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Jun 27, 2012

Panic in the New World Order--Gary North

Edit September 28, 2022: The link to the article by Gary North that I cited, below, is no longer live so it has been removed. However, my description of his content remains. Thanks to the current sabotage of one or two Russian pipelines supplying Europe, the European Union is in the news once again. This post provides a snaphot of events going on in 2012, As Above, So Below, such as Midas and Pan traveling together. A most likely culprit? Russia.

Original post begins here:

Gary North writes that there's Panic in the New World Order in relation to economic crisis within the European Union, and he includes other power-grasping topics.

Mr. North says that currently there are only about 6,000 people at the top of the global pyramid of power and it's curious to me that two asteroids representing archetypes for gold and greedy gold-hoarding--Midas--and Pan--panic, pandemic, pan-american, panorama (which is linked to the ancient sign of Capricorn) have been traveling in tandem for quite some time, retrograding off and on in the early degrees of Gemini (now around 9--10 Gemini) and conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55, planet of sudden, disruptive events of a separative and rebellious nature.

And of course you know that transformative Pluto now plods through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, destructuring systems and toppling political and financial dominoes as he stealths along on his way to rejoin the degree of America's natal Pluto @27Cap33 Rx of July 4, 1776. Sad to say that for the US financial system and the American people, the dominoes being toppled by Mr. Underworld, he of massive and hidden wealth, are our natal planets in business-savvy Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, Sun, then Mercury Rx later) showing titanic power struggles for control of our government and the pilfering of our remaining resources.

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