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Jun 26, 2012

SCOTUS decisions Thursday--Liveblogged by SCOTUS Blog (w Venus Direct)

Since this Thursday is the last day of the Supreme Court session this term, it's believed that on June 28, 2012 the Court will issue three important decisions including the one concerning President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.

The brilliant SCOTUS Blog will be Liveblogging beginning at 8:45 am edt so we can all keep ourselves updated. The blog has upgraded its servers in expectation of many thousands of visitors!

Plus, as you know, Venus, ruler of Libra (sign of the scales of Justice) performs her long-awaited Direct Station on Wednesday June 25, 2012, @7Gem29--conjunct tr Midheaven (Public Standing) in Washington DC (at 11:07 am edt) and will be moving forward by Thursday, the day that SCOTUS makes its announcements, perhaps around 10:00 or 11:00 am edt.

Of significance: Venus stations near US natal Uranus 8Gem55, and is traveling with transiting asteroids Midas and Pan these days. Have many pieces of gold been paid to assure the outcome of the 'Obamacare' decision? It seems as if the Supreme Court justices don't have the moral standing they once enjoyed so you decide.

As for tr Venus to our national Uranus in multiplicitous if not duplicitous Gemini (ruled by Mercury, plant of decisions), this is a time when unorthodox or non-traditional alliances are being formed and unique methods are employed in order to achieve common goals--positively or negatively.

And of course any links between Venus and Uranus may denote relationsip break-ups, or extravance or eccentricity with money.

Still, the Venus Direct Station horoscope shows tr Jupiter 3Gem32 not just near tr Venus, but conjunct President Obama's natal Moon in early Gemini, a prosperous time for attracting popularity, cooperation, and commitments from others so perhaps SCOTUS will leave at least most of the president's Obamacare intact! Plus, Obama Campaign contributions should pick up now if they haven't already.

Well, here's a previous post which includes a little Astrology and was published as President Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Act on March 23, 2010 in case you wish a re-visit as Venus re-directs.


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