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Apr 4, 2012

Is 'conservatism' the default position of Americans? (Thom Hartmann video)

This video may be a day late--Thom Hartmann reporting on Tuesday April 3, 2012, but is relevant to Campaign 2012 and the 'default position' taken by a majority of Americans when we're too busy and harried to pay much attention to the issues that dearly affect our lives--the position is 'conservatism'!

But as Thom points out, the current crop of 'conservatives' are not conservative at all, they're radicals. In Mundane Astrology I tend to describe them as the Uranus-in-Aries crowd, or, to paraphrase Reinhold Ebertin in The Combination of Stellar Influences: 'reformers' (of the radical kind), and 'utopians' who are ambitious, stubborn, violent (ex: 9/11/01 occurred under Bush-Cheney as did Financial Collapse 2008 and it's cruel and violent to tear to pieces our social safety net), 'blind zealots', 'fanatics who fight for ideas', 'restless', and 'dreamy enthusiasts'.

And these radical reformers have been 'in the house' more than ever--US natal 4th house (Ic 00Ari53) since transiting Uranus reached Aries Point the first time in 2010. And you know what election that hgihlights: the 'Tea Party' take-over.


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