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Apr 18, 2012

Perhaps the action next week on Capitol Hill concerning the CISPA Draft (that) allows Internet companies to share customer data and communications with the NSA shows rather clearly in the horoscope set for Capitol Hill of the New Moon of April 21, 2012 @ 1Tau35 in 3rd house of Communications.

Not only does the problematic transit of Mars opposite secretive Neptune continue and point toward the North Node (NN), a point of encounter with the public and showing the future path that humanity is embarked upon, but the opposition stimulates America's natal Mars/Neptune square which has so often led the US government into misguided and misdirected actions.

To nose into your Aunt Granny Fanny's emails of photos of her grandchildren and spy on what little Johnny wants for his birthday next year is unconscionable and a massive overreach of US taxpayers' resources as the NSA, Congress, and other agencies and entities use our own money to basically 'strip search' our communications! The waste of such a wide-casting net is difficult to describe much less to fathom its true intent.

Now you know that Mars turned Direct recently at 3Vir40/41 and is in process of trining spymaster Pluto 9Cap32 Rx in 11th H of the April 21 New Moon chart--Mars 3Vir59 is posited in 7th H. So from 7th, 11th, and 3rd houses we have a New Moon (start of a new cycle of activity, as most congressmembers hope) in intolerant, often greedy and possessive Taurus (possessive of our emails and private business!) ruled by an out-of-bounds Venus 14Gem29 ('15Gem' = "Two Dutch Children Talking to Each Other, Exchanging Their Knowledge"--will US citizens' collected data end up in Brussels' Super Computer? Colorado's? Of course this symbol can refer to those of Dutch descent as well.)

So the April 21, 2012 New Moon, Mars, and Pluto are in Grand Trine, a closed circuit of energies which shuts out the public, no doubt. Thing is, the combination of Mars and Pluto indicate potentials for:

conducting clandestine operations, security forces allied with the military, using police and military against criminal elements (like your Aunt Granny Fanny? bosh!), attacks using powerful forces and weaponry, a police state with rigid military controls, use of suppression and torture to enforce policy, wars, mayhem, rape, chaos, and/or exporting upheaval and political theory to others as an objective. (Munkasey.)

One grave suspicion is that censoring our exportation of political theory is one objective of CISPA bwo the public's emails, newsletters, blogs, articles, websites, etc. Then they can propagandize us even more.

And though Mars/Pluto also links to deviant behavior and to giving in to it, I shall not mention the current Secret Service scandals or other scandals in the news, none of which involve the emails of my Aunt or yours, or indicate that our private communications and photos have anything to do with the lowering of standards at the highest levels of the US government.


April 21, 2012 New Moon 1Tau35 @ 3:18 am edt Capitol Hill; ASC 16AQ37 with veiling, fraudulent Neptune 2Pis37 and Chiron 8Pis31 rising and opposing militant Mars; MC (The Goal) 4Sag18 has NN 5:21 in 10th H showing these new conditions and CISPA legislation on display for all the world to see and for decent people to lament; Venus OOBs of the Earthly plane--doing her own thing--in 4th H of the Foundation of the Matter (4th H = the Germanic sounding "Homeland") with IC 4Gem18...'5Gem' = "A Radical Magazine."

New Moon '2Tau' = "An Electrical Storm"--THE VISITATION. Keynote: the cosmic power able to transform all the implications of natural existence." (Rudhyar.)

Yes, wealthy plutocratic, monarchistic, and popish Pluto in controlling Capricorn relishes being able to transform our natural existence--as he continues working to destroy the US Constitution and our right to privacy with it.


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