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Jun 7, 2012

Amy Goodman interviews Joseph Stiglitz June 6, 2012 (video)

On Global Governance, Madrid 2012, and the Evils of Inequality

by Jude Cowell

Having much respect for the journalistic work and integrity of Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, I am pleased to bring you her June 6, 2012 interview with economist Joseph Stiglitz in which topics included in his book The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future are discussed.

You'll find a continuation of the interview with Prof. Stiglitz by clicking afterwards.

According to census data, nearly 1 in 2 Americans have now fallen into poverty or can be classified as the 'working poor' which is an outcome that I believe has been long-planned by generations of intermarried global elites (who direct Washington politicians--wonder what goodies and powerful positions they've promised them after the Utopian-minded Weishauptians have collapsed the world economy--if their Great Plan for global governance eventually works to its ultimate and engineered conclusion? Want to bet the elites' political operatives and agents in America will be discarded like last year's smartphone if in the end it should suit some shady international banking house's top cats?)

But of course that's just silly, isn't it, and only a 'theory', the sort of theory that no well-known economist in this country would dare add to his public discourse, admit to, or include within the pages of his best selling books. Yet what he whispers in private behind closed doors may be quite another matter...

Is Mass Hypnosis and Collective Denial Peaking with Neptune in Pisces?

Amazing that Americans see right under their noses how our national treasure and resources--men, women, blood, finances, weaponry, and more--are being used to strong-arm nation-states across the globe as they reshape and reconfigure the balance of power yet We the People behave as if global governance isn't threatening to become a reality on our dimes--and on our watch!

For example, see what UNESCO-funded political scientists will get up to at Madrid 2012, the XXII World Congress of Political Science. Its theme? "Reordering Power, Shifting Boundaries." Now that would be a Saturn-Pluto-Neptune-Saturn agenda, I do believe. What do you think?

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