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Aug 4, 2012

Fed Gold being audited by the US Treasury and their 1951 "Accord" planets

Got Gold? America's Saturnian Past and Uranian Future

by Jude Cowell

Here's an intriguing excerpt from a fascinating ZeroHedge article concerning gold, the Federal Reserve Bank, financial matters 1951 v 2008/12, and the Fed-Treasury Accord of March 3, 1951 (think, President Harry Truman):

"Why is March 3, 1951 such an important date? Because, more than anything, the confluence of events that led to the "Accord" signed on this day have extensive parallels to our current situation, as the attached paper by the Federal Reserve of Richmond shows in exquisite detail, yet 100% in reverse."

Read Who Is Lying? the Federal Reserve...or the Federal Reserve? and Why Stalin Lost, submitted by Tyler Durden.

Now you know I'm going to take a quick peek at the planets of March 3, 1951, right? Hour of the Accord signing is unknown so 'noon' in Washington DC will be used.

ASC 29Gem10 (a critical-crisis degree, opposite '30Sag' setting: "The Pope Blessing the Faithful"); Hour of Mercury (@5Pis37 conjunct MC 6Pis54--where transiting Chiron is now); a 10th house line-up of Sun 12Pis19 (leader), Jupiter 18Pis23 (bankers), NN 19Pis02 (future direction; meetings; the public), Mars 1Pis23 (where tr Neptune is now, off and on--perhaps the mask of 1951 has slipped a bit?), and Venus 8Ari18 (where tr Uranus, the disruptor and The Witness, is directions; freedom in partnership is needed = US Treasury audits the Fed's gold!)

This horoscope is an interesting read and if you've never seen it, I recommend a peek since the 1951 Accord marked a major change of power, authority, and direction for the US government and within our financial system. Plus, if you're curious about the Fed, its secretive ways and its gold, the US Treasury, and the establishment of centralized power in the US, a reading of the above-linked article may prove of great value.

Double YOD, Double Trouble?

Also in the horoscope is a pile-up of YOD energies, a pattern indicating crisis, crossroads, turning point, major adjustments, and/or a special task (aka, a Finger of God configuration) and it is my belief that our beloved America took a wrong turn on March 3, 1951. One YOD involves Neptune 19Lib05 Rx in 5th H of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and the 2nd H Pluto at its base (the Robber Baron planets sextile one another) which points to Jupiter and to NN; plus, an intertwined YOD with Jupiter and NN sextile Moon 18Cap41 (conj 8th cusp 19Cap41--both degrees are implicated in the 3 Great Conjunctions of 1993 of the Illuminati planets, Uranus and Neptune.) These sextiles (Moon w Jupiter, Moon w NN) point to manipulator Pluto in 2nd house thus furthering complexities of the events of 1951 as reflected in the horoscope fo the Fed-Treasury Accord signing...As Above, So Below.

Now there is one midpoint picture from March 1951 which needs mentioning for it involves powerful, super-wealthy and stealthy Pluto (18Leo07 Rx, in 2nd H of Money and the US Treasury in Mundane Astrology.) Slow-moving Pluto, aka, Mr. Underworld/the Syndicate boss or cartel is at apex of this midpoint and would have been in effect for days no matter the hour on March 3, 1951 that the Accord was signed. It denotes Truman's war as well as a generally difficult social and financial atmosphere around the globe...old Saturn = status quo energies and new Uranus = progressive or futuristic concepts...always a brittle combination of planetary energies:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheavals to protect assets; rebellion (Tyl): brutality; harm through force majeure; extraordinary efforts (Ebertin.) Any, all, or none may apply. The article above states that Truman was indeed fearful: that Stalin would 'win', and, monetarily. And we know from personal experience what tangled webs are tiresomely woven by the Fed and by the US government which arrogantly and selfishly careened out of control many years ago, and scurries about every day in an attempt to maintain exalted positions of power.

For comparison's sake: Harry Truman born May 8, 1884 4:00 pm CST Larmar, MO; ASC 10Lib31, MC 11Can50; Sun 18Tau39 ("19Tau" = "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean", a signifier of America and of the one-world-government, or 'NWO' these sorts of 'know-better' Utopian radicals hope to force upon mankind--waging war is one of their favorite expressions of power--and a cash-cow for them to boot--"give 'em hell, Harry" indeed); n Mars @17Leo12 (Mars, the god of war, where NASA's mercurial Curiosity probe lands today); Sun conj Neptune (wearing a mask, this Mason, and similar to having n Sun in Pisces as does secretive Mitt Romney); Pluto @00Gem24 conjs Alcyone (both recently hit by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20.) Harry's natal Venus in Cancer is America's natal Venus in Cancer, and there's more besides--check out his natal horoscope with rebellious Uranus @24Vir14 Rx (conj US natal Neptune) in the 12th H of Politics and Karma!

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