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Oct 19, 2016

The Real Vote Rigging: Republicans Make It Harder for Millions to Vote in 2016 - clip

Posted October 19, 2016 President Barack Obama advises Mr. Trump:

A study of Election 2000 and we can see some real rigging by multiple players. Tamper tamper!

Dec 17, 2012

Electoral College votes Monday 12.17.12: is Obama re-elected?

Electoral College 'Faithless Elector" Rare but a Potential

by Jude Cowell

On Monday December 17, 2012, America's arcane Electoral College casts their votes across the nation in order to settle the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election. Since President Obama garnered 332 electoral votes in November to Mitt Romney's rather anemic 206, few Americans fret that an upset is in store for the president.

But What Does Pluto Say?

As you know, voting Mercury performed a retrograde station at 6:03 pm est on Election Day 2012, then seemed to move in backward direction toward an opposition to Mr. Obama's natal Moon @3Gem21. Astrologers (and pundits!) everywhere predicted an extended ballot tabulation though hopefully not as contentious a one as the 2000 'hanging chad' election. And though state dust-ups have drawn things out in 2012, the presidential outcome at least has been straightforward.

And so, 'voter' Mercury Rx on November 6th may on one level symbolize the official Electoral College announcement of a definite victor which will be made on January 6, 2013 and will bring the entire 2012 Election process to a close.

By then, transit Mercury @9Cap32 will be in close conjunction with powerful Pluto @9Cap31 in the 9th house of Higher Education ("College"), as you see in the noon horoscope displayed below, set for the White House as a signifier for the entire nation; click chart to enlarge and perhaps you'll be able to read a few basic notes scribbled thereupon including US natal and BHO natal planets--one thing I neglected to fill in is, Mercury turned Rx "@4Sag18":

Horoscope: January 6, 2013 noon EST White House; Electoral College to Declare Official Victor of the November 2012 Presidential Election.

3rd quarter Moon = 'crisis in consciousness' stage; Mercury OOBs of the Earthly plane (may signify Mr. Obama's much larger share of votes); Mercury rises with Fixed Star Acumen (enduring attacks which weaken, not the only indication of weakness in the chart--see: Mars midpoint picture, below.)

Hour of Jupiter (Rx @7Gem16 in 2nd house of Values/Earning Ability/National Treasury); tr Jupiter continues to trigger US natal Uranus 8Gem55 denoting political and financial success; chart-ruler Mars @9AQ10 in 11th H of Groups and Associations and about to cross into 10th H of Public Status--Mars also rules 8th H through Scorpio with 8th cusp conjunct President Obama's ('BHO') natal MC and Romney's ('MR') natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

Chart-ruler Mars applies (0A48) to a square with restrictive Saturn denoting blocks, challenges, issues of bad timing, and possible threats to authority; plus, add the Moon (the public) to the square with testy Mars and we may have some hot feelings in the mix--then the Moon will soon meet depressive Saturn--are the people's electoral wishes to be thwarted? Surely not!

Now since it's the noon hour (a good time for announcements), the Sun (the leader) @16Cap32 conjoins MC (The Goal) with the Mercury-Pluto conjunction on the 9th H side of the Midheaven; Venus @26Sag54 attends.

Midpoint pictures are formed which may or may not apply to our topic:

Sun-Mercury = MC: standing up to the test; successful communications.

Sun-Pluto = MC: vocational upset and change to adopt new perspectives; striving for power and control; leadership qualities.

Neptune-NN = MC: inability to achieve aims without the help of others.

Sun-Neptune = Mars: weakness.

The next two pictures only apply at noon with 23Ari38 rising but they may be worth considering in light of the contentiousness, denial of reality, and sour grape attitude of the Republican Party whenever they lose presidential elections after which they continue denigrating the character of the Democratic president who bested them--and this one dares to be African-American by half!

Pluto-ASC = Neptune: suffering from the actions of bad, malicious, deceitful people.

Mercury-ASC = Neptune: deception; falsehood; slander; libel; disappointed or deceived by others; thinking badly of other people.

(Midpoint pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

One transit to the President Obama's natal chart listed on the horoscope but which must be mentioned: tr Saturn to natal Neptune in Scorpio which brings along the grim face of reality---or, allows a dream to come true.

So! You noticed the YOD pattern of crisis/turning point/special task? With the brilliant, innovative Jupiter-Uranus sextile at its base, the 7th H Moon @6Sco20 is apex of the configuration. Now Scorpio is a Fixed sign of rigid energy but the Moon is Mutable, changeable, and denotes fluctuations. Near staid, status quo Saturn, ruler of Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business), my suspicion is that the rigidity of the public's landslide for President Obama will hold with the aid of stable Saturn yet perhaps we shouldn't entirely discount a tendency toward Scorpionic betrayal ("faithless elector"?)

Or, are we only seeing the Fixed tendency toward decisiveness here? Well, the January 6th Moon in Scorpio could be describing some number of Electoral College voters who, after all, are members of the American public themselves. They have to be, right?

Thing is, an apex Moon in a YOD pattern indicates those who must learn to decode the emotional messages received from others so that they may set out on a new path ("lean forward"?) where the interests of the weaker among us are defended and addressed successfully. (Tierney.)

Yeah, I thought that's what we voted for in November.

And apparently in America, that is only possible with a Democrat in the White House, if indeed it's any longer possible at all.

Nov 7, 2012

President Obama Declared Victor with a Leo Moon Rising!

Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

by Jude Cowell

Last evening at 11:12 ET, TV's Chuck Todd declared President Obama the victor in the fiercely fought 2012 Election, and several new congress men and women will be taking Capitol Hill seats in the New Year. Yet with Obama-Boehner gridlock in Washington still a distinct possibility, the Republican morning-afters of "we must find our identity" whines and bemoanings caused by the shellacking Mitt Romney and Paul 'Austerity for the Working Poor' Ryan took as the president reached and surpassed the 270 electoral college votes needed to win bring me little if any assurance that the GOP has learned any lessons at all.

Like Mitt Romney caught in a lie, the Republicans will probably do what they're famous for when they should be doing something better: double down on their madness. the party is marginalized already with 'not enough angry white voters' so it may be astounding to watch if they insist on continuing down their uncooperative path which leaves so many Americans in the lurch.

Now this I must ask: what happened, Wisconsin? A GOP Retakes State Senate and Full Control of State Government headline bodes ill for the people, imho. Haven't Wisconsin teachers and other public sector workers suffered enough? Apparently not though I'm assuming that there's no hint of a re-count needed in the state though not all votes across the country are tallied and there may be legal challenges and re-counts yet with voting Mercury Rx as of about 6:00 pm EST last evening.

Still, it would seem that my guess that yesterday's VOC Moon showed that voters (Moon = the people) had made up their minds and no further scurrilous ads or arguments could sway them away from President Obama whose natal 4th house Moon @3Gem21 was opposed by November 6th's Mercury Station Retrograde and will be again once Mercury turns Direct and re-opposes that degree. Like me, you probably heard some "heart vs head" talk from pundits and reporters as the election coverage proceeded...heart = Moon, head = Mercury. And yet, Mercury squares Neptune denoting confused thinking, a need to avoid harsher realities (like the Ryan Budget Plan?), and probably some deceptive voting machines in the political brew.

November 6, 2012 11:12 pm EST Rockefeller Center, NYC

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren! And as Jon Stewart called it on The Daily Show last night, this was the "Re-Presidenting of America" with Chuck Todd's pronouncement occurring as the public's Moon @16Leo55 arose at 11:12 pm EST (ASC 17Leo19) along with Barack Obama's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself.) A Moon in Leo is a happy, shiny thing!

And of course you know that Jupiter Rx @14Gem33 was upper (nearer the chart's MC than Saturn @3Sco53 in 3rd house) so if we use generous Jupiter to indicate the Democratic Party as I've been doing ("Invest in America")--with the GOP as the Saturnian austerity enforcement league a la Ryan's so-called Budget Plan--we find the Democratic Party being lifted up career-wise onto the world stage (MC.)

Here are a few more basic details from the 11:12 pm EST "Obama wins" horoscope set for Rockefeller Center NYC--aka, "Democracy Plaza"--where MSNBC was headquartered for their election night coverage:

ASC 17Leo18; Hour of Mercury (the voter!) with Mercury Rx @4Sag18 in 4th house, the Foundation of the Matter; MC 8Tau09 which places President Obama's natal Neptune at IC 8Sco09 (not so stable a portent yet potentially inspiring for him); Sun-Mars = Mercury: desire to bring plans to realization; ready for action; a thinking leader or fighter in a struggle. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply); challenger Mars @22Sag33 is OOBs of the Earthly plane and on his own; Sun-Moon angle = 271 degr 45 mins = 3rd quarter, the 'crisis in consciousness' phase.

Chart-ruler Sun makes no applying aspects of any kind (though it does square the ASC--2A09) so its sign and house position are all-important: Sun @15Sco09 (the Eagle Point and the degree of Thomas Jefferson's natal Pluto (just thought I'd toss a little historical footnote in!) is posited in 4th house of Homeland (past time for "nation-building" at home!), Domestic Scene, and Real Estate, an industry which seems to be healing now unless there's interference down the road.

You know it would have been amusing to me how the GOP campaigned on "Obama will turn America into Europe" nonsense when it's the Romney-Ryan Budget Plan that determined to enforce austerity upon the American people as governments and banking houses have done in the EU. A wacky argument and I suppose the American people were expected not to notice the craziness of it! But we did.

Now the horoscope shows a bunch of squirrelliness around the 8th cusp (8Pis57) of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Corporatism, etc with Jupiter ruling and Neptune sub-ruling the confused, changeable sign of Pisces. Plus, transiting *Uranus @5Ari09 is posited there near the 9th cusp, a karmic spot for the planet of sudden upsets and uprisings. And with the 11th house Jupiter Rx in Gemini and Neptune Rx @00Pis22 in 7th house, there may be just what many economists and mundane astrologers are predicting ahead: more financial scandals and loss thanks to vulturing plutocrats with 2013 in the crosshairs.

After all, America's natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint of oppression and disenfranchisement @8Pis50 conjoins this 8th cusp along with our national Ceres (grains, foodstuffs, security issues, nurturance) so the rest of 2012 may be less joyous than everyone would prefer since the plutocrat-elite class are still around to bedevil us.

Another significator of financial shadiness (perhaps campaign use of funds will be questioned more as the weeks go by) for Mr. Obama's second term going Forward! is the so-called 'hidden square' (256 degr) between Jupiter and Neptune which last met in Great Conjunction/s three times through 2009 is creative yet may indicate unstable tendencies, overextending oneself credit-wise, and the rejection of social burdens; gullibility is an issue as the ideas of others are too easily adopted. Hopefully, with his re-election, President Obama won't cave so readily to Tea Party demands promoted by the GOP and will stand up for the social safety net of the American people.

Yes, the Jupiter-Neptune duo make quite a 'confidence team' of grand plans yet that's just what Americans and markets need most right now--confidence that our economy will continue to improve under the presidency of Barack Obama--and all obstructionists of the people's business should go ahead and take the hindmost!

If you're determined not to govern, then get out of politics.


*Uranus in Aries is described by Reinhold Ebertin as, "Utopians, fanatics, blind zealots." I leave it to your discretion as to whether Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries describes certain factions in one party more closely than it describes others. Plus, on Election Day 2009, Saturn opposed Uranus. Now with the transiting Saturn-Uranus inconjunct (150 degr), we may expect that further adjustments will be required between status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus as priorities concerning our obligations are decided upon, and holding on to old concepts becomes more and more ineffectual.

Our nation's problems are many, long-standing, and primarily self-created (ex: two wars fought on credit card) so Saturn-Uranus cantankerousness must be gone--and let's nation-build at home for a real change! jc

Nov 5, 2012

Election 2012's Void-of-Course Moon (We the People)

Election Day November 6, 2012: a VOC Moon and Voting Mercury Rx

by Jude Cowell

It's Monday, the day before the official voting day in the US presidential and congressional elections, a General Election. As I watch and read pundits prognosticating on electoral college votes, state polls, and such I think of all the words I've typed on the subject and don't feel there's much else I can say about the November 6th Mercury Station Retrograde, the V.O.C. Moon, or the 1st Vote at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire (with Jupiter Rx 'upper' = investment but delays = President Obama?

Fortunately, Dipali Desai has taken on the task with a fresh look at the astrological portents of November 6, 2012 and its planet of voting, Mercury, changing to a backward direction as it was on Election Day 2000--and gumming up election results until possibly mid-December when transiting Mercury moves beyond its Rx (shadow) degree of November 6th: 4Sag16.

A V.O.C. Moon: void-of-course meaning Luna completes no further aspects to other planets until entering the next sign (though the traditional definition of VOC is a little more complicated than that but let's stick with 2012.) This condition can be a bit of a head-scratcher in Astrology yet one of the best real-world examples of a VOC Moon is, of course, the morning and events of 9/11/01 when plans were put into motion and past a certain point in time, nothing could stop them.

Yes, VOC Moons usually show events which are 'set' and with which no one can interfere to change their outcome--or, indicating events that have a different outcome than expected. As you know, in Political (Mundane) Astrology, the Moon represents We the People, or the public so it would seem that by or before tomorrow, our minds are made up as to whom to vote for.

Actually, the VOC condition can apply to any planet, and in DeVore's Encyclopedia, we find that a VOC Moon "denies fruition to much of the good otherwise promised by the Figure" (horoscope.)

Plus, "In Horary Astrology a planet so placed is said to indicate a person devoid of objective or purpose, hence one who abandons himself to aimless endeavor."

Well, I can think of a variety of levels on which that last definition could apply--the losing candidate, for one. Or, to Romney as a president who is only required (by Grover Norquist) to be able to hold a pen and sign what's placed in front of him as he adopts the aims of others. Yes, Mitt Romney's triple planets in cameleon-like Pisces can make him seem quite 'aimless' and impressionable to whatever environment he's floating through at any particular moment, agreed? And yet it's the Moon--We-the-People--on November 6th who may be the aimless ones after the election dust settles.

My suspicion is that changeable Etch-a-Sketch candidates make malleable, easy to control Etch-a-Sketch presidents who campaigned by doing or saying anything to get elected!

Why, even veteran journalist Robert Parry thinks we may be Risking a Repeat of Election 2000...but not for astrological reasons, I presume.

Nov 2, 2012

Back to EST Sunday Nov 4 2012 at 2:00 am

Our Time Change Weekend

by Jude Cowell

On Sunday November 4, 2012 at 2:00 am, we'll turn back our clocks and 'reclaim' the hour of sleep we lost in the Spring.

Sounds good but in spite of the elusive "extra" hour we gain, this blogger won't be sleeping much at all if the plutocrat-neocon bunch that Mitt Romney shills for is allowed to reclaim the White House and shaft the American people with four more years of Bush-Cheney wars and policies on steroids!

Have you early voted? Can you help on November 6th? Because America's overly long campaign season has me really quite sleepy!

Astro-Notes November 4, 2012 2:00 am est

Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer graciously trine one another and create a blend that has a "mailed fist in a velvet glove" flavor. Deeply perceptive (Water signs are intuitive, imaginative, and emotional), Sun Sco-Moon Can tends toward sincerity, emotional strength, subjectivity, and shrewdness, and can be more than a little secretive.

In their excellent book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys give the Scorpio-Cancer combo of energies these illustrative 'Images for Integration':

"A mother eagle defends her babies with immense courage...A surgeon develops life-saving methods...A mother passionately defends her delinquent child and pleads for a compassionate verdict."

Sun Sco-Moon Can is shared natally by body-builder Charles Atlas, heart-transplanter Christian Barnard, journalist Dan Rather, humorist Will Rogers, and President Theodore Roosevelt who advised us that, "There is a handy adage which runs, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far.'

And here's one of my favorite Will Rogers quotes which seems to apply no matter which election year we're in:

"In 1928 the Republican Convention opened with a prayer. If the Lord can see His way clear to bless the Republican Party the way it's been carrying on, then the rest of us ought to get it without even asking."


Sep 20, 2012

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox in Washington DC

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 22, 2012 10:49 am edt Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

Below you see the Autumn Equinox 2012 chart (aka, Libra Ingress) set for our nation's capital with the Eagle Point rising @15Sco41 and contentious Mars @19Sco52 soon to follow. North Node (NN) 27Sco49 rises as well and is a favorable indicator in 1st house with its Jupiterian, connective flavors. This NN conjoins President Obama's natal Midheaven, and candidate Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction spotlighting the ongoing 2012 campaign season and the encounters the public will soon have through the October debates and Election Day, November 6th.

With intense Scorpio rising, the chart's ruler is the 1st house Mars and the highstakes contests so far seen in the presidential and House races are well-noted by anyone with access to media. Sub-ruler Pluto 6Cap58 is in 2nd house of our National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values so plutonian transformation--and secretive, hidden wealth--are in play within these areas, as we know.

We-the-People's Moon 27Sag21 is in 2nd house as well denoting our monetary concerns but also showing fluctuations, changes, and possibly more instability in financial areas--things can go up, down, or alternate. Moon rules 9th H of Foreign Lands so we may continue to question if conditions abroad and globally will interfere with US monetary improvements which even now are of mixed portents.

Major applying aspects of Mars and Pluto hint at how the Autumn season will proceed (in relation to D.C.) so let's take a look at them and consider the houses (departments of life) which are affected. Of course you know that any reference to a Mars-Pluto combination of energies includes such topics as war and warmongers, violence, weaponry, security forces and issues, rape, chaos, mayhem, attacks, terrorism, and, in America's case, the Pentagon and military personnel. Zeal, tremendous energy, and heated arguments are also indicated especially with House and Senate seats up for grabs along with the Oval Office occupancy come January 21, 2013.

Actually, Mars makes no major (Ptolemaic) aspects to another planet yet there is a complex, interlocked relationship between Mars and disruptive, progressive, technological Uranus @6Ari14 Rx in 5th H of Risk-Taking and Gambling and it's a dynamic sesquisquare (135 degr) which can express positively or negatively. A minor irritant exists between Mars, the god of war, and his co-ruler Mr. Hades, the spy--a semisquare (2A05) which will probably play out most obviously in the 6th H of Service (Police, Military, Civic), Health, and Work. Mars is at a traditionally malevolent degree ('19Sco'), aka, Serpentis, which compels those affected toward misfortune; ASC also brings up South Scale with its several negative potentials such as theft, betrayal, abuse, poison, drowning, revenge, and all-around criminality.

Being the slowest moving planet in our solar system, we can't say that Pluto 'applies' but Mr. Underworld does contact both luminaries: a square to the Libra Ingress Sun 00:00:00 (6A58) and a conjunction to the Moon (9A36); Sun (the leader) SQ Pluto supports the Mars-Pluto indications above, and shows willfulness and a might-makes-right attitude whic tends to strike first in order to retain control of others; it's an aspect of executive and managerial ability as well and with a Sun-ruled Leo Midheaven @24:47 (conjunct President Obama's natal Uranus-NN political duo) we may expect to become very aware of these potentials as Election Day draws near.

Moon conjoining powerful Pluto suggests that the public re-evaluates the country's 2nd H financial conditions and our basic ideals as we look for the elusive "perfect" candidates to vote for (Moon-Pluto has a public relations vibe) concerning our deeply felt opinions about topics such as crime, war, secrecy, terrorism, and available resources on our minds. Ex: why do we destroy the infrastructure of other nations and pay heavily to rebuild them when our politicians--our alledged 'representatives'--block such neglected improvements and projects here in our country which would also create American jobs by the thousands? Are they daft, or are we?

Okay, sorry, I digressed a bit...

A word should be added about monied Jupiter @16Gem08 (conjunct the position of the June 5, 2012 Venus Transit of 'paternalism') so finances, Big Business (and with Scorpio rising), internet concerns (Gemini), ideology (Jupiter), generalships, broadcasting, and expansion of the Fed and other systemic institutions are part of our Autumn 2012 picture with Jupiter ruling 2nd H of the US Treasury and 5th H of Risk-Taking (27Pis08, a Jupiter-Neptune inflationary, bubbly affair.)

Plus, nebulous, watery Neptune in its own sign of Pisces 00:59 Rx is found in the 4th H of Domestic Scene, Homeland, and End of the Matter---flooding may occur once more, and perhaps the uptick in the US housing market recently reported is but a ruse or an illusion made necessary prior to Election 2012--hopefully not for I do prefer that my fellow Americans have decent, dry homes to live in, don't you? Yet Sun and Neptune are inconjunct, with Neptune conjoining US Secondary Progressed Descendant (Partnerships) which hints that President Obama (Sun) may find himself bogged down by trivial considerations and harmed through the deception of others whom he'd prefer to work with--yes, the exploitation and scapegoating between political parties continues as burdens are unloaded upon the wrong people in order to deflect culpability and guilt. (But check out Neptune's positive aspect to Saturn, below!)

Why, even Mitt Romney's father was temporarily On Welfare once upon a time, in spite of Mitt's entitled, holier-than-thou attitude toward the 47% of us he considers to be beneath him! Guess America's social safety net programs can be of great benefit after all, hmm?

Now the 12th H (Politics) authoritative Saturn's sign-ruler, Venus, planet of money, values, and relationships, is posited in 9th H of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, Religion, and Higher Education and is placed @17Leo44 and in Mutual Reception (on friendly terms) with the Libra Ingress Sun in 11th H of Groups and Associations (Venus = Secretary of State Clinton?); Mercury 9Lib44 is in 11th H as well which denotes diplomatic gestures and associations, and much travel through them, both here and abroad. Will our gestures be well received? In part, yes (Venus sextile Jupiter) yet testy Mars and Venus are square one another so obstacles, delays, and frustrations are on the menu though perhaps most of the interference stems from DC partisans and agents with axes to grind.

As for Saturn, still exalted in Libra but headed soon for business-oriented Scorpio, he's working behind the scenes of the 12th H of Karma where he reaps what he sows, as do we all. This Saturn has a strong sense of duty and conscientiously fulfills them in Libra, sign of The Diplomat, plus, there's a nice sextile with the Moon (we the people: managerial abilities, good judgment, and empathy), plus, a trine from Saturn to Neptune which provides wisdom and insight.

Well, it isn't often I manage to type the words "wisdom and insight" in a horoscope set for Washington DC, is it? Yet is a Saturn-Neptune trine enough to counter, or at least mitigate, the forceful Mars-Pluto energies taking early command in this chart and ruling our Autumnal season? If experienced, 'cooler heads' prevail we may hope so and with Saturn ruling the 3rd H of Communications we shall at least learn of wiser solutions for thorny problems.

As always, getting Washington politicians, partisans, lobbyists, and government subversives to cooperate with a solutions-based program for the America they're working so hard to undermine and control will be the real trick.


Blog Note: this hastily typed, freshly composed article on the Autumn Equinox 2012 chart is 'an echo' for I analyzed the chart in the July-August-September 2012 issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly (subscription form linked in sidebar, upper) and it is meant to add to the details in the SO'WM newsletter rather than replace them. Issue 2's subscription form will be linked on this blog's sidebar near the end of September and will cover many political and cosmic events including the October debates, two November eclipses, the quarter's Lunations, and Winter Solstice 2012. Plus, issue 2 will be offered at a Special Holiday Price of $15US so subscribe only if you dare! Thanks, jc

Aug 28, 2012

Does voting Mercury's Station Rx on 11.06.12 tell of a false flag op?

Mercury, planet of voting and ballots, unhelpfully performs a Station Retrograde at 6:03 pm edt on Election Day 2012 (Nov 6) as it strongly opposes President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini--an opposition to his wishes.

Can this be a cosmic indication of an Obama-staged false flag operation meant to disrupt the November 6th election and thus keep him in power?

Well, someone writing for the Canada Free Press seems to think it's possible. And yet...since Mercury will oppose the president's natal Moon (reigning need--Tyl), any terrorist attack on US soil could very well plop a political fly into the DHS ointment, a fly that buzzes even more loudly as an anti-Obama plan with a Rovian flair!

Remember how the Bush-Cheney-Rove gang and the DHS trotted out threatening Osama bin Laden tapes--modified though they may have been--just before election time? Well, unfondly so do I for it swayed many gullible voters into accepting more misfortunes under a warmongering Republican White House. And you know what a financial boondoggle fighting wars on credit card is for the American people for the misguided, misdirected US government is still doing it as if expecting a different outcome!

Dec 2, 2007

Bush irony strikes Putin--no scratch reported

With transit *Jupiter conjunct Putin's natal Mars and tr Neptune conj his natal NN (the public), Vladimir Putin's party has "won" the elections in Russia.

And George Bush has mildly called for investigation into election "irregularities" in Russia which is not as surprising as it is ironic. After all, where does Bush think he'd be without election irregularities (and a complicit Supreme Court)?

As I've mentioned here before--cheating isn't "winning"'s stealing.

When election irregularities really needed investigating in the US, Bush stayed mum for all the obvious he dares to comment on Putin's situation which is sure to bring him understandable--if mock--scorn from Putin concerning our own election "process" which has turned against the populace like a piqued dictator on a rampage.

The Holier-Than-Thou Theater is tres dramatic, is it not?

And the win-at-any-cost Machiavellians among us would be comedically entertaining if they weren't totally vile and psychotic.

*Jupiter to Mars: a fortunate period if overestimation of abilities is avoided; luxury consciousness prominent; on the winning team. Or in this case, on the cheating team which passes for winning in today's political world.

Neptune to North Node: inspired use of illusion or deception in dealing with the public (who sees what they want to see!)