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Nov 5, 2012

Election 2012's Void-of-Course Moon (We the People)

Election Day November 6, 2012: a VOC Moon and Voting Mercury Rx

by Jude Cowell

It's Monday, the day before the official voting day in the US presidential and congressional elections, a General Election. As I watch and read pundits prognosticating on electoral college votes, state polls, and such I think of all the words I've typed on the subject and don't feel there's much else I can say about the November 6th Mercury Station Retrograde, the V.O.C. Moon, or the 1st Vote at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire (with Jupiter Rx 'upper' = investment but delays = President Obama?

Fortunately, Dipali Desai has taken on the task with a fresh look at the astrological portents of November 6, 2012 and its planet of voting, Mercury, changing to a backward direction as it was on Election Day 2000--and gumming up election results until possibly mid-December when transiting Mercury moves beyond its Rx (shadow) degree of November 6th: 4Sag16.

A V.O.C. Moon: void-of-course meaning Luna completes no further aspects to other planets until entering the next sign (though the traditional definition of VOC is a little more complicated than that but let's stick with 2012.) This condition can be a bit of a head-scratcher in Astrology yet one of the best real-world examples of a VOC Moon is, of course, the morning and events of 9/11/01 when plans were put into motion and past a certain point in time, nothing could stop them.

Yes, VOC Moons usually show events which are 'set' and with which no one can interfere to change their outcome--or, indicating events that have a different outcome than expected. As you know, in Political (Mundane) Astrology, the Moon represents We the People, or the public so it would seem that by or before tomorrow, our minds are made up as to whom to vote for.

Actually, the VOC condition can apply to any planet, and in DeVore's Encyclopedia, we find that a VOC Moon "denies fruition to much of the good otherwise promised by the Figure" (horoscope.)

Plus, "In Horary Astrology a planet so placed is said to indicate a person devoid of objective or purpose, hence one who abandons himself to aimless endeavor."

Well, I can think of a variety of levels on which that last definition could apply--the losing candidate, for one. Or, to Romney as a president who is only required (by Grover Norquist) to be able to hold a pen and sign what's placed in front of him as he adopts the aims of others. Yes, Mitt Romney's triple planets in cameleon-like Pisces can make him seem quite 'aimless' and impressionable to whatever environment he's floating through at any particular moment, agreed? And yet it's the Moon--We-the-People--on November 6th who may be the aimless ones after the election dust settles.

My suspicion is that changeable Etch-a-Sketch candidates make malleable, easy to control Etch-a-Sketch presidents who campaigned by doing or saying anything to get elected!

Why, even veteran journalist Robert Parry thinks we may be Risking a Repeat of Election 2000...but not for astrological reasons, I presume.

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