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Oct 8, 2012

Oct 11, 2012 Debating Sun-Moon Blends: Biden v Ryan

Natal Sun-Moon Blends of Debaters Vice President Biden and Rep. Ryan

by Jude Cowell

On Thursday October 11, 2012, VP Joseph Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan cross swords in Danville, Kentucky at 9:00 pm EDT with 29Tau50 rising (a critical or crisis degree.) This brings up Fixed Star Alcyone of the Pleiades with its 'something to cry about; exile; suffering' themes, plus, the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 ('an obsessive idea is finally accepted'--Brady), and makes Venus (10Vir15) chart-ruler though soon Mercurial Gemini rises (and the debaters will probably begin speaking a couple of minutes after 9:00 pm.)

If we consider the appyling aspects made by Venus (29Tau50) in 5th house, we find there are none though faster-moving Moon will conjoin Venus (7A05) and speedy Mercury, the soon-to-be chart-ruler, sextiles Venus (0A45) from the 6th house of Work, Service (Military; Police, etc), and Health.

A Mercury-Venus sextile sounds lovely and aptly enough contains the temptation to argue and debate pros and cons--which may morph into bickering. A contrary tendency not to listen to others may also be evident as both men attempt to line up support for their ideas and policies.

Very descriptive, of course, is challenger Mars (Ryan) @3Sag28 setting at 9:00 pm in Danville, and conjoining Biden's natal ASC 3Sag11! This will provide the Vice President with extra dynamism and an aggressive, impatient energy. This 'meeting of the minds' is also affected by the fact that the two men have their Nodal axes in opposite signs--Biden's NN in Virgo, Ryan's in Pisces--which can either be complimentary to their encounters, or extremely challenging and separative.

Interestingly, the Sabian Symbol for debate Mars ('4Sag') is: "A Little Child Learning to Walk" so with 28 years difference in their ages, perhaps the more experienced Mr. Biden will do a little schoolin' on Thursday evening especially since Ryan's natal ASC = 00Sag38 conjunct his hard-to-pin-down Neptune 00:35 with transit Mars now in Ryan's 1st house of Self.

And of course you know which planet will be at Midheaven (the Goal Point) of the Oct 11 debate horoscope when they finish at 10:30 pm, right? Neptune Rx @00Pis36, the planet of idealism, glamour, the media, the masses, propaganda--and falsehoods. Just as with the completion of the presidential debate on October 3.

A peek at their natal charts (birth data given,below) shows VP Biden with a Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus personality blend (Water-Earth = practical), and Paul Ryan sporting Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Libra (Air-Air = reasoning) so let's consider both blends:

Sun Sco-Moon Tau has a quiet determination, concern for others, and may occasionally feel torn between bright optimism and brooding pessimism. When the conscious side (Sun) and the unconscious (Moon) are working in tandem, an intense idealism is noted which upholds all that is solid, traditional, and dependable in society. This is an intuitive, pragmatic, and factual combo that thrives on harmony though it can be stubborn and pigheaded when it wants to be; there's an instinctive understanding of basic human needs and of the financial realities involved.

Sun AQ-Moon Lib is a highly idealistic blend with a good intellect, avant-garde tastes, and plenty of charm. Long on theory, this combo is not always practical, and may be accused of making up its philosophy as it goes along. (Ryan's theatrical Neptune-ASC conjunction is aided by this tendency.)

Seeing life from endlessly shifting vantage points, this personality blend denotes global interests, an overly abstract approach to life, and a dislike of imperfection. (Ayn Rand disliked imperfection, too, as do adherents of Social Darwinism--and I think the Ryan 'Prosperity' Plan is meant to weed out the weaker among us: survival of the fittest!--in markets and in social safety net programs.)

Now let's look at 3 quotes from some who share natally these Sun-Moon blends:

Biden's Sun Sco-Moon Tau:

"British management doesn't seem to understand the importance of the human factor"--Prince Charles; and, "Our country needs not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration"--Pres. Warren G. Harding.

Ryan's Sun AQ-Moon Lib:

"As for men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibilty that they do their utmost to ignore truth"--Boris Pasternak.

Well, hopefully you'll enjoy the VP debate. Bickering or not, I know I will!


Chart data used: Joseph Biden Nov 20, 1942 8:30 am EWT Scranton, PA; Paul Ryan Jan 29, 1970 2:37 am CST Janesville, WI.

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