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Oct 4, 2012

Oct 3, 2012 Obama v Romney Debate (video); w Jupiter the Cat

First Debate October 3, 2012 9:00 pm--10:30 pm ET: Obama v Romney

Well, the Astrology of the first debate last evening showed Romney having an edge and we certainly saw his hunger for White House power flashing through that fixed smile. It's no surprise that Mitt the Bully showed up and President Obama let him show himself off while the urbane Mr. Obama looked down at his papers (was he grading a test?) too often and for too long with what appeared to be extreme dislike for his Piscean opponent. Well, at least he was visible at the podium, right? And he did bring up some good points.

But as you noticed, President Obama seemed to have an unaccustomed feeling of being challenged. Methinks The Office and its exalted bubble does that to a person (if they weren't arrogant enough before.) Plus, I've heard that the president really doesn't like Romney though he's definitely not alone in that sentiment--many Republicans don't like Mittens either. So did Romney increase his 'likeability quotient' with you by displaying a ride-roughshod performance in which he seemed to compare President Obama to his lying sons?

As previously and curiously noted, when the debate ended at about 10:33 pm EST last night, lying Neptune was at the top of the horoscope, a signature of Mitt the Fish with his Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces. My suspicion is that fact checkers will do their jobs for Mr. Romney flip flopped again on his policies and was coy about his plans for America as he attempted to appeal to the 47% of us he'd condescendingly dissed on May 15, 2012 (as seen in his secretly recorded rant to millionaires.)

Plus, Neptune now squares Mr. Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21, in natal 4th house) so it's a time of confusing circumstances, shifting alliances, and a potential for showing a lack of confidence. Is that what we saw from him last evening?

Biden v Ryan

Well, I just looked again at the horoscope of the VP debate on October 11, 2012, and wouldn't you know? Again it's 9:00 pm--10:30 pm ET, and nebulous, hard to oin down Neptune is at the top (MC) of the chart, the WHY? Point that describes The Goal and Aspiration.

If I have a chance later, I'll post both the 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm horoscopes of the October 11 VP debate and we'll discuss a few chart factors. For now, here's a quote from a comedian who shares natally the Sun-Moon blend which will be in effect the evening of October 11, 2012--does it apply to the Biden v Ryan debate? You decide:

Sun Libra-Moon Virgo: "The 'what should be' never did exist but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no 'what should be', there is only what is."

Lenny Bruce


Now if you're a fan of Astrology and cats as am I, you may want to watch the very talented Jupiter the Cat answering questions. Wonder if Jupiter debates?

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