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Apr 5, 2012

Full Moon Apr 6, 2012 is Super and Pink!

In Washington DC on April 6, 2012, a Full Moon perfects at 3:18:35 pm edt across the Relational axis of Self-Others and indicates culmination or fulfillment of some sort, the seeds of which were planted two weeks ago at the New Moon (2Ari22.)

Plus, the April 6 Full Moon is the first of 2012's 5 Super Moons and it appears near Spica (potential for brilliance) and planet Saturn. This is Spring's rather magical Pink Moon which always reminds me of Nick Drake's ethereal third album by that name.

Meanwhile, in contentious Washington DC...

Occurring during an Hour of Mercury--finally moving Direct @ 24Pis06 (8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Big Business, Transformation), Mercury makes no aspects to other planets but does quincunx (inconjunct = 150 degrees = adjustment) the Full Moon horoscope's Ascendant 26Leo21. The inconj denotes those who tend to give others the benefit of the doubt, submit without resistance, evaluate other people correctly which may make them uncomfortable, and those who may be jacks-of-all-trades; teachers, reporters, bloggers, young people, traders, and others of mercurial persuasions are indicated.

With the Sun (17Ari23 in 8th H) as chart-ruler, major applying aspects made by the Sun give us a clue as to how things will proceed from the April 6 Full Moon--except that there are no major aspects, applying or separating which places the Sun's sign (Mars-ruled Aries) and house position in the spotlight.

There are, however, two minor aspects: Sun semi-square Venus (a mild irritant) and Sun sesqui-square (135 degr, like two interlocking squares--blockages inside obstacles?) Neptune 2Pis15 in 7th H of...Partnerships.

With deceptive though inspired Neptune opposing a 1st H Mars Rx (and in process of conjoining President Obama's natal Pluto 6Vir59, off and on--next and last conj on May 22, 2012), we see the White House actively dealing with potentially chaotic events and feisty people, and the president finding himself with karmic or fated actions to take and aggressive people to soothe--or he attempts to work around them (ex: recess appointments.)

Chances are, you're aware that President Obama is in the midst of two planetary returns--Chiron (in natal 1st H), and Mars. Here are the dates of his three-fer Mars Return which affects the entire year for him, for America, and for the American people:

1. Jan 15, 2012
2. Feb 1, 2012 Rx
3. June 18, 2012

As you see for Mr. Obama, the first half of 2012 is taken up with Mars and martial implications but I won't detail the obvious 'wars and rumors of war' stuff or mention his conflicts with martial opponents here at home for you can turn on the news and hear it for yourself in current events. Yes, the GOP are deep into their tiresome "Two Santa Clauses" ploy where they spend like drunken sailors when they're in the White House, then pull out the Austerity/Deficit/America-Is-Bankrupt Card when it's Democrats manning the helm, a political tactic identified and better explained by the excellent Thom Hartmann in his Common Dreams article of 2009. This perfectly decribes the first year and subsequent years of President Obama's term!

As you know, a Mars Return (or here, a 6-month period) is the start of a new two-year cycle of activity and endeavor with major indications of finding a new direction--the time just before, at, and just after the actual conjunction of Mars to natal Mars are the high points though tracking Mars through the Return chart/s and its angles yields even more details and timing.

Politics by the Light of the Full Moon

Curiously for the 'Santa Claus GOP' the April 6, 2012 Full Moon shows Venus @ 2Gem53 (10th H), squaring the 1st H Mars Rx (BHO--conjunct his natal Pluto--power), and doing more than just stimulating the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse degree (2Sag37, the 'Super Committee' Eclipse) for the Sabian Symbol for Venus in the Full Moon chart, if rounded down, highlights the GOP tactic:

"2Gem" = "Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively" which seems to be the primary way that wealthy GOPers (and others) fill their stockings lately--at the expense of others and in secret, whenever they can. Here is Marc Edmund Jones' explanation of this degree and its Jupiterian word picture:


positive expression: an unusual capacity for bringing man's possessions into a wide acceptance and for heightening every proper joy in worldly goods;

negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc) expression: a childish or clandestine futility in seeking any normal richness of living. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

Well, if the GOP's stubborn fanatics wish to act as childishly as possible while they're stamping their little feet, I suggest they hold their breathes until they slither again into the Oval Office--or until they turn blue, whichever comes second.


For further reading on Mars Rx (almost at an end!) try Mary Plumb on the Trayvon Martin tragedy. You'll note that his natal South Node is now conjoined by Venus, at the degree mentioned above.

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