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Sep 28, 2012

Sep 29, 2012: Happy Birthday, Stephanie Miller!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it's the Stephanie Miller Show!" Plus, Her Sun-Moon Blend

by Jude Cowell

Since Stehanie Miller's irreverant, hilarious, and smart radio-and-Current TV Show from California let me in on what an entertaining broadcaster this daughter of Barry Goldwater's 1964 VP running mate is, I'd like to say, Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Below I shall post a tiny smidgeon of astro-details concerning the sharp political analyst and progressive, Stephanie Miller, by considering the signs of her Sun-Moon blend of energies which may help describe her whacky and talented personality. And I mean whacky in a good way for if we don't laugh uproariously at what these political geezers and whippersnappers now infesting Washington DC are up to, then we'll cry and if we cry, we'll feel disheartened, and if we feel disheartened, we'll stay home from voting booths on November 6th, and if we stay home from voting booths on November 6th, corporate agents and backers of special interests will decide many pertinent matters that We the People should be deciding for ourselves without interference from outside or homegrown meddlers following some crazy Utopian dream so old it's gone gray around the muzzle.

Now here's a brief, none too intrusive (I hope!), astro-portrait of Current TV's Stepahanie Miller, born in Washington DC on September 29, 1961...

On that glorious day (using 1:00 pm edt for I know not the hour of her birth), the Sun for the 24-hour period was in early Libra (5:46--6:45), the charming sign of balance and beauty, and the Moon remained in one sign, ranging from 7Gem27 to 20Gem23 with Gemini the sign of Communications, News, and Youthful Fun--for which she harbors a reigning need (as denoted by one's Moon sign.)

Having Sun Lib-Moon Gem gives Stephanie a Double Air blend: gracious and intelligent, reasonable and clear-headed, witty and urbane, and a natural communicator who soars while building ideal political, social, and philosophical schemes for improving man-and-womankind's lots in life. Great for comedy!

This combo of energies (Sun = conscious mind, Moon = the unconscious--blending them is the most creative way to be!) leans Ms. Miller toward deep friendships though she prefers to remain carefree. A natural teacher, knowledge is important and novelty keeps things fresh for Geminis her many talents may be fully developed through focused efforts would add a new level of accomplishment to Stephanie's trophy collection!

Plus, Sun Lib-Moon Gem indicates one whose liveliness, diplomacy, and justice-seeking engages millions of fans on radio, TV, and onstage with her Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour starring Steph and a revolving cast of John Fugelsang, Hal Sparks, and Aisha Tyler. Mr. Fugelsang, soon to have his own show on Current TV, has asserted that people trust comedians most because when they're really funny, jokes have a huge helping of truth in them.

And audiences laughing at politicians and their political antics is fun and lets off a bit of frustration, I say. It's as if Stephanie, who grew up around Politics, lets us in on the cosmic joke we're being played for by the ruling elite, for most often the joke is at our expense.

Here are the planetary conjunctions of September 29, 1961: Venus in Virgo conjunct Pluto (sexy liberal!), Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra-Scorpio (political opininions that irk some people), Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Saturn (drive toward major success!), and Uranus conjunct North Node (progressive political groups and activities, electronic broadcasting, new contacts and associations.)

Yes, Stephanie is a reveller and yet--a helper, as she often admits on air. But there's one cosmically curious synchronicity which you may not know: that her Sun Lib-Moon Gem personality blend is shared natally by Brigitte Bardot who so helpfully alerted us that, "There are no ugly women. Every woman is a Venus in her own way."

Happy Birthday, Stephanie, and have a great birthday show this Saturday night!


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