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Oct 3, 2012

Election Day Mercury, Sabian Symbols, and Mitt's Shady Voting Machines

by Jude Cowell

If you're like me you've been wondering how in the world Mitt Romney can pull a victory rabbit out of his tophat in November considering his dismally low polling numbers. Well, here's one clue: Vote Counting Company Tied to Romney, one of Rove-Bush's old tricks--and you know how that shadiness turned out.

Yes, the November 6 Election Day Mercury, planet of votes, voting machines, ballots, and decisions, will Station Rx in Mr. Romney's natal 7th house (DESC 1Sag01) while opposing President Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21 in n 4th H) around 6:03 pm (ET) at '5Sag':

"A Wise Old Owl Up in a Tree" which Marc Edmund Jones explains as NORMALITY:

Positive expression: exceptional wisdom or effective self-restraint in each detail of personal accomplishment;

Negative (Unconscious/Shadow Side--jc): self-betraying intellectual and emotional smugness. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

Of note is Adriano Carelli's symbol for November 6's Mercury Station Rx degree yet he tends to 'keep' a degree without rounding up so let's check out the symbol for '4Sag' in Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

"A Grated Window in a Mediaevel Manor" which tells of a "warlike and impulsive nature [that] will stay hidden till drawn out and revealed by circumstances apt to produce an outburst of rightful wrath or ambitious fury. Till such time, [he] will look like a good-natured man, rich in deep-felt affections but full of reserve; not submissive but unassuming and self-contained; kind, correct in business, sensitive and watchful, with a slight hint of tameness but ready to defend himself.

On the contrary, when the bugle has blown, there he will go, leaping out of his den to do or die, a hero or a villain, violent and ruthless, a real daredevil."

Well! The symbol itself sounds rather Anglo-Saxonlike and the explanation more than a little like Mr. Romney himself--other than the "correct in business" part though he says we should take his word for it--and he will be, if he takes the helm of the Oval Office, a cozy collaborator of the plutocratic, monarchical neocon-Zionist-Vulcans who love little more than the profits and power they garner from waging perpetual war while they think to set up a global government in Jerusalem. (One reason they like to keep the Middle East stirred up.)

Yes, a second term for Barack Obama will bring the continuance of similar imperialist policies for there is a higher earthly authority at work than the presidency of the United States of America (and the Pentagon is part of its military/policing arm.) Yet a mandate from the people ought to mean something--well, it once did and may again--if American voters turn out in huge numbers for Mr. Obama which will make 'the fix' that's in for Romney-Ryan all the more difficult to justify while hiding just how crooked the win-at-any-cost Republican Party truly is.

Will SCOTUS intervene again? Wouldn't surprise me. And a final decision--if not on who won the presidency, then on Senate and House winners--may not be known until mid-December as timed by trickster Mercury all frustrated by its retrograde period but at last moving beyond its shadow degree of 5 Sagittarius. Maybe Supreme Court Justices are the "Wise Old Owl"!

"We don’t think you grow the economy from millionaires on down. We think you grow the economy the old-fashioned way from the middle class out."

--V.P. Joe Biden

"Whoever wins this next election is going to set the template for this country for a long time to come. We can settle for an economy where a shrinking number of people do very, very well while everybody else must struggle to get by or we can build an economy where everybody has a fair shot and plays by the same set of rules."

--President Obama

Don't know about you, but I'm with those guys!

You'll find more on Romney and Bain Capital, plus other interesting and timely information available at Alex D'Atria's Political Astrology so please do check it out!

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