rising, an apt cosmic picture of the man and his country. For more synchronicity we may consider the Sabian Symbol of today's position of rebellious Uranus @10Ari46 Rx...'11Aries' = "The President of the Country" and of course, George Washington remains America's archetypal image of that societal role.

America's natal 12th cusp also rises at 11:00 am with its areas of Politics, Back Room Deals, Large Institutions, Karma, Secret Enemies, and Self-Undoing in the mix.

The establishment of a presidential library to house and preserve Washington's papers is overdue and is set up as a major resource for scholars and students of American history with its contents available online. George Washington dreamed of this, and now, thanks to private donations, his dream becomes a reality today.

Many myths have been fed the American public through the centuries concerning George Washington so will access to his papers (which includes the first Acts of Congress, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights--serve to clear up the illusions we have about him? Or will the solar cult of personality remain intact?

Silver-Screened Neptune Reflects His Image

Perhaps the current position of transiting Neptune Rx will lead to a better understanding of our Founding Father and his goals, but uh-oh! Today's Neptune @3Pis09 sits upon--some would say, masks--Washington natal Sun @3Pis19 in his 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes, and Wishes. His 'dream' (Neptune) is being spotlighted (Sun) today but will his holier-than-thou legend survive?

When watery Neptune floats across one's natal Sun, backs up and hits it again, it's a period when the individual's ego and 'Hero's Journey' is only hazily in focus. However, the motivation behind the founding of the library does emphasize Washington's life and goals but, as with us all, may be based on misguided or unrealistic notions--or, Neptune-to-natal-Sun describes the General's motivation many of which were inspired by Freemasonry values which makes his natal Sun in mystical, secretive Pisces, a sign sub-ruled by Neptune, quite difficult if not impossible to pin down.

Perhaps a continuation of the Washington Myth is the point.

(You've seen the image of George Washington wearing his Masonic apron, right? He owned two which are on display in a Masonic museum. Plus, cornerstones of Washington DC buildings were laid as part of Masonic ceremonies so is that the case with today's dedication of the George Washington Library?)

For me it will be interesting to see the results of various attempts by scholars and students to ferret out dependable information concerning our mystical Founding Father George Washington, who wasn't actually the country's first president--John Hanson was--a fact that fits perfectly within Washington's fishy if compassionate Piscean image that the American people have been taught to revere so highly.

George Washington born Friday February 22, 1732 10:00 am LMT Colonial Beach, Virginia, Rodden Rating: AA; view his chart and details here or, check out a previous post The Natal Horoscope and Character of George Washington.

Additionally, America's first Inauguration horoscope (April 30, 1789 12:45 pm LMT NYC) with details may be viewed here, if you wish. And you may also wish to review the horoscope--the hour elected by General Washington, the Sacred Geometry Freemason who recognized a fortunate Moon-Jupiter occultation when he saw one--of Cornwallis' Surrender on October 19, 1781, Yorktown.

This is Jude Cowell signing off for the weekend in spite of the current fishy goings-on in Washington DC as anarchists play around with the 'full faith and credit' of the idealistic nation George Washington helped to found. Someone please stop them if they can't or won't stop themselves.

Feb 25, 2012

Feb 25, 2012 weekend: see Venus-Jupiter-Moon triangulate at Sunset!

It's a Cosmic Sky Alert! With a little Jupiter-Pluto in the mix

by Jude Cowell

Space Weather News for Feb 24, 2012

WEEKEND SKY SHOW: This is a great weekend to watch the sun go down. Venus, Jupiter and the slender crescent Moon are lining up in the western sky, forming a bright triangle in the evening twilight. These three objects are so bright, they shine through thin clouds and even city lights.

Check for observing tips, sky maps, and photos from around the world.

BACKYARD ASTRONOMY ALERTS: Would you like a call to remind you when planets are aligning over your home town? Backyard astronomy alerts are available by text and voice.


Feb 25, 2012: In the Political Astrology realm, a midpoint picture forms with Sun (leader) in Pisces at apex of two significators of Big Banking, Speculators, and Plutocracy: Jupiter (Taurus) and Pluto (Capricorn) which when paired denote increased force and people who mount grand-scale projects:

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: creation of magical effects; successful use of mental or physical powers (Ebertin); accumulation of personal power and influence; a focus on gathering acclaim; a fundamental need to grow in power and societal prestige; efforts to be less compulsive personally.

(Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.)

Since Washington is beating its war drums while pontificating the usual hypocritical statements around the world of what it can do that others can't, here are the potentials for Jupiter-Pluto in Business and Politics as listed by Mr. Munkasey--and as always, the Hegelian Dialect comes to mind:

Thesis: relations or pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; growth of security or spy agencies; greater powers for religious leaders; extreme depletion of resources; a society that wields much influence.

Antithesis: self-destructive forces that stem from official corruption or moral laxity within society; criminal elements with great social influence; destruction of legal documents; extremely poten natural disasters.

Here's a brief video that explains Hegelian Dialect and relates it to the 'right v left' paradigm, one of the tactics used in modern Politics to keep The People divided, conquered, and unaware that a better course is possible:

Dec 24, 2007

A speculative birth chart for Jesus: Apr 17, 6 BC

If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe me not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? John 3:12

Pictured here is the chart I use as the natal chart of Jesus of Nazareth, based on the date that Jupiter (royalty) arose as the Morning Star and was occulted by the Moon in Aries, sign of Israel and Palestine. Thanks to calendar changes being slightly off, we have "6 BC" instead of the year zero.

Since we know that Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great (is he Jupiter in this chart being occulted by the Moon?), the year we call "6 BC" contained this rare occultation, "7 BC" is known to be when a Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred in Pisces--and since lambs are born in the Spring, not mid-winter--it's one reason I use this chart.

Moon and Jupiter conjoined at 12:08:22 pm in 9th house (Bethlehem) yet this Jupiter rising chart is the one I prefer with asteroid, Morya at MC (the Goal or Objective) and Morya having connection with death, and fate or destiny.

And as you see, there is a YOD pattern (Finger of God: special task or purpose; crisis) pointing to the rising Moon, Ascendant (Jesus Himself if we accept this chart as His birth chart), and by extension, pointing to Jupiter as well.

But can modern day midpoint pictures possibly apply to an event from such ancient days?

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were there although not within people's consciousness, of course. Accordingly, our modern perspectives are naturally different--and time should bring insight, don't you think?

Click to enlarge the chart for a few scribbled notes, but I'll type in the midpoint pictures for the YOD (including Jupiter which certainly seems to apply to the situation.) The combo of Neptune-Pluto = unseen forces; the supernatural; other realms:

Neptune-Pluto = Moon: supernatural experiences; strange states of soul experiences; anxiety about being appreciated (well-founded!);

Neptune-Pluto = ASC: surrounded by an air of mysticism (a halo?!); placed in a peculiar environment (what a major culture shock--from heaven to earth!);

Neptune-Pluto = Jupiter: religiousness; in love with life; "Thank God"; universal love; love of humanity (I'll say!); high degree of perception; a peace-loving disposition.

Mercury trine Pluto creates a Grand Trine of sorts with MC; Mercury-Pluto = powerful words that persuade; creating or demanding new perspectives...

Mercury-Pluto = MC: great perception of any situation; leadership (why King Herod was so worried--sucky, cruel leaders should be); coping ability; keen powers of judgment; foresight.

Sun and Moon were in Balsamic phase of the prophet--a phase of partings and endings. His death was a sad parting, and He brought an end to the Age of Aries as well. People born during the Balsamic phase of the Moon (prior to a New Moon) are future-oriented folk who often arrive when something or someone is ending.

Progressive, futuristic, and rebellious Uranus is in sacrificial Pisces, sign of the Mystic, and love-filled Venus is also in Pisces, sign of her exaltation (universal love.) Jesus certainly disrupted things but from motives of pure Love, the Foundation of the Universe.

The birth of Christ marked the beginning of the Age of Pisces, sign of the Fish and the secret sign of Christianity in Roman times (used today) as the Age of Aries, the Ram, symbol of Israel and Palestine, passed away--Old Testament times into the New Testament era. On one level, His birth, life, and crucifixion on Earth symbolize death of the ego so that Man can be liberated and born again in Spirit (if he so chooses.)

The Magi, Persian astronomers/astrologers (probably from Babylonia), shared the Aramaic language with the Jews and so they knew of the Prophecy of the Messiah and would have been well able to predict His birth in time to make the journey to the Land of Judah while following the Star of Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem has been thought to be the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn during the year 7 BC: in May, September, and October. This occurred in Pisces, and it is my belief that the Magi realized the significance of this Great Conjunction in Pisces--a King of Kings to be born in the East--and made their preparations for the journey to find the Babe...and to honor Him with gifts of gold (for a king), frankincense (for divinity), and myrrh (for death and healing.)

I write this post with the wonderful aroma of frankincense surrounding me. Try it if you haven't--it's lovely.

The unusual occurrence of Jupiter as Morning Star in Aries being occulted by the Moon--in April (Spring, when lambs are born, not Dec 25, a date chosen by the Catholic Church in Rome to coincide with the pagan Saturnalia festival and thus bringing goddess worhip into the fold bwo the church's elevation of Mary) is possibly the Star followed by the Magi.

My own thought is that the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction/s may have been the Star itself, with the Moon-Jupiter-Morning Star phenomena as a timing device for the birth of the Prince of Peace.

Jupiter and Saturn Principles and Faith:

Jupiter represents the generous side of God (His staff), while Saturn represents God's disciplinarian side (His rod.) On one level, we may relate "Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me..." directly to the natural law of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) being the fly-wheel of the universe--the tension between them keeping the planets in their courses. Yin-yang, positive-negative...a constant comfort to me and I hope to you as well!

It's been a treat to give earthly halls of power--politics--the slip as I contemplate the heavenly things of true value. If you came to Stars Over Washington today expecting politics as usual, I assert that Stars are all around us, and the Star of Bethlehem, still shining brightly, may lead us yet to the golden stardust within each of us, and to greater truths than those generally found lurking about in the halls of our nation's capital--Saturnian Capitol Hill.