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Jun 8, 2012

Astro-Update on Pres Obama's economy speech 6.8.12

Update June 8, 2012 2:00 pm edt: my previous post this morning as President Obama began speaking at or about 10:15 am edt on the US economy mentions Mr. Obama's natal Neptune (8Sco36 in n 9th H) at the IC (Foundation; Basis) of the horoscope and thus of his speech. I wondered aloud if truth (not usually the province of Neptune) would be told but didn't know then that John McCain had made related accusations recently against the President.

As it turns out, Obama Accuses Republicans of Pursuing Policies to Weaken Economy which ties in Neptunian weakening and accusations with Scorpio, sign of Big Business, secrets, and what I consider to be betrayal of the American people by those in Washington (and elsewhere) who work to undermine Mr. Obama even though it means taking our economy, credit rating, families' futures, reputation, and homeland (IC) down with him--as long as neocon freaks reclaim the White House in November.

Check out the earlier pre-speech post if you wish. My direct Neptune in Libra promises you that what I said this morning has not been altered since I posted it

. ~:~

Update 2: my plan to publish a 3-month subscription newsletter Stars Over Washington Monthly proceeds apace if laboriously so if all goes well, June will bring an announcement of Issue 1 so please stay tuned if you're curious! jc

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