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May 24, 2012

Horrocks First Views a Venus Transit in 1639

Those Rare Venus Transits 1639 - 2117

by Jude Cowell

Coming soon to a Cosmos near you is the Venus Transit of June 5 or 6, 2012 in mid-Gemini. The excellent publication History Today tells of astronomer and mathematician Jeremiah Horrocks, a Liverpudlian, who forecasted then observed for the first time a Venus Transit (aka, Occultation of the Sun) on November 24, 1639.

Note: to read the article in full one must subscribe to History Today but the basics are there for you.

Young Mr. Horrocks made a telescope of his own and achieved this cosmic feat but since the precise hour of his observance is unknown, a New Moon--actually a *Solar Eclipse--that very evening makes an excellent timer and provides a symbolic chart of the observance if not a correctly timed event chart. How a viewing was possible during an eclipse, I do not know, however, horoscope details are listed below. You'll notice that the Solar Eclipse degree in 1639 conjoins the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 (2Sag37), 1639's Pluto conjoins the current Solar Eclipse degree of May 20, 2012 (00Gem21, a 1-minute orb!), and the position of Venus in 1639 opposes Venus' degree of June 5/6, 2012 (15Gem45 Rx, a 2 degr-6 min orb), something of a Full Moon phase for Venus Transits:

November 24, 1639 Total Solar Eclipse at 10:39:41 pm LMT (NS) Liverpool, England: Venus Across the Sun

Sun/Moon 2Sag34:21; Mercury 25Sco14; Venus Rx 17Sag51; Mars 23Lib31; Jupiter 13Sag41; Saturn 13AQ12; Uranus 00Sco32; Neptune 23Sco16; Pluto Rx 00Gem22; Chiron Rx 21Tau05; NN 9Sag23. When the chart is set for Liverpool there is quite a pile-up of planets in 4th house: IC 16Sco02--Neptune, Mercury, Sun/Moon, NN, Jupiter, and Venus, all of which fall between Sir **Isaac Newton's natal Uranus 15Sco40, (Neptune 00Sag58), and Mercury 20ASag56. Horrocks' excellent math ability and astronomical calculations of the Venus Transit phenomenon opened the door to Sir Isaac Newton's brilliant work.

Well, the next Venus Transit isn't until December 11, 2117 so you and I had better climb onboard for this one and sail across the Sun, right? ;p


*The Solar Eclipse of 1639 fell in the 2 Old North Saros Series: 'difficult themes, with unfortunate or glum news concerning relationships; separation or the ending of a union but quick action can bring positive results' (Brady's Predictive Astrology); this is the Series that Prince William was born into on June 21, 1982 @ 30Gem (or 00Can); also occurred on July 1, 2000 @ 10Can between US natal Jupiter and Sun; next occurrence: 2018 @ 21Can, then in 2036 when the Series ends @ 29Leo.


*Isaac Newton January 4, 1643 (he was a mere whippersnapper of 4 when Jeremiah Horrocks observed Venus Transit 1639!) 1:38 am LMT (rectified) Woolsthorpe, England; Sun 13Cap41, Moon 2Can28, Venus 27AQ12.

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