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Jun 8, 2012

June 8, 2012 Pres. Obama speaks on US economy w his natal Sun rising

June 8, 2012: President Obama on the Economy with His Sun/Neptune Square Foremost

by Jude Cowell

It's a thickened plot at 10:15 am edt today as President Obama speaks on the US economy with his natal Sun in Leo rising (hello world!) and his natal Neptune in Scorpio (sign of Big Business, Corporations, the Hidden--including the Occult) at IC, the Foundation or Basis of the matter (his remarks.)

No time to fully discuss the horoscope but that's okay since it's his natal Sun/Neptune square that is emphasized in the chart with both his Sun and Neptune being angular at 10:15 am edt June 8, 2012 Washington DC.

Shiny Sun square nebulous, spiritual, often deceptive and fraudulent Neptune indicates someone who can easily deceive himself. Perhaps he considers himself as a 'chosen vessel' of God (or whatever entity may be worshipped.) Now being a Chosen One may also relate in Mr. Obama's case to being selected by powers-behind-the-throne as President of the United States (Bilderberg Group June 2008 Chantilly, VA, and perhaps this year's selection process, too, also in early June, also in Chantilly) or to some Higher Quest which President Obama's 1st house Chiron in mystical Pisces requires of him.

A Sun/Neptune square may cause a distortion of one's perception of reality which can be useful to those who direct him from behind the scenes as their 'cat's paw' or tool. Cults and mysticism are dangers for this sort of personality (for Neptune's contact may weaken the personality yet gives much creativity) though a strong Saturn can, if the native wills it, offset all or most of the negative qualities of this square (obstacle) to one's essence (Sun.)

Fortunately for President Obama--and hopefully for the American people--his natal Saturn is in its own sign of Capricorn though Rx (weak or absent father) so developing an inner sense of authority (Saturn) has been a primary key to his success in addition to his natal Jupiter Rx @ 00AQ (our Inaugural Sun position on January 20 at noon) creating an out-of-sign (dissociate) conjunction indicating great worldly success if the energies are well applied and Saturn's requirement for integrity is honored.

Will his remarks today be honest? That is the question, isn't it?

So what is he saying about the US economy this morning? I don't know yet because I'm busy typing at you! Guess I'll go find out and see if the President's Sun/Neptune square shows creatively, deceptively, or some combination of both...

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