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Sep 20, 2012

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox in Washington DC

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 22, 2012 10:49 am edt Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

Below you see the Autumn Equinox 2012 chart (aka, Libra Ingress) set for our nation's capital with the Eagle Point rising @15Sco41 and contentious Mars @19Sco52 soon to follow. North Node (NN) 27Sco49 rises as well and is a favorable indicator in 1st house with its Jupiterian, connective flavors. This NN conjoins President Obama's natal Midheaven, and candidate Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction spotlighting the ongoing 2012 campaign season and the encounters the public will soon have through the October debates and Election Day, November 6th.

With intense Scorpio rising, the chart's ruler is the 1st house Mars and the highstakes contests so far seen in the presidential and House races are well-noted by anyone with access to media. Sub-ruler Pluto 6Cap58 is in 2nd house of our National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values so plutonian transformation--and secretive, hidden wealth--are in play within these areas, as we know.

We-the-People's Moon 27Sag21 is in 2nd house as well denoting our monetary concerns but also showing fluctuations, changes, and possibly more instability in financial areas--things can go up, down, or alternate. Moon rules 9th H of Foreign Lands so we may continue to question if conditions abroad and globally will interfere with US monetary improvements which even now are of mixed portents.

Major applying aspects of Mars and Pluto hint at how the Autumn season will proceed (in relation to D.C.) so let's take a look at them and consider the houses (departments of life) which are affected. Of course you know that any reference to a Mars-Pluto combination of energies includes such topics as war and warmongers, violence, weaponry, security forces and issues, rape, chaos, mayhem, attacks, terrorism, and, in America's case, the Pentagon and military personnel. Zeal, tremendous energy, and heated arguments are also indicated especially with House and Senate seats up for grabs along with the Oval Office occupancy come January 21, 2013.

Actually, Mars makes no major (Ptolemaic) aspects to another planet yet there is a complex, interlocked relationship between Mars and disruptive, progressive, technological Uranus @6Ari14 Rx in 5th H of Risk-Taking and Gambling and it's a dynamic sesquisquare (135 degr) which can express positively or negatively. A minor irritant exists between Mars, the god of war, and his co-ruler Mr. Hades, the spy--a semisquare (2A05) which will probably play out most obviously in the 6th H of Service (Police, Military, Civic), Health, and Work. Mars is at a traditionally malevolent degree ('19Sco'), aka, Serpentis, which compels those affected toward misfortune; ASC also brings up South Scale with its several negative potentials such as theft, betrayal, abuse, poison, drowning, revenge, and all-around criminality.

Being the slowest moving planet in our solar system, we can't say that Pluto 'applies' but Mr. Underworld does contact both luminaries: a square to the Libra Ingress Sun 00:00:00 (6A58) and a conjunction to the Moon (9A36); Sun (the leader) SQ Pluto supports the Mars-Pluto indications above, and shows willfulness and a might-makes-right attitude whic tends to strike first in order to retain control of others; it's an aspect of executive and managerial ability as well and with a Sun-ruled Leo Midheaven @24:47 (conjunct President Obama's natal Uranus-NN political duo) we may expect to become very aware of these potentials as Election Day draws near.

Moon conjoining powerful Pluto suggests that the public re-evaluates the country's 2nd H financial conditions and our basic ideals as we look for the elusive "perfect" candidates to vote for (Moon-Pluto has a public relations vibe) concerning our deeply felt opinions about topics such as crime, war, secrecy, terrorism, and available resources on our minds. Ex: why do we destroy the infrastructure of other nations and pay heavily to rebuild them when our politicians--our alledged 'representatives'--block such neglected improvements and projects here in our country which would also create American jobs by the thousands? Are they daft, or are we?

Okay, sorry, I digressed a bit...

A word should be added about monied Jupiter @16Gem08 (conjunct the position of the June 5, 2012 Venus Transit of 'paternalism') so finances, Big Business (and with Scorpio rising), internet concerns (Gemini), ideology (Jupiter), generalships, broadcasting, and expansion of the Fed and other systemic institutions are part of our Autumn 2012 picture with Jupiter ruling 2nd H of the US Treasury and 5th H of Risk-Taking (27Pis08, a Jupiter-Neptune inflationary, bubbly affair.)

Plus, nebulous, watery Neptune in its own sign of Pisces 00:59 Rx is found in the 4th H of Domestic Scene, Homeland, and End of the Matter---flooding may occur once more, and perhaps the uptick in the US housing market recently reported is but a ruse or an illusion made necessary prior to Election 2012--hopefully not for I do prefer that my fellow Americans have decent, dry homes to live in, don't you? Yet Sun and Neptune are inconjunct, with Neptune conjoining US Secondary Progressed Descendant (Partnerships) which hints that President Obama (Sun) may find himself bogged down by trivial considerations and harmed through the deception of others whom he'd prefer to work with--yes, the exploitation and scapegoating between political parties continues as burdens are unloaded upon the wrong people in order to deflect culpability and guilt. (But check out Neptune's positive aspect to Saturn, below!)

Why, even Mitt Romney's father was temporarily On Welfare once upon a time, in spite of Mitt's entitled, holier-than-thou attitude toward the 47% of us he considers to be beneath him! Guess America's social safety net programs can be of great benefit after all, hmm?

Now the 12th H (Politics) authoritative Saturn's sign-ruler, Venus, planet of money, values, and relationships, is posited in 9th H of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, Religion, and Higher Education and is placed @17Leo44 and in Mutual Reception (on friendly terms) with the Libra Ingress Sun in 11th H of Groups and Associations (Venus = Secretary of State Clinton?); Mercury 9Lib44 is in 11th H as well which denotes diplomatic gestures and associations, and much travel through them, both here and abroad. Will our gestures be well received? In part, yes (Venus sextile Jupiter) yet testy Mars and Venus are square one another so obstacles, delays, and frustrations are on the menu though perhaps most of the interference stems from DC partisans and agents with axes to grind.

As for Saturn, still exalted in Libra but headed soon for business-oriented Scorpio, he's working behind the scenes of the 12th H of Karma where he reaps what he sows, as do we all. This Saturn has a strong sense of duty and conscientiously fulfills them in Libra, sign of The Diplomat, plus, there's a nice sextile with the Moon (we the people: managerial abilities, good judgment, and empathy), plus, a trine from Saturn to Neptune which provides wisdom and insight.

Well, it isn't often I manage to type the words "wisdom and insight" in a horoscope set for Washington DC, is it? Yet is a Saturn-Neptune trine enough to counter, or at least mitigate, the forceful Mars-Pluto energies taking early command in this chart and ruling our Autumnal season? If experienced, 'cooler heads' prevail we may hope so and with Saturn ruling the 3rd H of Communications we shall at least learn of wiser solutions for thorny problems.

As always, getting Washington politicians, partisans, lobbyists, and government subversives to cooperate with a solutions-based program for the America they're working so hard to undermine and control will be the real trick.


Blog Note: this hastily typed, freshly composed article on the Autumn Equinox 2012 chart is 'an echo' for I analyzed the chart in the July-August-September 2012 issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly (subscription form linked in sidebar, upper) and it is meant to add to the details in the SO'WM newsletter rather than replace them. Issue 2's subscription form will be linked on this blog's sidebar near the end of September and will cover many political and cosmic events including the October debates, two November eclipses, the quarter's Lunations, and Winter Solstice 2012. Plus, issue 2 will be offered at a Special Holiday Price of $15US so subscribe only if you dare! Thanks, jc

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